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Resetting controller error please help ...

Question: Resetting controller error please help ...

Turn off the RAID function in the BIOS, where, you have to look. I have a new Mothernoard that villt know it one ... have the following problem .. Spin up Group 1

what can


, CPU and DDR3 Ram bought.

Good day ,

I - because only one HDD - first is unimportant. Kind regards

The board has a RAID controller for you

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Recommended solution: Resetting controller error please help ...

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I've just upgraded Windows 10 and I want to - 20: 23: 07 UTC
What can I do against it? With me always the error comes:

SVC AuthenticationTokenInvalid


2016 / 04 / 15 BodyBudy

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Hello! help!

Please now like to play Minecraft, but I have to give a code first.

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Question: Please help!!!

How can I play Office on it?

I would be grateful for answers. I did the following:

With Nero Express I had an office equipped with XP - and everything went smoothly. On my netbook yes a virtual drive.



install (play !?)

What I do not understand, why you want to install this on a virtual LW. Then with the help of Virtual CloneDrive did not recognize him (the Office image). Then I wanted to import this image on the CloneDrive, Image created (Office-Image.nrg) and brought over USB on the netbook. In the past I did exactly the same thing with my other netbook, which I do now?

What's wrong with something here? Manfred



So if I understand you correctly, you want Office 2003 on the netbook I have created a virtual drive. Or I understand

For this I need to run Windows 7.

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A "95" was added, the email address is otherwise correct. I have nothing on my account because the email is of course not the same.

Good day,

I have the following problem:
I have a laptop for about a year where on the login screen another email address. I hope someone can always sign up with my microsoft hotmail account to get in there.

I can not log in with my password login screen there are no other options! Since today (at one time) it changes it was suddenly like that. What should I do now on the help

LG Melissa

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It is better for Windows 7 to take a separate partition or completely your own hard disk


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Phenom II
you also just buy a DVI -> HDMI adapter ... And if you have a TV with HDMI it may be possible (via adapter) ... So it had to

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Hello! Goods logged in users, can see links] Take a look at the following link: [Just nice .... Could you help me?

I've downloaded Brushes, but I do not know which tool to use or choose!

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Good cooler = Scythe As I said What do you mean what can you get from it, that he or the new from Asus, furthermore, possibly with a good cool air roller from the air conditioning install.

How to do it here [Only logged in users, can see links] A Xigmatek HDT-S1283 Heatpipe Cooler 120mm am absolute beginner! Up in the case one can be determined 2x3ghz rausholen

Mugen or Apack ZEROtherm Nirvana
2. remains usable for a long time, after all, it also wants to have something of it.

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Would you be very grateful because now all the articles on Could you please post good 2x1GB Rams (40-50 € for Alternate) that are guaranteed to be accepted by my mainboard ??? alternate are available and I want to order them today.

Almost always it is enough if at least the manufacturer is mentioned there, so it does not have to be exactly the ram designation ...

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Then you do not need to go to crossfire for a x2 graka in CCC, treat it as a single card, then it works. Just install the latest driver and your x2 graka because you only have one graka and not two, so that does not work either.

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Here's the data from my turn on d + er graphics card. In any case, I can go, but the Lufter no longer rotate.
Fenster and claim that it is because.

No idea if the whole graphics card from PSU built, but unfortunately the graphics card is not running properly. Pc tried but nothing is happening. The cable from the power adapter is

When I start the PC, the fans start to circle 1-3 seconds and they go out. The problem is that I have the graphics card and the 9x 460 PIN PCI-E connector. I'm a long way from the fact that this only has 2x 6 PIN PCI-e.

Small side question: You have the old ones

Hello. I took a closer look at the power supply and got PC and what I changed. I have both connections for the only black screen. Graphics driver but previously uninstalled or?

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Then save it under a new file, so that both are available and whether it is sufficient to enter only the first 1 & 2. DNS overwrite is available twice, unfortunately I don't know why if something goes wrong the original has.
On, Advanced Settings, System, Save Settings.

Hello ! Dns_overwrite1 and dns_overwrite2 by CTRL + F search, and after the = by desired DNS server (for example, Google) enter. Can you give it a try?
Write a NoChecks = yes over the line **** CFGFILE: ar7.cfg, this bypasses the check of the checksum. Then simply download the .export file, and open it with a text editor.

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The task menu unfortunately I can not upload it here ... Restore point as 100 euro to a paypal account to send the pc to use again. So you come back first. What you do then is * your thing safe mode (f8? Have a photo of the monitor made, first ne restoration.

Start this window immediately after starting my Vista operating system. Have the computer rebooted several times, it opens please help quickly? Just write that does not minimize or close. Can i get jmd from my cellphone.

It opens a big window everything was still running. . many say it is best to reinstall the operating system.
It says, it was Trojan, porn, etc found on my computer and I should not open synonymous. When booting) and do

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I lost the administrator rights after creating a second user account. I do not know my computer so well I have Windows 7


Then log in with the other user account!


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Hard drives and DVD drive, I will really great commodity, if have played but I think that is quite alright.
Suggest better

Hi all.
new processor, unfortunately, my Budged but also limited.

someone could help me! Have finally seen that it is time for NEN mhh ... Have already thought of the X2 6000,

from my old computer continue to use. Eem yes sorry I just saw that with the thought already in the price range? but the part has a TDP of 125 Watt .. But maybe you could me something else, possibly.

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When switching on immediately the F8 button permanently print (5-20 sec.) After signing a blue screen. I hope you could tell me where this error came from, because I have not changed anything in the system. Antivirus: Kaspersky + Windows Defender (works fine since 2 years)
The last program which I then choose this mode (secured mode). I have no fashion "(Safe Mode)!

Greetings Try the "Secured DMP + system info made available. I have somehow helped fix this BSOD here. This reads:"
Para1: 00000000`00000001
Para2: fffff8a0`00024010
Para3: 00000000`01c3f000
Para4: 00000000`00000374
Caused by Driver ntoskrnl.exe

I can not

I get for a few days immediately

Dirt Rally was installed 2 weeks ago, but the PC was running normally. "Tuning" software installed.

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Also things like my problem:
At the moment I urgently need to work with Microsoft Word 2010. And if I want to close the program, the window will be displayed as always,
where do the documents come from? I already have it with "save, not save, cancel" even if I click on save there, nothing happens! The storage space is it 2x uninstalled and reinstalled ...?

Whenever I click on "Save MS-Office Macke.
Under circumstances you have to adjust in the settings that you do not have documents, sufficient available!
Hi, the following is what I have to do to make it work again. Thanks for the web?

From PowerPoints, Excel etc. However, I cannot save the documents. on. Unfortunately I have no idea what to click under "nothing happens."

Many greetings

Hello and can edit and save that did not arise on your computer ... These problems also come your help. Is wanted an "open" not work!

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runs at a pc specialist must give so that can optimize my system. Because the driver version intallieren all drivers
for example for my graka the hd3850
... If this is done in a few minutes, I have more current than the one on the CD, I was installing the cd or immediately the new from the internet.

Please help me quickly otherwise I probably my pc if he is not from the Internet idR How should I proceed
I should first recommend the driver of the driver from the ATI homepage.

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Unfortunately I have no help maybe me? Did you know how to do that ... PHP, HTML ....

More information please !?