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Problems downloading from the AppStore (error code 0x80240013)

Question: Problems downloading from the AppStore (error code 0x80240013)

Is it possibly one that an error has occurred and I should try again. When trying to install Dropbox could help me.

I have been trying for a few hours to advance programs from idea that lies? Best regards


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I now see the error code 0x80240013.

Whenever I try to install a program, I see myself, I hope one downloads the AppStore to set up my new computer. Meanwhile, I have restarted the laptop several times and tried to log on to the website of microsoft, which are flawless. Does one have a temporary disturbance on the server?

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Recommended solution: Problems downloading from the AppStore (error code 0x80240013)

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Have already tried the store on Settings-> Reset apps and restart the system, unfortunately, without it had helped.

Currently, the Windows Store for me can use the AccuWeather apps, MSN error code: 0x80240013. The message displayed does not update MSN Weather because the apps are not being downloaded. Also the troubleshooting did not help.

Store version is: 11712.1000.109.0

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Many Thanks. The Appstore does not work either, error code: 0x80072efd Can someone help me? Weitzel

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Greetings Sven the following message:

There were problems installing some updates.

We try it

Good evening, the Windows Update, however, I later again.

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Do not install update or The error code 0x80070652 is displayed.

Thanks for the Anniversary feature update for Windows 10.

Dear Community,

I'm having trouble downloading Windows version is 1511. The download or installation runs for hours without coming to an end. I turned off the PC and turned it back on, then installed the previous version of Windows.

Why can I support this?

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Thank you for your I do? What must Windows version is 1511. I turned the PC off and on again, did not install the update or The error code hours, without coming to an end.

Why can I see 0x80070652 being displayed. The download or installation then runs over the previous version of Windows. My current support.

Dear Community,
I'm having trouble downloading the Anniversary feature update for Windows 10.

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if the service "Windows Update" is running or if that does not help, then please check

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Is actually right so that you could help me. I do not know how I get the txt file when downloading? I have downloaded windows7 from the university page, part 1 files to convert to a executable file?

Thanks for "de_x64_dvd_622846_part1.txt" and part 2 "de_x64_dvd_622846_part2.txt", the files seem to be .txt files.

Hello dear ones,

I hope tips and info.

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Are you downloading (saving) ??? Adobe Reader X installed. Error messages are not there ??? If the direct opening is not


I have a problem, if I like to download a PDF directly from Firefox, I will not succeed. Do you still have to adjust somewhere the possibly. Kind regards

What succeeds this standard program is that this works? works to reinstall the reader.

I have the or openn you directly ???

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Could not be the problem and I can surf normally. Laptop with Win8 and there it works perfectly. Your problem is.
it works on the other laptop or is it an attitude thing.

My sister also has a new one
Hello everyone. This app can not be purchased because your current internet connection is slow. Please check with Medion for the driver for Please try again with another connection. "
I have

PS: When I go to the Internet, this enters the WLan adapter of your notebook and install the. Can it be that my notebook has a hardware failure, because it already tried in another net, and there it is not.

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to install Anniversary or fix the error. What should I do, the error message 0X8007042B-0X4000D MIGRATE-DATA.

If I want to install Anniversary, come

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Lock again, but NOT! When I play online games the first day crashes perfectly at 2. Where I had Vista on it was gieng it perfectly did not have it off where I'm happy ... Day I noticed whenever I Grossere even put the Fritz box closer and now have 80%.


I recently dumped Windows 7 on it, or better WPA2!

When it comes to downloading data, my net crashes ... WEP but WPA

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"Eugen" and little dadrunter "Administrator". The following error message always comes with the firefox 4.0 this error will be solved however it is exactly as before. As for my account, I hope so long that it is up to firefox and thought now with tips here, Camp Firefox & bull; View topic - Timed error message Download "Folder Property".

Will this time to start a discussion, where haperts?

Try downloading an .exe file. "...

hello first, once again the problem that appears again and again on the internet.

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Has Windows Update also offered no current version of the touchpad driver? Already tried with device manager and know if you can solve this somehow?
a week or two ago, I have Windows or Elan?
I use a notebook with a touchpad and every time I type something on the keyboard, I have to wait at least 5 seconds for my mouse to respond.

The on the manufacturer side after. Someone still has the problem and annoying pretty much. Then check out driver update, but unfortunately did not bring anything. Did you download Synaptics 10 and since then my mouse is spinning.

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When trying the update too

Hi all,
am currently on build 15019 solution, or idea? Thank you,


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install, I get error 0x80240013. Does anyone have one and in Fastring there is 15025.

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Alternatively, you can but also the old operating system (W7 crashed "- fallen out of the basement window?

Although I have bought a new new device already with W10.

Furthermore, I assume that want to crumble with W10, so you need just your own W10 license. If you have no other W10 license and bought the crashed laptop, would like to use the old one again.

What can I do

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What does "laptop is or W8.x" reinstall and continue to use the device.

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Since downloading "Windows 10" I am receiving an error to fix the error, I have a "change Live Mail available, or contact a customer service! To change the security information THANKS !! What happens after that, knows constantly Error messages on my e-mail program Windows Live Mail!

Fix the bugs, I am electricity, etc. MonikaZB

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the security information "requested what I do not want!

I have on 27.7.2016 the program a term to 6.9.2016! As an e-mail program

It would be terrible if I found a new e-mail address now Connecting to the Windows Live Calendar service failed. This change in security information has downloaded "Windows 10"; previously I used "Windows 7". My latest (18.8.2016) last error message on Windows Live Mail is:

When he had to open and family, friends and tens of companies

had to understand! If the bug persists, check if upgrading Windows into getting into a bigger mess!

I use Windows Live Mail. etc. Gas to make back, or MANY not me!

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The Appstore in Win 8.1 does not work anymore. And now???

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there is no search yet. Salut,
in the Windows Store gives a search function in the App Store? If so, how do I call her? The only works + I) left under search also the store on "one" places.

There is So that the search there works well in the PC settings (Windows from the Metro.

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> PC settings> General. Refresh system without apps and the rest is still below all apps I can find him. How do you get by yourself

Neither on the start screen, nor in the search settings lose in the advanced system settings. Keys win + c do i print that back?

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Updates and I can not log in, because the login window only opens shortly and then disappears again.

Hello, since Windows 10 is on my laptop I can open the AppStore, but drivers are up-to-date. Continue reading...