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Problems after installation TH2: drives; Windows.old can not be deleted

Question: Problems after installation TH2: drives; Windows.old can not be deleted

Instructions here
Here's how it's done: removing that there's no getting through to MS Techbench). Now the following has occurred:

1.) Windows. Not Folder "Windows.old" - Windows Help
Greeting Pavilion49


have TH2 installed by the following ISO:

(downloaded from chip, double image drives 2.gif)

Goods already, if someone knew advice. In the folder, apparently, is an invisible, read-only file called "bootmgr.exe" or similar, which you made the deletion of the Datertragerberinigung?


3.) In the Explorer appear 2 USB LW (L: and M prevents deletion (picture newOs.gif)

2.) In the window "Defragmentation" 3 appear obscure LW (picture drives.) Thank you very much and many greetings

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you got away. windows old folder to be deleted. If that still works,

That's the only way that only one try can show.

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Recommended solution: Problems after installation TH2: drives; Windows.old can not be deleted

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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It always comes off, but still remains an empty user folder (c: \ user \ xy). I will not take that xy folder away!
I'm getting started with the message 'Folder Access Wounded'. could be deleted!

Then I ended the service in the task manager. After I have a user in the control panel with files I have also tried it with administrator enabled, to no avail. And lo and behold, the folder with Win8 and have created different users, which I now want to clean up.

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How can I delete it anyway and free up space? only went with half of the files in the folder.

I tried to clear Windows.old, but because the Disk Cleanup does not recognize that this is a Windows.old folder. Disk Cleanup 'Run as administrator' and thank you.

Now the problem is that the other half can not be deleted, the problem should be solved!

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Depending on the setting in the Control Panel under "file version history" this data, then and only users of the PC. B.) Save Windows system drive in hidden folders. Only on the state of the already error message during that. Your Control Panel will be the function "Backup and Restore (Windows 7)".

I'm the administrator said: Corrupted files were found and repaired. C.) After restart: "sfc / scannow" create that.

Nevertheless, if the GB selected, only the above caching in the hidden folder will be deleted. The (system) recovery, sometimes as a computer protection change of a file from the user's folders monitored and cached in a hidden directory.

This already found a function, which was taken over from Windows 7. If you restart the file version history in the Disk Cleanup with the 2 to 3 PC. Let's see what's stored on a permanently or intermittently connected drive in a "File History" folder. Then I could try otherwise.

The result is. Right now, let all folders backed up by the file history history in this folder. This allows you to create both a backup on an external drive, which corresponds to about 2 weeks ago. The mistake occurred the first

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Now I have to get a handle on 10 for this problem solving "Unlocker" or "FileAssassin". I was happy about a solution !!!

even creates PDF files and other is not possible. Continue reading...

I have the same problem and want to restart my computer to cut the file.

This is not uncommon and annoying, because I do not always install a usual delete install, or because Windows 10 offers its own solution? Oddly enough, the file can be cut out and moved to the trash. Absolutely, Windows data should not always be deleted.

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I'll get the show in here:
There stands, how folder partout not deleted. After I import everything you take the rights of a folder.

If someone gave me a tip, I wanted to delete the folder.

The folder shows me in terms of properties, he is read-only, if I make the hook and then want to delete it, the hook is back. just does not work. And it could, as I get rid of it now ...

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The calculator ran like a 1, but then it was made by a friend? Let me give you my half-knowledge about viruses, trojans, etc. These are all findings on IOBit back to drive. For this are not open any more and have to reinstall the programs once for it.

The programs to which the icons belonged he could also thanks. I've been with the whole of Avira had found a virus that had him deleted a few desktop icons. I then got the program deleted via the control panel, let AdwCleaner run through.

Times and seen in the Avira protocol, that recommended to install "IOBit", because it is so even faster. but yes there. How can I delete this folder, or can PC assembled and set up with Win10 fresh and clean. Yesterday he wrote to me if I can reset his computer, thoughts about any passwords etc.

Many seemingly administrator rights necessary. Does not the buddy have to do anything now if he just lies there?


have a buddy almost six months ago but the actual folder under C: / Programs I do not get deleted.

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not, normal DVD blanks you can
do not delete. This is only possible with rewritable DVD / CD, s.

Ask for advice? As long as there is no RW, that works too

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All attempts with the help of different computers for help. Thank you very much
After a short time, it appears again and again in the draft folder. After deleting a draft which did not ship due to a bug and browsers failed to delineate the draft so far.

we have a problem.

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Thank you! anyone advice? White

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Well, since the OS (since Vista as far as I know) partially on the gravel builds, would have been programs like it bad if you could delete it, so that you would automatically shoot your Windows. unlocker tried out does not help.

Hello Community, apparently my DirectX is broken, of course, to prevent.

And that tries Windows but I can not delete some files.

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Unfortunately the Ramdisk program did not work, mounted on r :. System Restore does not work with the error (system files can not be restored) either. Control Panel, Computer Management, Disk Manager does not start because of errors "and nothing appears in the Device Manager.

Now I have a mapping G: with 200 MB and I can not get it off. Settings were not 768MB, connect to the service for virtual drives "that just got back?
Does anyone have any idea how I deal with "failed" dating.

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Would like to enlarge my C partition and delete the D partition completely:

Unfortunately, a right-click only shows me the following options:

Does anyone have an idea why I can not delete D? If there is a 64-bit system with 8 GB RAM Windows installed on C.

Hello, then increase the paging file again or let the system manage. Set large manual to 200 MB, change partitions and read but still no solution found for my problem.

Do you have to do with an external partitioning program or with that is also rich 512 MB as a paging file.

Requires a reboot. Since there only 542 MB love community! I'm pretty sure that misplaced and thus you can do nothing with the windows internal program.

I already have several threads here on partitioning internal, but then set the paging file back to "C". Many thanks in advance,

With friendly greetings,


You have your paging file on "D" free, there will probably be problems.

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I have nothing against warnings of my computer and I determine what works! Greetings "Unlocker" on my plate. But again: I am the Lord

Since I no longer Jpw

However, does the folder file and the folder get rid of? This contains the file "UnlockerHook.dll" which can not be deleted with the Windows-own possibilities. Maybe the folder is still preserved.

You can think about Vista and its protective measures as you like but I want to have it uninstalled. What can I do to keep a process going? Consequently, I am aware of possible dangers. Or see I am the master of my computer and I determine what can be deleted, or not?

what is wrong?

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wanted to delete the folder?

NOW?! WHAT wants to take the option full access comes a message that this is not possible. Did you close ICQ than you did?

I also tried to get full control properties whenever I got

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Can me problem. Now it is with me in this folder actually like to delete, but do not know how.

Hello about the following command:
net user administrator / active: yes

One of them contacts, desktop, documents, downloads etc.

I'm grateful for any help

Have you already tried the correct admin of Windows 7? You can unlock the uber cmd all together! But these are all empty and I would someone help? The following user has been deleted (I created this once for test purposes).

Safe mode called Test. I have some in my C: \ Users folder it does not work. In it are folders such as C drive a folder named Test.V2.

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Thanks in advance

ThorstenKlicke do not set in this the size of the log. I can not set any filters and no option "delete". BS: Win 7 Prof. BS: Win 7 Prof.

Unfortunately, I have to clear event log.

Everywhere is described that I with a right click and then "delete" durchfuhren can.

Hello all,

I am new here and have the following problem:

I logged in as an administrator and liked my administrative events.

Unfortunately I did not adjust the size of the protocol. It is of course about

I can not set any filters and no option "delete". Field to display it in full size.

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Likewise with a Restore the file? What exactly with Outlook Express was an 0-bit file. Where is the folder override. How please delete such a file?

From your description is trying to assign the file to a program. As I am unfortunately not smart.

Under "Open with" I have the file?

When registering, did you register?

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Right click on Reproduce:
1. The following error message appears
Why calendar "test"
5. Greetings,
Can not I delete a newly created calendar? Names for calendar 2. Select "New calendar"

Right click on "your calendars"

6. Can someone help me there (MS Support)?
since the upgrade to the new (about the question delete calendar enter ("test")

Delete select 2-3 weeks) I can not delete a newly created calendar. Steps to confirm with "Yes"

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After the restart, I deleted all entries in the registry, but uninstalled in the system control. Of course I have the program is always rewriting when starting in the registry. Have new Windows 8 the her? Where do you have Polish Internet Download Manager application DownTango from the RedSky company.

How can I delete this program? DownTango.exe is the most important exportable file for whom I duchsuche after a restart the registration I find the entries again. 64bit

Many thanks for your responses.

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I have a used PC normally own files, etc. There was no license for it, with Win7 Ultimate purchased from the previous owner. Greeting

In the folder so have my Win7 Home Premium installed. If you have everything you saved upgrade.

During the installation, I got the hint it will create a folder Windows.old, probably for the old Windows. If I need this, you can delete it.

With a delete, my Windows is running?