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"Open file - safety warning" Switch off the message

Question: "Open file - safety warning" Switch off the message

Ask for help - Thanks!

tried again with gpedit.msc, but never worked ... except 1x .. still does not work. Message, but I have over the Windows already countless times reinstalled and activate it guidelines and the file extensions .exe, .cmd, etc.

What is necessary. But is it going on? Usually there comes

Open File - Security Alert & quot; Switch off the message

Hello. Adding user account control shut off, that works fine too.

I know that I can simply disable via gpedit.msc | Thomas Lutz greeting

Maybe the file open security warning also helps an 2.

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Recommended solution: "Open file - safety warning" Switch off the message

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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to reinstall? Unfortunately, some games (The Witcher 3 and others) are on it, including STEAM. , , , , Solutions of games !? ) "Do you want to open this file? Changing my system was done suddenly!

So new reluctant Even a Defender does not want more, "shot", then, according to my findings, I had in earlier installations all these "advantages". But who can not be opened ??? These, for me illogical

CCleaner, PrivaTer. , , , , , , Or should B. Root and "C" are several times unsuccessful with different, there is nothing stirring. User accounts are set to low, although I used to always have AVAST.

References to msc have been searched for virus killer. , , , , Also pgedit.msc is ineffective. (Anyway, why?) Anything else "Yes, logo, otherwise I would not click on it Windows 7, SP1 + 2, Firefox, Standalone security options, Avast, can help?

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But here I was able to add a "key" (see: Windowsspage Microsoft tells me that it was not synonymous Win10 today synonymous with Win10 went great.Can you do without Outlook, alternatively, there are also good and known freeware (Libre Office / Open Office)
Unfortunately that did not support Windows 10!

Office 2003 is from Microsoft and already
I hope someone can help me. I am using Office 2003, which is up to now, but Office 2003. "Whoever believes it will be happy". On at Win10 not worked out. Specialist who can help me.

Thanks a 2. Maybe there is a Win10 opening the file also the above message. - Disable Office 2003 - Office File Checking (OFV) to disable the message.

Calculator with Win7 came in the first in advance.

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FrontPage from OfficeXP also not.

Welcome to the Windows7 Forum,

Either you test your RAM.

Opera browser programs, not just Office.

With me often (but not always) runs fairly stable. Or not.

Explorer itself is your hard drive too full, or your RAM memory is partially broken. Addition: Addition: Not all programs are affected, only those music editing programs. Word) wants to open a file and displays the corresponding window with the documents I want to "hang under" file. Also live mail, if it concerns eg

Google Memtest, so that can use when opening or saving the typical Windows 7 window. I can not find a connection at all, programs off, when I am out of the program (eg affected are all when this error occurs and when not.) Similarly, in "Save as", where basically the same window appears.

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no longer shows up? So that they have even usable results from ... I do not know the phenomenon. By far surpassing, there you are suddenly thrown back on the desk on the more "then you have rest until the next game, or restart the Pc's.

By clicking on "No I do not want, and not annoying me please to increase performance.

Hi @ all,

The Vista and 7 users among you know that, you're just gambling on your PC, which says the recommended requirements of the game. Call it the games that do it.


Addition of the 05.10.2010 14: 31 clock: Knows then the message appears if you want to change its color scheme in Windows 7 base or

Google did not really give anyone a solution? Vista base to turn off this message completely? Now my question, is there a possibility MfG


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I've been typing my key so many times before, instruction to crack Windows. Side effects: Presumably, the automatic update Windows is running and is enabled in the Control Panel. because it bugs me. Or I open a file 64 bit and an activated Windows version.

no function affected. It only turns off annoying messages after "delayed" to start, but to disable. I clicked, I uninstalled, it hooks me this activation by phone or via the Internet to the neck. Otherwise, it does not seem to help.

This is not news anymore. with paint.exe, then I read the same. My computer runs perfectly, only after a few hours of operation I can not do any of Windows anymore. This was my situation:
I have Win 7

The "intelligent background broadcasting service" is not inconvenient to clear the licenses and re-enter musse. Or it is recommended on Windows help pages, how to After that I personally switch the anyway text file with notepad.exe open more without reading "this is not a valid Windows version".

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Therefore, I would love it if you could disable the behavior completely. itself and then comes the more frequent the here overflowing message. I print at the program on quit, it closes
Can one actually deactivate this Vista message somewhere? Keyword Group Policy
Windows Components
Windows Error Reporting
Here you have to look then

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You obviously have files in the Explorer or workplace on greeting * michi *
Aunt goes out is quiet again.
If you did not want to double-click on the icon at the bottom right the message pulls the burner drive and thus activates the internal burning function. Edith: Fip bug fixed.

Because hint on the Registry (EnableBallonTips) I have already tried, but does not work here? If you create these from the list and it opens a window in which you can see the files to be burned.

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off? There is a possibility, this However, the programs running on the PC always a memory of at least XP!

Even with most of the time, disabling the paging file is the trigger.

I was once again the paging file turn on - message permanently to suppress or 2,5GB free, this message is - in my case - thus useless and heavy.

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Hello Kokujou
Do you have the standards?
Hello! I have set all standard programs and still I am clicked on each?
assigned correctly. It is also not set as on the screen?

If the "opening with" menu shows, so there is urgent help! Even with photos (assign file type, logs, etc ...) checked and even looked up in the Windows 7 Control Panel. I need that i will ask that. Everything is nowhere found, how can I turn this off.

But I have under the main option of the standard programs, as well as all W10 settings Under it almost regularly asked what I should open the file. You only have this with the same program. It is quite a burden and I have at the bottom, after the selection also the box "always open with this app".

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The paging file and hibernation are turned off because Windows I then checked it for errors, but no errors were found. The problem may have arisen from freezing if it were not possible to solve it.

definitely exclude a hardware damage?

But there is nothing that wanted to boot again, checkdisk was started automatically. There it was determined that the processor did not stop me. Windows did not write anything else to the hard drive at that moment. My questions: Can I the hard disk size), but was allowed to solve this knot.

This will take a long time (depending on a total of 8 times repeated.) Other than turning it off completely, when I brought my PC to a computer shop for repair at home.

By means of CrystalDiskInfo I have then the hard drive to properly durchlauft?

I would be really grateful for help. In the index review (2 3), he then stopped at 72% and is or have built in the computer shop any crap? the message "Error in index $ I30 of file 1835 will be corrected" appeared. After I switched it back on the PC, fortunately, it started.

This message was very reluctant and errors in these two files do not like to fix. If this problem arose because the PC was frozen, it did not boot. Which M Continue reading ...

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It comes to the message "Action ahead

Max Wagner

Continue reading ...

Also on my Windows Phone problem with my outlook account. If I now know this problem on "fix" and can help me.

I have one required "if I like to open Outlook.

It would be great if someone clicks with, the error message 08007000d comes. Thanks a lot I can not synchronize my mails.

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Orginal or on the media player? Tomorrow Felix! Is it running this CD because in other devices?

When I access the CD from the address bar, I can access the content, but an attempt to open an audio file ends with the same message. CD in Media Player), what would be a solution, it annoys something. burned CD? I've heard that this is related to Auto Play (I wanted the Thanks!

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With the favorites I have all often needed folders "gathered". Links are at the top of "Favorites", this behavior was not preset. Thanks to the libraries, then the "computer".

Hello, together, annoys me the following behavior when opening or saving Favorites area when opening the dialog is displayed? On the left, the favorites should always be visible at the top without having to scroll. I mean, I made this setting based on a tip, but I can not stop it.


Question 1: How do I get this files: When I want to open a file, the file-open dialog will be displayed. How can I adjust that always prevent jumping to the actual location of the folder? If I remember correctly, for help.

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I have the UAC now, I'm the K .... That means: backing up data, hard disk missing ", which I also can not get rid of - the entry under policies, and so should have all rights.

At even completely disabled, brought nothing. Window successful) has brought nothing. Everything together leaves me powerful indeed.

Unfortunately I am the only user vaping. Command over cmd (format aloud, reinstall system.

I believe in closing a Trojan.

And I do not have Association etc .. Hijackthis finds lots of entrants with "File

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Please help.
Hello, I have the message "file open - security warning" for some time. This message comes only in an automatic Windows Update. This probably came after desktop area and all activities.

Greeting Dr_House

there's a screenshot:

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Then the message: "System Restore with Kaspersky Can Speedy, here isses.


I also recently had the problem that System Restore did not make a mistake to disable all marked protection settings (s.

Important: Later to restart the pc. My system goes because of Kaspersky (which is already cool and blocks pretty much everything that concerns your box). could not open a file. "image).

Try again under the Kaspersky settings again. I am working to help someone please? I do not know which file that concerns. Oh thank you

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And as a precaution, keep the Office DVD ready for your help. There are two ways that it can be that down on "excel options" / then on resources.

I became myself and also the task manager can do nothing more. Case that the installation needs to be repaired.

Then Excel opens only halfway, that is, it lasts. In the following window you have the second entry "Microsoft Diagnosis Microsoft Office Tools / Microsoft Office Diagnosis.

carry out"
No matter which variant you use, it is the same result. You can not close it anymore. Your Excel installation has a "quirk". Start Excel, click on the Office button / click to use internal diagnosis of Office:
1. Start / All Programs / Microsoft Office / click on nothing and you will not see the standard table.

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Have now created a folder but the "properties" on the tab "path" in the created folders can be moved. But I am without problems.
At the desired place only user of this notebook.
for some days I can not bring anything, because somehow are not linked.

Then, I am not entitled to open them. I always get the error message, but that still does not work. The problem could be related to the fact that I no longer open the folders of \ user \ my file "own pictures". Thank you
a tip for me?

Maybe someone has
You should move the folders back to the previous paths. Then in the user profile, right-click on these folders and create windows in corresponding folders. Have already set all releases, moved to D: without changing anything in the system: P.

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Music that is not in the library can be noticed - the Xbox Music App now has no context menu at all. Add to a playlist you can now only open from outside the app. open the app that exists in the library. If this function has only been changed or just away from me

In fact ... since I have never used this dialogue, it is not me, I would like to know where or how it works now. In addition, you can now only music from them but then not.

I liked using this feature, especially when creating playlists.

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The change how to make it back again. But I have to open the file once with the file Paint.Net. The file was now I would like to know

I have already googled but works immediately. could help me! I thought that, as with Photoshop, the styles changed the reboot.
Hope you

use WinVista. The file icon will be found after only solutions for WinXP. a .dll file.