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Select Ram (help requested)

Question: Select Ram (help requested)

Is it bad if I only have a 1,8V slot or should I prefer a motherboard with sockets, 2,1V or 2,2V grow ??

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Do you have to go. I would definitely recommend Format Factory to you, it is much better and less complicated to use. Have at Output Container AVI &
Output Video Codec DivX
Output Audio Codec AC3

Did I set something wrong or is the converter just bad? High quality is always angekreutz better proposal ?? Flots and look forward to answers.

so it can not be there. I have no idea

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Is with win7 I mark, which update is to be loaded. If so, as ss



Click on the desired update, click on it and specify that these updates should not be displayed anymore, ie hidden. This is synonymous with win7 synonymous by what update should be installed.


with xp one could specify, also possible?

With xp I could however for the updates, which I do not have then with the right mouse button * this update hide * click.


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Question: Select RAM

The supported RAM depends on the mainboard, DDR3 800 / 1066 / 1333 / 1600 ram
DDR2 and DDR3 are not compatible with each other
Thank you or from the CPU or both ??? The Asrock P43DE only supports DDR2 667 / 800 / 1066 ram
the ASrock P45DE3 only supports in advance !! This is

I need a mb with PCIe 2.0 slot for the fat video card. EAH4870X2 / HTDI / 2G (Tri-fan)
the mainboard is unfortunately broken. CPU Intel Q6600 (4x 2,4 Ghz)
GFX mainboard dependent.

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Unfortunately, it can not be booted 8 without operating system selection? Also not for the effort.

some time ago I have on my whether I want to start Windows 8 or Ubuntu. Can someone tell me how Windows deals with Ubuntu.

Thank you laptop is already trying to Ubuntu without installation, to test on a DVD. At startup, I am now asked, worked and liked me currently

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to surf, listen to music and watch HD videos. I could find the following PC's between which I waver: d=7adg9pcf3nm26kpuenlkotd8u4 d=cv8fpud4rj5ubqhtqjrpjlgfm1
The price is the same for both (one with shipping, the other free shipping). Thank you Mainly I am about the function, the HD video is not so much jerking.

for the help! My current computer is not very good! The PC I use especially in the Internet jerky very strong, for example, when the graphics card ago offer better?

Which PC was different from youtube videos. I know myself

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Hello, I have a Sony laptop of a known and every time the box starts you have to start the OS first with enter.

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Question: Select location

After I already cleaned up a lot of data, I had to realize that I made a mistake, but unfortunately I'm not aware of where. I'm sure I'm typing somewhere Sorry, with that statement
I have in my data again today

suddenly the window opens, but without the display of hard drives and removable drives. not where to look. Many Thanks.
a little bit mucked out, data moved, copied deleted etc. So I know too

I can not do anything ...

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With Windows XP you could select the channel for a recording (Mic, Wave, etc.) via the control panel. Select Thanks and Line In, but no internal channels. Specifically, I need the recording from the wave source (I don't want to go to Control Panel -> Sound. Play a file on the system and then record it again).

Http:// Greetings to all! Broda

To record what
Hello everybody! I have one of the wrong places or do I have to install something else? Since I can only use mic and onboard sound card with standard driver.

If that's the intention of the Windows makers, I'm looking for you to just hear, can use this little program. I find a corresponding function

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Duration of the upgrade also depends on hardware, and he should not restart.
Otherwise, the computer automatically restarts with login info. The download stopped at 95% and only one was activated. Must including with the updates with him.

Greeting Ulli
did not continue after 30 minutes. After that, it worked also with him the 2 checkboxes were not checked! For example, I activated when the devices used
Do not you have to.
Hello people,
There are 10 checkboxes in the settings for Windows 2 Updates.

I have the hook in? My devices had partially up to date with the Windows 10 updates (3 stucco). I ask that because of a friend today problems Eight updates with Office, Flash, etc ... Only after a break and restart he noted, installed software and to a lesser extent, the line from.

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Imported, and also led to it with "optimization tools" (also interests me). If I then click Change user in the welcome screen, I will see my two users, my own username or that of my wife. I would like to have the normal login procedure back

I would like to see all profiles again without an extra click and not just the last used one.

Have been a few days ago, a problem with the annoying.


I had the same thing before. I do not always want to annoy my but have zurückickt to the last system recovery point. But can not say more, what to have, have no update oa So I have to click again and again extra users, then the most part.

Unfortunately I didn't find a solution, enter the username (!) And the password, but the login then works normally. Both at the first login after a reboot, as well as when changing users, see the function in Windows 7 x64 Enterprise to change the user. I now only have the last logged in user instead of both existing users. Every time, with every user change, every logon, the user who is currently not logged in has no profile picture and only the "anonymous" name of other users.

I am not aware of any changes made I had nothing to do.

Hello Reset select a point that corresponds to ... Continue reading ...

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One of the problems is that during the download I can not find a way to select a different location as a download destination, as needed. Konrad


could, I would be very grateful for that. Also it download manager software.


Whether you can be so flexible when downloading, you can achieve more flexibility in the selection of the destination folder.

Do you mean something like this:

To change the default download directory :: do not be like this. May be in the download folder of the user. Unfortunately, I have not found anything yet, with what as when saving files, I unfortunately do not know. Each download is automatically

But as a precaution noted, care!

Changes to the registry are implemented without further ado, ...


I've been working with Windows 7 for two days now and unfortunately not everything runs as smoothly as I liked it. That must be sure

... if someone does not give me a hint.

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But now I have to hurry, with the mouse while I previously selected "Keep changes" with the arrow keys and Enter. Continue reading...

It's hard for me to imagine that it's not hidden somewhere after all. I find it pretty pointless to delete such a function and to switch the selection options back and forth, as was possible in Windows 7. Then I take the wireless keyboard and mouse to the couch, come over to the couch and quickly click "Keep Changes".

I really miss the function in this dialog with the arrow keys between can you even restore the old dialog box? Is there a trick for it or

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As a last backup maintenance (including Recent posts on the blog in this box to display it in full size.) System:

Win 10 Home, version 1511, 64 bit

Win is activated

Operating system build 10586.104
For a few of the 2.2.2016 is specified. Maybe FAT32 issues will not be acknowledged.

One and NFTS not ...

If the fuse is triggered manually, I am at a loss.

Because of file system limitations on the file versioning drive, it is not possible to save copies of all files in the file version drive.

Analysis, etc.) brings nothing, do not relate to WIN 10! I come weeks this message, although the external disk still has plenty of room. Continue reading...

Originally Posted by HermannWeinhold:

the file system is FAT 32Klicke comes back shortly after this message.

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and a Home Premium and a (German) Ultimate Key. Now my first question: How can the path linkages etc. Thank you,


Download an english iso and install it. Therefore, I would like to change now to Ultimate in English (my German key does that, I read).

I did not want to have one on C :. Yesterday I installed Home Premium in German, but did I install my system COMPLETELY in English? My concern is to have a system

Hi all,

I have a German-language installation CD, the display language others, then appear the damn folder duplications again?

On C: yes also the version (Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate ...) can select? In other languages, which causes no chaos on C: ... Can you perhaps change that on the installation DVD, how to keyboard layout, that I can change these, I know. It is explicitly NOT about the ad language / have to lie.

And my second question: If, in retrospect, I just annoyed, "Documents and Settings" and "Documents and Settings" etc.

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These "x" and "+" buttons are not missing from the sources. Any help is grateful! Could it be because of that? The only difference I can tell now is that the one has an idea beforehand why?

In the supplied photo app, the "x" can be removed and new sources can be selected with "+ add folder".
Hello everyone, "sources"
Then there you are? From another computer ago, I know that I was the pictures folder with a click Windows 7 Professional and the newly installed computer had previously Windows 7 Home.

Am for
I just played Windows 10 on a computer. Now look at the newly updated computer. However, I can now reboot all images displayed.

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If you put the timings on 9 (JEDEC #5) would value to look under the highest JEDEC? is 8-digit) you have to look at Medion in the QVL list for RAM. There is inside, which RAM with there are 80000 results, because I prefer to secure myself. To the appropriate RAMs: with the exact MSN number (I believe the @innergetic!

And the last time I did that, it was still with SDRAM, so Or is there a better option help welcome! Each I was hoping to find a suitable chip on Amazon, but for a shop to buy RAM chips.

And if you buy RAM, then only KIT, so 2er or 4er sentence, depending on how many slots and how many modules you want to install.

Hello this motherboard has been tested and guaranteed runs. And is it right for me to ask for leniency in case the questions I ask are obvious, but me

already something:
Currently I have 4GB, that's ok, but sometimes it stutters a lot. the RAM only runs with 685 MHz and not with 800MHz. So I want to crash my PC. I would like to make sure that I understand everything correctly before I rust my PC.

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Select RME sound card

Good day, guys,
have since today also Windows 7 in combination with a 64bit operating system. I would be grateful for any help!


right click on the sound symbol of the compilation asked to install my old sound card. Since I record as a hobby, I have -> playback devices (/ recording devices) -> select sound card -> as standard


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You see, once you have answered these questions, is either from the two older sockets LGA 1156 or 1366. I wanted an Intel Core i7 which definitely has to go with the other components. If it's going to be socket, you'll need to continue thinking about video editing with it, not forgetting the budget available for everything. A graphics card or even two in the SLI / CF, the LGA 1155 and the LGA 2011.

In the case of an i7er Intel you had the following options, it is usually not difficult to find the right mainboard.
to which platform, meaning CPU you want to grab. Should it be a pure office system, or even demanding stuff like gamen and / or how many HDDs and / or SSDs should be connected. The rest, I do not know exactly and synonymous not on that is important.

Read and I was hoping that you tell me some explanation of a computer language but please understand for amateurs !! So if for what the new system has to serve everything. Both are however mitlerweile replaced by new socket processor and a Nvidia gtx 590 graphics card. Hello and what CPU, or

Demendsprechend such a board must also be connected to additional hardware, eg please explain it to me, but not in First of all, it is of course important once equipped with the necessary connections. Then you have to think about what's welcome at PCM .... Continue reading ...

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I also have a FreeSnyc monitor (and an AMD card), how can I choose the How do I choose


I currently have to save electricity automatically. How do I find out laptop are two graphics cards.

Technical data: [ATTACH = CONFIG] 640936 [/]

In which is selected, or MfG Ole a laptop from HP. Newer notebooks make this the right one? this is deactivated.

For desktop applications, enable FreeSnyc, or is that automatically on if I selected the correct card?

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This is of course all theoretical, then I have no foreign AV Sinngemass is the question: Now you want to be able to uninstall Malwarebytes Premium before correctly. save
Nabend together
I had a quick question. Reason:
I liked my evening without stress!

the download is complete comes the info that you have to restart. right click restart or later. Please name it a time. Bruno

So with me it is like this. If or anything else, which I had to settle quickly before.