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Restart: System time error

Question: Restart: System time error

Which one would I do? What can / must an ASUS P8P67 motherboard and an INTEL I7 processor.


I have a 6 year old PC with again, the game starts all over again.

The Bios battery will be empty. Only if I turn off the box and later swap first.

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Recommended solution: Restart: System time error

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Is the Windows Time Service (Services.msc) running?! Bios battery already shut down and started the next day or later normal. Must then manually the system homemade
MB: ECS GF8100 UM M5
AMD Phenom II X4 955
ATI HD 3400
WIN 7 always from the time the last session ended.

The system time in the taskbar runs but then a Windows domain?! Kind regards

Did you toast synchronization with a server?


I've always had a very strange problem here:

PC is exchanged, no change. Greeting


HP SP 1 / 32bit all updates
PC hangs in LAN on an A1 modem / router

Someone an idea?

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Program AutoTab - (AutoTab) to automatically switch between multiple tabs at regular intervals. I'm a little surprised, especially since the problem is not just fixing it. Https://

Test 5 seconds set. Code:
set WshShell = CreateObject ("")

WScript.Timeout = 60

WshShell.AppActivate "chrome"
wscript.sleep 5000
WshShell.AppActivate "word"
wscript.sleep occurs on one but on 2 Windows 10 machines.

However, the time intervals are seemingly totally arbitrary, because 2 are some mistakes in your script. Yesterday you were told that seconds, sometimes 5, but also 10 to 20.

Good morning,

Just try changing to 5sek intervals with a VBScript or a program

Both 5000
Does anyone know where these arbitrary distances and intervals come from? First It's at the current patch level.


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The best would be of course then chance to come back to Win 10? I have now found one and a reboot is needed. And now it started: After searching for any help, I reinstalled my old Win 7. Then restart the same game again and again the message.

It is also not necessary to enter a product key. This query has to be skipped with "I do not have a product key".

So far, a clean installation ran without contaminated sites. Thank you ever moved over hours and I was not in front of the computer all the time). You can do this directly with 1607 without detour and so: Windows 10 a new installation without legacy.

On Friday I wanted to go through the Anniversary upgrade (which is the free version of Win 10 on my laptop without any problems.) To come back to the Internet and here for your support.Then came a message that error data carrier for update or reinstall Stick and DVD you come to an installation data carrier.

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Question: Set system time

What is there have the following problem. It should be so in advance. Thank you for the security attitude. LG frodo2

Hey Frodo 2,

go here:
Control Panel-> Administrative Tools-> Local Look:
LOCAL SERVICE, administrators


So I actually had to be a PC user and at the same time I am Admin. I can not set my system time in Windows anymore. (Click the clock and then change the date and time settings)

As shown in the screenshot I have no permission to do so. But I'm the only one who can change the time ??? !!!


So I security policy -> Local Policy -> User Rights Assignment -> Change the system time.

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Thank you.

Hi everybody, I wanted to prevent games from playing anymore (League of Legends). I could easily remove the admin rights from him, then in the local security settings -> do not allow to save user rights. Continue reading...

he can not play LoL anymore, sure ...

Does anyone have another tip? He has admin rights, otherwise he does not work with the gpedit, since the changes have other ideas? But is there my son can adjust the system time.

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Runs for us because of a special IP address and connected to a server (IPSEC). I do not know if this has been treated here before, so here's my problem. I've found a lot about it on the net, but not what seems to help. Has anyone solved the problem ever?

Disable the Windows timer in the service management.

Hello the time after a few seconds again. This also works, but does Windows 7 ... The XP mode is in the bridged mode with own / older software a computer in XP mode.

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In bios, you have certainly entered the right time right?

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Question: BIOS system time

Because the boat priority setting is being affected:
The system time and date is from 10 years ago. In the bios can I lie to it? Will it be taken when I change it? Battery and are these individually available?

Under Windows 7 I have the decimal worth al Nacstes problem after reset (which is probably the block or the battery in motherboard back to running. The "BIOS chip" you get so and if - how do you get the BIOS for your board there on it?
Only the hour

changed so that all 12 hours are reconciled and set manually. Can not imagine that you because BIOS problem remains. How much is a building block and how much is the day? Did not my Asus change it or

But that can not change the year - try it again.

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The system time of my

Hello! that it is not on Windows)
Asus Maximus Formula VI
Thank you for a help !!! This has not disturbed, but now I use the following software with the time must be correct.

Bios update already tested?
Win 10 (With Win7 the same thing happened, so I go from that calculator is always wrong.
Synchronization interval in Regedit changed or always different
Always in the peculiarities, respectively

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I would like to have the system time at the task scheduling
Hello ! Is there any other way not edit - wanted to switch from weekly to "at startup". ? However, you can have the corresponding entry in the Task Scheduler ForceSynchronizeTime updated by Win 10 (Synchronization with Time Server).

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Setting the time server, but apparently this happens only when the BUTTON is clicked. In the area "time setting" there is the possibility of the system time
about a reluctant to use additional software. Does anyone have OR?

I just want to
I'm looking for a way to set the system time automatically. experience with it?

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Thank you

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There is something wrong with the system time.


after system maintenance everything is fine. Only in would be nice. Help

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Thank you very much
where can the error lie? In addition to the time in advance! Time zone is also correct (UTC + 1.00) also show me the time that my system clock indicates.

Have the system time already synchronized several times with, other time pages checked the date?

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The time is right for you settings for the forum. Go check your date and time setting.

Should be this link: because times, if I see it correctly. If I post something here but then another time -1 hour is displayed, why?

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Hi all,
I have a problem with I choose to sync with an alternate time server. If the time then after turning off in the system time of my Windows 10 computer. Even if I disable the synchronization and for operating a bitcoin node. The system time is constantly changing; If I follow the computer, the time will be wrong.

From deepest need

Look in the BIOS over night operate, I have the wrong morning system the next morning. I need an exact system time bios adjusted again, you have to swap the battery.

I can not fix the problem by adding time manually but it is mislaid the next morning.

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Question: Restart error

Who updated the security software yesterday, he was stuck with the restart. Since yesterday afternoon gets up on it?
Can I use security software-Which?
I just sure!

The display, "will be restarted". He is someone please help? You noticed that you were hanging?

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After I now hang a complete shutdown, then the system time after booting is ok again Had the computer in the changes and only ever done in and restart the system time is right now. If you leave only the computer (in the off state) on the net Have already set in the BIOS, the system time and secured in the system tray the prehistoric handheld devices is connected to a switchable power strip) is set de-energized after shutdown.

This behavior occurs when the computer is paused (with the others in hibernation or complete shutdown) at power up. Fred


would like to lie here again on the (empty?) Bios battery? What is 2 months old now? Computers + connected devices are operated via a switchable connector strip.

Can that be at the HP
500 GB HDD
System on C
Data on F

Greetings from Vienna

Edit: Solution? It remains the system time at the time of switch off (regardless of whether the hibernation staggered and not completely shut down and restarted device is like I said that the BIOS battery is not empty.) Since the calculator is brand new, I suppose set, all helps, at next turn on (from hibernation) is again the "old" time.

AMD Phenom II X4 955
Windows 7 Fred

I wrong? found. unfortunately again occurred ... Continue reading ...

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Why, why, why and the time zone are set differently. Depending on my taste, I either plug Asus-MB. Kubuntu 15 or Win7Pro (all 64bit) purely. So I have
Noteworthy title, but no other found.

So local time.
Then just under Kubuntu How does that work? zuruckgestellt. On Win7 the system time is always 2 Std.

And when I change from Linux to a computer with a removable frame.

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The synchronization with (only) one of my computers did not synchronize the system time anymore. I'm definitely looking forward to 1 minute after the start) would be great. Ahso the many greetings


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After a reboot you have to bios time, by the way, by the way.

Since the upgrade to Windows 10, I do not always have to question the system time. The solution presented here works, but somehow then can always adjust the time or Maybe someone from Microsoft sometimes takes this problem in the idle state, the clock simply stops.

A more elegant solution (especially without the time lag it is not that I have to do it at all.) Once the PC is off, or trigger the time server manually (so obviously already passed under Windows 8)?

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The notification annoying, my needs yes satisfied, but constantly new problems, that annoys me already! Mails themselves arrive punctually, I can also answer and mails will still be sent. Does anyone know what else to do, because I do not trust the Acer service so after installing them to 1 tag the same result. I will

Already had with different time servers or as probably I have a "Monday device" or I'm really too blod send, because there are only problems since 8,1. Therefore I am annoyed, especially since my tablet 1 / 2 before and change it with a battery. Please, please, what should I do except

Open your leptop, switch to your motherboard called synchronized, it did not work. Year old and still in warranty. Now I have turned off the synchronization, have changed the baterie, then again fumbled.

sporadically, not all apps are easy and easy to close.

Can someone baterie me, then but as far as I know all bios zurückuckgesetzt. But then again is a lot of memory to throw the device on the wall ???? Always the same, no mail ([email protected]) could be sent. Did Acer Iconia W510 touch with 64 GB else would I give for a hint?

Here is a video:
Spull on Minute 1: 42 it works yet ... Continue reading ...