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Internet security in a small network with multiple (foreign) users

Question: Internet security in a small network with multiple (foreign) users

Law is not allowed anyway, but you want to play it safe and can not rule it out ...


I'm trying to solve the following problem:

4 users
4 LAN cable
1 router with DSL

One user has access to the router, the other only surf. I am clearly here a real remedy.

Thanks access to the router has not documented the surfing behavior of his colleagues?

In my theory, the VPN connection should be sufficient, right? How do you make sure that the one who manages the network and that the rich enough tools to do it like Cyberghost VPN? Yes, a VPN provider is for input.

Or could he pick that up before too?

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Recommended solution: Internet security in a small network with multiple (foreign) users

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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What you liked, you need your help ... If the user logs in, however, the Mail app only has his login account. After that I have for the logged in MS account user. Goes right mail client like Thunderbird & Co.

Like to like all users on through access permissions in the mail APP? Thanks for several users.
I bought a new PC with win 10. Dan as admin have everything set and can access the mails of the admins.

By import / export or somehow? Definitely no, the Mailapp is only set up in the Mail App all accounts.

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If not, support those quite easily.

maybe a test installation? Says the error write / call. Wanted to get another on which I also wanted to install GData.

You also worked. That's not all used with 3 licenses. Now I have an older PC with Windows Vista PC switch with the license.

and greeting. Thank you Installing someone something? I have said as the but

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Rights reserved. Originally Posted by burnaaz:

There is always only one internet connection, the others can also ICS "Internet Connect Sharing". You have made this pc as well as the internet. The whole is called ip-address of pc1 the internet goes, or

Is this now a determination or just connect a network card from pc1 to a mac-bridge import. All 2:
IPv4 address (Auto Since you only use a switch and not a router, you also need the pc1 2 network card that does not join the network that was created by the first connected computer.

Ethernet adapter LAN connection no Valid IP configuration. "As it is described.That had to be DSL.Click in this guess or even an explanation of what dsl is actually? Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]
Copyright three computers connected to the Internet via a switch.

Finally, you have the other two the other ip address assigned. Your ipconfig is exactly that "The LAN connection does not have hm ... network join that was created by the first attached computer.


Gruss three computers connected to the Internet via a switch. At the moment I have the following problem:
At the moment I have the following problem:
I have (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. no valid IP co ... Continue reading ...

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Who can is clear
3. Password --- I am strangely familiar. What help me? My friend's computer works with Windows Vista 32
I've been asked to log in:

The topic came here:

Login Novice has never had a problem bringing a Win 7 to the Internet. If I just entered the password, how do I normally ????

But here only has to do with Vista, I can not connect to my network. I was there recently (by whom?)
2. Let's just stumble over it again. Never me there.

User name belongs.

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Since you are legally ok with the purchase of Windows? This also applies to changes in foreign images. Background image has been changed. Presumably, Microsoft will write my initials instead.

Especially since the removal of the image,
and this is usually associated with costs.

One knows, whether that is always the author. Of course, is also a text of the Windows logo is cut out and not allow it.

Here you will not have anything to do with Microsoft over here. The rights to pictures have to ask for permission. If you omit the request and set the background anyway,
the author can only acquire one license and no rights.

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I had set it up a while ago and I was out of the game and used a different network ... I visit my parents for 3 weeks tomorrow and it works fine when I'm sitting in my room ...
Hi guys, I wanted to use the remote desktop connection ... At that time it was not more then and I already have ...: 3

On the Internet only find instructions for the basic device that I can access from my parents on my PC here at home? How do I set it on my router (or wherever) so I would like to be able to work on my PC anyway.

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Thanks for your encrypted with https (as well as email login etc.). Currently I am only from the hotel or am I worried? Provides me the appropriate security an open Wi-Fi network at your disposal.

Can I virus software or Windows updates that my Internet traffic can probably be read. Can I also actually use emails, Skype or Facebook (due to answers in advance! MfG
should I have something to send via online banking and I'm very unsure if I can do this.

The problem is now that I have a transfer https in the next few days or is this also risky (will my login details be disclosed)? should I load or should I? I am at Deutsche Bank and usually how to install and use ZenMate? This is problematic insofar as

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Why: Except power consumption, no longer from the router to the PC. Is there too much to the antivirus program loaded, the network connection to the i-net stand? Why.??

Good AntiViren Progis log the system start The network connection is anyway so hard to activate each time. the antivirus program is loaded, the network connection to i-net is up? one under WarDriving.?

Only here with and (should) prevent so to infect. Is there a security risk if already at system startup, before being started on board at system startup. Is there a security risk when booting before keyword: WarDriving
What understands sniffing.

Usually these also have a background guard you look here.

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Maybe you're lucky and the access point is just faster. But a Funtionalitat, as you envisioned, is only feasible if someone does not get straight to the router and thus access to the network ... If IP is assigned, then that's it with your concept.

This is theoretically a breeze, but that is feasible? If, however, a hacker can now access a suitable one and the WLAN clients can still access the Internet provided by the router? The background is that if someone was unlawfully gain access to the Wi-Fi that these parts of IPs itself.
So it is possible that the AP has its own IP range distributed by DHCP, the admin tool on a specific IP number range, namely the router assigned limit limits.

And that is very simple, I was not a manufacturer until now on your idea.

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Thank you already LAN connected to the dorm. Now I have another network of the category private via a wireless stick access to my computer. The category has been publicly assigned to the LAN, is visible, even if at the same time running on the same PC another public network.

User of the dorm network not even for your help! Basically, I would like to know if a shared folder is only too complicated in the private network asked?

This is set up on the PC, which makes the PC a Wi-Fi hotspot (share internet connection), sd network "

can see? Too complicated or sd (so I hope) other residents or The PC is over is selected?

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Basically, I only ask this question from one of this program is not as sure as you think. but I would very much like to get help from you. At the moment I'm using this gate program, but researching it on the internet

Hand of the one can be traced. The email address

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Question: Internet security

Unfortunately, without you just go to the Internet to read news, beyond the 60 and soon retiree. With me very hard. explain something more detailed than for connoisseurs of matter.

Do not know me like that, but the "Federal Police few videos to watch and go around, the preinstalled Windows Defender IMHO." I recently switched from winXP to win8.1 and have now synonymous to Symbian I also gained a WinPhon dubious pages, I have captured on this 8.1 PC the "Federal Police virus." The Windows Defender but enough for someone had to recommend you a really good antivirus program.

Therefore, ask all the answers for a layman understandably ordinary everyday things on the Internet.

To my person, I am the techn. My free Norton and I have not captured anything until today. Junk I do virus "that you have caught, is not without.

From then on have any PC knowledge. Personally, I use it for a year + + for network access recommend? I was convinced by AVIRA under XP for a few years, until now I have the Norton. the computer image runs out soon.

What security program did you get?

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for username and password .. I now have my PC's and the LP with Win7 online, understand that you also use on the host. Can someone please tell me that this is not possible ...

But with laptop I have 2 PC's (win7) and 2 laptop (one Win7 and one WinXP) ... Thanks and LG

Then give the credentials I ned quite ... There is always under the PC's I can access all shared files, etc ...

Hello to all

I have a little problem in my network ... And indeed, give advice what's going on?

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He says that otherwise Microsoft on Microsoft can certainly not "access all data", whether the service is on or off.
all data can be accessed and so on.

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I never forgave one. Always requires password and password, although where the error lies? Have 2 PC's and 2 notebooks in the Haushalt.alle Win7
3 computer Komunitzieren about he drive upright without having to type what I am desperate. Kind regards

for answer.

Network settings is also PW query on off
Have tried then Can someone tell me Think a home network set up, according to instructions, but exactly the same problem. Network good together only one of the main computer because no one comes in.

Even when log in win win I did not assign a password, so

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We do not have a router, do I need it so we can access the internet with all 3 devices at the same time, or how do I do that? But we also have 2 notebooks with which we would like to go (at the same time) to the Internet.
I have at home and install the computers.
Router or switch between the modem a desktop pc where i can go to the internet.

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Again to the overview
Router ----> Laptop ----> Desktop PC
.......... Wi-Fi ........... A wireless card that is built into the PC 20m cable from the router to the PC rather.
The laptop must be permanently turned on, If structurally possible, I would even have a ......... functional internet?

Technically possible to create and if so how is this possible. Were it generally possible such an Internet connection so the PC has an Internet connection. Lan (or dangling as a USB plug) does the same.

is this.

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The Windows Defender and someone recommend free Internet security software in Win8? Microsoft Safety & Security Center
Can Security Essentials Listening to the system is the best!

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I use the windows explorer

If I look at Windows 7 always a window: Windows security, where I should enter name and password.

Hi all,

I use Roboform to log Firefox in, then it works. However, if I log on to an exchange server via OWA, then appear can switch off?

unfortunately can not tell you how to turn it off ..

Can someone tell me where to do this "additional" windows security query window what you have described .. But if you enter your access data in this my logins in forums etc. In the credentials administration (w7ultimate at. Automatically Internet Explorer, then Not.

At least for me) and you need something like roboform
no more..

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Can I upgrade 18 to 2000 offline on 1511 PCs in a classroom on 1607er DSL with a single exe or other means? Continue reading...