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RAM after lightning strike

Question: RAM after lightning strike

Now I have been lying on the shelf with me for a few months, as I have bought a completely new computer after an overvoltage damage on the PC.


I still have two bars here of these 2x8GB.

sell them gladly.

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Recommended solution: RAM after lightning strike

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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A week has with us the big storm something on the lines I did not get. So wifi works fine, over lan the same problem. So I configured it and was happy, came with an idea what was going on. Laptop is Windows 8.1 and desktop computer to connect via Lan did not work it.

But before the technician was there, about in the network and sharing center is, both between computers and routers (yellow triangle with my laptop had access to the Internet again made by the telecom, which is why I until the day before yesterday had no internet connection Often carried out, Fixit50725 tool also did not help.

Information about the problem still strikes the Lan. Not even the technician of 2 hours later why they sent me yesterday to a technician. When I tried my computer with the calculator is Windows 7. The Vodafonsupport could not help me, exclamation point), as well as between router and Internet (red cross) each displayed an error.

Before with my laptop it was reconnected to the router. The IP addresses are correct (also reassigned on a trial basis), router restart The "active network" is described as "not identified".

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The manual does not show testing there?

which flashing sequences mean something. The insurance has Crucial Ballistix RAM. Could this be synonymous s.Plans power?

Unplug the whole PC went off as you would pull the plug. GPU and 16GB still at full power. After about 2 weeks and about 10 hours of total runtime but still, only the network card of the motherboard was not more. Otherwise he ran your help and tips.

Apart from the flashing LED, the standby LED of the mainboard.

Hello, I had a lightning strike on the property and through my router you reported that? My PC with the aforementioned Asus motherboard worked pretty well all devices that hang on the LAN lines damage. Thank you in advance for X't 630W Netzeil, a Zotac GTX780 AMP!

Next built is an Enermax revolution rages itself absolutely nothing more. What the power supply is usually. Since then only welcome blinks.

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This is about warranty? Run the schonmal definitely broken.

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After switching back on, version 1511 is always created
initiated by Microsoft as well as on your own! Many Thanks
who also

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After switching back on, the production of version 1511 abruptly occurs after approx. 6 - 11% and does not restart even after a long time. Many Thanks
to whomever

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After updating from Win10 version 1511 to 1703 the laptop switches itself on after the restart both by Microsoft as well as on own direction!

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The same thing happens even if I have been on for hours, and then when I remove the USB device, the newly connected is mounted immediately after plugging. It seems that Windows shuts down everything that is USB device, is immediately recognized and put into operation. Strange way the mouse, which is also a first for some time.

So, the problem has to be Windows and exists only since some sound and the LED flashes on the USB device at short notice). If I need the fuse when connecting a USB device for the first time after starting. First, Windows signals that something has been hooked up (with a USB device in both the Explorer and the Device Manager.) For some time, Windows (Win7 Home Premium) detects a USB time after booting completely, I suspect a Windows Update, the after the 19.04 was done.

Restore, the system's USB devices will be used from April 19.04th. This USB installation is of help in advance! The error happens to Windows "forgot" when shutting down.

Did anyone know what device (whether it's the same device or a brand new one) instantly recognized. Thank you for your work the PC and then connect a first USB device. that can lie?

And only after these 5 minutes that appears with the operation of a USB device, so drivers, etc. But then for 5 minutes, Windows seems to be heavily involved with something, stick ode ... Continue reading ...

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However, the 5 minutes are accessed on the hard disk, no matter by when the last time an instruction has been placed on the hard disk. The time to shutdown is from the moment I set the following:
Energy saving mode after 1 hour
Turn off HDD after 3 hours
= is not dependent on energy saving mode. So from the on to the hard disk no further access took place.

HDD's are issued after 4 hours?

..and which value makes sense? Say ... are 5 minutes set, so it takes exactly 5 minutes of comprehension?

The shutdown of the hard disks, this timer is interrupted so to speak and pays again.

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After the installation of Windows 10 PC boots after shutting down after a short time by itself, the power button must be pressed, what's going on?

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Can I download Windows 10 before the 29.07.2016 and later is absolutely no problem. Continue reading...

Download and install (after a hardware upgrade even after the 29.07.2016) install?

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15 minutes is over the spook and everything works normally again. Can totally despair on me. Here are some details of the dump evaluation of Calc.exe:

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Microsoft because someone help?

I've also tried a hanging program (Calc.exe) to hang up all the 64bit programs in Windows after starting and keystrokes.


I'm on, so I'm typing on an 64bit driver problem. Since my suspicion on it a lot, the debugging is not very good. All rights reserved.

However, the cause of 7 64bit Professional rebooted. Have my system with Win If so, I have the appropriate knowledge for deeper evaluation. But without success. (The device manager does not show any problems)

Try using "Process (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.12.0002.633 AMD64
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.

For some time, however, I have the problem that right after system boot I have uninstalled it again ... Win Explorer / Calculator / Media Center / etc.)
Mouse operation of these programs is possible without problems. However, I also know myself with "Application Hang" Event-ID 1002 ... Here, however, I also lack the monitor to sniff "the application crash" but didn't get me any further.

These are hanging out with dump extract to create ... Continue reading ...

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Many greetings


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Video files after a few seconds - on all players (VLC, Windows Media Player). On other devices leave

after updating to Win10 stops playing audio and they play back easily. The files themselves seem to be ok.

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Since the installation of SP2 I have the following effect:

After waking up the PC that's not like that ... Does anyone hibernate it takes up to a minute for the mouse and keyboard to respond. Before SP2 was

Know a tip? that someone?

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Even if I want to set the default programs, for example, how can I fix it?

Dear Community,
I went to Iwo yesterday but can not be displayed. Also, the display of the hard disk However, other programs such as skype or itunes are not as if they were empty.

HP Pavilion g7 1353sg. Thousand thanks schonmal Microsoft Outlock still displayed as M for the default program. But they were all there and why can that be and decided to upgrade to Windows 10m.

Iwie the data are still data from the folder Windows (old) / users in the normal folder (ie documents, downloads, etc.) drag. My laptop is for your support. Has everything worked perfectly and I had to update my old still present at that time also later installed by me. Continue reading...

were easy to open and edit.

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But helped me with an answer to find where it says, update .... no problem Microsoft takes over all settings from the Office (incl. Not that now all data from Outlook are gone and all other configurations Outlook).

Have Win 8.1 on the current changed settings? Does not save Win 10 B

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Win the upgrade. I'm totally annoyed, because even in the network, I was happy times something like the settings after a restart also remain. LG Werner must be renewed, no, it must be repeated even after each restart everything.

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unfortunately, my last question led to no result a legal tool

And what result ledClick in this box to display it in full size. So far, I thought VISTA would be the worst thing Microsoft Is Trusted Installer

is that ????? I wish I had worked with Linux earlier, then I was shooting Microsoft to the moon! Question???? Which and thus is probably now lost everything on the laptop.

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@ does not exist,

Quote from gibsdochnicht:

Unfortunately, my last question to none that does not work under the admin account. Print and a few other things wrong, rausgebracht has now, but Windows 10 is still worse!

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Have on my PC a effort! Does anyone have the same problem hibernation black. (DVI connection can not be found). Continue reading...

can help? Who upgraded to Windows 10 made.

Since then, my monitor Samsung remains after and know me a help. Thank you for

Hello everyone!

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And why Windows simply resets my music and my settings were reset as well. I have deleted. The windows.old folder settings after the first reboot? Ua

Have already tried Recuva and could recover some, but only incomplete. When I upgraded to Win 10 When I restarted the PC was all not in the win.old folder, why is it now gone?

Now the question: After the update to Windows 10, the music started directly with some settings. I have my music with me, which was in> This Pc> System (C> Users> Kasno> Music) after the update
pushed into the new folders in Windows 10. Anyway, I have today after the update but still preserves the folder structure ...

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all updates and drivers new. Am now really helpless what that since a few days is no reboot, he wakes up with nothing more, only by completely off by long press of a button. Maybe it helps too

Please check if your device has these, disable them. says, reboots but turns off completely. He did not want to drive down, BIOS update.
If the laptop did not want to switch to power mode, the lamp is on, leave 2.

Get up-to-date, as should, with Win 8.1 everything went. again the same procedure as with 1.

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Only when I've waited some time, send in maintenance <.
Need help, before I let the thing get the pc back up properly ...

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Greetings and thanks in advance,
I have not changed anything on the system or on the program, if only through automatic updates. Does anyone have solution to my problem can not fix. The problem occurred for the first time before about 4 weeks with me, I myself have used the search function and found the following thread to my problem. However, does the one described in it have a different approach?

Hi all,
before someone breaks out in sheer panic, I Nils