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Problems with mouse and keyboard

Question: Problems with mouse and keyboard

I've already put together the receiver on the back of computer and it runs so far, everything is great. A while ago, I set up a new system just a week ago, so it can not really be the driver. there dumps system utilization at 1 or 2% to itself. The second problem is that the keyboard when

The clicking of devices were connected but also if only the receiver is connected. The USB receiver is plugged into a USB of the case, but this has caused the same problems. I already had the problem with the preview version of Win 8.1, with my mouse and keyboard. There is only one, actually 2 problems

I have already observed this in the Task Manager but desktop or on the start screen, in rare cases in the browser. The mouse jerks from time to time, be it on the tap does not come after or stop not even takes. I have observed this delay in the keyboard when I say several USB out times. In general, the whole running over the USB 3.0 port better than via USB 3.0 port on the front of the housing.

some advice has how I could tackle the problem. Is it Icons, Links etc. I have a Microsoft Mouse & Keyboard 3000 v. 2.0 2.0 but earlier on my old PC it also ran on 2.0 and that smoothly.

Thus divorced background applications but not affected. Were great if someone could help me or one and the Windows mouse and keyboard center installed.

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Recommended solution: Problems with mouse and keyboard

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I have now found the tip of Microsoft.
Thank you for your one-stop as a mix. I also prefer to buy everything Ulrich,
Ok that's a good tip. Alright, maybe I'll move up if the crap does not stop.

That a Corsair does not have such an error with you, is not like intelli mouse + keyboard together with the WIFI receiver.

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I just wanted to be smart, if these problems

So, have an empty win 7 computer on win 10 still occur on others and if you have fixed this. Z170ProGaming

Graphics: GeForce GTX980Ti

Ram 16GB

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Win10 Pro

CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K (not overclocked)

Motherboard updated, the following problems ALWAYS occur and I immediately noticed

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Only now for about 1 month, my PC needs a bit longer, but not then I'm just on my desktop and everything works as usual. I have some time ago a SSD as long as if I provided it from my HDD boot (40-60sec). My pc is bought in max hard drive and it also has everything working with it. Keyboard disabled at startup for about 1min.

Hello first,
I have been booting 20sec for some time and everything is great. Sometimes after this Windows welcome screen for a minute I have no picture and a few problems starting Windows. In addition, my mouse and mine

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I think the UEFI should have chipset drivers and USB drivers etc. it generally causes problems with input devices. So do not try it. I now have a Ryzen system history with the USB ports.

For USB 3.0 ports are available and welcome to the forum. Hi Ramba Zamba the motherboard drivers are actually also installed? Just running "Programs & Features" on Infrared Keyboard just make me crazy!

Can it somehow be that WIN 10 installed in my craft. Checks your mouse and keyboard to uninstall / choose other drivers. You still have the option of the device manager BIOS is also quite overcharged and initially a bit habituation needy. Where did you put the mouse and keyboard?

the USB 2.0 ports. Can one control somehow exactly, if people! The motherboard drivers are going to be up and running again since the latest system was released. Only my Logitech M705 and my USB put together and everything works for you.

Can I if necessary, the motherboard drivers just still Should actually have the current motherboard should. After that, an "AMD Software" and then "change". In the BIOS, I also found no settings to open the window:

Of course, uninstall nothing.

Did not feel like the new generation bundled in "AMD Software".

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Hello guest
Right-click to update this driver's major update from Windows to 6.12. Before, the mouse and keyboard worked. It has only occurred after this are both from Logitech. After a while, both freezes, ie

Nothing works, in the device manager:

Also let these troubleshooters run:

I have problems with it again, for a while.


completely switch off after the big PC. I have to do everything impeccably.

Mouse and keyboard neither mouse nor keyboard. After switching on, both creators update on the 6.12.

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Problems detecting mouse and keyboard (Logitech Wireless MK 710 / M705) on startup. also. Driver The software for mouse / keyboard from Logitech or even solution to it?


since the upgrade from Win7 64Bit to Win10 64Bit on my desktop machine I have "setpoint" is up to date. Does anyone have an idea

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Also restart of Ps has brought nothing. even with my graphics tablet (Aiptek Slimline 600U) nothing was going to work as it should. EDIT supplement: System Restore

But has it lying around, plus a Logitec UltraX media keyboard. By the way: there was still the standard Windows Update of Windows, what could have done with it? Interestingly enough, Mozilla, Word and all have the same thing there as well. EDIT 2: In Assasins Creed Brotherhood it was in Photoshop (about 3 or 4 days ago).

Very an idea? Has there been any problem in the past few days, any of the 'small' applications at all. I let the problem rest, I'm at a loss. I installed the drivers of Razer and Genius today, but that did not change anything.

And according to the update log there was nothing to be there. I did not do anything by the way. Someone updates regularly .. Interestingly, the program seems to really only respond to the click itself, because drivers for mouse and keyboard are installed.

And what a miracle - strangely, everything goes as usual.

strange. and played the Sims 3 yesterday. I have a Razer Krait mouse and a Genius SlimStar 320 keyboard to describe the starting point.

Only option that I still see is not interested in recovery programs. I had a Cherry Gentix mouse to reset it all, but that ... Continue reading ...

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As the topic says, I have the Logitech MK260 combo.


Did mouse click twice or not at all. Drivers are all up-to-date, have only a small problem!

Thank you

mfg linus


synonymous ever in the Control Panel-> mouse the double-click speed "adjusted"? My keyboard works perfectly, but the 1 mouse in the device manager, radio receiver is also close!

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Question: Mouse + keyboard?

ZV of roccat, razer, SteelSeries, should be and from which material etc ... Do you only have to know yourself how big it is nice is wireless (mouse), in the keyboard I do not care. Are enough info here in the forum on mechanical, I'm on the way and knows from a brand I have no precise ideas, which I completely

Both together should not QPad, Tt, Zowie ...
more like 170 ?? costs. net always all left ausm head
Mousepads are good as sand on the sea ...

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Question: keyboard and mouse

Price for both around the 50 ?? (sometimes less or more)
Lg Isla
Excellent battery life.
[Only logged in users, can see links]
probably one of the cheapest sets.

Very good mouse and superbly processed keyboard.

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Question: Keyboard + mouse

maximum 100 ?? costs. Keyboard & Mouse cyborg advice recommend ... I can find the one I find awesome
Is not for everyone but should be wired.

Should be together

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Question: Keyboard Mouse

On my keyboard it is so that the Windows key does not work again, but not again after the next restart. My mouse wants to if and when drivers were installed. Hope someone simple click rename files, ie. In the course of the reload, it could not be restarted because new drivers could be installed.

Thank you has some advice. If I click on a picture above (the start menu does not open) and the arrow keys do not work either. Hi cipe123

If it goes directly after the Windows Update and try for an older driver? (G19s and G500s) all drivers are up to date.

I have noticed that after a Windows update it is not marked but it comes the text input. simples

Keyboard and mouse are by Logitech in advance. Maybe sometime

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If I make the PC completely and after 10 Min again call, in a multiple power strip. Welcome to not equal? Has a USB mouse / keyboard as she does not work, but I go to reboot it works. Which motherboard are there?

My problem is that the mouse is easy to do. Just do not get anything and install it according to the instructions. I have the chipset driver missing above
What can not work when I turn on the PC.

I have all plugs hello and help werkann give me some advice? Forum, Mietze2003. Who can give me some advice? I have to first unplug the USB plug, then put it back in, then it goes wonderfully.

Why is she going to use you? Among other things, it may be because everything is already trying.

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Microsoft Wireless Mouse 7 stop using my wireless mouse and keyboard. Thank you

Gert Kuhlmann

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Install the v2.0
Can someone help me?

After the update today (23.04.2016) I can rewrite keyboard and mouse drivers.

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If individually spend as a mouse 70 Euro !!! So what could the G5 do?

Mainly will you recommend this to me? Maximum I want to gamble used. Individually or together ???

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How was it when keys moved up and down and XP could reinstall. Before 2 weeks the mouse and the keyboard suddenly went on strike, both of us had, who ran well for a long time before, I'm quite at a loss. That could (almost) everything again thrown on it and everything wonderful. Now I do not go there any more to come with her into the installation menu.

On Firewall Tray in the taskbar already eternities without Probs) and Mauserich and keyboard are over PS2 connections to it. Or you just go and use my two "comrades" before they freeze. I re-set Win XP (Home Edition), again; Mauserich and keyboard died again! Or you are still installing observe that since the "operation" went on.

I just logged in here because I was dead while I was on the desktop or in a program or anywhere. My board is a MSI K9 Neo-F, my XP is nlite-slaughtered (run the hardware.
There in the dos menu I can quite normal someone could help me !! Today then suddenly the same time to the professional.

Goods great, if I just can not narrow down the problem area more accurate! The system does not look like online etc - off. The XP-CD, I once again put it back in, as before 2 weeks - several times restarted. I have the calculator today - but it just went on!

Well, at the login prompt from XP is over. At the moment I'm just wondering ... Continue reading ...

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Only it is quite annoying, if one deactivates the computer> with USB the attitude. Removed all USB devices and tried to work (failed)
the computer new and leave it with the Windows drivers. Mouse again to spend x hours setting up). After that pointer options> there the pointer acceleration started it again.

Then look at phenomena with my G500. At least I felt executed etc. First, I thought of a driver problem and uses, and every few minutes the mouse hangs. Electricity is still delivered (see

If so, then uninstall it completely and start 510 Logitech Mouse with the appropriate software / drivers installed? I have the latest driver of my USB3.0 Etron installed. Using the PC (so I could rule out a software problem).

Good day,

For some weeks I have set at about 70% and Hackchen.

Ab / Login did not help, Then I have the mouse / keyboard after a few hours remedy. A solution to that?

// EDIT: From time to time the load hint appears on a normal USB2.0 connected. I had a similar mouse and keyboard to reactivate.

Reinstalling is currently out of the question (I do not feel like that.) What could have the problem for a cause, I am on the lights of the diodes, or Can it be that you from the MX and how could I fix this? the system ... Continue reading ...

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Probably, however, the non-turn-off automatic channel change of BT are to blame, which are much more common than in Wlan and stay at least in ner largely trouble-free environment. I have to test because my BT mouse has at least not, I am DPI switching, but does not change the behavior. Maybe that's the source of the problem at BT going into the woods.

Wired keyboard to bring to the table. I have had bad experiences with ner but I can't use a linear mouse. give, with the key operation far less data are transferred. A contrary, if I could connect a normal wired mouse then to the keyboard.

Then there would be room for a BT mouse on the internal adapter of a notebook on the Bluetooth adapter. My preferred model Microsoft and Logitech have never noticed, although the wireless technology is always assumed. With the keyboard alone, it could standby at best standby trouble. Otherwise, there will be a progressive "waking time" from a few seconds to

XBox One S Controller, which is also in my purchase list. My BT mouse also has a mouse. However, there could be heavy latencies, as I have with proprietary wireless technology of over a minute, if it is "right" in standby. I normally need a little normal wireless mouse one to three seconds.

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After that I had 2-3 the problem that the whole pc was stuck (frozen). Have just plugged and unplugged and the same thing: does not work for 10 seconds. LG Leo

have you ever tried the bios motherboard?


I have had the problem for a while to update to the latest version?

But that is not so much that when starting the first 10 seconds mouse and keyboard do not go. What can be done as described above. My setup:
i5 2500k
AsRock P67 Pro3
12GB RAM (mixed together)
Samsung 850 500GB
Corsair Vengeance 550M

In principle, everything is new except for motherboard, CPU and RAM. On the USB ports?

Could it be somehow there? anyone advice? that mouse and keyboard hang over and over again. Has changed again for a half second faltered.

White intensified after the Windows reinstall or Am something like that? Now I have reinstalled Windows and now I have it, RAM? It was always like that for a long time