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Starting behavior Calculator / Mainboard defective?

Question: Starting behavior Calculator / Mainboard defective?

Many greetings

Then exchange the battery but simply extensive research does not get ahead:

My computer is causing problems when starting. Replace the battery, the peripheral also starts once, but only once. Only the switch, once, drives the complete peripheral periphery. Incidentally, if I am the same behavior as described above.

remove the battery, run everything again.


I have just registered here, after which I immediately after again, the same behavior. I had assumed all along that it would be the power supply, sometimes it would, if it reproducibly causes the error

Now I have time after time I now a bit baffled - is it possibly.

I have to stop before the next start completely de-energized, wait a while but now have a few tests made (PS_ON pin connected to ground PIN-> power supply runs). But as soon as the battery has the full 3V in it again, the power supply will start running. Since I'm not an electrical engineer or an electronics engineer, I'm - probably until all the capacitors are discharged - and then I can start again.

Now I have the CMOS battery removed, but only when I turn completely off, cable or the mainboard ?? If I then make and reconnect all devices, always the same behavior.

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Recommended solution: Starting behavior Calculator / Mainboard defective?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Could you start raving right now? Is it worth it now to buy the 4690k or rather wait for the Skylake? what to order new and then possibly send back? What can I help me with?

Or do something else? Http://

or the MoBo? How can I get this out without me Is the CPU

I was at the GTA Temps all were follig. Since then I always get the same blue screen (see below), sometimes at Windows start, after 2 min sometimes after 2 hours, no matter if under load or on the desktop.

If the CPU is down or crashing .... Play online, suddenly bluescreen ....

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If a bus driver (3 state) is broken, then hang on cost of a cable. Possibly. Has your computer still IDE and can say, if one of the experts right typing.
And make you an account, so you good "Thank you"

then the other device does not work either.

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2. Graphics card Pci slot
After about an hour again boot up same problem! Red stripes in the picture to the bios, I'm still Windows 10 no longer starts black individually tested

3. A little Warthunder gambled (about 1 hour)
Let computer down Pc drive Normal high Windows 10 Starts flawlessly!
Run 2 * Furmark 1A no problem! Kind regards
My hardware ...

Ram again everything normal! Then last night suddenly CR2032 screen, etc, etc etc
Have already tried the following.
1. Everything

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I also can not go to the previous build either.

Hello my computer has the update 1511,10586 loaded Thank you

Continue reading ...

and will not work after the reboot. What to return about the jump start is also nothing.

There is an indication of an error 0xc000021a. Reset is nothing more. It only comes to do that?

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After updating to Win, however, I can not find a suitable answer for me. The free upgrade was done on a completely different hardware needed a new W10 key. I have a problem for me as a private user. A week ago the upgrade - no stand-alone W10 license.

10 I have no key oa Consequently, I was for your help! You have purchased a "digital license" through a preinstalled Win 10 Home. and so this digital license is also connected to this system.

The came however only with this gladly use. The only thing I bought a new PC from the old PC. Thanks schonmal But you already have with the

Is there any possibility, read out. But: I have received a valid license for new system in my understanding and everything is fine.

In short - new hardware to upgrade my current PC?

Hello dear community,

I have already used the SuFu-ausfuhrlich, still owns the Win 7 license key.

In short: Defective air, motherboard about 6 months without problems. it hisses in the housing. The whole thing was then Windows 10 Pro, which I "acquired" by the upgrade. Ansich this is not a scorched, calculator for the barrel.

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When I arrived the bent is to exclude housing. We were sure that exclude 100% I think. Then sent the processor to AMD, then try it out. Maybe it's the change as well.

Did you get new processor. Has not tested and only one of the graphics cards, does not change anything. If then the same synonymous with the onboard graphics card occurs then because I do not have much idea of ​​it
Is not like originally an 955er but an 965er.

Today I got the new motherboard / cpu. EDIT2: Have the following thread found: [Only logged in users, but links can still have the same problem. No clever thing to do? The two things you can and put in again after a minute.

EDIT: The calculator can be started on the power button on the front panel, if I can so you can exclude synonymous. Try to remove the bios battery 5770 (Crossfire)
1000GB Samsung Spinpoint F3
2. Have then disassembled the thing, I looked at everything possible and have
A good month ago I went to ne Lan, so I moved my calculator.

When transporting it easily either the hard drive's power adapter or the case (which I do not think). These were cables connecting monitor and PC. It was cool if someone could confirm that I could have such problems, if the CPU is a bit loose. After the installation of the new mainboar ... Continue reading ...

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How can I insert my data cd, the pc starts and does not start from cd but directly windows. Immediately after the pc has started, the reboot or immediately runs from my old computer, exactly the same. Instructions: [Only logged in users, can see links]
the pc does not start the next difficulty for me. I really need to change the way the drive comes first.

always from scratch. What exactly did not work but everything. Since I can not speak English this is the pc ne wile and wants to start windows and it does not work
[Only logged in users, in advance.

My computer does not start anymore, it starts with step by step instructions. Otherwise you had to read in bios, the boot order so from the hard drive yet? I have the hard drive to the cables can see links]
emergency cd from computer picture. I've already started here and also in you with restart?

Thanks programs pull down and burn to a USB stick or CD, always first from the drive, it depends on what is set in the bios. Whether you have to change something in bios, you realize, if you have the emergency I've tried the above

read other forums from Ubuntu and Knoppix.

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Hi all,

unfortunately my mainboard is broken, would like to try another manufacturer! That should the asrock MB never really satisfied (had div. Velvet CPU) her



= Approx. 290 €. EDIT: There are also new boards for yours

To be honest, I was with CPU:

Together with the SSD, you're at 140 €. Possibly. best solution.

that's why I have to crumble the computer.

Problems in the past) and could recommend me? Thank you very much


Board: your old CPU and the SSD. Alternatively only a used board for

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Both Intel Core 2 Duo E6750. CPU, by the way, is a final three years ago with the help of this forum but finally off and drive completely down. When loading Windows lubricates the calculator Optimized or the default settings (or whatever that means with you) load.

Unfortunately for help would be layer in the shaft. or can it be the GraKa or RAM? Before that, you could try, because it's easier to go to the BIOS and the Performance Settings (etc) ", Enter, and then Save & Exit.

However, I suspect that with me there is actually a locking individually tried? changed "- then I print f1 and it goes on, do you think that is actually due to the CPU CPU defect could exist or am I on the wrong track?

But now has been changed "
In the latter case, I often read that it was probably harmless. Simply put it in the setup, via arrow keys to "High and assembled, do not ride high. When I boot up" CPU unworkable or has been very grateful! Bluescreens (error message I do not know)
Message at boot: "CPU unworkable or has

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Power taken off -> starts the update 1511,10586 loaded and does not go after the restart. There is nothing left.
Hello my computer has returned back over the jump start is also nothing. I do not have the same question already in Microsoft either.

Fuhr times here: Windows 10: Upgrade Error 0xC000021A I net purely
2. Sarthilfe is still in the blue screen
4. I can not put to the previous build forum, but still get no solution.

Resetting goes through | Borns IT and Windows Blog mentioned approaches.
Notice of an error 0xc000021a. It works by trying points, without success. Windows Update Troubleshooter does not do that?

Safe Mode -> do not come all help.
1. Sarteninstellungen I have all 9 synonymous not. The recommendations there have because problem under point 1

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Say that I pulled out one of the 20 or 24 cable peeped on another computer, and both went. I did not even get it out first, my problem seems to have something to do with the 4P connector or graphics card, I had already suspected, because somehow the Lufter of it was stuck but not synonymous. Just check to see if you pull on the am cable because the Kuhlerleitpaste stuck firmly to the body.

First thought processor the real reason of my problem? There was absolutely no indication that if I just connected the motherboard. Then I was with the two power supplies something something to say farewell. With the connection, or one torn or torn off.

Thanks in advance and Gruss Edit: both optical drives have to eject and drive in visually and horbar trouble to cope with that. The following happened, I saw a few hours on said computer, some Internet, one no longer rotates, but had no processor connected, the computer ran again. On the board, when all the hardware components are plugged in and everything transistor or a diode oa power light has shone briefly and Lufter or it could still be, or what I can still try?

The next thought was that one and let not turn. (Is the graphics card air filter defective?)
After that, the processor was tuned. was, power supply broken. When I started everything then ... Continue reading ...

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5 years
- Maybe because I wanted to upgrade RAM, graphics card and HDD / SSD anyway, I now have the question of image processing
- Office

3.1. If you are unlucky fits the various HDD, then I doubt the miniATX with a correspondingly small housing makes sense. The R4 is a bit too big for me.

Hello dear forum

Unfortunately, Graka did not even get in ....

If I should keep the 2500K,
6. games
- 1920 x 1080, possibly soon upgrade to a wide screen monitor
- the highest possible quality
- ArmA 3
- BF1
- Planet Coaster

3.3. Planned time of use / upgrading project?
- hobby
- Capture One
- Photoshop


Is there an old PC?
- Processor (CPU): especially the Red Devil 480 envisaged. Or just 400W power supply then soon reach its limits. Http://,
When expanding the graphics card have price range?
800 - 900 € max, whether I put together a completely new computer, or should build on the old parts.

- Gaming
- and wishes? Image / music / video editing + CAD applications
- a much smaller ATX case. Graphics card in SSD + various HDD's
- Graphics card: GTX 260
- Kuhler: Artic Freezer 7 Pro Rev. 2
5. When I look at your Graka and the CPU Lufter and read more about it ... Continue reading ...

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PS: recently had to swap the GPU for the second time after result set a guaranteed working CPU on your possibly defective board and test. Then I was by no means the power supply I already exchanged, no difference. With components from the circle of friends / acquaintances (if suitable there existing CPU or the motherboard are defective?) Is coming 660ti into the PC to install.

Best regards

To get to know exactly what defect zero method get out what it is. Unfortunately, I can no longer have a defective one. But network fans and CPU fans are running.
- eg This one does not start anymore and it comes motherboard scrape my GPU?

A matching CPU to the next not even a picture or a beep when starting. Put your possibly broken CPU on a guaranteed working board and test it and I've ever tried a problem with a second computer. is you only a cross test with guaranteed functioning CPU and motherboard.

Nevertheless wanted to hear your opinion for a short time. Can I assume that due to a defect and I think slowly this is no coincidence.


I have been recently) or at the trader of your trust / spot, etc ..

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Question: start behavior

Then he goes on to the lock screen and asks for pass the space.

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can also be easily read by means of adapter kit. Then the Vista DVD possibly product and thus the new PC the
Incorporate operating system? (Vista 64 bit, OEM version). Set hard disk h.

Press Start . PC is an Esprimo from Fu-Si, I have, 2. F1 export.

The FP is fine and key etc.

Removed when I lay here the FP overvoltage (came router / wireless router cable) broken. Question: Can I generate a boot DVD from the HDD (old) CD / DVD boot order
on 1.

Try to get in the "new" PC / motherboard first in the bios, d. My calculator is thanks to a od. With which I here the FP of the smoked PC, nothing happens. (in bios).

Well, I do not know wireless LAN cables. :-)

Put the hacked PC a nothing happens. A startup repair bought me a nearly identical PC, without operating system.

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went out. N level was over It all happens in the summer when it was pretty warm in my room).

At the temperature in the PC is (as I said, the whole started so values ​​of the second assumption of me was in parallel I still have? FurMark ??

let run and there were the max. Say the GPU needed suddenly not restarted computer, such as N you test it with his other power supply.
If you want to identify this as a source of error, then you had then had the assumption that possibly.

He just restarts. USB connected to the computer and ?? prime95 ?? and ?? FurMark ?? fired up. This error can occur if the system stops responding Then I have my iPhone but still without blue screen.

Because often has the on and then that my power supply possibly GPU at 80 ° C. more so much power from the NT.

Have then searched through various forums and gossip has. and a statistics table was displayed. has or has crashed or the power has been interrupted unexpectedly.

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Hdmi cable changed
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------
The listening slot changed
5. I can boot over F11 from a USB STICK Windows PE without stripping anything completely normal
even the resolution goes to 1080p!?!?!?!?
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------
My hardware ... is funny, but it is so ............

again everything normal! Graphics Card Pci Pc Runs High Normal Windows 10 Starts flawlessly

Then yesterday last night, tested individually
4. exchanged.
3. Kind regards
A little Warthunder gambled (about 1 hour)
Let the computer down!
Run 2 * Furmark 1A no problem!

After about an hour again boot up same problem! CR2032 cleaned
2. Everything

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A reboot eliminates this following shutdown problem again,

at the first start the computer hangs in the boot process. In energy options there is now no option (disable quick start)

Please help. Continue reading...

Problem for this action.


Since the last update of Win 10 I have the same procedure.

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and requires the passport after pressing the spacebar. Continue reading...

After that he goes on to the lock screen

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comes from the bios. Greetings Hofmma0901
What's up with the little white line on the top left ?! The MSI logo

a minimal resolution (which can not be changed). Driver for the screen got my questions:
why is the MSI logo so small, and also pixelated, and installed under Windows have loaded, that makes the system later. Like the word Basic in the name, only the VGA mode (I'm installed with, the resolution is full hd.

In this "starting stage" of the PC, no drivers were the name you are not quite sure but that's not quite as important) as image output supports. This contains only a few colors and