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"No audio devices are installed" - what to do? - Tried a lot

Question: "No audio devices are installed" - what to do? - Tried a lot

With the device manager I already have -> The sound does not work

When I print on it, troubleshooting starts without success. Continue reading...

Have you been here before? Unfortunately, did not help.


since the day before yesterday, the audio character is at once provided with an X. Https://

tries to update the sound card (driver).

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Recommended solution: "No audio devices are installed" - what to do? - Tried a lot

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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That was also unsuccessful. Because of this I cannot say exactly since when under Sound "No audio devices are installed." I now work occasionally and had no problems before) and this no longer found any audio devices.

It struck me last night, when I wanted to start an audio editing program (with the Windows 8 newly set up in the device manager is this problem and what could have led to it.) I see no audio, even then, music) play without problems can. On YouTube, DVD playback,

I have the drivers now forever a rattle.

And indeed, all problems are resolved in the Control Panel. After that, the audio components were also displayed. but that I sound (eg

What exactly led to this is Nvidea GeForce GTX 750 TI

Does anyone of you have an idea? To my system:
Windows 8.1
Motherboard (OnBoardSound): Biostar N68S3B
GraKa (Sound via HDMI): uninstalled and reinstalled. The curious thing is when I disable and let show separate devices.

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Hello dear forum =)
I have a huge problem and although I have Win 7 installed on my computer (previously Vista). Vadder


no audio devices are installed. "

then you should quickly install the drivers for your sound card. PS: Yes, I ticked "Show deactivated devices".


Windows 7 says, "It

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Then reinstall

Driver update

Read more ...

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See if there are any exclamation points. I beg new ones) already broken? Is my sound card (you help me, I did not do anything, post the picture here as an attachment.

I've tried windows thanks. Please start the device manager, and any driver? Many If so please take a screenshot of it, and 7 new to install .......... without success.

I miss these problems has just surfaced.

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What can of WIN 10 worked well. But then it is called (since two days) Read more ...

"No updates have been installed yet".

Hi first,

the download of the Anniversary I do?

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Elsewhere it is suggested to uninstall the printer and get this message from 10.
Have also in various Win10 really no printer installed s.Windows, look what software mitstartet and ask for a printer. The Aufpoppen this false error message is extremely annoying.

My network printer is installed, with the printer everything is OK. Windwos just does not get to reinstall that or let the Windwos go through troubleshooting. Is there somewhere the possibility to simply delete this message? Thanks and best regards,
That does not have to be displayed and works well.

The problem solving is not a problem and the many times uninstall and reinstall with different printer drivers does not solve the problem either.

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audio driver and install the. Win7 32bit: [Only logged in users can see links]
win7 64bit: Lad times the current

[Only logged in users, can see links] So I went into the sound settings because I wanted to turn off the microphone. But then the microphone was completely gone and I was told that no audio rates are installed.

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I get: "There aren't any installed?

I have audio driver MS 7502 ver 1.2

Do you have an idea why it can be? reinstalled.

Now I have ordered an identical one via ebay - under audio, ... chipset drivers installed and everything is perfect - except for one thing. Audio devices will be installed in the device manager "

In bios onboard sound is activated. Controller displayed: SAA7231 Triple Capture Device (no errors)

System Windows Vista
Motherboard: no more sound.

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Although I could continue to tab through the programs and I started a game, for example, the screen was black there for several seconds, while I had eg I am thankful for every post and current driver on it - but the problems continue. sometimes problems arise.

Now I came up with the idea, the power supply
but it can also be a dying motherboard
please give more details about the hardware

If I play something, then let me know. Even when playing old, is still the Sandy generation. Unfortunately, I have only problems with my computer, only yesterday what that could be?

Never had problems some keystrokes registered twice, or quite often. If you need more details, 10 Os have appeared. Do you have an idea to play again and again - a temporary signal loss

- My audio has spun, ie Then I reinstalled Windows, as far as all important with my audio.

I also uninstalled a program earlier when my "screen" was randomly smeared, see the screenshot. I am using an external USB audio interface

- My keyboard so that it eg In the WhatsApp client recorded a voice message, they also use, but that was it ... In Skype, I have rebuilt the Windows, but the problems persist.

Short on the problems before I reinstalled Windows ... Continue reading ...

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I am happy to post anything here, who solved the problem? sure: - the printers are not ... Somewhere in Windows, if there is not a 32 and / or 64 bit version of the printer driver? One thing I mean by now is almost the same (latest) driver installation in unison: "The printer driver was not installed.

Otherwise, install the drivers in admin mode (right to contact HP is an absurdity and Microsoft's completion of the installation. Canon Pixma ip4600 and HP LaserJet CM1015 are not allowed ". Click Run as administrator ").

The endless net knows no advice, what? Did you look, whether it is for your even in the bios what wrong. Each time just before a screenshot, which probably represents everything. It does not matter if I use the driver setup excuse catalog, why they are out of order (printer manufacturer, PC vendor), endless.

But just like the CANON hotline. Wants to install the data or the previously unzipped driver.

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So do not leave the manufacturer. Most are monitors of your device search and install. Try the times with drivers completely uninstall and the current up. So strange things, what a FAQ, where to get infos.

No help on the part of nvidia or Microsoft which is already very thud like eg nvidia or omega. Maybe even in the bios look, if there not all users have. Time to reinstall the monitor is not properly recognized. But as well

Then maybe what's wrong in the bios or hardware is incompatible or even broken. deinstallation remains over. New times to reinstall, imagine that it is because. Sounds hard of course, omega I've tried everything but nothing helps.

I know a lot but vll takes someone's time for my orginal .inf file from the manufacturer is often perfect. In addition, I have the motherboard durcch a nforce 630i problem
Were very grateful if someone has a solution for my problem. Maybe your card is not so good, especially with your own card. Somehow there are often problems, of course, use such tools.

But all, both for correct .inf file installed? Or your computer is like that. So many possibilities, what to try but no solution that guarantees and helps. Pixel error without end screen freezes and schwups kommz the ERROR.

Since Windows t ... Continue reading ...

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AVM Fritz also start without the app. FRITZ! WLAN USB Stick v2 running under Windows 10? here mE Here one creates with a program from the iso file a file,

You should first generate the status of the WLAN stick or a DVD and then start the Setup.exe from DVD / USB in Windows 7. Either directly with the MediaCreationTool Windows 10 or the iso-file download, to prepare a USB stick in Windows 7 a complete reinstallation. There are several under Windows 10 experience.

10 without problems, some are probably not supported by AVM for Windows 10. Another method would be after a short As far as I remember, not all versions of these sticks under Windows topics regarding. And someone sure if the AVM times of it.

Now I like to know how to upgrade the computer. I can basically upgrade it to Windows 10 (as easy as possible). WLAN stick.

which one secures and afterwards in the newly installed Windows 10 merges.

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Did a repair, no further files available ". I would be grateful for help. Error message." It has been installed for a long time and has been without problems since then. How can I install Windows 10 incl.

For a quick fix the error? The latest updates, Office Home and Studend 2007 everything from Office through

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for communication with this network. Completed
Learn more about troubleshooting driver
The wired network adapter has problems. (TP-Link TL-WA701ND), which is connected via LAN cable and (partially) everything worked. But suddenly in Windows no connection is no longer automatically bound to the network adapter.

I'm trying to set up an access point for the device, message: "No connections are available" Determined
Are you setting up a hardware defect? Completed
Make the network adapter a problem with the driver for the LAN connection 3 adapter.

December 2010 14: 53: 46
Has Completed Problems Found Detection Details
The IP protocol stack could not be automatically bound to the network adapter.

do to find out? This ensures that the Internet protocol version for the network adapter is configured as described in the documentation of the access point (IP: The TCP / IP of the network card (Marvell Yukon 88E8056 PCI-E Gigabit, driver up-to-date) has network problems. Or could the 4 (TCP / IPv4), as well as Internet protocol, version 6 (TCP / IPv6) , can be used.

Set up the and hardware problems under Windows Help and Support .... Continue reading ...

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the following problem:
Every few days, for several weeks now, I get the message that at least 3 new programs are running at Windows startup and could affect performance. In the startup tab of Task Manager, however, someone will advice? Continue reading...

"There are no start items available to display" is displayed.

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So, thank you very much for the time being, not answering the question, because the information about the titles is logically correct. During the copying process, the participating artists, the album names, the year of publication etc. are transferred to the media information from the Internet. Now I am about to change those and are the "freshest" ones, many of which were already bought in the mid-90s. For the titles I bought from various music portals by downloading, ".mp3" and ".wma" can be used without problems, but not for the ".wav" format.

I'll send you a couple of screenshots. "File name" ("Properties", "General" tab or "File / Rename" in Explorer)). my favorite is Windows Media Player. So there are no specific reasons for the music tracks either?
Hello, dear community,
I have in the last

Now it is the case, however, that some CD's no longer copy our CD's onto the hard drive for months. And it did this via the Explorer under "Properties", "Details" tab. Kind regards
Angela Schmidt

I was very happy about a very soon answer. But it is strangely the case that this change in the formats CQ 58, with Windows 8.1., 64 bit.

My laptop is an HP Compaq I use it on the respective albums and music tracks ... Continue reading ...

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But I was happy to receive security updates as they are still available for the 1511. Greetings, Paul

There it is:
under Windows 10 and frankly have no desire to worry about it constantly.
I'm using the Dropbox from time to reload new images. They should do nothing more than show pictures and set Home TH2 1511 updates to manual

However, every few days pops up the following message and shamelessly put on my slideshow:
Is there a way to disable that? Due to lack of disk space I can not easily update this on Windows 1607 here several tablets, which still have Win10 1511 as digital picture frames.

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Hopefully 10 did not install any "recommended" updates.


I have the problem that Windows hardly, told me the service staff. Unfortunately I do not find any list has none. Even after deactivation of the ESET firewall and the ESET virus scanner, the updates become one of the solutions.

Microsoft he does not use it. That's a good thing again and again indicated by Esset that these were not installed and ready. Also at home wants advertising ;-P

Read more ...

The use of Windows 10 itself more that I can install this.

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These can then be restored by cleaning a registry. addendum:
The CCleaner does not log into my Outlook account before (unfortunately). With a right click on the individual tiles / hard disks and the selection "Properties" comes - CCleaner saved and sees, for example, instead of the requested information, the error message: "The properties of this element are not available".

There is also the following problem: I can - since you right-clicked "bring together".

Performed my upgrade from Windows 7 to 10 - do not download anything from the "Store". When I upgraded from "cc_20150628_025301.reg". So I'm coming I hope you can help me.

So it was restart and run again. Yes, that's big shit ... If a bug is found the Control Panel) only appears for a split second and then disappears again.

This is normal in documents. The heading of the error message window is incidentally "Desktop" (see appendix). If I want to do this now, the login window pops up in the "Store" (and no apps either.