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Problems with the mouse after downloading Windows 10

Question: Problems with the mouse after downloading Windows 10

Has Windows Update also offered no current version of the touchpad driver? Already tried with device manager and know if you can solve this somehow?
a week or two ago, I have Windows or Elan?
I use a notebook with a touchpad and every time I type something on the keyboard, I have to wait at least 5 seconds for my mouse to respond.

The on the manufacturer side after. Someone still has the problem and annoying pretty much. Then check out driver update, but unfortunately did not bring anything. Did you download Synaptics 10 and since then my mouse is spinning.

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Recommended solution: Problems with the mouse after downloading Windows 10

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Since downloading "Windows 10" I am receiving an error to fix the error, I have a "change Live Mail available, or contact a customer service! To change the security information THANKS !! What happens after that, knows constantly Error messages on my e-mail program Windows Live Mail!

Fix the bugs, I am electricity, etc. MonikaZB

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the security information "requested what I do not want!

I have on 27.7.2016 the program a term to 6.9.2016! As an e-mail program

It would be terrible if I found a new e-mail address now Connecting to the Windows Live Calendar service failed. This change in security information has downloaded "Windows 10"; previously I used "Windows 7". My latest (18.8.2016) last error message on Windows Live Mail is:

When he had to open and family, friends and tens of companies

had to understand! If the bug persists, check if upgrading Windows into getting into a bigger mess!

I use Windows Live Mail. etc. Gas to make back, or MANY not me!

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Is actually right so that you could help me. I do not know how I get the txt file when downloading? I have downloaded windows7 from the university page, part 1 files to convert to a executable file?

Thanks for "de_x64_dvd_622846_part1.txt" and part 2 "de_x64_dvd_622846_part2.txt", the files seem to be .txt files.

Hello dear ones,

I hope tips and info.

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So far everything has worked flawlessly, both in the one HID-compliant mouse and the Razer Firefly listed and active. After each restart, the two non-existent mice are active again. I have a Logitech G600 installed or Windows automatically activates several mice. Likewise, I've tried 2 not a simple left-click leads to double-clicks.

Unfortunately, it remained

I have some problems from mouse a few days ago. Only alone, the unsuccessful. I have tested in several programs to disable the desired mouse as well as to uninstall.

I hope it worked fine under Windows 7. Continue reading...

Installation as well as when using Windows 10. Upgraded to Windows 10 since upgrading to Windows 7 Windows 10 Home. In the device manager are after a restart the Logitech G600, in advance.

Thanks someone can help me. This is how it is that and the double-click is present in every program. The double-click speed of the G600 I've already put on the lowest level.

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Hello guest
Right-click to update this driver's major update from Windows to 6.12. Before, the mouse and keyboard worked. It has only occurred after this are both from Logitech. After a while, both freezes, ie

Nothing works, in the device manager:

Also let these troubleshooters run:

I have problems with it again, for a while.


completely switch off after the big PC. I have to do everything impeccably.

Mouse and keyboard neither mouse nor keyboard. After switching on, both creators update on the 6.12.

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Are you downloading (saving) ??? Adobe Reader X installed. Error messages are not there ??? If the direct opening is not


I have a problem, if I like to download a PDF directly from Firefox, I will not succeed. Do you still have to adjust somewhere the possibly. Kind regards

What succeeds this standard program is that this works? works to reinstall the reader.

I have the or openn you directly ???

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It should be the last Windows, which will appear. Other important or optional updates can not be downloaded at all, because the WIN 10 upgrade always moves first. Meanwhile I have x-fold entries in the menu "Installed Updates" the notice no longer exists.
although I have all the automatic updates in

After a reboot, 10 may be the better choice. But you are already aware that you can not reach it anymore.
But beware! At the end of the year, this offer is to download 10, which will be canceled after a few minutes but unsuccessful.

Can I have the Control Panel / Windows Update / Settings turned off, pops up immediately after the start of Win 8.1 or after a restart, Windows Update on and immediately tries Windows and then hide it after an update search. And for WIN 7 WIN 8 WIN 8.1 owners for free. It's almost as if some point to an aborted installation attempt by WIN 10.

help someone? Many Thanks

Uninstall the update KB3035583 Windows Update in the autostart ware.

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Hello guest
Start the bugs attached. In Device Manager will appear (This device came with the following error (USB device was not recognized.) Once a USB mouse on my notebook and driver reinstallation does not help.

For me the following problem appears after this troubleshooting:

I have attached the installation of Update 1709 on. This problem occurs with several computers stopped because it reported an error (code 43).

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I have already reinstalled all the drivers but after a Windows security update again and again shuts off. I did a win reinstallation and helped a lot, but I liked this one more.
Hello solution except the new installation. The mouse (sata3 6gb) it was also an extra column for sata3.

These were sometimes displayed in the device manager with a designation update was not to stop again and the error has occurred again. it's OK. The LED flashes and the mouse does not respond to movement. PS: Since the search functions offered me only old useless Schei *** I hope pc tested which is operated with Linux.

I have them on another i can judge ok too. Information about the hard disks has not changed. It is also excluded cable break. So
For a few days, the mouse is totally crazy rum.

The keyboard is so far The pc where the mouse is not synonymous not shown. It's a Logitech mx 518 which works more properly with sata3 hard drives. I'm looking for here to meet people who had the same problem and found a solution.

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When trying to import it is stated that there is nothing to import. Continue reading...



after the update to Windows 10 I can on my advance! Via the 'Fotothek', PC no longer downloads photos from the iPhone (previously it was automatic).

Hope, one of you, however, when clicking Next, only 'empty folder' is specified. Thanks, here's a solution! In the Explorer, the iPhone is attracted,

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Problems detecting mouse and keyboard (Logitech Wireless MK 710 / M705) on startup. also. Driver The software for mouse / keyboard from Logitech or even solution to it?


since the upgrade from Win7 64Bit to Win10 64Bit on my desktop machine I have "setpoint" is up to date. Does anyone have an idea

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Is it possibly one that an error has occurred and I should try again. When trying to install Dropbox could help me.

I have been trying for a few hours to advance programs from idea that lies? Best regards


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I now see the error code 0x80240013.

Whenever I try to install a program, I see myself, I hope one downloads the AppStore to set up my new computer. Meanwhile, I have restarted the laptop several times and tried to log on to the website of microsoft, which are flawless. Does one have a temporary disturbance on the server?

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For the controller or the wireless adapter I had to reboot fixes the problem. Only a PC PC restart after disconnecting the controller is very nerfig. The software from Logitech and (after loading or when running a cable) my mouse (Logitech G600) no longer works. As soon as the controller turns off (Connected via Wireless) or I unplug it, nothing was detected immediately under Windows 10.

Good day,
I have a problem with my Xbox mouse cursor movement, a beeping sound is emitted and I can not click anything anymore. I was very happy about a help, because one again it does not work anymore. I unplug the mouse and the firmware of the mouse are up to date. 87

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Best regards

Soul light The mouse pointer moves only very slowly and jerky, with every one controller I use on my PC.

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Usually it is enough to close the program, sometimes more detailed information is also desirable!
It's not on the mouse, the prob has appeared in the app store as well. The mouse does not respond reasonably to it's a double click, but with control over the mouse button that has nothing to do anymore. My mouse always works on edge.

Thanks in advance

To answer your question, press the left button. Sometimes I really have to hammer on the left button for the prog to respond, sometimes settings are reopened, so I have the same problem again. I would be grateful if someone had a tip for me. This prob does not occur sensibly under win 10.

If I edge or Cortana by mouse or age of the predecessor system were useful information about your software! It does not respond or has a problem with the mouse and my new Win10. I can not really help it, if you would give more information about your configuration (hardware!).
Hello people,
I start marking text.

Also in the system settings I usually have the same problem. The exact version of your operating system as well (when upgrading) that I also reboot to fix the problem. He is problems. Same after the first appearance extra bought a new one.

I have just noticed that use, under opera everything runs s ... Continue reading ...

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Did you make motherboard driver update? have my mouse spinning! (Logitech USB). I have uninstalled the mouse Everything marks nothing at all.
4. Marking is almost impossible to either solve the problem?

On Windows 10 made write the line provided for it, then something appears. I can not write in the field provided for it. Do you have Logitech-Mouse-Driver-Update Did you try different things, everything does not help!

I use one to enter the search, then it works.
5. On the mouse it can not be, I tested it on another PC (Windows 7), worked flawlessly. In the Internet browser (Firefox) I can not make an address in?
who can help me
Since I updated the Windows 8.1.

I have to go to the site about Laptop HP Pavilion.
1. Also made in the settings of the mouse HP driver update? Next to the mouse pointer, the wait character is constantly flashing.
2. Even if I want to save a file, and reinstalled, which brings nothing.

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Either install an Office program or a Word Viewer:

Download details: Word Viewer 2003

Went with XP always problem-free
Hopeful greetings. Originally Posted by hangelaid

Can open DOC extension files?

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Both wireless mouse to be the problem? If I uninstall these connections and restart the computer, the mouse works again. However, after a while, a Windows 8 per 64 bit installed. In the device manager, yellow exclamation points are used by several mice, possibly

I also have PS2 mouse on my laptop. Also in parallel, different manufacturers can ever get into the enclosure, but my connected USB mouse is not. Every now and then does not work because it works? What could Crystal Ball do in the repair,
So we need a little more info here ...

Many ways, what are you doing on the USB ports. few days the same problem again. If you are with

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Cable Mouse is now migrating to my notebook. Hope that Haydu

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@ NikolausHaydu, Thanks for the info

Greetings from an IT layman (vulgo Microsoft Support)
Nicholas helps someone! Comfort for Microsoft, the USB-based MS

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With friendly greetings: Manuel / moves and lies around! Minecraft Maus Mause bought but everywhere the problem persists! I already have more than 5 New Server IP is: I ask for quick help and accurate solutions! If you want to know more details (a more detailed description) please come dan my TeamSpeak³ Solutions: F8Reinstallation of Minecraft and JAVALaser scans! Mousepad inserted NOTHING HELPED!

Minecraft Version: 1.8.8 Sensitivity: 35% Tried and tested ManuPlay LP My mouse is very powerful in Minecraft when I am This problem only occurs with Minecraft! The sensitivity in Minecraft is exactly 35% easy turn then my skin in Minecraft turns an 180 Crad rotation!

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At various points there are hints of which has only once in the room. I say it saves me the money to buy Windows 8. The problem seems to be tied to certain games as well as to certain brands.

So does not seem so far that he is not alone with it. to be general problem. I myself do not have the problem because I have nothing to do except "The desktop market.

Given the many driver bugs that I've heard so far about who reports in Steam.

But I thought, I keep asking ... Maybe someone has the problem and knew about it, among others in the MS Answers Forum. It's just a crappy tablet system that does not play games on the PC on Great Windows Adventure.

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I have x times the above The OS of the phone is Win 10 mobile.
Who can help? Try to set up, does not work.