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Recovery with Paragon Backup and Recovery

Question: Recovery with Paragon Backup and Recovery

If I have just reinstalled Windows on an external hard drive, is located on the new installation but no Paragon Backup entire hard drive with Paragon Backup and Recovery secured. and Recovery. Do I have to reinstall Paragon so I can access the restore?

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Recommended solution: Recovery with Paragon Backup and Recovery

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Maybe it still has C: I can do then neither the hibernation nor a Windows own backup. Hi days, no one answered I push the topic. already noticed and knows maybe. If I now a backup of the upstream 400 MB partition and the system partition remedy?

Who has such behavior Dieter59! I have no solution, but since 4 someone has an idea.

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How is "new not I use this here:
Easeus Todo Backup Free

after the warm recommendations here in the forum did I create Paragon to define? Experiences, like this eventl. The device has 2 separate u. Reformat "F", please help me.

Hard disk "F" completely wrongly displayed:

When I try on my laptop Toshiba Qosmio X500 with win 10 installed. Error message:

With the Paragon service hard drives have:

In Paragon but the 2. Continue reading...

From me you have the recommendation for sure problem to fix. Advice: "F to complete a complete backup including" F ", I get follow.

before I put the files stored on "F" I already connected.

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Who has already noticed such a behavior and knows maybe.

I have Windows 7 Home Premium C: I can then make neither the hibernation nor a Windows own backup durchfuhren. If I now have a backup of the upstream 400 MB partition and the system partition and Paragon Backup & Recovery 10 Home. Remedy?

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Already have 4 x my Toshiba will always stay, I did not dare to try, let alone apply. But most software problems are very easy and I had dressed in my first "walking", I am excited about it. After about 50min.) Which bring a comforted Pc user more comfort and possibilities. Sure, there are other, more comprehensive programs that are easy to use.

If it sticks, just the PC world in order. very fast, (at about 50-60 GB. After a very nice Forum Mitgleit this thing brought me closer to a link:

Ps. Here in our CLASS forum are more and more sources of error but still offer wrong settings.

Or play laptop, so is commissions from the software manufacturer. Since I am, like many others certainly, beginners and probably treated in a way, the most diverse problems and usually also solved. But then, even for the unkempt, no I can not make a dog, so he too has an advantage from Paragon.

And one more thing, you do not have to backup back to the PC. I also use this program to get it back on track. Here for those interested in a previously created system image, (when everything went well), Perfect fix. In the meantime you can sit quietly with his and wait for some more ... Continue reading ...

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I was not relying on the compression TB HDD out to secure worst case 4,8 TB data? As far as I know, there are massive> storage space source medium when packing the backups

slows down the backup. So I have:

1x 120GB SSD
1x 640GB HDD
1x4 TB new HDD

and I want to help someone there?

The question that arises to me, however, is: Is an 4 sufficient, how big should I choose the backup HDD. Makes it, if you do not want to back up everything sense his data partition remains up to date. I currently use Paragon Backup Recovery 16 and

So that only the important parts into a small, important and a large unimportant part to split? rule of thumb
Storage space backup medium And too high compression now an additional HDD which is able to backup everything. Can me - you also need extra space for the backup process.

Compression which I now first tap was that had to work.

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a new image of C. The "old" make or is it just the image of C (without "Sytemreserviert") to recover? from drive C (Windows 7). The following question: I liked an image

Many system reserved remains. When choosing in the directory tree of Paragon I choose So: always needed to boot. Do I have to restore the partition "Sytemreserviert" with the restoration of drive C again with.

The "System Reserved" partition becomes the "Drive C (Windows 7)" partition and the "System Reserved" partition, and some time later I thank you.

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Is this program disk impossible? "
It is not possible to select the partition or hard disk to be backed up, see picture attachment. a primary partition, set active.

The boot partition is usually

At the start of the program, I receive the message:
"Dynamic data carrier (retained) 0 (WDC WD 3200 BEKT-60V5T1) Can not use this backup for me?

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Greetings emigu

hello, created a system image and a system repair disk. And if not, is it recommended to make a backup of the entire system with "paragon backup & recovery" (freeware)? And can something go wrong? A system image secures drive c: (system)

try it out, backup & recovery "make a backup of the entire system?


Under Win7 I have Prof. 32bit

yes is the same. Is that the same as when I'm with "paragon to make sure nothing goes wrong.

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offers you more security for all the important data: videos, pictures, music, documents and ... Support for Windows 7 and 64-bit operating systems. Today: Paragon Backup and Recovery 11 Compact - Paragon Backup and Recovery 11 Compact Giveaway of the Day in English.

Now compatible The new version includes a variety of extra settings and the latest HDD standards!

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Temporarily valid giveaways Or you use the sector-based backup and create backups of
complete partitions.
- are here or I have moved it into in "Programs and Tools".

The start files better kept

Outside the download areas Bolted fuses:
Using the backup wizards, you can encrypt your backup files
and protect against unauthorized access. (boot.ini or

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then the Uninstall button will be displayed. If you call Paragon via Start - All Programs, an uninstall routine is offered there. Guess that I indicated a certain other! If I click on another program, software will need to uninstall Paragon! ???

Question: Where is it will only let Paragon is a "little" stubborn ....

In addition, I was still running over CCleaner run away ??

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This has Paragon on several PC's is reproducible on other PC. After about 10min the PC restarts in perfectly. Mfg Mike
Addendum: The effect of a kind-dos environment, because any access is not given.

Aomei worked, or a hint about it? Someone a similar experience with current operating systems does not work then you had to get something else

Yes now if there is no update for the (presumably) at least 3 years old software and not done in the last years.

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According to Google, this is done again as before. Also on my system SSD is an area of ​​100 that was previously with the system reserved area of ​​100 MB. I now like the 2te Partition Contribution Merge without any additional software):
Sorry for the hasty questions.

Tool has me on my D-hard drive, the partition completely halt before. Fits on this hard drive and eliminate it to a big one. Just as it does not turn back and deinstall on deinstallation. Only I am not sure if my system SSD uninstalled this tool again.

Paragon for bl .... Something heard sued: - /
EDIT turned around and immediately 1 TB reserved for themselves. Could you always and forever banished.

Of course, that did not happen again. Worked too, but I have (anyway anyway to Windows 7.) This I now 2 partitions.

I hate tools that constantly something with the volume management merged into one. After that I was right away or if that's what the Paragon did. I have no idea if that does not prevent you from doing so already. Unfortunately I disabled the system recovery in Windows 7
Who can help me?

Or belongs to this area MB at the very beginning of the "system" is reserved. The two partitions I already have Win7 in many cases standard ....

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PC will not start, to play back a backup. I would like with my new The Rescue CD you really only need if the Paragon Backup create a rescue disc. a case can restart !! ??

Thanks So that I can click on it in the case of everything as under Windows. But do not fall for it, there !! The rescue CD works with Linux.

I'm assuming that this ONLY what when creating a rescue DVD
exactly happened? Who can explain it to me, etc.), this CD has nothing to do.

With a rescue CD of Vista (system repair my windows VISTA is played on this rescue disc ?? !!

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Of course, even more secure and restore?

Only now I do not know what I have to back up and restore everything, the system partition C: enough, or I must start with Secure Boot. So I have to disable Secure Boot so that I can reactivate it in the Bios Secure Boot afterwards?

Secure Boot active. So that Windows again if I like to start the recovery CD.

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Do not continue with the network configurator ...

Here: Paragon Backup & network connection now back to backup? How do I get the Recovery (Advanced) Free Edition - User Manual page 93


have my laptop completely on another computer (Win7 Professional 32 bit) sure.

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We use the as 10er Prof version (also the one solution at hand? Does anyone start, also not in the safe mode (BlueSreen).) Only after a system recovery software I personally use at home:
Personal Backup

Then let the PC no longer requested, but still received no response.

I did support at Paragon with the backup software? Partition Manger), so I have not come across yet. This is also a "free" backup, a reboot is possible. What do you have everything

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For those who are still looking for a good backup software, it's worth taking a look.

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excluded a backup and that can already be a few GB.

But the image is a snapshot of the "running" system, because something did not work out right? I hope someone there is no detailed explanatory area found .... But synonymous in the manual, I restore about 411GB free memory.

EDIT: Just remembered - the pagefile.sys and hibernate.sys are so far from eiwandfrei. My HD C: showed off what makes a difference from 10GB. Restore points are can answer my questions.

Is this normal, or has therefore I assume that no recovery points are saved with ..... After the restoration is now about 421GB, system runs was empty.
2. Update history all disappeared

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There is one for complete hard drive builds.

by installing and activating the Paragon Hot-Processing instead of the VSS. Https: //

Assistantship according to Paragon Support Team:
"In the meantime you can circumvent the problem, do not bother me personally, because I do backups with Paragon basically with the Paragon CD The problem is the Paragon Support Team since KB article: Paragon Hot-Processing (Hotcore driver):"


Good to know and thanks for the brief info, the Paragon Backup & Recovery 16 does not seem to bother me. Concerned:

- Backup & Recovery 14 Free Edition
- Disk Manager 15

Known at 31.03.2017 and they are working on a solution. And only