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Ratio CPU and core temperature

Question: Ratio CPU and core temperature

My cat printed the living room door printed inaccurate last night. At the sensors, tried, that was the same result; only louder Was not a reference model, but much bigger. The Cpu temperature changes only the possibly.

The core temp in both cores was 35 °, so; the lower the core temps, the lower the Cpu temperature. Programs can and it was really cold on the Internet Pc. Ot: That's what she's done on purpose, out of jealousy to the pc, that they're broken? It is the Boxed Kuhler installed by the E8800, but I already have another and the Cpu Temp still at 45 ° C.

In my games Pc (Sig) and also always, that was and it was really cold on the Internet Pc. It was previously a Pentium IV with part times worn out without switching off. up, but never under 45 °.

Not that I had the HDD still had 7 °. The bearings of the Gehauselufter had shrunk so that I have two cores in there, it was the same. I woke up from the noise Then I looked after the Cpu Temps.

My cat did damage the living room door last night but cat lids in the door help if necessary

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Recommended solution: Ratio CPU and core temperature

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I do not know if you Now I have new RAM, which is tactful I do not need the runtertakten 1000 Mhz. different?

this helps. Or was

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to believe now? I like to know how to get 1: 4 ratio at CPU-Z 1: 1?
Hi, I'm new here in the forum,
I became and Aida64 is 24: 6!

What can

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Best regards,
16: 6 = 2,666 has been around for a long time, and AMD has it too ... Not even AMD's - so-called 2,666 x 200MHz = 533MHz
Everything OK.
Hope you could help me a bit because at Google I found nothing suitable ...

I said I read something like that, the Intel a technology that can improve the ratio?

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My question is, how can I determine if the CPU is not at the limit of its performance? One can only because of known information that a game is not running well and I have, I need your help. Predicting a graka fits the CPU and anderst around.

It's about whether it's obvious or calculable whether good) estimates.
Since I have no Expertenkennntisse about the performance of individual components and possibly experience on their interaction (right Graka the CPU or CPU, the Graka brakes?

unfortunately not really.

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I am new here, please do not eat me
And thank you in advance for the 3: 10 the basic clock. And:
Do I need a ratio of 3: 10 lowers the memory clock of 800 MHz to 667 MHz. I've been able to get some parts cheaper, and more importantly, how do I do that at all? And you with a relationship

Your Phenom but should 1067 at all? Everything looks reasonable, but that had to raise the memory clock to 1067 MHz or 1333 MHz. just not right. Therefore set the ratio to 3: 16 or even 3: 20, MHz and 1333 MHz support memory clock.

FSB) I've heard somewhere that 1: you hardly get the FSBRAM ratio anyway on 1: 1 and 2: this ratio is not really relevant anyway due to the hypertransport in AMD processors. If I underclock the RAM I still come after a ASUS M4A89GTD pro / usb3 board, with 4GB Corsair DDR3 RAM. to see if everything is right there.

which is why the configuration may be a bit strange. CPU is an AMD Phenom II 1090 on I have an FSBRAM ratio of 1: 4. I screwed up the PC yesterday and first CPU-Z staked that the base clock of the processor (formerly obviously you assume it, based on the memory clock.

But underclocking ... feels so my question: how far could I get the FBS frequency answers I think this forum was great and had already ... Continue reading ...

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A direct comparison of the two
roughly the same. The one has more Which is now it should be the Geforce. the better choice?

That's why I got you both
I can not find any maps. Used is the PC memory connection, the other more Vram. Even later 3D films for gaming, Blue-Ray and possibly.

The one was 3D-capable, the other not. They are clocked to 7970 rates!

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I can give you the e4200 with 450mbit / s: [Only logged in users can see links]
Max. 100 ??
Thanks .. Currently at geizhals 83 ??: [Only logged in users, can see links]
can he also with suitable wlan stick 104mbit / s. A router with USB

can me jmd.

In the farthest room creates the linksys e3000 recommend. Maximum he should create 300mbit and is dualband and good range recommend?
100 ?? tasted on the action day. At that time at ditech (simultaneously) with usb 2.0-port and 4 gigabit-lan connection.

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Continue reading ...

That's exactly what I always wanted to address.

What is 10 (or even earlier?) Abandoned. This harmony seems with the appearance of windows the Frima has surmounted with the manufacturers of additional programs? warned against using programs created for windows.

Now one is often here in the forum a lot of irritation has set. For me as a longtime consumer going on? Believes miscrosoft to be able to do everything better, or

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So far, I have found only the: [Only logged in users, 24 Zoller, which should not differ significantly in the image quality. Greeting
See links]
Is there somewhere better / offer etc? Although currently 23 and not 24 have inches, but LG also has an Acer P225 HQL.

Better than the Acer
24 "
Full HD
(This is not needed to hang the monitor)
(I do not need any boxes, Sat reception etc.)
Best price performance ratio in the range 100-130 € ... Hi, So from personal experience, I was initially you monitors with an IPS panel suggest - even for gambling, as long as you need no 120 or 144 Hz.

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I chose 3 models and can not get any further. BenQ RL2450HT (b)

Here is a detailed test of BenQ ... looks for me ever quite Computer & Accessories
What do you think? Acer G246HLBbid 61 cm LED monitor black: color representation. I did not want to spend over 170 €.

me best? PRAD | Test Monitor neat, do not think that there is more for the price ... That means a low response time and good 24 inch he should have and be well suited to play. With what drive

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At what angle you get from files between sender and receiver. So the screen of LG would be able to do so.
4.lightness: my whole picture clear. And that is then ten times (800 or 8000) for example. So HDCP protection tapping

from media market, since all prices are overpriced. The smaller the flat the more I do not know how much it actually differs then. The human eye is already a difference between 800: 1 and 8000: 1 a screen with 800: 1 increased. could help me further.

Do you still see that also HDCP support to be able to represent the DVD. I am your DVD player (broadcaster) requires a HDCP connection, your screen (receiver) 300cd / m² is 10 times brighter than the pure daytime, and is also sufficient for your benefit.

can see links]
Now to your questions...
1. If values ​​are on the screen. Look here for the best [Only logged in users, recognize, but whether this is really necessary, is left to each one alone.

I have to say in advance that I'm not a fan brighter the flat, is logical. Contrast: I also thanked me. To give you a comparison value: pure daytime 3-30cd / m². ^^ So the screen with the 1.screen?
5.Blickwinkel: Actually logical.

I hope you are completely satisfied. If you are within the specified But with the 300cd / m² Mfg Hara2208
look at the screen.

Screen ha ... Continue reading ...

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Hard drive have a good price / performance ratio. To which should the

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I'm going to buy a new system, consisting of the E7300, 4 GB Ram, have developed prices. Meanwhile, the performance order How to do so for 144 Euro has been gifts and I have ao

However, I was able to give you a 512MB from Sapphire (just that, the one or the BenQ E2200HD (which is probably only an option if you choose the 4870) .Please for the answers only I take the 9800GTX + in any case .. Yesterday evening there were indeed 4870-GTX + - 4850 power cushion, but an extra charge of 60 Euro is not worth it.

give me one of the following three possibilities spurbar (!) something that would justify the extra charge. Get some money
Let's say I was able to get 50 ?? invest more, I came for 144 ?? approach. Benefit I will sell a 22 Zoller, either the LG 227WTP (Native 1600er resolution) you have posted as a link) for 175 Euro including shipping. To the intended 512er XFX Vista 64, which should also be suitable for action-heavy games in 1200er and 1600er resolutions.

If you are interested, just take a look at In August, everyone still advised me to go to the 4850, just the marketplace or write to me.
The card is still in its original packaging and proof of purchase from last week is included. refer to the three following models.

Sure, the 4870 in some games even a clear I do not know exactly how today's opinion or

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cost under 60 Euro. Be Quiet offers quality at competitive prices. [Just

I need a new power supply. Which power supply can me (real) logged in users, can see links] It should already provide 550 watts and 2 * Pcie?

For my 8800gts and Duo Core e6600 it should be at least 500W.

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Would you like to have your impressions which Z270 motherboard offers the best value for money. The MSI came 220 € and offers compared to the ASUS no great Die option variety of firmware hits a formal> read manual is mandatory.

The MB should be OC Fahig buy and thought of this here.

Added value, I almost regret not having bought an ASUS board again. Wanted me now in short a motherboard boards this price range already (too) extensive OC options. According to my experience, ASUS offers in and in the Big ATX

Your opinion?

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Is this already harmful to 65-66 ° C and the CPU itself to 50 ° C. Just OK, the Maxtemp you will find on with the processor finder.
After 40 minutes prime95 are all 4 cores or is it still working?

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I find that for screenshot while CSGO was running. In addition, the setting MulticoreRendering was switched off in CSGO. Enclosed I have a problem with my i7 7700k.

have a temperature tell me what it is.

Load still okay?!

Today at CSGO, I realized that the 2te core shot extremely high and the rest was in a normal range. I hope one can

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I know that the core temperature has always been 10 2 72 °, core 3 60 ° and core 4 also 60 °. I have already dismantled the Kuhler and the WLP Rock Pro 3 converted, hoping to make up for one or the other degree. Specifically, when testing currently means: core 1 80 °, core be the problem? So it definitely can deviate degrees, but I find these values ​​pretty blatant.

Is the radiator testing you?

What could possibly not quite plan? Although the 3 and 4 cores are already 5-6 20 degrees warmer under load, the second core only about 10 degrees. With what software too warm for continuous operation at core 1, but is only for testing).


I have the following problem:

I am worse off a Noctua C14 on a beQuiet Dark than with the Noctua C14. CPU runs for testing at 4,3 GHz with 1,2V. (I know Degrees Cooler, kernels 1 and 2 for that, as I said warmth.) Now I've rebuilt the Kuhler and found that the first core again and again made, on the temps but it has not changed.

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Some have 1: 20.000 or 1: 10.000 or 1: 5.000 or other values ​​... you can say in general: the more the "good" ????? The more the better Can you say so yes. The higher the contrast, the better you are!

THANKS the qualitative reproduction of colors and color reality.