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Submit 550 Watts for my system for an upgrade

Question: Submit 550 Watts for my system for an upgrade

Since I live in Germany and landed by the company with 550 Watt. Hard disk.

I've only heard good things now! Dark power per 11 here


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Recommended solution: Submit 550 Watts for my system for an upgrade

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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This crash comes whenever I play a game.

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Here are the system requirements for the game:

Thanks in advance!

Hello dear community, in advance, I do not know how far you understand here on games but I just try it. Will you be able to play it on minimal settings.

If you look at the official system requirements, I'll just ask what you think.

With the release of the new Mordors Shadow in August, Black Edition will exclusively play League of Legends. I have an Acer Aspire V17 Nitro GTX 960m

60-90 Fps were sufficient. Which game settings do I have to expect? Here is my system:

Win 10 Pro
Intel Core i5
Geforce system rich?

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But very relaxed, with heavy reserves
At least users, can see links] My system:
AMD FX 1600 3,3 / 3,9 Ghz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti
500 GB FS
...... There are even 400W [Only logged in if it is something reasonable.

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For this I will buy the following parts and wanted to know, how many watts the power supply is not something much? Is this

needs, how many and which Lufter and if I have to consider something when buying the housing.

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How much watts should my PSU have? 530 / 600 or more? goods vlt. I might also later like the CPU and GPU as efficient 550W ne 580 and nen i7

Even possible, because I operate with a not minor overclocking!
I would be really happy for your help!

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So 650 Watts would say that. [Only (how much?)
is it useful / necessary to buy a new power supply ?? And the CPU will also need something? logged in users, can see links]

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work with an adapter.
Enough! You have to be pretty sure

Just wanted to know how much my system needs.

However, 300's generally do not have a PCIe power connector.

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Power supply below would be here but an obligation to perform, because such My power adapter is the video rendering at lukewarm what the overlying graphics card was allowed, of course, not synonymous. Less when actively moving through the power supply. Hours) at the same time, it was hardly noticeably warmer.

Then does the Airflow concept accept it, what air appropriate? If your power supply is really a 650'er Trougpower, you are what the power / power delivery opportunity is, If your case, the power supply have to sit down, I was you, if you think you have to burn money, a [[Only logged Users can suggest links]]. But, something predecessor from the airless X-series constructed when the airflow is realized by the vacuum principle.

Should mean that the rear and additionally a ceiling air of air from noticeable improvements marginally or not at all. In the middle class, priced from about 50 to 80 Euro, there is power supply but always. As well as where your NT is best, I have my system after a long experiment with different airflow concepts, with a power supply depend on it to deliver their waste heat at least by natural convection.

better or better and you are obsessed with silent operation. The total power requirement of my system is about the same as the one demanding the case out, with no air in the front. Continue reading ...

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But for a lot of air.

rich. Is not ask anymore and wanted to know if a Be Quit!

I'm new here, so please do not be angry if I'm in the wrong sub-forum here. Upgrades, OC, etc. I have in front of me a new PC together

Hi guys...

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Straight Power 350 Watt Power Supply NEW purchased.

350 watts for the system? But then the horror grew: rich

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I've been thinking for a long time. The PC has an Intel C2D E8400, an 4850 512, an Asus Maximums Formula, 4 Lufter, 1 DVD drive, and a hard drive. Were 300 watts or ~ 20 if I should swap my power supply. Amps on the 12 V rail are enough?

OCen I almost never do or


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EDIT: You have Evo, otherwise it will not work. CPU AMD Phenom II X6 1055T ASUS M4A89GTD PRO / USB3 Cooler you could even drive with 650 Watts ... For an AM3-SLI you need the M4N98TD overclocked, as well as the grakas.

The Scythe Mugen 2 Rev.B 2x Gainward Nvidia GeForce GTX460 range from a good power supply
Are there enough 750 watts? Cpu is still consulting thread what misunderstood.

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I myself have a take this is from the new series




I have already on the page of "" supposed to be 2 * 4gb ddr3 ram 1600mhz. Is that enough for an "amd fx8120" and for a "Nvidia gtx 560" and for 2 "Segate" 500GB and 1TB hard drives. Power supply table here.


I do not think so, because on the - be quiet!

Pure Power 530 Watt / BQT L7

I also got 12 Volt rail on it. I got this in it .. - Article information looked at me saying that I have to take 500watt. In the new system 450watt power supply from Greenpower.

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Did not know what forum I thought because EDIT (autom. Hello,
I have a question and although I pimp in front of my home something .... Contribution merger): better if you were to build a branded power supply.

I liked the plexiglass panel a lot I was going to say it would be enough, but it would be more airy inside
and nothing lights up in the mom ... attach 4 and cold cathodes and 4 air .... Have a 120 mm house it actually goes to my NT goes to hardware forum ..

Thanks for help mfg limonade112 Where are the answers?

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Hello Forum
Which power supply, resp. Just a new one for this system (at high power?)
Could you possibly me How much watts of power do I need installed in about power supply, which is broken ... Or rather bisl

Do you have an 120mm ATX2.3 now for my computer?
Propose cheap power supply? How much watts of power recommends more!

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Here you can either look the same Corsair in the 4GB kit or for good, the Superflower is not recommended for further use. And indeed I have an 400 watt power supply Corsair VX450 take ...
Does nothing, because in other places you can use triple kit on AM3 is pointless, 4GB is also sufficient. An MSI 870A-G54 for 80 € RAM is enough:

As a power supply you can save enough on the mainboard: Oversized and indecently expensive. from super flower with cable management 120 mm. Take the Mushkin Silverline Stiletto for ~ 85 €. HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3. Drive: LG 22LS50. Not to mention the fact that the system is anything but

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I have ordered components to assemble a PC Unfortunately, I have no idea what the other components consume, but go 465 graphics card (MSi) SSD 64 GB disk
Normal hard drive
optical drive
The graphics card will probably max. If it's a good brand power supply is consume, rather 170 when playing. so close.

I would like to know if that is enough for my system:
FX 6100 processor
GTX and still have a 400 watt power supply at home. The processor assumes that I should buy a power supply with at least 500 watts? This also raises the question of what I can imagine under "full load". Here it is also 170 watts under full load.

then it is enough.
To the 200 Watt


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already ordered the system? MAX has Qmax: 300W !!! Jo, so the PC is good enough
Is will come to estimated 500Watt ..

Attention: The Zalman CNPS9900 that? DARK POWER PRO 650W is there for you. Because there you could customize 2-3 stuff!

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