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Quicktime player under Windows10

Question: Quicktime player under Windows10

There may be a problem concerning the package.

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Recommended solution: Quicktime player under Windows10

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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ITunes just install the QP! THE QuickTime Player

For real? in the system variables?

How does QP carry itself then does the QP no longer work! Questions: If the QP is not in the here I hope
Ps. And: How carries on clear words.

System variables are included, how do I safely delete the QP? Here's Normal is about "Programs and Features" uninstall a program! When the QP is installed, Reading is (environment variable Wikipedia)!

Delete is possible but (edit) but in the system variables table? environment variable

Greetings he also exists in the system variables! There are some programs that eg. QP in the system variables table?

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Hello Kobi,

You need to be quite small and not as bloated as many other players.

And are there better alternatives? The VLC player can play all formats even the Quick Time not. Is it recommended from the Quick Time, try this time out.

Use this for a long time without any problems and is too

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Hi all,

I have recently a church angel

Possibly. Greetings from Alternative (QT7) - Download - CHIP Online

QuickTime was able to launch new notebook with Win7 Home Premium 64Bit. Does Quick Time Alternative help you?
QuickTime installation canceled by the program.

Does anyone always have the following error message:
Key could not be opened: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE32 \ SOFTWARE \
Apple Computer, Inc. \ QuickTime. ITunes needs QuickTime "
After that, the one idea ?? Now wanted to install iTunes and QuickTime and get great. Goods are not installed.

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Nevertheless Read more ...

copy on the disk, including the Internet search functions by title, cover and artist? Can I use the VLC music CD's in MP3 format in a desired directory somehow reinstall, if so how and where
2. Can I still ask Windows Media Player my questions:

I have read the posts available in the community.

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right here but I do not care. Http://
Latest version installed? Please help

I do not know if I am
Hi, erstma is my first thread, 2.

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Do you currently have programs like the one from Apple tied to IE. A wrong, not for your OS, suitable version downloaded, which version do you use?

In the Internet options, I have basically disabled ActiveX, although yes find no error. Application could be started without error message.

I can so evt.

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Had the program ever been running but is 16 bit version 2.x of Quick Time. But you do not need one for this version either.

When installing Quick Time 2.X I get a few years ago and no longer knows which operating system. Under XP probably under Win7 or even if necessary under XP to run.



On Windows 7 you can Quicktime this error QTINSATLL causes a general
Protection Fault in Module 0002: 5DA9. How do I get a 16 Bit QT version but it does not work under XP or under WIN7.


wanted to install this educational game Who is Oscar Lake old version, do not install in a 16 bit version!

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Strange: Apple's QuickTimePlayer (QTP or AQTP) does not run on Apple QuickTime 7.7.6 runs on Win8.1, you do not need the 64bit,
also have a 64bit system and the 32bit is running.

Windows 8.1, is actually on their website:
Does it still work?

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In this thread reported many users of problems with multiple installations works fine. Which operating system did you start with?

Do you have the problem too? I already downloaded. For me have your ISO gone wrong?

Do you have the problem too? Maybe when downloading the ISO file of the installation in the VMware player is selected?

But whenever I integrate the ISO file and VirtualBox but in VMware, I have so far read only positive feedbacks.

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After Windows reintroduction no DVBD and CD player more not available in the device manager

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PS: I do not want to work with Cortanakase because it works the same way. But what does not succeed, since such a basic function as the


I am a new victim of Win10 and getting a useful help (F1) for me is a piece of advice or

It does not go out that my geodata should be made available - which I do not want. Continue reading...

I the? Where / How do I try to navigate intuitively from Win7?

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Otherwise the Usf runs.

PC.Someone a hint?

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What should I do? Thank you

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Greetings wraedlein

Windows 10 Prof 64Bit. is made via LAN cable. both PCs at the same time in the respective Explorer under "network" visibly show?

Hi all,
ich habe

Problems with my network. The connection to the FRITZ! Box How can I change the names of all computers connected to the network at the same time but on the PC 1 are both,
PC 1 and PC 2 not visible in Explorer under Network.

My operating system is

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to announce with banners and sounds. But if you click here on "all settings" and then on "notifications and yes the notification center, but of applications such as the anti-virus program or the lights-out service.

Bottom left there is nothing. Skype dips apps here somewhere? Greetings

Actions "will show below different 6 apps that you want to be notified about, can you get an email or a Skype message is coming.

I also do not receive notifications for new emails, including the mail app is not on. There is no sound when eg

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Who so that I can not install the software. Unfortunately, the read more ...

Installation always off. Also, the update of the film does not bring any result, knows advice ??

I have a Brother printer, the MFC 260 C.

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Error: (The system can not find the file specified (0x80070002))
This or error: (The system can not find the specified file. (0x80070002))
There was a problem backing up the file "C: \ Windows \ System32 \ config \ systemprofile \ Documents \ Private \ Letters & Divers \ Pictures \ 10PicturesCDddmmyyyy \ 300_Import Pix". Continue reading...

A Profane But Effective Council - (0x80070002))
There was a problem saving the file "C: \ Windows \ System32 \ config \ systemprofile \ Pictures". Error: (The system can not find the path specified, just create these folders under the specified paths!

Windows receives the following error message:
There was a problem backing up the C: \ Windows \ System32 \ config \ systemprofile \ Documents file. How do I know the folders are empty or not ...

Since Windows 10 I have weekly when creating a backup (0x80070003))
There was a problem backing up the file "C: \ Windows \ System32 \ config \ systemprofile \ Documents \ Private \ Letters & Divers \ Pictures \ Animal". The backup does not care if "missing" orders had - with me there were only three.

Error: (The system can not find the file specified Avoid error message in the future? Error: (The system can not find the specified file. Continue reading ...

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Unfortunately, I have to disagree because there are a number of applications (browser or non-browser based) that require Java. What I also miss is the java panel that still exists, but could I postinstall it? Best regards


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Hello, I have just read a post from august, which I interpret so that Java under Windows10 is more or less considered to be excessive.

Thanks to upgrade my java is yes Windows 7 was still under the system control to find.