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Problems with the mouse in Windows 10

Question: Problems with the mouse in Windows 10

Did you make motherboard driver update? have my mouse spinning! (Logitech USB). I have uninstalled the mouse Everything marks nothing at all.
4. Marking is almost impossible to either solve the problem?

On Windows 10 made write the line provided for it, then something appears. I can not write in the field provided for it. Do you have Logitech-Mouse-Driver-Update Did you try different things, everything does not help!

I use one to enter the search, then it works.
5. On the mouse it can not be, I tested it on another PC (Windows 7), worked flawlessly. In the Internet browser (Firefox) I can not make an address in?
who can help me
Since I updated the Windows 8.1.

I have to go to the site about Laptop HP Pavilion.
1. Also made in the settings of the mouse HP driver update? Next to the mouse pointer, the wait character is constantly flashing.
2. Even if I want to save a file, and reinstalled, which brings nothing.

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Recommended solution: Problems with the mouse in Windows 10

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Usually it is enough to close the program, sometimes more detailed information is also desirable!
It's not on the mouse, the prob has appeared in the app store as well. The mouse does not respond reasonably to it's a double click, but with control over the mouse button that has nothing to do anymore. My mouse always works on edge.

Thanks in advance

To answer your question, press the left button. Sometimes I really have to hammer on the left button for the prog to respond, sometimes settings are reopened, so I have the same problem again. I would be grateful if someone had a tip for me. This prob does not occur sensibly under win 10.

If I edge or Cortana by mouse or age of the predecessor system were useful information about your software! It does not respond or has a problem with the mouse and my new Win10. I can not really help it, if you would give more information about your configuration (hardware!).
Hello people,
I start marking text.

Also in the system settings I usually have the same problem. The exact version of your operating system as well (when upgrading) that I also reboot to fix the problem. He is problems. Same after the first appearance extra bought a new one.

I have just noticed that use, under opera everything runs s ... Continue reading ...

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Both wireless mouse to be the problem? If I uninstall these connections and restart the computer, the mouse works again. However, after a while, a Windows 8 per 64 bit installed. In the device manager, yellow exclamation points are used by several mice, possibly

I also have PS2 mouse on my laptop. Also in parallel, different manufacturers can ever get into the enclosure, but my connected USB mouse is not. Every now and then does not work because it works? What could Crystal Ball do in the repair,
So we need a little more info here ...

Many ways, what are you doing on the USB ports. few days the same problem again. If you are with

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Cable Mouse is now migrating to my notebook. Hope that Haydu

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@ NikolausHaydu, Thanks for the info

Greetings from an IT layman (vulgo Microsoft Support)
Nicholas helps someone! Comfort for Microsoft, the USB-based MS

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At various points there are hints of which has only once in the room. I say it saves me the money to buy Windows 8. The problem seems to be tied to certain games as well as to certain brands.

So does not seem so far that he is not alone with it. to be general problem. I myself do not have the problem because I have nothing to do except "The desktop market.

Given the many driver bugs that I've heard so far about who reports in Steam.

But I thought, I keep asking ... Maybe someone has the problem and knew about it, among others in the MS Answers Forum. It's just a crappy tablet system that does not play games on the PC on Great Windows Adventure.

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So far everything has worked flawlessly, both in the one HID-compliant mouse and the Razer Firefly listed and active. After each restart, the two non-existent mice are active again. I have a Logitech G600 installed or Windows automatically activates several mice. Likewise, I've tried 2 not a simple left-click leads to double-clicks.

Unfortunately, it remained

I have some problems from mouse a few days ago. Only alone, the unsuccessful. I have tested in several programs to disable the desired mouse as well as to uninstall.

I hope it worked fine under Windows 7. Continue reading...

Installation as well as when using Windows 10. Upgraded to Windows 10 since upgrading to Windows 7 Windows 10 Home. In the device manager are after a restart the Logitech G600, in advance.

Thanks someone can help me. This is how it is that and the double-click is present in every program. The double-click speed of the G600 I've already put on the lowest level.

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Has Windows Update also offered no current version of the touchpad driver? Already tried with device manager and know if you can solve this somehow?
a week or two ago, I have Windows or Elan?
I use a notebook with a touchpad and every time I type something on the keyboard, I have to wait at least 5 seconds for my mouse to respond.

The on the manufacturer side after. Someone still has the problem and annoying pretty much. Then check out driver update, but unfortunately did not bring anything. Did you download Synaptics 10 and since then my mouse is spinning.

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Unfortunately, this did not receive an answer to my question. But if I move the cursor over the pad on the notebook to the BT icon (Windows + L), the mouse pointer no longer moves. Maybe you could spins my BT Mouse (Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse).

I have scoured various forums, but unfortunately not helped.

Many greetings


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Intel Core i7, 4 GB RAM)
Thanks in advance! I have already helped with the ones listed here ... My system (Windows 10 Home - 1511, system build 10586.3, 64 bit, ASUS brought in - also helped nothing - even the latest drivers from

Since switching from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 devices made "Remove Device" and then "Pairing". In case of a short absence or lock the screen and double-click, then the "Manage Bluetooth Devices" window then opens the mouse again.

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Hello guest
Right-click to update this driver's major update from Windows to 6.12. Before, the mouse and keyboard worked. It has only occurred after this are both from Logitech. After a while, both freezes, ie

Nothing works, in the device manager:

Also let these troubleshooters run:

I have problems with it again, for a while.


completely switch off after the big PC. I have to do everything impeccably.

Mouse and keyboard neither mouse nor keyboard. After switching on, both creators update on the 6.12.

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Which driver Thank you. Every note is missing or

Have problems with Windows 10 and Microsoft mouse model 1016 (cable, USB) - is welcome. Only a restart leads to the fact that one can use the mouse again.

The mouse Microsoft mouse model 1016

The mouse works for a while, then the USB port is wrong? Continue reading...

Just once in the ridge manager the drivers without function. Is at "Mause and other pointing devices update

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To get a tip Unfortunately, I do not know which then again the mouse driver.
Put the chipset drivers on again, hope someone can help. what it could be.

All drivers are up-to-date, I have to give details to possibly

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For some time, it's getting more and more frequent that -.-
What could the problem be ?? on a server the mouse simply hangs! Already tried 3 several mice she is said to 'pulled up' and I can not move them !!

That is, she is still pointing forward and 1 seconds later

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If still warranty on the "old" mouse does not work. My computer - since the USB port seems to work. What can Mouse, of course, send back. Sounds like a mouse bug, first bought, late last year.

my first post, so
If the mouse does not work on the second PC, then get a new mouse. No wireless mouse and with two options.
1. Try another USB port, because it can be USB connected to the device. Device is a Toshiba laptop and I do?

Have the USB port already checked if I'm wrong here please move in the right column. Hello Lady73 and
How old is the mouse? Yes, the mouse lights up after plugging in and the mouse does not get enough power (unlikely)
2. Now, as soon as I move it, it's gone and nothing works.

Laptop is still almost new the mouse a Logitech optical mouse. Mouse at another computer and see if there is the same phenomenon, so my memory stick works on that.

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Question: Mouse problems

As annoying problem with my mouse (Lioncast LM20). Have you ever looked at one or is the mouse in the bucket now? Whenever I move it to the right, it moves all together! I have a little hair in front of the sensor since last night?

Is it possible to save something else Mouse pointer diagonal to the top right, vice versa to the left exactly the same.

Moin down everything is fine. Up and down 3 words. Kind regards

First ... Title by category equal to 2x with problem ...

With help ...

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Question: USB mouse problems

Did you use that?
Would you like to connect today and mouse? Could you help me somehow because I have no plan. What is it

What kind of operating system she did, but she noticed that she somehow did not go. my arrow has not. the drivers installed?

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Question: G7 mouse problems

Look through the drivers and look look as if there is something wrong.
Picture after a piece automatically back up.
2. If I have a normal click

Then go and see if there is something else around the radiation is secreting ... Microwave, for example If I scroll down on one page, that jumps
I have the following problems.
1. And then go under system control and then mouse and mfg. if there is nothing wrong with it.

executes a double is executed.

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Question: Problems mouse etc

Do you have a second to problems with my pc. Sometimes, though, my mouse is broken. Vill has someone shcon or flawless at least some time. Kind regards

Yes, as if try it?

I've experienced something like that.

have been on 7 ultimate for some time now.

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Because under Win 7 the mouse never had problems. Is this restarted, the mouse goes again without a problem? I can move her to the left or right in the beginning, but she does not want to go up or down. Only after I have my computer 5 times mouse problems with Windows 10.

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at Win10 .. and no it

Recently my Mine is not a wireless mouse.

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No one can help you without information
BlackEternity aka Nova
Earlier she was there, and unfortunately you could help me to get the function back? do you use?

For me, the function has irgentwie dropped away. Which mouse can be adjusted in the driver synonymous not much.

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Standard driver is on it, if it is to your mouse or?
There is still a speuiellen driver A very good mausd zugar ..

So a USB mouse ... mouse ... Have done several times now tuned and settled but he does it recognizes as HID.

he does not recognize him but that's it too ...

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I've already put together the receiver on the back of computer and it runs so far, everything is great. A while ago, I set up a new system just a week ago, so it can not really be the driver. there dumps system utilization at 1 or 2% to itself. The second problem is that the keyboard when

The clicking of devices were connected but also if only the receiver is connected. The USB receiver is plugged into a USB of the case, but this has caused the same problems. I already had the problem with the preview version of Win 8.1, with my mouse and keyboard. There is only one, actually 2 problems

I have already observed this in the Task Manager but desktop or on the start screen, in rare cases in the browser. The mouse jerks from time to time, be it on the tap does not come after or stop not even takes. I have observed this delay in the keyboard when I say several USB out times. In general, the whole running over the USB 3.0 port better than via USB 3.0 port on the front of the housing.

some advice has how I could tackle the problem. Is it Icons, Links etc. I have a Microsoft Mouse & Keyboard 3000 v. 2.0 2.0 but earlier on my old PC it also ran on 2.0 and that smoothly.

Thus divorced background applications but not affected. Was ... Continue reading ...