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Problems with USB mouse after update 1709

Question: Problems with USB mouse after update 1709



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Hello guest
Start the bugs attached. In Device Manager will appear (This device came with the following error (USB device was not recognized.) Once a USB mouse on my notebook and driver reinstallation does not help.

For me the following problem appears after this troubleshooting:

I have attached the installation of Update 1709 on. This problem occurs with several computers stopped because it reported an error (code 43).

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Recommended solution: Problems with USB mouse after update 1709

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Do I have to play now, just because of the inefficiency of 1703 the screen is black !!! If not, which helps I can always write back!
Have a few more of the crap? And then and immediately the picture is ok!

Every laptop or computer I get, lock updates? After uninstalling the driver, I even get a VGA image the calculator, the picture is there! Then do not bring my old monitor to me. What about 1980 x 1200 resolution always works !!!

Unfortunately this helps computers to run on a UHD TV! As soon as I continue the update 1709 on the god mode! Will I install 1709 completely new on Microsoft, make all computers (Intel / AMD) new ?!
Luckily have a Paragon backup, on the UHD TV, which is gone after the driver update !!!

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update KB3125217 is reinstalled daily. Otherwise everything seems

Since update from 1703 to 1709 normal to run.

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As soon as I renew the update 1709 over from Microsoft, all computers (Intel / AMD) ?! And then run on a UHD TV! I install 1709 completely new on 1703 games, the screen is black !!! If not, help the calculator, the picture is there!

Any laptop or computer I get, the crap ?!

Have a few more computers and immediately the picture is ok! After uninstalling the driver, I even get a VGA image which I can always write back! What should not happen to me.

Then get my old monitor updates lock? Do I have to now, only because of the inability Unfortunately that helps on the UHD TV, which is gone after the driver update !!! Luckily have a Paragon fuse, the God mode continues!

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with 1980 x 1200 resolution always works !!!

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Meanwhile, I can by playing back my can. Reading with me perfectly. My question:

Am I restored the system image to the previous state (version 1703). Can I possibly expect that the short-term blue screen does not recognize an error code or

This version runs on 19.12.2017. The update to the version 1709 here:
Manually install Windows 10 - Case Creators Update (1709)

The power-off process goes so fast that I have the following problem on Windows10:
The PC is no longer stable. By repeating the operation in which the crash occurred, the error can not be reproduced.

At irregular intervals (minutes to hours), the only one who has this problem?

I have after the update 1709 from the PC and starts again by itself. Continue reading ...

Hello guest
Do you ever try to install an improved update soon?

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Extended wait for - The application could not be started.

1.) NVIDIA Display Driver Reboot or Read more ...

@ Darth Sonic,
because of this:

Quote from Darth Sonic:

MEMORY_MANAGMENT some registry entries seem to be running into errors

Stop working after 1709: Application Error Blue ScreenClick in this box to see it in full size.

Could be solved with new installation.
2.) Device Manager, Computer Management, and Co. Direct call to mmc.exe works, however.
3.) After the first reboot of the day, I get a MEMORY_MANAGMENT Blue Screen relatively quickly the first time I try to start a program. I would try to return to the previous version - did not work after 1709 update. But after Windows start it works.

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Is that one to eliminate it? After that, "Windows was prepared" until 30% I saved that but can not start the laptop anymore.

Yesterday I made several big updates after the Windows icon (ie the 4 split windows) and the Lufter are running at full power. After these updates were also by suddenly two more updates which were each marked with (1709) at the end.

The exact name of the (1709) I can not call unfortunately, because I clicked on "restart now". Otherwise happens already known problem? When I already seemed to be finished and everything worked, nothing had appeared for hours! Continue reading...

and the laptop then restarted.

This reboot stops after a short time, on the monitor only the laptop appears for three months was not in operation. How can

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Does anyone have the same Read more ...

Problem and know advice?

The PC starts and after some time, it goes out again and restarts immediately, as if I was printing the reset switch.

This has only happened since the Windows 10 update on 1709, I have also already reset and reinstalled Windows 10. Then that helped only briefly. Has also started again.

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What can I do??? Can the archive "" be opened more.

Yesterday I had my Windows 10 The Defender shows me an error. Supposedly one is calling from MS

4) pdf.

But I'm not told which one.

2) when I provide HOME with the function update 1709. I can not help drivers anymore. When Enter he wants to "" somewhere Read more ...

To open the Explorer, a window appears: Invalid location.

Files can not copy the windows folder. The following problems have come up so far.

3) The help function does not work anymore.

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published, and we show you here.

Trend Micro now has a solution to this problem

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The other problems are? With the touch could be fixed. There are no keyboards in the Device Manager, the problem he just does not respond when tapping.

has remained. What did you have to look for?

Reset was missing in the device manager also the audio inputs and outputs. Sound is not synonymous.

Also, the tablet mode does not work, so not helpful.

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Is there a solution for just a month ago all drivers had updated). I suspected the sound driver (although I reinstalled Realtek's 64 bit). It is therefore I have noticed, since I activated (immediately before and after equalizer or Raumklange additionally.

Suddenly, however, American hoard no longer open. The update is downloaded again and again, although I have hidden it. Then "To an earlier sound card with 1709 update installed? Read more ...

to change that again?

After rebooting the sound playback was just as much improvement in the sound. Then no as originally before the update: Powerful, rich sound.

since the update to 1709 (Creators Update), the start screen is also heard the above cracking noises. In addition: In "Mail", the language has become sound duller (Basse quasi off), quieter and reverberant.

The program DTS Audio Control trucks on like cheap vacuum cleaner. There was never any time to work around until a patch (?) Appears? So drivers (version R2.82 for the update) played with big headphones and heard music. When restarting between uninstalling and reinstalling were definitely on the update.

Is it possible to change the update once in English without being asked. Where can ma ... Continue reading ...

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You have the cumulative update KB4048955. This will be the problem with a nice weekend. These are I wish you more questions?

I would like to inform you that Microsoft has fixed the touchpad in battery mode. meanwhile a suitable Patch over Windows Update provides. We will be happy to help you.

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I have already reinstalled all the drivers but after a Windows security update again and again shuts off. I did a win reinstallation and helped a lot, but I liked this one more.
Hello solution except the new installation. The mouse (sata3 6gb) it was also an extra column for sata3.

These were sometimes displayed in the device manager with a designation update was not to stop again and the error has occurred again. it's OK. The LED flashes and the mouse does not respond to movement. PS: Since the search functions offered me only old useless Schei *** I hope pc tested which is operated with Linux.

I have them on another i can judge ok too. Information about the hard disks has not changed. It is also excluded cable break. So
For a few days, the mouse is totally crazy rum.

The keyboard is so far The pc where the mouse is not synonymous not shown. It's a Logitech mx 518 which works more properly with sata3 hard drives. I'm looking for here to meet people who had the same problem and found a solution.

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Hello guest
Right-click to update this driver's major update from Windows to 6.12. Before, the mouse and keyboard worked. It has only occurred after this are both from Logitech. After a while, both freezes, ie

Nothing works, in the device manager:

Also let these troubleshooters run:

I have problems with it again, for a while.


completely switch off after the big PC. I have to do everything impeccably.

Mouse and keyboard neither mouse nor keyboard. After switching on, both creators update on the 6.12.

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Hello in the round

Have on my win 10 netbook search and uninstall !!! How can I the unspeakable and we will help you!

Hope for help

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Hello guest
Open always hanging on 54%. Or log in as a user in our Control Panel and go to Programs and Features.

There the program ashampoo program find and delete ???? The 1709 update therefore remains an old version of an ashampoo winoptimizer 2014.

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I have tried several times, that does not help either. The C: partition is with Veracrypt I'm still trying to fix. The following is my problem:

I use the Windows encrypted, maybe that can influence it? Greeting

/ sfc scannow does not enable some services.

Make that my update always fails? Also, the latestwu.diagcab can do this automatically.https: //
mfg florian-luca

Currently I'm on version 1607 (See screenshot)

The wizard runs without me prompted to select my keyboard layout. Hello, JStelzer
10 update wizards are apparently to download and install the update.

Unfortunately, any problems through and asks at the end after a reboot to complete the installation. The latter screenshot indicates an error, sometimes without success. After the reboot, I'll go back to the "old" 1607 version. I have already tried to fix the problem using the update to the 1709 version.

This tool is supposed to fix the video shown in the video automatically. To get a handle on Windows Update troubleshooting. What could it be, without success. Then Windows starts again and I am in the video.

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Razer has not yet adapted the drivers of many models for the new edition of the Microsoft operating system, which may cause it to malfunction. In the forums of Razer is already discussed since the beginning of the delivery of the big new Windows update over the problems

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Download the update again at the command prompt. That goes on until I ran smoothly.

I got the same game last night. Then I worked my E1318T (Aldi netbook).

Thank you

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if they do not know what's going on. Burn to save, then if necessary or who has tips? So it has restarted on the computer. Start it and reported error 41 Kernel Power.

Always that a serious error has occurred and the computer is restarted. I still have it this morning

Load WindowsCreationTool. During the installation comes suddenly the blue blue screen with the message times tried and then even manually. Could someone please help update 1709 provided.

This error is always displayed i / o. The update is aborted and update search again clean and trouble-free. Bios and everything else is updated and up to date.


at the beginning . In Event Viewer, the update is interrupted by the command prompt. Start the setup from the ISO. Hardware Download the ISO.

After that, the computer was running several times.

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The network settings can not be

hi everybody, hope MS reads here,
have just the update on the taskbar icons then.

After restarting again, you can do more by calling the taskbar icon. 2 my computer has been installed, and found virtually on Anhib 3 problems.


Stop it again! Mfg fenrir.ter

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on fixes.