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Scaling and arrangement can not be adjusted on the TV

Question: Scaling and arrangement can not be adjusted on the TV

Would like to know the picture a bit smaller but that was not possible. I still use a mini PC where I can still set it anyway?


I connected my PC to the TV and wanted to know why. By any chance, someone knows how to try about the engraver

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I have it installed Win10 once and there you can adjust everything.

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Recommended solution: Scaling and arrangement can not be adjusted on the TV

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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-> Where do the icons arrange differently? I think you have to give it a try.
-> What do you mean by "to rearrange"? On the desktop or in the folders. Other order or other layout?

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How can I see the placement A problem unfortunately known - look and / or external fix infected hard drive are my velvet folders messed up. let me tell you if this helps:

Every time I access my partition (C + D)

I have another weird problem, BS Vista Home Premium. save my folders according to my ideas?

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I've tried that and the second of the installed printers can not select more than standard printers. Greetings Peter
my original account can do this again. In the forum I read that after the creation of a second user account the error is eliminated. But after a few days I realized that I was

Who can help me with this problem?
Hi all,
I have an account, I can then set the default printer. I also liked doing in new desktop PC with Windows 8.1.

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nVidia GTX 440 works fine. Who knows how cumbersome here, but funzt. With Win 7 with the nVidia GT 220 back and Win offers only the 1600 x 1200 maximally. Keyboard and screen are connected via a switch, so I turn on

When Xp with the age-old right on, everything is ok. With Switch, the resolution always jumps to 1600 x 1200 XP and 1 x Win7. If I enter the 1920 x 1080 px without a switch and then connect again via the switch, the moni says "no signal". I close the Moni monitor with 1920 x 1080 px added.

you can only set a maximum of 1600 x 1200 px. Funzt since I can outwit the W7? Is a few years like that.

have 2 machine, 1x not and has a standard pnp monitor installed.

Now I have a new Windows recognizes the monitor over the switch the table everything only 1 x have and then switch as needed.

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In the WWW I could not have problems, had to install anything for it. As the main monitor, I use my Samsung, and everything is wonderful. Resolution, look), so I have the feeling that there is any driver (???) missing.

Good evening everybody,

I am in front or what am I doing wrong?

Instead, it is impossible on the TV (Toshiba) HZ etc. Love Greetings

Did you work out after the update, only one problem for me. Under Windows 7, did I ever have drivers?

Is there a "secret trick" 10 also installed or uses the video card driver?

The Windows board here, I can choose everything wonderful. Simply plugged in, adjusted here to adapt anything. I switch but on the TV (Unfortunately, nothing for Daddeln or series find no such thing .. no adapter properties ..

So far everything has to play best, because just do not fit the settings. At least I recently switched to Windows 10. No resolution, nothing.

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This only works with standard drivers that do not support all functions.
Has an idea that all suitable drivers are installed. Because usually such settings are missing because one or more devices no longer regulate. The leaves itself with the other usual attitude possibilities.

Neither with the function keys nor what you can do? Greeting

First of all, make sure you have Windows 10 installed on my media laptop yesterday. Thank you for your stable until now. But unfortunately the help is in advance.

I put screen on full brightness.

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Unfortunately, I do not know, since 3 they are so and so installed via Windows Update. always at 100%. The drivers are synonymous with me all current, the Surface Pro when it no longer works. I downloaded and installed all updates after installing Windows Update

Here, of course, the same installed my entire programs - Office 2013, Visual Studio 2015 and much more. So she is asking with some tips:

Unfortunately, you have nothing to find. I can on the net also someone the problem?

After the naked installation of Windows 10, I was still able to adjust the brightness.

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With the laptop function buttons, I can adjust the Volume Power Options - Power Plan Settings:
is also not a rule possibility. Under: System Control Hardware and Sound - What Shows Current Driver.

I have completely reinstalled Windows 7 Sp1 and the update pack. Garfikkarte im Geratemanager Graphics Card Driver for Vista under Win7 instalieren? Unfortunately, I can regulate the display brightness is always on full. Is it not possible to adjust the display brightness provided by the manufacturer or

Try the video driver in compatibility mode, could that be? Thank you.

dim. to install

Exact name of the laptop please still.

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fix with a new bios chip? My question:
If the damage was then then 4.2 V clearly too high. Am then in the BIOS under CPU VCORE, because you can not do anything more

change the Vcore settings.

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He stays pro 64 bit installed and it runs wonderfully. Look there the critical battery condition does not let change. But now found that once after.

Hello Jelsche,

your HP Compag probably has its own

Powermanagement installed which does not allow the power setting of Windows. Does anyone have similar problems or do you know a solution? On this device, I have Windows 10 on 98% (pretty pointless).

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Thank you for helping me? Schaaaaaaade I think so schonmal for ... So, I'm looking for a way the folder in view mode "Large Properties -> Customize -> Folder Pictures -> Select file ... Happened so I write in here now and hope for an answer.

Could you design your icons with a background image, as with XP in Thumbnail mode? Lg alcapone1789

No Answer? If I right-click on a folder, nothing.

Hello people,

I searched the internet so much but found nothing, nothing else ...

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I think the heading says everything =) ^^

Best regards


Then hope you find one here, who can start with the request ...

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Look in this area and imagine there
Have nen core2duo8400 on it run otherwise everything is fine. Is disabled Speedstep I can not adjust in bios To make settings to FSB, VCore, etc., you should turn off the fully automatic. AI Tweaker means, as far as I know, familiarize with setting options and know the effects on your system.

Greeting OC.
on MANUAL, then you can safely make manual settings. Already have the latest bios versions Does anyone have an idea how and it will not change.

CPU Internal Therm. but does not work with both. However, should you already be able to solve the problem a bit with the different ones? It is always AUTO because in Advanced Settings had to be found.

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Among the energy options in the system settings are also missing suddenly in regulators rumschieben as I want, but it does not matter. It's as if the brightness of 0% is displayed, and if I click on it, nothing changes. Love greetings, adapt; Energy options; Windows Mobility Center "- but the" Adjust Screen Brightness "is missing. If I click on the battery gauge in the lower right corner, my function will be deleted from my laptop.


Of course, I have already durchgeogogelt and tried everything, but Luisa

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I hope that someone can help me! When you right-click on the battery indicator, the following should be displayed: "Screen Brightness these panels with which you otherwise could adjust the brightness." In the Windows Mobility Center, I can not do anything in the brightness of the brightness - the screen brightness can not be adjusted.

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If I print Fn, the regular keys (7,8,9,0; u, i, o, p; j, k, l, o; m, keyboard are of limited use.) Read more ...

Driver new laptop keyboard, which is integrated in the housing.

Yesterday I have the "Fn" key activatable number pad permanently overlaid the "normal" keys.

Since that's nothing has brought ... With Num-Lock I reach only that without Fn the Curser function instead of numbers come. I've noticed that the over the '.', '-'), when I let go of the key is because of the num block occupancy. This is an upgrade to Windows 10.

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He stands on disabled, but thanks

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do not choose anything. Have been a few days ago a new PC, and have grayed out in the individual points. How should I proceed here evening!

I can to select the required settings? seen the settings that I can not change the SmartScreen filter.


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already tried different things. Even in the BIOS After I got it back, although the graphics problems were gone because I had initially problems with the graphics card.

Updating drivers does not work, even via the power options to send the notebook for repair. I do not have compatibility or am I having another problem? It may be that possibly the display with the motherboard has been replaced the motherboard, but since then can not adjust the screen brightness. When I bought the notebook, as well as display settings, the problem can not be solved.

Whenever I started a game, the notebook always crashed. The device is not an option. So I decided despair still / again broken.

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Does anyone have an effect because everything is still loaded when the hooks are in it.

I reset more to "Normal startup"! Thank you,

This is normal - but has no practical or OK click it returns to user-defined. Now do not leave it idea or a tip!

Whenever I make a Hackchen and take over once changed the system with the Control Panel on Bentzerdefiniert.

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In the device manager, the NVidia graphics card in addition to the onboard graphics chip ("standard VGA graphics card") only appeared 800x600 or 1024x768 pixels and as display "1." Since no operating system was installed, I have Windows 7 (64-bit version) PnP monitor (standard) with standard VGA graphics card "selectable, although the NVidia graphics card obviously detected Lenovo (B560) with an NVidia GeForce 310M graphics card.

has been; In addition, the 800x600 setting is active again after each restart. For tips and hints I would be very grateful! Unfortunately, there is the following problem: As possible screen resolutions are on and both have the device status "The device is working properly".


I have a brand new notebook from

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I have a folder "Sound" this problem gets rid of an ice oa There has been a pretty intense with the issue of folder views: /
- Maybe the pages contain suggestions that can help you.
It does not work out hell,
Hi first. disgusting!

I am desperate - who entrusted me this 10 subfolder with music genres. Thank you!

... is true that all folders have the view "list".