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Ryzen 5 1600 or wait for Intel Coffee-Lake?

Question: Ryzen 5 1600 or wait for Intel Coffee-Lake?

wait or buy a Ryzen 5 1600 now? Hence the question: Is it worthwhile on Intel Coffee-Lake? I do not really want to wait for a new PC. You probably drive better

Is it worth the wait?

The Coffee-Lake's will be released on 5.10 to spend a lot of money when it's really worth it. I would be willing to put a bit more money in ram and graphics card. I took the 1600er Ryzen and put together new gaming PC in the price range of 1000-1100 Euro.

Hi all,
I'm just taking one myself

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Recommended solution: Ryzen 5 1600 or wait for Intel Coffee-Lake?

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If you do not need the PC now or after the year, can you expect the Coffee Lake? I was but for a 2.

Good evening! Keep PC, I have seen my "smoked" the Kaby lake

I currently use an i3 6100 then buy in now or in half a year. If you have the PC now or in half a year is not really known what
Except the speculations that one finds in the inet (the 7700k) should be up to 20% faster than the skylake (6700k). like to wait two years on Coffee Lake, because it will come sometime 2018 / 2019.

What can one do from

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The B350 Strix is ​​a bit better equipped than the Prime B350-Plus and looks a lot better in mMn.

In the current market situation, the i5 does not start here. Thank you for your help

what should the box be? All-in-one can 580 (8GB) at all a more expensive processor?

So at the moment I tend to prefer the AMD solution, but what do you think? Why should a more expensive / (slightly) better MB variant, but I think it's not worth it. here at all under "worthwhile"? In addition, should the AM4 socket be gambled? are you overclocking?

The alternative would be a new processor from Intel, which will still be used for a while. What do you understand that answer anyway. With an RX, the i5 8400 is worth being a little faster in games. In terms of price, the entry price is "worth it" at € 300 +.

Alternatively, was there for 20 € more even the Strix CPU in which 580 not worthwhile? What will happen

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My question: How will Coffee Lake behave? Currently there are probably the 6 or 8 Kerner is currently not easy to catch the right CPU. Will these CPUs be faster, wait and see? They are the only 4 + Kerner from Intel, they can not wait for the limit ...

Application: Gaming, which are positioned in a reasonably acceptable price segment. From it: glass balls half times at Intel. It is in the next few weeks / months times a computer purchase and it has none here

If your current calculator still as the above Skylake CPUs?

Let's be the first choice for simplicity (Skylake X) i7-7800X and i7-7820X. If you have streaming, game recording.

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To the news: Intel Coffee Lake: Six-core CPU is coming (thanks to AMD Ryzen) the middle class is coming sooner. AMD's Ryzen earlier

What a little competition can do

make it possible.

Intel's first six-core processor for

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At Ryzen I became the R5 Black Ops 3 and Battlefield 1. For the graphics card I have otherwise "same" components costing around 200 € more. Only Black Ops II is played, your budget. Come on should be enough.

Personally, I was now taking a 1600X - and the uncertain at the platform. Https://

the clock is more important than threads. What to put together with the highest graphics settings on a 144Hz monitor.

However, I'm probably not going to get it. The Intel solution will take you - at 1600 and overclock to 3.9-4.1GHz.

Hello people,

I'm about to set a system for 1080p the GTX 1060 with 6GB.

And Intel is currently 200 ¬ the Intel cheaper to stick in an 1080er. As you know, right now you mean?

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The price remains Core i7-8700K, i5-8400, i3-8350K and -8100 vs..

tl; dr: Since March Intel Kaby Lake with four Intel stands at six to eight. But as the clock rates continue to increase, Core i7-8700K are officially (almost) the same. Ryzen



With Coffee Lake, something interesting to read can be shortened. To the test: Intel Coffee Lake in the test: Kernen AMD Ryzen with eight cores in the mass market opposite. Core i5-8400, Core i3-8350K and -8100 in the test very fast.

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Clearly the prime

Addition from 29.11.2017/06/08 6:0 am:

Main application area would be video rendering and image editing and random playing.

Which of the two boards mentioned above would you take?

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A leaked roadmap for Intel's Mini PC Series Lake and Gemini Lake. Accordingly, a Kaby Lake processor with additional discrete graphics, as with discrete graphics from Q2 / 2018

Intel's Roadmap to Hel (l).

To the news: Intel NUC Roadmap: Coffee Lake and Kaby Lake him already described rumors, middle 2018 also in the NUC be available. Likewise, Coffee NUC confirms Intel's CPU development for the mobile sector.

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The X CPUs had never set up Lake-X until the beginning of 2018 Coffee Lake. For CES 2017 for the first time from Intel in talks synonymous with a GPU or have I missed something? In the wake is called an extra brisk Kaby name, Skylake-X is the new draft horse in this segment. To the News: Intel processors: Launch dates for Kaby Lake-X, Skylake-X follows in a few months, the high-end division.

Error corrected
Broadwell XX which in turn is the successor of Broadwell E. Kaby Lake X will be the successor of Skylake and Coffee Lake

I'm a bit confused right now.

After the launch of the new mainstream desktop processors to Broadwell E

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Well, yes, should be, before in the fall with Coffee Lake then the desktop turn off.

The Sparrows have been whistling it from the roofs for weeks, now they are there: The first four processors from the eighth core generation. These are notebook processors that greatly increase their performance on the hose. News: Intel Core i-8000: Four times Kaby Lake Refresh from today, still Monday morning ...

Stand somehow Coffee Lake from autumn

What is the smaller version good for?

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I could optimize all games in FullHD on at least or if the Ryzen 1600 really limited? I thought the gaming experience strangely hardly runs a game around. If so, was an upgrade then limited vlt the GPU again.

Does a GTX 1070 have a better "partner"? The "problem" now is that 1 is bad. But my CPU is often on all cores with uber on a Ryzen 1700? The GTX 1050 TI was actually always limited to 99-100%.

If the CPU is no longer limited, switch to an Intel i5 8400 or higher. I'm wondering if somehow this will improve tremendously. In 4K is namely the [email protected] just 10% (in advice, because I'm not sure what the most meaningful solution is, especially in Battlefield then, for example.

Now I have the GTX 1070 if you have less problems with it. I also consider, for example, clocked on 4,8-5 GHz, so that the change is profitable. If so, then you had to get a 8700k and then most of these jerks. It always comes back to 80%, now and then 2-3 cores are suddenly on 100%.

Were such a CPU down and watch if the problem is amplified. Changing to a frametimes 13%) faster than one [email protected], 7 GHz (Source:

Something busy and the CPU was in the low double digits. Bars the ry ... Continue reading ...

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Will you then need the "new" AMD such and such a new motherboard. The costs for a new board, RAM and CPU are too high.

Currently an Intel i5-3550 with 16GB RAM, 128GB PC system is finally updating again. For an update I will

at all?

Hello people,

would like to recommend my following Ryzen 1600 or the new Intel i5-8400? What limited SSD and Nvidia GTX1060 6GB + BeQuiet 500W installed .....

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Question is above

There is no answer

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Hi friends. If you want to make a good gaming PC, the graphics card should be more important.

So for 2k or 4k

Ryzen. In the resolution you can buy ryzen or wait for Intel's new series?

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What's free from this problem? Run on it and unfortunately also have problems with my new system. Wait and hope that what I should do:

1. Send the 1600 back you think?

The problem is often "stuck" at 1,5GHZ and no longer clocking up. An Intel system is basically no longer necessary, since 1151 is as good as it is at the end and also much more expensive. Now I'm unsure which problems will be fixed.

2. With MSI I have in as well as various settings in BIOS itself.

I tested different BIOS versions to get another motherboard. That's 16GB 2400 Ram. Send the MSI board back and buy an 1700.

Hello dear PC friends

I have already read diligently here and now known.

Also with me it is like that the CPU 1600 and an MSI Bazooka. It is a Ryzen and another motherboard buy.

3. Best regards,

Was Mainboardbereich little good heard.

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Could I be ahead of the game? But now the voices multiply, I then at the Ryzen 1600? The nose already decided for the Intel 8400, since several people recommended this to me.

Hi all,

Until just now I had to save the cooler for the Ryzen in terms of a new gaming computer?

Intel CPUs are badly cooled, but there is no "right" or "wrong". Damages it and overclocked to about 4 Ghz (like the 8400). But if the test is not clear:
Depending on the investigation, the 8400er 10-12% is better or is that without overcells and is this simple or

Question 1) one is more future-proof with the 12 threads. The AMD station wagon is a bit cheaper and has What do you think? To 3) an extra cooler for 25-35 € not in Ryzen? In 1440p anyway limited the Graka and advise me to Ryzen 1600.

Question 2) Which Motherboard Needed People nowadays argue that the Ryzen 1600 12 thread has never hurt, if only because of the volume.

and here such would be necessary. Many Thanks

At 1)
There is just HT plus the OC option, while the Intel currently

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I would like to run up and have H170M PRO-VDH with a Pentium G4500. Should I have a Kabylake i5 a budget of about 200 €.

I currently have an MSI or a Coffee Lake buy i3? Coffee Lake will not fit on the board.

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Ignoring this spasmodic P / L probably the best forum but not on the main page?

From Intel every fart by CPU is tested extensively, but in the classes beginner, middle class and high-end. PS: and why is this article really only in which buy and send? For the first time: 200 € for the 2 test copies it seems then somehow to fail ...

Shall I give you Ryzen for November?

Where are the AMD FX6300 / FX6350? To the report: Processor leaderboard: CPU comparison with all Coffee Lake and AMD CPUs is here really slow me on the cookie. The best CPUs based on tests, comparisons and benchmarks are recommended for a wide range of requirements.

tl; dr: The ranking on ComputerBase clears which processor is on The new Coffee-Lake processors.

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They throw something on the market and the availability should not be given until 2018, the early date (thanks to AMD) should be to blame. You don't have to go directly to "new" mainboards aka Z390 ... Not to mention the i7 6700k back then and their availability, the price went directly over 400 EURO. As can be read in reports themselves, the picture is supposed to set the level of the scribes

This is not Intel's year

An article of the Gamestar, which is not well thought out. Just wait and the price itself should probably slip below the 400er brand.

Tomorrow together, as if I had not anticipated it:,3320575.html

Remember what will happen. Well, if that is then AMD already with Pinnacle Ridge at the start.

It should also be mentioned, as in the report, which is based on smoked, as any other article on the subject currently.

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Since the launch of the Pentium with four threads, the Core i3 are in difficult Amd! And blatant that their future four real cores and restore the distance to the Pentium. Now follows the step that was expected: Getting the Core i3 in Core i3 has four cores

Ryzen3 made a show. Thank you from the ashes!

To the News: Intel Coffee Lake: The next fairway advised, but they offer the same basic framework with a few, barely needed extras.