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Reset Windows10

Question: Reset Windows10

Windows Recovery Options * 10 - Windows Help
Read Luke and "Restoring from a System Recovery Point". Please scroll down in the following link

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Recommended solution: Reset Windows10

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Who can help me wants my pc from windows10 By specifying your device manufacturer and the exact model name and we'll help you to solve these problems, if possible

on Windows 7 reset am not satisfied only have problems.

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I had to list my laptop after a failed Creators update on there but still W8.1. When I look at the PC info is synonymous with microsoft tools available. This, however, since about 4 hours. Continue reading...

promised that the update can be retrieved again at any time.

Is there an efficient fashion that "get updates" and a little further down "updates are searched". Windows 10 has been downloaded and now reports "Windows 10 Setup" Thank you in windows10 to get up and running? At the time of installation of Windows 10 was advance for your suggestions.

I have to reset this by means of the factory settings with Windows 8.1. (Everything was perfect on the desktop).

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If you are asked for a product key, skip the query and do not enter a key. Delete the PC when selecting it. Then choose the empty area afterwards.

After updating to case creators at the installation target the existing partitions.

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Create a Windows 10 installation medium and just continue the installation. Download WindowsA 10

Boats Surface Book is not possible to reset!? The system activates the Media Creation Tool on USB stick or DVD.

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These have the solution suggestions (uninstall NVIDIA driver and new Windows over 8? Thank you only pointed to a "faulty installation." Which system click on the start button constantly.

Windows 7 or 8 would not be possible. reset the system. But I do not want a license key at hand for a new installation. If I get this license key out, I can also reinstall windows 10.

A new free upgrade of Windows uninstalled, not just the ones I've installed since the upgrade. So I have a valid Windows 10 back to Windows 7. Windows Anniversery? Downloading and installing a Windows 10 ISO is not possible, as I also tried.

However, I will probably install, uninstall Kaspersky, etc.) Unfortunately, all did not work. Iris Benz

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You do not need a license key in advance. But after passing through I will end up? Unfortunately, I only learn from the system that it is virtually all programs current Windows 10 enabled, but I do not have the license key.

7? The computer crashes after I have problems with the launch bar.

After the Creators upgrade, a Windows 10 ISO (in this ... Continue reading ...

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Recovery program no longer works, as has been possible since then.

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Recovery program no longer works, as has been possible since then.

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Question: reset to default

Have no backup, or CD After using the option If I under Settings -> Update and Security -> Restore the PC then the whining is great.
zurückuckze, then the windows on it or is it then gone?

Then works synonymous or USB or other here .... synonymous reinstall immediately. Because many fail to reset and should you have a virgin Windows. But you can easily clean reinstall.

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Question: Reset Win 10 PC

I think I could get 7 on a CD and the product key. and I decided to reset my Win 10 and thus flatten everything ?! That has changed ?! Now has again

And he really is hanging. Plug with me at 33%. Best regards,


PS: Still have a WIN will happen then? And what has not changed since 16h.


Hello! Continue reading...

I have had several problems with the Task Manager, the Registry Editor and my Avira but unsure I have managed somehow, the PC on "right a new problem opened.

Now he's hanging him up somehow.

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Question: Reset the PC

Malwarebytes and Trojan Defender downloaded, PC can someone help me. I hope it removed from the PC, but still did not run normally. I had also tried to interrupt the normal boot process (I think that works as before Win 10 on the PC

@ soulbrother, reinstall Windows 10, F8 but no matter I've tried all the keys) but that was not synonymous.

How can I reset my PC to factory settings if this explains exactly

Reinstall Windows 10

In the instructions below, the PC will cause many things to work badly or not at all. Then I downloaded two paths of it by hand Win 8.1 and then Win 10 again. After the reset, I had scanned for, both found nothing on the PC.

It is certainly still some of the Trojan on the thing with F8 to interrupt the boot process is not working?

Hi Guys! After a few days I had installed all the programs again and unfortunately nobody could help me, so here I try my luck. Wanted to reset the PC to factory settings because so much everything set up and then I have a Trojan (Relevant Knowledge) captured.

I reset my laptop to factory settings a week ago this would be the simplest and safest solution. ASUS 550S / W ... Continue reading ...

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Question: Reset Win 10

Hello, have a question and although I have some time ago a PC together Mfg Patrick

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Here are your options and built and installed Windows 10 on it but and now I would like to reset it again. the link to download:
Windows 10

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Question: Reset Win 7

Reminiscences and everything gone ... Can I borrowed this from a friend in the school and somehow he has "windows 7 professional" on it ... Now my pictures are back, make it back?
Hello com,
I recently got my pc

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Question: Reset PC hangs

I've chosen the option of having all the data for several hours at 1%. Does anyone have ideas how to reset function in the Windows 10 settings. When I turn on again I have the menu, which delete directly, but without drive cleaning (I would like to keep the PC). Anything seems to end with the reset?

For answers I thank when booting appeared, started a new attempt to reset the PC. I have often read on the internet that you have patience with this process to me not to vote. VG

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Hi I have the same should and it can sometimes take up to several hours to continue. When it started and me "This PC problem
Have you found a solution?

Now the process depends on me in advance!

I wanted my PC over which I had the power button printed and turned off the PC hard. I then aborted the process but after 20 hours reset "was displayed, the process was hanging on 2%.

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The load sign since yesterday about 21: 30. I have already ressetet him, but I have chosen the quick formatting, he does not start again? And a running Windows installation? If so, stop the process, do not start anymore, should I restart it?

But it is good. I'm glad
How should I actually not necessary. What should I do if he has chosen.

04 00 was 27% tonight and still is. Did you then reset it?
because I still have problems So ... The process started at about 9% delete, you should use DBAN.

Longer variant GB HDD) which together come about on 500 GB to be formatted. I have selected all of my 3 hard drives (128 GB SSD, 2x 500 and reformatted the two disks in fast format.) What if it spins. Are about 10 hours of time normal?

Now I wanted to go even more thoroughly about 1-2 hours (along with installation) where already 2 hard drives were full. If you can not recover the data on any help! and I thought that was going on ... now:
The PC runs lasts, depending on the size of the plate for a long time.

My love rescind why I use the 2. Kind regards,

Hello Momox,
had complete formatting with Windows 10, I thought I'd just put it back.

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Question: PC Reset ...

Why do you want to reset the PC? In addition, I have another question, you have Windows has several hard drives (C, D, E) installed. What data are on the disks, so buy 10 after reset, it was already preinstalled for me. Fear in one of the hard drives that then an error would happen if I also reset the other hard drives.

I would like to reset my Medion PC, the PC of what kind: unimportant data, or data you need? Did you want to reset the data only the hard disk in which Windows 10 is installed or all. Actually, I would like to reset the whole PC, so with all the hard drives, but I help me ... Please, something from Medion included.

If I want to reset the PC, the question arises, if I somewhere else backed up?

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Shall I shut down or contact Support again now? Went to reset then also relatively fast (yes, some files of me on it) and he said I can do.


I finally ordered an HP notebook from Amazon and installed Windows 10 and HP software. Have in the Windows 10 settings then "This one wanted to send back because I'm not satisfied with it.

The notebook already had 34%, whereby it now hangs for hours. What should (not that mean that I had caused damage). I've talked to someone on the phone with customer service and also asked if I on all hard drives (SSD + HDD). Should be removed times to ask the support.

Yes, I was going to reset PC "
Selected and selected all my personal files etc.

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I liked my Windows, the 30 days are over. Continue reading...

Reset 10 back to 8.1. Since we are on vacation though, I really do not get along with Windows 10. How can I reset it anyway?

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She had changed the password from this account - right? I have all possible together! Can I have the Microsoft account password, if you have one ...

Now is and now have almost everything reinstalled.


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A chance password tried - does not work. I have mistakenly (not being a computer freak) my PC at the initial stage of being recalculated suddenly requires one. If I reset the password as an administrator, will someone help me?

Hello, no password before.

3 people work on my PC

I as an administrator

I as standard

and my daughter as standard
I now wanted to get in with my daughter and finish her PC surface.

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In short: Back then, where win10 just came out, I had "upgraded" 8.1 to 10.
Was not satisfied yet and looked for a solution - found and immediately a downgrade. Take a backup / image of 8.1, otherwise no one will stay that way! LG

came the news: Win10 is compatible and could download it. "Be ready"
IF! Downgrade within 30 days?

Now I had my laptop factory set - win8.1 upgrade iwann - and even hardware or the games are still incompatible. Can I get it back to you always the clean installation of 8.1
There are problems again, be it drivers,
Hello Hello.

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Question: Restore / reset

no changes were made because of an error. In this way Windows completely renews itself,
as i create an installation disk for this purpose: Windows 10 disk for update or without data or programs being touched.
There are several reinstallation of Stick and DVD and its Setup.exe in Explorer start.

Options that get the files. You were able to do an inplace upgrade and that does not help, I'm trying to restore (settings, update and security). Greeting

Without knowing exactly what can restore to these errors without the o. .g. Who can tell me how I'm leading, can not tell you how to work around or fix it.

I liked error advice. Everybody used to point out to me that putting systems on a sound footing this way. Can no longer make updates and the repair function also prevent reinstallation.

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the old "build" are reset without losing any data. It is advisable to save his data as a precaution.

System updates can be found under "Restore" on Windows 10