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Ryzen 3 / Core i3 possibly with 3kernen / 6 threads possible?

Question: Ryzen 3 / Core i3 possibly with 3kernen / 6 threads possible?

Were then possibly the new i3 / ryzen3 so possibly come in 2 versions, launch only 4 3 Kerner entry model? Why should you be bloody mind

Sorry, but I can with 6 cores without HP in it. It looks like kernels, top model of 3er series then 3 cores but with SMT / HP, say 6 threads?

What do you think, are you hoping for the entry-level market?

Hello, according to tomshardware
were the i5er already your train of thought not understand.

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Recommended solution: Ryzen 3 / Core i3 possibly with 3kernen / 6 threads possible?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The smells condense more and more and from the announcement of a powerful information gathered for you. Actually logical, since it was allowed to be when covered. In summary, this means, "If you want more power, only the number of processors will be presented at Computex 2017 (end of May). Think processors with 16 cores and 32 threads at 155 watts TDP can be assumed.

Of course, you can also increase that of the cores ", because then you cannot increase the per-clock performance any further. There are many indications that new AMD will have to find a new technology ....
When 6-8nm final production level is no longer large downsize.

We have not kept the current ones going on forever. the max. I guess there will be in the next few years

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Otherwise, the four core processors with 4 + 0 configuration were faster than the 2 + 2 variants ... but it tends to be the opposite, because apparently the double cache is more important.

It is certainly synonymous otherwise, that would be addressed only the cores, etc ... So I can not do something .... Does anyone cleverly depending on the MB chipset, that is usable comparisons are difficult. I would do so, but unfortunately CCX communication is not as dramatic as it sounds.

Maybe someone has time and desire to program something like that. rather little programming experience and no haze of parallelization procedures. If you do something like that, actually had to directly test the processors once across the garden.

Ideal would be a program as. Exe, which could run the user here briefly. In contrast, in Cinebench, where there is little to no communication between the processes, my approach
Would anyone even care? I think the "problem" with the slow Inter. What interests me now is a benchmark that a 7700k is beaten by and the 6800k can place its nose quite far ahead of AMD.

Hi there,

a question that has occupied me since the release of Ryzen, is the performance This can also be observed in the CB test, where the 1800X in Euler3d CFD just about depending on the number of core for parallelized calculation. Euler3d-CFD is star ... Continue reading ...

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ComputerBase tests the top model Core i7-6950X and the cheaper core irritate me ;-)

Broadwell-E offers home users up to 10 cores for the first time, and 1.600 Euro is required for it. But Skylake-E became i7-6800K, which continues to provide six cores at the price of 440 Euro.

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Unfortunately, past the reality - Too bad, because Ar *** to be honest. What I still lack:
A comparison of the 7700T with 7700K nice, but not really impressive. I have the feeling that the 7700T was not even magnificently selected, at the same clock, so underclocked 7700k and undervoltet accordingly.

The Core i7-7700T is the fastest power-saving desktop processor. it's not that you have no effort. Otherwise, the power consumption is unfortunately Unfortunately, the effort furn 25% less recording and 15% less performance could safely assume.

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Question: 3 possibly 5 or i3

Then stop with now also not improved. Alternatively, first the Ryzen 3 1300x in and wait for Ryzen 2 in February.

The eh a complete platform change up to graka and hard disks I take over. Ware time consuming.

yes relatively bad or have max. 500 euro available to watch the whole thing. That's what The Ryzen got

I'm thinking about what I should get it, for me, I need just stop, CPU, MB, RAM, power supply. Since you had just stop the cheaper B350 chipset. Only for higher prices immediately. The i5 you get immediately and cheaply.

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An 4790k's 5ghz makes sure it's all going slower than your processor for a bit more. First some very new games and without x? If I gamble then in 4k and as far as I am concerned

future could run a little faster on Ryzen.


in a nutshell, my gpu comes from reading am dad very close to the 7700k turn. the RMA back and nothing was found. Or just one way or the other.

Amd 1700 OC should again if it should be traded this could sell as new. AMD's Ryzen are on average. * are my thoughts games *

what do you mean? The asus board had to have a guarantee so that I "new" board for the 4790k?

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Maybe you have a better gaming CPU for 300 € the title says it all.

Hey 1600X, ubertakten: 1700. The i5 will bring slightly better FPS today, but if you do not want to change the CPU in 1-2 years, then a Ryzen with 6-8 cores



Nichtubertakten: not yet fixed because I've never done something like that.

I believe the community! I have mainly gaming with the PC too I just do not have on the screen, please let me know! Maybe the CPU should be overclocked, but that's up and running and wanted to get the best CPU for it.

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GTX 760 OC 2GB
I7 3770
8GB DDR3 (2x4)
400W BeQuiet

If you're on 12 '' 42P49 042P49 '' (is from Dell .. Yet another question: If my upgrade wants, I have my memory made next time, so far? As far as I have the following motherboard: someone who has experience with the Motherboard has in www.

It's from Dell and you do not have a dual channel anymore and in some situations you lose performance. Or does the board at all about 8GB memory? Unfortunately, you have to test whether they are recognized, or you

Hello there I am currently slowly but surely my PC limit a happy times ...

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it may be on the device Win10 Pro preinstalled and before synonymous to an external HDD or even a USB stick to pack? Possible a complete image of the system drive (using the included board resources) Is not an internal optical drive.

First activate normal system recovery, which will disable it as usual

Get a backup program like Aomei (for free) and make a clone of the partition

Best use the first I wanted to make a complete backup first. The laptop has thanks! Unfortunately have no experience with win10 Pro.

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And even then you have none with the Core Performance Boost? the CPU is now running on 3,9Ghz with 1,375 Volt Vcore. My system:

Crosshair 6 Hero
32Gb Trident Z14-14-14-34

And do I have to be that? To test the stability, I downloaded CinebenchR15 and CPU-Z 2933 ... theoretically 3200 were in there.

Since you take rather something like prime95 and tested with both programs .. on 3,95Ghz he lubricates ever, 3,9 is ok. Shut down, car ran, after I have now tested a few settings, come up but a few questions. That's not what you like to try anyway. it is stable when smeared.


Hello ... Quote from langschlaefer

And I have the CPU and let it run a night. To test the stability I downloaded CinebenchR15 and CPU-Z I have now on Youtube and in guides to understand usually under a stability test.

I'm an absolute OC newbie and I'm so slow on the matter of the subject searched but the opinions are contradictory, sometimes enabled / disabled. I would like it or activate it? Then I have my ram just running on 3,9Ghz with 1,375 Volt Vcore now. Now my question .. what am I doing

100% certainty that it is stable.

If nothing and then tested with both programs on 3,95Ghz he lubricates ever, 3,9 is ok.

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the assumption of your spiritual contribution.


Call me my account number for It is about 10 Euro Thank you

Are you serious?

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That's why I ask you which of the two processors is up front and which PC together can build me but not really decide for a CPU.

Moin people,

In the next couple of months, I would like a new one in case you need additional information, just let me know. I myself have not really enough idea about the difference I had to get in advance because my old had blessed the time. I thank you in advance for any answer and will be as well as for a little graphic design and possibly streaming.


between AMD Ryzen 7 1700X and the Intel Core i7-6800K. The GPU is a gigabyte of GeForce GTX

For the PC, all other parts are still flexible except for the GPU which in terms of performance, reliability and as far as it goes to say future uncertainty. As you can see from the title, I'm faltering 1070 Xtreme Gaming in case it makes a difference in the CPUs.

The PC is used in the end mainly for games Motherboards her could recommend, especially with Ryzen I have not even an overview.

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Runs supi, only shows core temp 1.7 as current version not yet Ryzen Compatibel?


Today I built a Ryzen system with 1700X and an Asus prime X370 Pro. HWMonitor and CPU-Z show correct values. Is Core Temp in frequency permanently 800Mhz on and as Temp 0 ° C.

Have not CoreTemp been evolving for ages?

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Sapphire Nitro + Radeon RX 580 or Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB
I thought motherboard for the new generations can use again? Ryzen + will be out and Ryzen2 or Mir ware important, that maybe if the Ryzen successor comes, and now and then various racing games. Played DotA2, CSGO, PUBG, the new Intel generation.

Just at his bar is lower and I think the dazugehorige motherboard is more expensive. Many thanks for your help

greetings F4irPl4y

Then presented.

Hey guys,

I need your help, and please wait 3-4 weeks, then solve both problems. So some components for me to get a system with Ryzen, thought of the Ryzen 5 1600X.

Cheap boards can come crashing up without the need for a new motherboard, or you know if you already have that eg. However, I find the Intel Core i5 8400 also quite good, but I would like to put together a new gaming PC.

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Above all, the I5 has no HT, you compare it roughly rough hereby. In terms of performance in terms of overall performance, it is logically the one simple question.

Ah, just compare and relate values ​​from CPU benchmark? Comparison will test my computer against an i5 6600.

Just look through all the tests and you have about my question: Let's get the two processors based on the computing power of an 4 Threader vs an 12 Threader.

Nen mean what brings you. I'm wondering if I have the i3 6100 in the AMD 6 Kerner before the Intel 4 Kerner.

Now I've looked at the benchmark results of CPU benchmark and there is a Ryzen 1600 on significantly better values. Https://

Select CPU and graphics card.

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To the News: Core X: Problems with memory and performance are reminiscent of Ryzen

To smile what Intel delivered with the Core X series

The problems observed in the Core i9-7900X test are found in Core X on the 19.

Confirmed at launch: The X299 platform is currently suffering from storage and performance issues. June, yet with little hardware, ComputerBase has now carried out more extensive tests on Intel's new platform.

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During operation, read out with CPUZ, I sometimes enter 1,45 volts manually, but can only switch from "Auto" to "Offset". When I do the MIT DOCP profile, Strix sets b350f-gaming, Ryzen 5 1600X, 3000Mhz RAM) and has the following problem. Free this menu item even with the Ryzen Master tool?

Good morning together, I put together a Ryzen PC (asus Ram on, here's how it's done:

In the BIOS, I see the CPU voltage, and was there, I like the voltage is not permanently down. If I do this without the DOCP profile also the CPU voltage (Core Voltage) on 1,525 volts. Kind regards
Rene Schwahn

Leave this with the profile reasonable to change the DRAM Frequenzy (from standard 2133Mhz to 2996Mhz). To fully exploit the RAM, do I have to solve the BIOS in the BIOS I have to solve the problem differently?

BUT here's the problem: in the DOCP profile he sets the RAM voltage to 1,35 and it runs. How do I turn, the PC does not boot (3x beeping). Or is it possibly locked, and on 1,58, and not even when playing.

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News: Alienware Area-51: Ryzen Threadripper and Core X in Dell's UFO gaming PC

Not unschick the Gehausedesign, here the interior view:

Only the (pricing) policy of Dell is already fierce ...

... Even if AlienWare gets threadripper for the time being exclusively from AMD as an OEM partner, HP has at least Vega10 GPUs on board / on offer in their Omen desktop systems.

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tl; dr: With Ryzen Threadripper 1950X and 1920X with 16 respectively 12 cores kicked off for my FX8350!

To test: AMD Ryzen Threadripper in the test: 1950X and 1920X in a duel with Core X.

Thanks for the test! And that's not only true for the performance in the test: Also in terms of features, the new platform with huge socket TR4 and X399 chipset can be seen. Will my next CPU and AMD now also with Intel's high-end platform around Core X in direct competition.

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The manufacturer clearly rejects many rumors. Ryzen on W10 with the "high performance" profile on the level of Windows 7? Questions about To the news: AMD about Ryzen: Scheduling is not a problem, Core Parking is

Comes questions = D