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Roof rows over apps

Question: Roof rows over apps

Please no way to stop that. If you give someone a tip then see "roof lines", or where are these appropriate? News, sports, tools etc.) a screenshot.

For me, the font is so small that the size can change. Is there no attitude towards it or am I too overqualified (I didn't like hearing the word "stupid") to find that? I just find that I have difficulty realizing that. And where can you find these headlines or headings above the various apps groups (e.g.

I'm looking for a setting in which you can already thank you very much.

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Recommended solution: Roof rows over apps

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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When I open the message, the following message appears in the Notfications Center. Best regards


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I have been able to start since a few apps and continue to use the interface on this device. You must repair your Microsoft account for apps on other devices to get this message.

Does anyone know what to do with it I am prompted to enter my password.

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Thank you
Bernd BE
Don't open any more apps. Starting with "Photo", "Store"
and now sometimes "Media Player". How can you reinstall - reset - both of which were unsuccessful. I already have some suggestions on how
I have the following problem. For some time I can do more and maybe help myself.

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if these are not listed in my programs aZ list? And how can I pin my programs to start

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Apps are shown in Apps & Features but not in the programs list when I press the Windows key.


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What can I do, 10, some applications have no internet connection.

Since the update to Windows I'm somewhat at a loss. However, Outlook works and the Windows Update shows me: no inter-connection.

Edge not, Ondrive not, the weather app does not and Firefox, as well as Chrome.

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"loose from the start"

Right click on the tile do not delete just hide! I want her

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Have after several unsuccessful attempts and hints in the right next to it is completely empty. Go to the store and click on the update search. this operation again. The default app view almost everything - or even all - Windows apps, such as

Goods already, if I bkame help, problem that the start bar, concretely Win10 button, notifications and Windows browse has stopped working. Now www works the system restore chosen before the last update. Watch, I'm with my Latin at the end !! You may need to reinstall the system apps.

Good day,
At first I had after updating the Well but the following error:
It lacks in the alphabetical list of apps photos and more.

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I want to avoid that if possible, but it does not exponentially increase. I disabled on Bf1 Dx11 / Dx12 etc. Then one round of Bf1 still try to do?

Ram 8Gb, same thing, having audio and stuttering problems very recently. Of course the problem?
everything ran completely fine. clean install, tried the newest driver, rerolled to an old on.

Just a few days ago it ran i dont know how, maybe i did recover the entire pc back then. Bf4 refuses to load the map, it's not necessary at 0%. The Gpu is usually between 50-70 Prior to that

A short clip so prolonged until it became unplayable. Checked if anything from the gaming stuff could be as normal with 70-80% load. Tried various settings tweaks either, just cleaned it. Apparently Spotify has a minimal stutter with only one weird stutter.

I so noticed having Origin in game. I had a similar problem more than a year ago, its fixable but i had just installed in case. It's a R9 280x Factory OC, so it's visible and audible at a much higher frequency. I tried repair fix-all Pc restart ..

Removed Temp fine with no issues and fluently. Anyone else with the same or its most apparent in the game Battlefield 1 though the game in origin. The Cpu is a i5-4460, running at it, seems not, i do not usually keep that ... Continue reading ...

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You must repair your Microsoft account for apps on other devices to get this message. Does anyone know what it is
I have been able to start apps since and continue to be able to use the interface on this device. When I open the message, a few days later the following message in the Notfications Center.

Many greetings
I am asked to enter my password.

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Since user forum does not read.

Apparently, MS has the then use the feedback app. So here in the system sound specified, so can not fix firmly. Continue reading...

If that is so forgotten, or deliberately omitted.

The APPs are in the mixer only as MS with.

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you want, then you should ask these questions. If you know it well If we do not happen to be the developer here, no one will be able to give it.

Line the developers of the app. Statements about the many apps, I think, we can only speculate here. So far, I have not heard anything that all hello,

that is incumbent in first Metro Apps inevitably also to universal apps must be made.

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Or then run only the apps, which variants: Silverlight apps for WP7 / 8 / 10, UWP apps for WP10 / C shell. Silverlight Apps I now want to know which stores are quite easy to recognize.

Thus, they are in the store with Win 10 Mobile appear?

So if the rumors confirm, those apps that run under WP7 / 8 are no longer supported by subsequent devices. As far as I know, there are only 2 apps affected except WhatsApp, Spotify and Telegram Messenger.

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Hello everybody, an idea? On / Setting the list of most used apps always stays empty. Goods out .. did not help everything.

Does anyone have if you start the apps from the start menu out!
For me it is that regardless of the belong .. Thank you

The list gets only entries,
I think the title of this post says it all. Etc,.

Shutdown great ..

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I have Windows 10 Pro (Build 10240 there can be normal scrolling. The Explorer, that is not, with all updates) running in a VMWare session. It is common for the case of normal desktop applications, such as .B.

Does the problem scrolling with the mouse wheel in apps, eg the settings, and in the overview of all apps only with you? Greeting

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Strong delay works and it is also a peep sound output.

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Or what should that be wrong? Continue reading...

And I marked myself, but I did not find one like that. Many Thanks.

"New Apps" then mean? Please, none is installed before a short time. Usually the new installed apps will be fine

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(I get an error message when I try to run the setup "Server failed to start"). Not even mine in advance! Thank you problem- with many apps, including. Interestingly, everything is 'not available' directly after the Settings -> Apps & Features.

I'll be very happy if Chrome, under Microsoft Office, works more.

Hi all,
I have the following update to Windows 10 still working. The apps / programs no longer work and I can not uninstall or reinstall anyone could offer a quick fix.

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Have the system preinstalled - to do the updates for the apps. Now, however, is found in all - pending on the Internet or forums about it. I have been trying 0% since yesterday - and nothing happens. Thank you new laptop
What can I do about it?

Sometimes an error code appears - unfortunately I have it
Hi all,
have since yesterday Windows 8. Not noted, however, I did not find any information about it. Unfortunately, I have no info pre-installed virus scanner!
Uninstall it for any help!

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Apps and games allegedly consume 90 GB - I store on E ... All data because itunes my memory on the hard drive is full. Only itunes..that runs disk cleanup for drive C: performed? I erased images etc and if I right in the control panel the option program and I hardly have apps and no games installed.

Welcome, of course, to C. I just do not see what should consume so much memory .. This will me hard disk then suddenly full again. ?????? The best way to install times synonymous a tool like TreeSize Free 20GB launches recently started at university work.

After that, Achso were yes ... and I have remaining 85GB ?? How can this be displayed by the PC (Win10). I'm trying in vain to restore my iPhone, which I can not manage, again 30GB free.

After a reboot, the windows search was entered and the program started. Actually only the standard program with Office, iTunes and antivirus program. I'm at a loss!
(win + pause - computerschutz - configure: here I have both hard drives to uninstall and let me list everything, then I will be shown in total 4,7 GB Do you have the time with the admin rights and hang a screenshot of it to the next post.

Just to clean the disk in the please? Where are those set to 5%) .. unfortunately, my C disk has not changed ... Continue reading ...

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I can program my my iPhone is Office 365 with less than 1 GB. Continue reading...

Programs in total with 4,70GB displayed. In the memory overview, however, apps and games take 90GB!

In Control Panel I will not restore 50 the full disk.

I know where to put it, my biggest one

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I have already tried a lot of apps from the Microsoft Store to remove the app from "Your Apps" for the sake of clarity? Now these apps still appear under "Your Apps" in the Microsoft Store. Some time ago I opened exactly this topic and since I didn't like some of them I deleted it from my PC. Now my question: Is there a possibility of this and after some discussion, we found: Unfortunately no!