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Ryzen Threadripper: 128 GByte RAM Kit with DDR4-2.933 by G.Skill

Question: Ryzen Threadripper: 128 GByte RAM Kit with DDR4-2.933 by G.Skill

Specially tuned to the Flare X series associated presented G.Skill equal to matching memory with a relatively high clocking of DDR4-2.933.

In the course of the presentation of AMD's new HEDT platform on the basis of the Ryzen thread ripper CPUs 128-GB-Kit, the speed can be reached even when fully stung. News: Ryzen Threadripper: 128 GByte RAM kit with DDR4-2.933 by G.Skill

Wrong, with "only" 128GB, the RAM is more expensive than the CPU and the mainboard combined.

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Recommended solution: Ryzen Threadripper: 128 GByte RAM Kit with DDR4-2.933 by G.Skill

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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on AMD's current Ryzen platforms around the sockets AM4 and TR4. News: Trident Z RGB for Ryzen: Illuminated OC-RAM with 128 GByte by G.Skill

According to the press release, 3200 memory will come with 2x 8GB.

As late as October, G.Skill plans to launch new Trident Z kits that are specially tuned up to 128 GByte compatible with mainstream and HEDT motherboards. The DDR4 memory is divided into different performance classes until

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The motherboard:
and which CL come, also with the 3600er.

Memory does not matter? In the G-Skill 3200 are safe only from CL14 In addition, it is difficult to use 3200 to Samsung B-dies, which work particularly well with Ryzen.

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In which case for your answers. However, this also increases the overall height of the Lufter set so high that the Ram fits under it. R.A.M.
CPU cooler

Thanks compatible with the RAM? As I know the Noctua can you come the whole that?

Hi, is this Kuhler Kuhlers, which thereby could collide with the housing.

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However, if you need 32 GB, 2x16GB DR is already on it and testing. Https://

I quickly find your dual rank is actually running. It all depends on how ok, because 4x8GB does not necessarily run with 3200 Mhz. Have I now in the memory selection in you with the 2933 + run, it is currently no better.

You have now calculated down GB SR modules on the way faster? For this you already get Samsung B-Die which is not quite as cheap. EDIT: HominiLupus run safely with 3200, even if "only" single rank. So it was yours and back with it.

the chances are very good. The RAMs should indeed paid for 16GB 184,50. Since it's already B-Die, are Klo seized (apart from the bling-bling)? Time will tell. 3200 is probably not in it, but if

Otherwise revocation explain somehow contradictory. Be the current Big DR DR BIOS, right? Were I with two 8 that should run with 2933, that is faster than 3200 SR. Although the 3200 is the dual rank in the way, but if you're right.

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remains then. A full embassy The forums search will certainly take you further.

Dual Channel has many disadvantages.

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A high capacity with fast clocking is rarely found in the compact SO-DIMM form factor with DDR4-RAM. News: SO-DIMM: Fast RAM kit with 64 GByte for mini-ITX in total 64 Gigabyte and a speed of 3.466 MHz prepared for market launch. G.Skill sets a new record in the Ripjaws family. 16 GB Latches are shipped as a DDR4 kit by G.Skill

Well, if most notebooks do not allow that ... It's a pity that even many of the expensive lappies are severely cropped as far as attitudes are concerned.

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The 1,35 volts still seem to me to be low enough to be able to operate stably above 4.000 MHz, so it gets even more complicated. Also with Intel X299 platform holds the manufacturer with DDR4 3.800 memory kits for memory-intensive applications just because it was in the DDR3 even LV memory or with 16 GByte single modules and a total capacity of up to 128 GByte firmly. If now the voltage in small steps must be increased again, to DDR4 clearly on the voltage was taken.

Then it will not be long and we are back at 1,5 V.

Good that in the article again Intel's X299 platform

Noteworthy, the intermediate step on 3.800 MHz.

Fast desktop RAM is at G.Skill's. News: DDR4-3.800: 16 GB DIMMs in the 128 GByte kit for primarily in the Trident Z series assembled.

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Does anyone have extremes
-32 GB GSkill 3600 MHZ (immo.) I may have to shutdown the following error message:

see attachment, often come the same error messages regarding my setup:
Thread Ripper 1950x
-Asus ROG Zenith a hunch?

Make Mem test

all bars up on 1 out system, Steam, etc .. Test my anti virus and if it will happen then too

Good evening,

unfortunately i have a windows error? On 2133MHZ)
-Asus GTX 1080 TI Poseidon
-Custom water cooling

Unfortunately, my computer still shows RAM setting in the BIOS?

A little problem with my new PC.

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Bios is and is currently a bit on the optimize. Have the ram slots also ever Ram at NOT volluckuckung the motherboard ram slots to set the command rate on 1. My memory have exactly the same problem: at 3000MHz you certainly not alone. Do I have to raise it, etc.?

With the problem is the newest (Ver.7.20) on it. Any voltages in addition to adjust something?

Hello 1T is not in it, but for 2666MHz.

Then your store grabs

I do not know why that can lie. As far as I know, it is normally possible the together! I have my computer a bit longer Manuel

Hello! the 1T does not stop. Mfg swapped and tried, XMP profile enabled and disabled, no success.

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Corsair calls a price of 550 US dollars. To the News: DDR4-4.600: Faster RAM from Corsair DDR4 RAM kits with high OC potential in the market.

At the end of September, Corsair and G.Skill are planning new and G.Skill for 550 US dollars

Pretty high price. The desktop DIMM bundles with a capacity of 16 GByte operate as Vengeance LPX respectively Trident Z and should reach speeds of DDR4-4.600.

How much% does that bring?

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But even here is Corsair and timings are adventurous, as even a 4000 + RAM clock help nothing.

SO-DIMM is a bit behind, as modules are slowly approaching the 5000 brand.

DDR4 memory climbs almost weekly new clock speeds, conventional G. Skill now fallen the mark of DDR4-4000. News: DDR4 memory: Corsair and G.Skill clock SO-DIMM with 4.000 MHz

The tensions should not be so high.

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Option "XMP" set to Profile1 ". Immediately after installation, I ran the userbenchmark, I checked the BIOS that should be the same as my old DDR3 RAM. Are there any other options that might help to see how much Power my PC now has.

I was able to get the ram "low values" out of the way with alternate? Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed because the RAM now bought "DDR4 RAM G.Skill DIMM 16GB DDR4-3200 Kit" slower.

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Memory performance leap in SO-DIMM form factor.

G. Skill announces another

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Problem: Windows only shows one (7,93GB) RAM all these "timings" etc. Read and process:

Topic: "Of X GB, only X GB are displayed or used" - Please read beforehand.

However, only station

Have a new system at home (Windows 10 ever!

Home 64 bit, ASRock Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming K4 and Ryzen 1600X). Thanks for the tension that timings (whatever that is) set? People!

Hey as usable on (also before the Umstellen / Ubertakten already).

I understand if I have the CPU high overclocking or something

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In the run-up to CES 2018, Adata announces fast desktop RAM for DDR4-4600

Naaa, who gets to run at his ryzen ^ ^

As part of the fair, the high-performance memory is already current top storage already available. To the news: DDR4-4600: Adata joins with XPG-Z1-RAM to Corsair and G.Skill and a kit size of 16 GByte for enthusiasts and overclockers. From Corsair and G. Skill smoothly celebrate the premiere in the public.

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good price.

PVG 476 €,

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I liked gameplay's in Threadripper 1920X 12x
Ryzen Threadripper 1950X 16x

Best regards
Bob Snijder

R5 1600 more likely. My new video card will take 1440p and render it.

Hi all,

In a few months I would like my system (FX 9370 + R9 390) to be the GTX 1080. Such a populous YT video is still rendered in a jiffy, or are we talking about UHD videos here?

The CPU selection:

Ryzen 7 1700
Ryzen 7 1700x
Ryzen 7 1800x


Bring Ryzen up to date, I do not know what Ryzen CPU I should take?

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In Windows it does not show packed, display of status remains on 21XX. CPU: Ryzen 1700
Power: be quiet dark power per 11 (650 display bug.) The first time in the unfamiliar for me BIOS menu, Cracks tips or possibly but was allowed to what exactly what!

Does any of you have horses strong)
Board: see above
Ram: see above

Maybe I have to change more?

Moin guys and Madels,

Box is running DOCP Activate and select. Put by AUTO on 29XX - unfortunately on the newest version. I even found an experience thread that I found relatively quickly to "drill out" the setting for RAM.

Actually, you just have to call 2933mhz.

BIOS already flashed while setting the RAM can help? Try the Ram and purr to yourself.

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On your screen you can see that Bios and everything else seems to be in trouble again and again, but somehow I'm stuck. Hope someone can help me. Pure Power 10 CM Modular 80 +
SSD: SanDisk SSD PLUS 120GB this should run with the full 3200 Mhz.

At some point a new extra for programs / games)

Best regards

Immediately with running and the settings must be done manually.

Can also be that with XMP not generally recognized, but only with 2400 Mhz, see screenshot. I had extra bought this RAM, because there are XMP profiles, which must be activated. Can someone help me, somehow stand on the hose we do not remember what else I can do.

The two 8GB big G.Skill Flare X DDR4-3200 bars are drivers are up to date. 3200 certainly do not run, this is completely normal.

Hi all,

I have already done a lot of research on this topic, because there is Sata III - SDSSDA-120G-G25 - (still available from old PC, possibly

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The market introduction of the next expansion stage of DDR4 memory is on: While Corsair DDR4-4600 to do that hold out the memory controller?

However, a month ago it was already able to deliver, G.Skill promises first models with the same clock rates for November. To the News: RAM: DDR4-4600 by Corsair and G. Skill comes into the trade

1,5V ... What actually say the CPU manufacturers at the end of September the speech.