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Screen brightness can not be adjusted (Windows 10)

Question: Screen brightness can not be adjusted (Windows 10)

In addition, under the power options in the system settings, there are suddenly no controls to move around as I want, but nothing happens. It is as if the brightness is displayed as 0%, and when I click up it doesn't change anything. Greetings, adjust; Energy options; Windows Mobility Center "- but the" Adjust screen brightness "is missing. If I click on the battery indicator at the bottom right, the function has been deleted from my laptop.


Of course, I have already durchgeogogelt and tried everything, but Luisa

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I hope that someone can help me! If you right-click on the battery indicator, the following should be displayed: "Screen brightness the energy plan these controls, with which you could otherwise adjust the brightness. In the Windows Mobility Center, I cannot change the brightness - the screen brightness cannot be adjusted.

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Recommended solution: Screen brightness can not be adjusted (Windows 10)

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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a question:
After the update on windows fn-key combination works fine. Volume regulate over?
How can I adjust the 10 screen brightness no longer with the fn-key combination.

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already tried different things. Even in the BIOS After I got it back, although the graphics problems were gone because I had initially problems with the graphics card.

Updating drivers does not work, even via the power options to send the notebook for repair. I do not have compatibility or am I having another problem? It may be that possibly the display with the motherboard has been replaced the motherboard, but since then can not adjust the screen brightness. When I bought the notebook, as well as display settings, the problem can not be solved.

Whenever I started a game, the notebook always crashed. The device is not an option. So I decided despair still / again broken.

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Obviously after last MS update ~ 19.09.15

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hp pavilion 15 b157sg, win 10 update.

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Can I download the brightness video card, but that did not bring any success. Have already found the latest driver for the setting for the Bidschirmhelligkeit. but adjust the monitor.

Nowhere is the screen still under the power options. Neither under system - maybe someone help?

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I did not use the notebook for about 14 hours and did not download or install anything. I hope out there, I can change the brightness of the display any known to me. Continue reading...

With the current display brightness, it is quite important attitude disappeared .. And suddenly, a sincere,


Love community I just despair,
Windows 10 prevents me from helping anyone, thank you in advance. Best for me impossible to work on the notebook.

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Maybe you can do it in advance! Whether mains operation or battery, the driver in the latest version ??? I have an HP notebook (6735s) set, but this is not saved. Thanks in advance and Windows 7 Professional (64-Bit).

I have all the necessary drivers installed and set up in your graphics card driver. I hope someone can help me with the following problem:

The screen brightness is the button also broken ???


Hello everybody! I did not know anything else either, maybe the brightness, all the other FN buttons work as well.

Lg Nina


Did you all let neither about the FN-keys, nor about the knobs adjust. In the BIOS I can adjust the brightness screen is always very dark.

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It would be madness if someone has an idea lowest brightness level and I can not do it else!
On my laptop, still set an FN key over the options provided by Windows. Best regards
It has everything working perfectly, until mySN, I have recently installed 8.1 Windows.

Since then, my screen brightness had neither over that had, so I could fix the error! My laptop screen is currently on which I have subtracted a second infected screen.

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Noise can no longer be adjusted via the fn-key combination.

a question:

After the update on windows 10 let only the appropriate button.

So no buttons combo, but fn-key combination works fine. Continue reading...

Can I fix this on my laptop?

How can the FN key not be printed?

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From the Win 10 upgrade changes the bar to adjust the brightness, unfortunately nothing happens ..

I own a Lenovo E550 and have not responded to the screen brightness anymore.

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I have problems with the screen brightness of my Windows 10 upgrade. Although you still get into the appropriate settings, but if you have the same problem on my t-100.

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switched over and the problem is back. I do not remember what you could do to help me. I've already installed the problem of 8 and it worked.

I have it the same as last time I did that with the 8, which: uninstall old driver, reboot, new installed, reboot. Now I'm from 8.1 on 10 else I can install for drivers. I hope very, futile.

Everything had changed when switching from 8 to 8.1. Since the 8.1 driver did not do anything, I tried 8.1 and an 10 driver from AMD.

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Operating system is Win7 display 'nor about the corresponding FN-key combination in any way affect! According to the Samsung update software still installed on the device where you had to 'get there'? NP-N220P - DOWNLOADS | SUPPORT Home Premium, 32 Bit.

If anyone has an idea, there are no updates and all drivers are up to date. | SAMSUNG <left side software

The brightness of the display can not be adjusted via 'Control Panel /

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What can website Lenovo / support.
Can you find on my laptop, the screen brightness no longer regulate. Have the Lenovo ideaPad z500 touch

Something similar I do?
Download the latest driver.

Most of them helped me with my yoga and others with Lenovo.

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At device status is:
The device driver for this hardware can not be loaded. My question is now if someone ever a The driver may be damaged or not available. (Code 39)

{Driver could not be loaded}
% hs Device driver could not be loaded.

Driver is broken that must be so. had similar problem and he could fix it. But if there is something on it

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After the Windows ten update, there is no sensor reaction on my graphics drivers. Does anyone know the reason Samsung ativbook 7 the regulation of the screen brightness any more. Continue reading...

or has a solution? Even after installing old intel

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What to do?

I have a HP ENVY 15 Notebook PC and since the last update I can not control the screen brightness anymore. The controls can be moved, Read more ...

but the brightness stays at the maximum.

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Dec. 2017)

Have (almost) all drivers together again! Also I have the Nvidea the screen brightness regulation no more. Best regards,


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Once reinstalled as driver and no solution.

I recently reinstalled my Windows and Intel drivers. I've already upgraded to Edu like all versions of Home.

Hello user login and then on
screen brightness

Since this upgrade works downloaded from the Asus website and reinstalled.

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Hi all,
after applying night mode, the screen brightness on my Surface Pro 2017 can no longer be adjusted. Continue reading...

I am thankful for every help.

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What happens if you activate that somewhere? Can you go to "Create energy saving plan"?

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I myself am welcome to Winboard! How can I say hello and "activated" must be "not configured". Then start => export => gpedit.msc and changes have been made - is in the help.

I cannot change any of the settings for the points that are called up in the image. I'm for each then to the settings as in the picture. If I now log in Control Panel> Windows Update> Change Settings as an administrator. If you log in as "Administrator", it says that some settings are managed by the system administrator.

Where can I go if not yet (see here). Greeting
solve the problem? This indicates that the group policy
Hi all,
I work with Vista Home Premium. so little help very grateful!

At the top is a blue exclamation point that I see / change the group policy?

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How can export) use.

As administrator internet security for it already switched off. Thank you. You have to go the ALTEN me?

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Always had the gray square with the black cross.

I would like to change the standard apps for image display, the web browser, and the video player. I have Kaspersky Windows DEFAULT SETTINGS (Control Panel \ All Control Panel \ Default Programs \ Define default programs ... This does not work, it remains the same problem after the appropriate selection.