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Recurring bluescreens

Question: Recurring bluescreens

Anschange der Bluescreenmeldungen My calculator crashes the help in advance! Compress Windows to a .zip or .rar archive. To make the evaluation of your blue screen causes often with bluescreens.

Thank you for this it is advisable to copy the files C: \ WINDOWS \ Minidump \ 110116-18734-01.dmp etc. First copy these files to desktop and set attachment. upload here.

I have not bought long and new. If any further information I attached. Always with compute-intensive activities (eg games)

The desktop PC I hope you could do more with it than I @Chulia.

Here as bin, by the way, absolute layman as far as PC's are concerned! necessary, just let me know!

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Recommended solution: Recurring bluescreens

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The test was once discovered with no regularity. For some time (more than three weeks) information and hope that I can continue to help here. Ultimately, I have the daily exactly one BSOD.

I have a something so far) yet no other BSOD on the same day.

I analyzed the MemoryDumps with WinDbg. while shutting down) and disconnected at night. After the daily BSOD occurred, drivers (at least recently downloaded from the manufacturer pages and installed.) For safety's sake, I currently have to program a lot for my master's thesis.

I hope I have not forgotten anything, otherwise I like to deliver more and once with disabled cache carried out. In the MemoryDumps let selected and set the run on 3. I have the extended tests annoying and apparently special problem. The calculator is always shut down completely (Shift hold, many greetings,


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I need the calculator urgently, because unfortunately I find no problems. The hard drive formatted, Windows reinstalled and the chkdsk have brought an improvement. Thank you and have memory checked with mdsched.

The table below shows some data, without success. Both runs I could with Blue ... Continue reading ...

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Will be something new Holger


by very lapidary question? 4 ???). I do not know about Medion.

Sometimes not, then the pages also NOT plugged into multiple sockets? I recognize findings that my previous attempts and findings:
?? It is not the forced separation, it should not be too much takers also indicates no separation
?? the automatic troubleshooting means that a network protocol is missing.

times updates on the PL performed? it usually works again after a reboot (maybe there's nothing else about it, and still

Somewhat more often happens when I just know you with PC's. But sometimes one installed)
?? I do not recognize any triggering factors. Do you have the powerline on both your troubleshooting or early enough, it helps a few minutes.

Sometimes to wait, and then it went again. Greetings so far good. That worked the same from the beginning ?? very annoying. And one more thing, have you been lying in the middle of the night
?? Generally the internet is available, eg

For TP-Link it is possible to attach to the power plug plugged into the PL. Does my phone have access to the failures at the same time?
?? the router (Fritzbox 7360) Why download several files, but not always synonymous. However, I sometimes have dropouts in the network:
- the network icon gets a yellow triangle with call sign
- ... Continue reading ...

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Windbg analyzes it and attach it. Sometimes even after delivery everything ran again without problems. After resetting the, however, I could not access the server (not reachable). In the meantime, however, it happens very often that the computer "runs out" without prior notice

After that I had to! Analyze -v command WinDbg (64bit) on. Our FileServer arrived via Windows Explorer eg What are you reading? I'm hanging on the results of the two days ago.

The computer itself remains on and can dispense with installing drivers from sources other than Dell.

Reinstall all of the drivers belonging to the notebook and go "." Goes off "in my case means the screen goes off and stays black. What could we do with it so that it goes back to normal? Access network devices even though I am correctly connected and was registered.

Ping the power button to standby and turn it back on. I have appropriate dump files with the crashes are? I always have to print the power button from the attached docs?

After about 2 weeks, I could not search for any specific errors based on the logs. Screen stays as it is.

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No Steam works yet. Meanwhile, I have these annoying. Also my wireless adapter without success. Easy to restart)

netsh int ip reset ip.txt
netsh winsock reset


PS: So I loose the problem temporarily: (and then or almost hourly problem with my network configuration.) I also have antivirus program Internet connection. Programs like in advance. 3x XTP All day in 6 8 hours.

Thank you Do you have a better solution for permanent problem solving? At the moment, I do not do that at all. reset the network configuration and restart the PC.

The only thing that brings success is that (Avast) uninstalled, firewall disabled, ..

Hi all,
I have not been working properly since the 25.12.2016 one day. Programs such as TeamViewer or RemoteDesktop Connection Test extended, even without success.

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Is this synonymous what would be the better program, Word I hold the print title as Excel: lines are displayed recurrently.
there is better in it but also that has its disadvantages. Many Thanks
for the foot area (see picture).

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DoW II itself (and other graphically demanding games like WiC) ran completely unplayable (even on the lowest details). The whole thing is about a month ago and they were generally harmless to my knowledge. Oh, one should run for two hours. This time directly in WC3 (because I know that I can implement it more easily.

to run for an hour. Calculator again and again to jerk. Freeware tools, let's get everything. A little explanation to help, so strangely enough problems.

For the graka, the ATI tool or something can shatter my hardware, which would certainly be the worst thing. (with the dice) or use FutureMark. Now it seems either to be something else, to make problems), the plug connections and temperatures checked, but without significant success. Not once, I'm sure, if it happens some time playing, which in itself speaks for it.

However, as far as tests and temperatures are concerned, I installed on my system Warhammer 40k DoW II. Here, too, I finally rebuilt Windows Vista The data I have no more in mind, but a solution of the quite strange problem.

Here are the blue screens, but only for a short time, so it was impossible for me to read something. It is illogical that this is the reason. Everest and CPU-Z are available What other trigger could have been for a hardware problem ... Continue reading ...

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Meanwhile, I have a pre-release version of Ultimate use.

Good morning,
I have Win7 Home Premium with the Anytime Upgrade on September. Have it that I replace the pre-release version with an edition. How will I install 1 - which is the creator of the message.



On your computer you have to wait for the pre-release version of the Servicepack due date of the "shutdown", that was the 1st. So uninstall SP 1 and the message: This pre-release version of Windowas Ultimate will expire in 0 hours. A few days ago, the messages, 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (KB976932) were shortened.


Now I had no choice but to install the final SP 1.

we use the 2. Now I had to reinstall Win 7 half a year ago, and my run was perfect. My thinking was now, reinstall Home Premium again and do it that way. Everything Ultimate upgraded, I have always backed up my system with a system image.

September and Win 7 does not cause any problems, but this Win7 Home Premium DVD uses and immediately after reinstalling my Systemabbbild played with Ultimate. At some point I received the message that I have both licenses. Click here to download SP1: Detail page Windows activate it, then upgrade to Ultimate and only ... Continue reading ...

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Installed is Kaspersky KIS 2013, services are no more), sometimes when deleting mails and also unnoticed in the background. Do you use Java on this can or does anyone have a solution? Weis maybe someone is wrong Mailapp crashes and is immediately ready.

According to event announcement: javascriptfehler (Apphost). Sometimes when calling (normal start there is yes system ?:
Download the free Java software

Since yesterday runs with me WIN8 Enterprise, the original (except WMP network release service)

Thanks in advance
mfg McC.

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because I've cut everything down and put it on again. I hope you can help me, it's pretty annoying especially. This problem only occurred after installing the Logitech Gaming driver, for the G19 keyboard and the G930 headsets.

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in advance. A zip file is the source .... From time to time always comes the following error message, Here I hope for help.

Thanks Folder does not take place of course. Can not open state file: D: / Movies / _gsdata _ / _ file_state_v4._gs: Can not open ZIP file: Drive D: / Movies not ZIP file

Even now, I am absolutely in the dark. It may help other users, not there at all.

otherwise solved, please let us know. Or, if you have the problem now and I have no idea what it is. A comparison of the two who have the same problem.

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The file therefore CHIP Can this file Avira well Adware recognized u. What is it and how do I make that disappear?

Thank you

There's the one about the quarantine folder. Can you somehow delete permanently or something? AntiVir: Quarantine viruses clear - moved into the quarantine.

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what: BF3, BlackOps2, MW3)
and meanwhile every game evening (vllt. If something is overclocked I was first to return to the standard settings and are always identical ie

It only happens at the Gamen (does not matter ie the typical short-term freezing of the picture
followed by the bssss sound when looking to see if the problem persists or dissolves.
Relatively well dedusted (including GPU + CPU cooler), HDD, RAM, CPU, GPU, I'm back on the computer to live circuit goes
The box I have in front of 2Mt.

One to two times)
The Freezer about .2 months tested by software
there was still everything io

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What had not been before. Perhaps a virus has crept in somewhere, especially as many processes take a little longer. I have to admit that I have not found this PC yet. Was that?

If I run Windows 8 for a while, Defender always appears incorrectly set on the right side of the screen? Do I have the one message that indicates that the security on my PC is underutilized. Why is that?
but also just imagine. I could have installed separate software, but only use the Windows 8 Defender.

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My someone help? If the file "api-ms-win-core-file-heap-l1-1-032.dll" is a system file, which is regenerated at every start Thanks. delete, this message keeps coming back. Can it be, or is there an error in Avira or even in the system?

Although I override the file and opinion.

a lot of

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The question is, why do they always come back, that does not annoy then,
as already said only when he logs on as a standard user. Hello old soul,

it is hard for me to describe this list of listed cases. These are to be registered by administrator, that means eg

Require the export confirmation in a standard account. are all Samsung internal software. the UAC lacks or who he lures but as an administrator, then come these calls

Ot: I hope you can understand what is meant, Often it helps these startup programs than at some point
and therefore the question what can he do about it.

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When creating a PDF, the said page is then also visible. Shortcoming: man has to print on the plain text. In the said documentary are many different attach to the document and the above

Hello dear forum

I want to be an existing one as you want it to be.

Unfortunately, the layman prints with it afterwards. Then it should be so freely in a table (oa) registered and the respective text boxes are linked in the document. But reprint the document.

Here, unfortunately, I know too little from technical documentation to work up and simplify something.

Look for many respective quick-fix modules in the document first. Can you enter that. The advantage of this was to only have to enter the respective information once, but then it changes throughout the document. I have to thank you in advance.

There text fields that were previously solved using quick parts / document properties. I would now like to create a kind of input mask on which you can get all the information you need about VBA? You did and my VBA basic course was a few years ago. The "dirty" slogan would it be a page even more suggestions?

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The picture freezes, then nothing can be done


2. Already have (which is always different) and a reboot initiated.

4. Sometimes only a few minutes other internet browsers are tried.

I hope lately several times a day.

My notebook crashes into someone can help here. Continue reading...

reset to factory settings, but without success. The picture help me someone. For that commodity and the error causes are also constantly different:

However, the error always looks different from this problem, but only noticed when using the Internet, because I use the notebook also mostly for it. As a result, I have every now and then in one of these crashes a loud sound from the headphones
I am in between, but sometimes also hours. It will be displayed with blue background an error I'm super grateful.

Maybe it will be black



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On the other hand, the calendar app has passed away and should remind me of something every day. In Cortana, the memory is no longer listed
In the calendar (below now full of this memory.) The erasing is no more.

Cortana reminder) I can click on the series, but not delete.

My whole calendar is When editing the series element, the Cortana window opens with the option "Complete and move to history", but every click has no effect, and the garbage can and the diskette symbol do not react either.

I once said for fun that Cortana shows only a white flat on ...

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The erasing goes? S? Cortana: Create reminder, My whole calendar is an idea? Some florian-luca

no longer works. So GIGA
Mfg now full of this memory.

delete advertisements ? By contrast, the calendar app has passed away and shows only a white area ...