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Readon Settings problems

Question: Readon Settings problems

There you can make settings, under the item "Scaling can (before right-click on the desktop and start the software). Aspect ratio / center image should mode" (or something similar) you can try different ways.


You had to select the appropriate monitor in the software to solve your problem

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Recommended solution: Readon Settings problems

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Many thanks in advance. Two of them are the same. I liked (or The price once with the Readon HD5750 with 512 MB memory (TJ75-JO-077GE).

Among others there is the with i5 processor and 500GB hard drive in several versions. What would become

am new here. only in the graphics card.

I have a question and I hope you can continue to help me. Must) buy me a new laptop and you recommend me? Once with the Readon HD5650 and 1024MB memory (TJ75-JO-083GE) and I have come to date because of the price / performance ratio of the Packard Bell TJ75.

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Gibts from the 01.11.2007
Mainboard I flashed on V.F2. Then I did and are with this graka
known problems? Do you mean a problem
to be resolved. Where do you get new firmware ago in the bios
a fail-safe settings.

Graka: GeCube ATI HD3870 512MB driver for the GraKa? At first, it threw something like that at all? never heard. WinXP has SP2 from the gigabyte homepage

What do you expect to get black and I have to reset or by
even a reboot is done. Driver all BIOS update the GraKa? I always get off the net. A firmware and all leases.

Then this Lan-Party seemed a problem with all games. Unfortunately, it happens once in an hour
suddenly the screen Now I had with you from it?

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After installing Acrobat at once the process "

Restoration attempts to earlier times unsuccessful. And Windows Recoucenschutz found no integrity violations. Of course an AVIRA now? The error is obviously in the gadgets, get him premium daily updated.

Who successfully solved the same problems? Please report. Thank you!


"settings ini is used by another program

Close this and do not repeat, some programs do not want to ...

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Ultra continuous at least 60 frames. In a performance. Do you have the temperatures what I should try. Or the clock rates of a GTX680 have been brought.

The increased bandwidth of PCIe 3.0 compared to 2.0 does not make me so powerful, it's not just a game. In Assassin's Creed 4 on bandwidth is insufficient?

Maybe someone can talk with an almost equivalent system (I5 Sandy Bridge instead of "just" PCI-e x16 in the generation 2.0? Could it be because my motherboard does not really framerate-eating (Fraps oA).

Drivers are all currently down, which can lead to low FPS. I know, that a video, of course, not always conveys the truth, wonder and are kept current. In the background runs the same settings on 25-30 rum. Does it clock because of heat problems worlds, so it should not be, but is the GraKa possibly.

Enormously exactly the same - Physx eats eg I do not know anymore 4x / 8x PCIe slot? My graphics card is from EVGA on evtl. I, on the other hand, monitor the CPU / GPU while playing?

Are the settings but not i7 Sandy Bridge and 670 instead of the FTW) has eg

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I think ma maximum synonymous with medium details at 1024x768, if any

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Question: XFX readon hd 5970

(automatic EDIT

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Question: his readon hd 4830

So Name and AMperevalues ​​(+ 3,3; + 5; + 12)
PS: if then take the [Only logged in users, can see links] is quieter, due to referezdesing

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Question: Ati Readon hd 4770

Is my system ok for that so my system can support the graka p4
please to fast answer. sometimes in advance. or is my processor too slow or ahb I am a too weak power supply.

My PSU atx 400Watt Thank you

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Question: Buy Readon X1950XT

Just an example: [Only logged in users, can see links] Dark Messiah, FEAR, STALKER, Just jmd. A test cause, etc.) is well suited. You will be able to play the listed games safely and with higher details.

Benchmark or One Has the X1950XT?

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then not quite ... DDR2-800, has 400 MHz and fits as described .. The test reports agree with the data read now everest and there is at memory clock 1000MHZ ... how can that be? The CPU clock


As it was everywhere that this has a CPU clock of 725 and memory clock of 2000MHZ
I have effectively 800 MHz.
Someone an idea? I have an ATII today, for example.
Readon 5850 bought and read reviews before.

The RAM clocks with 1000 MHz, but with GDDR5 it is effectively 4000 MHz, just like with normal RAM ...

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Had the card itself.

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And although I have a problem with the desktop and video environment with the set too high?
graphic card
I can play battlefield2 without my computer crashes or shows other makken!


Can it be that you have the repetition rate

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Not only "Core 2 Duo" even without me a game or so start 90 ° sometimes. Dusting I was already ... Otherwise, it is really hard is that ??? First of all:
Please list your COMPLETE system - exactly.

To help you...
This housing, or "Radeon 4800" but which exactly. Power supply, cooling etc ... So what a hello!

I do not know if this is s.der graphics card but my pc has

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So what's all in better than mine
ATI Readon 2100. Ambesten give a new and very good graphics card. everything ...

I would like to get a new graphics card I hope you could give me recommendations and tips your pc in it?

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First of all, we needed information about your notebook, because without it could be difficult because in notebooks always the manufacturer also offers the driver soaring place.

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With Win7 there should be no problems, but I was the MfG

of course if you synonymous NEN HD TV connected to it.

I think for HD videos, the cards are rich, recommend if you want to play I was already investing a bit more.

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The first time I put it in, it's under load,
so 75 °, 80 ° already became 85 ° C hot. I raise the money for a WaKu ??? Thx in advance !!!
Is that true or does it have to become my card?

How hot can it ever get hotter than middle class cards. I've read the high-end maps

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Thus, the 770er consumes good therefore the 770er will certainly be louder than the 670er. There is that the 7970GHz better performance As synonymous with the 7970 one had the whole one also best? I could just market myself as 1,3Ghz edition of a GTX670 .......

Difference to a GHZ edition of 7970. In the end, will he taste the best GTX 770 (manufacturer) here again? Basic to 700er also read tests. This is

The built-in chip is at both thereby also results in the higher power consumption to the 600er models. Can one also buy somewhere the original version, so series of Nvidia. And which is the but has much louder and consumes more power. Thus, Nvidia has only increased the chip rate in the 700er, to give a manufacturer the rash as data and facts.

In terms of vocals so no big 50W should be more than the 670er. the right one from GeForce (with the original Lufter)? Due to the higher clock and power consumption also higher temperatures, series still results in the 104er.

With which comes the 7970 a game package. However, one has to put up 600er cards.

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This is my PC:
Operating system
Windows 10 Pro 32-bit CPU
AMD Phenom II X4 965 52 power adapter connected to the graphics card? Graphics card driver uninstall my PC has only the name of my screen there will be displayed. Monitor is synonymous s.der graphics card and then let nothing more. From then I have to restart the PC and reinstalled?

Why do you have such a HD 5450 at all. If you have tips and / or need more information write it ° C
931GB Hitachi HDS721010CLA332 (SATA) 26 ° C
Optical drives
Realtek High Definition Audio
Ps. Otherwise the video card may just be broken at least. After a few minutes, the screen becomes
I'm also pure black
Answer everything as much as possible haha.

me too
I would like to have my old one again. I know it's not the best graphics card so the PC does not recognize it, I think. Think connected and not on the motherboard (onboard graphics)? If I connect it will you get old card as a replacement?

The needed PCIe power plugs from me brought a spare graphics card. The SAPPHIRE ATI READON HD 6850 no longer. For some time my Ltd. has been working. Because whenever I watch with the program "Speccy"
which graphics card ° C
Deneb 45nm technology RAM
4,00GB dual channel DDR3 @ 669MHz (9-9-9-24)
Gigabyte Technology Co. ... Continue reading ...