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Program deleted-after that hard disk is no longer recognized

Question: Program deleted-after that hard disk is no longer recognized

Anyone can ?!

Will the disk still be displayed in the BIOS?

This is a hard disk with only one partition and D and the 2.

Got one and has been missing hard drive "E" since then! Got 2 hard drives, 1. Convert with!

Yesterday I installed a software to repair audio tracks. Then I uninstalled everything, because it does not work E! With C and a recovery point is not synonymous! this also does not appear in the data carrier management!

Try to fail and recover GIANT problem. I really do not know any further. Someone an idea what that would be from DVD to a CD to burn, respectively.

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Recommended solution: Program deleted-after that hard disk is no longer recognized

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I've been informed so far that it should be possible to restore the partition via programs such as testdisk. What can I do, the data in Testdisk not even recognized and offered me not to choose from. I also downloaded the program, but the infected external hard drive are extremely important for me!?!

Also in the volume management, only the internal disks are displayed, the external one is missing.

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Cable ever hard drive in my PC connected via sata. Things copied on it, and cheered ;-)
Today I turn on the PC, and yes data on it I like to be kept. Welcome to the forum

2,5 "lo and behold .... plate gone
In the data carrier management it is still recognized. Allerdsings as a data carrier 0. Did someone happen to be happy?

Tip what could I do? Also has or 3,5 "hard drive? MfG

agreed and reconnected? Unfortunately I can not do that either

The only thing I can do is click disk and assign a drive letter to it. System: Win 7 Home can do is "Delete Volume". But what I didn't want to do was because everything works. Yesterday I got a 2TB Western Digital Premium, SP1, 64Bit

Thanks in advance !

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How do I get the HDD HDD recognized but without a drive letter. running under Windows 7 ... At the device manager it is called EXTERNAL

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another drive letter to.

Now the hard disk is no longer recognized as a removable disk, entered correct commands in diskpart. Way you are too large in the volume management in fs32 for formatting. It looks like it will

Can someone please give me command prompt as admin "diskpart, select disk clean" etc. So abort disk recognized by Windows clean. I proceeded as it is described to help solve the problem? I may not have the whole action.

Then came an error message that the disk (120GB) but in the volume management it is visible when trying to stomp.

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in advance. Is there the second monitor displayed? As a video card I use a Geforce GTX 1050 Can I still have a video of video card has a software.

It always circles on the screen "Check Signal If necessary. My HDMI screen then jumps on and works PC bought a second screen. I bought a second screen to mine. The second one was connected via DVI. PS: connected screen, the start symbol and others on until the login window appears.


The GTX cable "around until it then switches to standby. Thanks both monitors set?

the startup process, if it brings something. How are the impeccable, the second acts as if he were not connected.

My primary screen is via HDMI, TI, my processor is an AMD Ryzen 5 1500X. My problem is now the following: When starting shows only about DVI


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Whether it is recognized by the bios, you can see if - HD gone

Does somebody has any idea? partition and format.

In between, the computer was in hibernation Then you can calculator built a hard drive Samsung HD105SI.

In Windows, such a new disk must first be initialized via the data carrier management! Interestingly, the BIOS does not seem to recognize the disk either (message is always gone so fast, even too fast for pause). You call the Bios setup - often with Delete key. Recently I have in mine

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So either with the OS format or an external program and then assign a drive letter. nothing is displayed in the workstation, but it can be found in the device manager. Only the USB-disks plugged in Gehausen are formatted (FAT32) delivered.

bought are mostly not formatted yet.

Many to read hard drives does not work. If I connect them this typical sound will come but you will have bought them but also with an extra purchased part thanks


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New drive name specified and very important. It already shows me she is back. If I click on it, it will burn the thing. Need 86,2 free of 99,9.

I reinstalled on SSD. Today Win 7 actually 500Gb has HDD only with 99,9 is displayed. HOORAY

And not as a local to save the data ???

infected again, but brings nothing. Habs were gone are gone. Have you already gone and do it too. The problem is that my second hard drive is done.

And until now comes, folder is empty. Is there any possibility All the data is there urgently help. I'm on it and data carrier D, but as a system reservation.

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have, but is
no Samsung HD103SJ, but an Intenso 1TB.

What I still noticed, what you bought

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Thank you very much, because access is denied. Now I could access the file, logged in with my local account. Windows Resource Protection has corrupted files I can share this 100 MB ?? More information has gone to the root of the problem.

Can someone please reveal to me sometime like Actually it is not important, but it does not do anything with the contents. Unfortunately, I can not CBS.log not, they are to be deleted, for example, double photos and something ...

With sfc / scannow I'm not properly emptied the trash. I'm crazy if something is wrong. Somehow the files can not be restored? Ahm, they should be found who can not be repaired. for an answer.

By chance (curiosity?) I have it in the CBS.log.

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Unfortunately, I am told that the external hard drive does not make (backup) on an external hard drive! Today I wanted a Windows backup 0 GB
Free memory: 0 GB

Can you help me please? is connected, but definitely not the case.

This second hard disk cannot be deleted and shows under "Properties":

Used memory: hard disk should be connected, which is not the case. In addition, the NB indicates that there is an 2.external error code number: 81000006. It should be the

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the error message "The system cannot find the specified file" appears. the hard drive is not visible. I have already moved all drivers and my own files to the HDD (drive D). If I turn the PC off and then turn it on again, it takes a long time to connect Windows to the PC and it works fine.

Defragmentation (I find myself a little baffled.) Does anyone have an idea I read on a page what bzg I have already tested if there is a problem with the mounting frame updated and made a BIOS Upadate Slowly I read other programs to find out why that no Difference makes.

Thanks in advance for your help
Greeting Chris
already read through the forum but found no real answer to my question. In Explorer DVD drive is stowed and removed this (I do not need anyway). After a long search on the Internet I have to start and then I get the error message that D can not be accessed. In the device manager, the hard disk is under
Then let the Defragservice on - is obvious!

Hi all,
I saw drives, but as "Unknown device". Restarts are possible (still have a second in another PC) but is the same problem. Then also this: Windows Tuning with the TuneUp Utilities and what else could it be? I have installed Windows 10 Pro Version 1607 clean no ... Continue reading ...

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Also after the idle state START could not be opened anymore - started - the same error ...

Good 2 days fine - on the 3. Here my experiences wish a nice Sunday ...

Hereby I and tomorrow together! Day I wanted to edit a document saved the previous day, since it was Win10 reports: Fatal Error - Start and Contara does not work properly ...... After the PC was awakened from hibernation, Edge let itself

After I installed Win10 ran - just for information ...
1. Printer from network, PC newly deleted (I had saved several forms of this document - all were gone).
2. Melbraes

Continue reading ...

not open any more - even a restart changed nothing - Alternative: Firefox ...

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Do I have to delete these smaller partitions one by one or is this done when installing everything in one go? Kind regards

You have to delete the partitions yourself.
I would be grateful. For continued help 10 performed. W 10 is activated and everything runs clean and round.

have the upgrade from W 8.1 to W easily

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Do you understand under management DISKMGMT.MSC?

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If it is not even recognized in the BIOS, can

Hello! Have a buddy of a SATA Seagate Barracuda already electronics bridge or swap ... when booting the PC is already on. Greeting

Not really, of course, no software had to do anything with it :-)

Already have with Acronis Disc Manager 1000GB the BIOS is no longer recognized. Is there any chance to save the data? FP is running (soft, repetitive clicking) - but booted, but of course it is not.

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Why not? Do not assign a new one to the Windows partition management program or "Ease US Partition Manager". Disk Management I have it on 2 other computers about your answers!

I'm glad to try to connect them but she just does not want to anymore. Screen ware is not working? She seems to have lost her drive letter, and I can not be bad with her now

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You can also do the HDD to me? Has worked for me, so even ne in the device manager but there is only my old hard drive ... boot DVD, go to installation, format disk and installation abort. If you do not have any important data on it, from the windows

Do you know what to hang another pc and secure data. I have looked into the disk management and also logged in users, can see links] I do not know if recovery tools help you. [Only regained forgotten partition xD But files are then gone !!!!

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It worked perfectly then, after 2 weeks lights up and therefore do not run on USB_2 !!

Hard drive ordered, and I bought just a few weeks ago. Then I tried the hard drive without USb_Hub formatted as FAT32 and NTFS. We first thought it would connect to the USB to the Bluray player, is also NOT more.

Can not she be broken either, I do? Zero scarce 500 videos (music video) [. Mp4] on it. If the hard drive is a hub, and have test-connected a USb stick. The last few weeks it did not work that way because the hard drive always needs an extra power supply !!

Zero USB_3.0 or a USB_2.0 ?? The TV knows the computer does not respond and does not recognize it in the device manager. I already have the hard drive but the TV does not recognize it anymore. What does not have electricity, I had to buy a USB hub 3.0.

USB_3.0 need more power than USB_2.0 probably NO USB_3? The 3.5 inch when I connect it to a "3.0" USB interface. Is it a 3.5 inch FP or a 2.5 inch FP? The hard drive works on the computer, but only because it is recognized with "3.0".

When I connect it to a "2.0", the hard disk only lights up briefly and connected "A new data carrier recognized, USB 3.0). Otherwise it always said when we had problems with the hard disk. Hello effect. We have the hard disk Pizza268, welcome. .. Continue reading ...

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From this point on drive selection the 2. And indeed, yesterday Windows totally total partitions were merged again. Welcome Disk in Disk Management describes as error free.

In it was in the 2. Hard drive no longer displayed and hung, so even the screen is frozen. Take a screenshot of the CrystalDiskInfo and upload this screenshot too. Data carrier management and upload this.

Also, I can no longer make changes to the volume management except to delete the partition in the forum! Http://

choose. Let the SMART values ​​of your hard drives with my laptop then crashed completely. hard disk

It is also strange that Windows is the after 10min which I would not like to do, because many very important files are stored on it.