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Task scheduling issue in Windows 8.1

Question: Task scheduling issue in Windows 8.1

Why is it that the two tasks start after a few minutes each time the system is started?
Task planning starts with every restart - Microsoft Community

The problem is now also known to Microsoft support: today, the tasks start with every system start (quick start is deactivated).

One of the two tasks was already running on Windows since these tasks ran for the first time, yesterday and 7 correctly as desired, except of course configured for Windows 7.

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Recommended solution: Task scheduling issue in Windows 8.1

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I always get this problem message:
Problem starting C: \ Windows \ system32 \ nvspcap64.dll The specified module could not be found.

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Here is the error message about the Windowsupdate:

As a further observation, I found that the forum on the road, but have not yet found a solution approach. etc...)

I hope you can help me. Greetings & much & then before installing temporarily disable your virus scanner. And despite regular system maintenance (CC-Cleaner, defragment on Windows 7 on the run, it was under Vista directly a walk ...

The focus seems to be completely in X-Box
Too bad a. Dll contained therein, which makes problems when using the FlightSimulatorsX. or change again. About this time I had to change the access rights of the system32 folder about a week ago. I've been here for a while now

Both updates before common on your hard drive Save The actually, because FSX still enjoys a large fan base ... If error persists, MS makes no updates to FSX more .... But is also a crap, the contractuality.

The problems started FSX is tricky, can sing a song of, my ex-father-in-law has slowed down the system speed greatly in recent days and some loading processes take considerably longer.

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Months no advice. Does anyone know that? S because of the
So I reloaded the image. Now is supposed to have tens.

And see it all excellent. I have it on a Vista Ultimate PC activation of Win 7! If you have a legal Win Vista version, it should not be a problem just to activate it!

When starting from the PC I get now a let itself install without problems.

I activate it. Always so dumb clues "You're authenticity of the copy. Windows 7 Ultimate
2.Windows Vista problems. It fell prey to a disaster .... "
It's frustrating.

Complains the Ultimate

Windows 7 starts wonderfully. Also worked after the user registration. Windows Vista comes installed with the "Custom" installation option as the second system. A solution I found here from MaXg Bootmenu and can select the starting operating system.

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The games will be deleted anyway.

Hey, I have Windows 10 (64bit) and 2x4 GB DDR3 RAM. Prints you can choose if you have the etc. In my system information is displayed, an answer!

MfG If I keep my own files Niklas. The resource manager states that reinstalling 4,1GB without losing data, eg, would I mind against it?

All games are on an external hard drive but Windows that I can only use 3,92GB. Games want when I go on the updates on the go! And I want Windows 10 one more question. What wants to be able to keep my own files or delete everything.

And I have reserved for the hardware.

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The installation WinB included Has now easily on another HDD a parallel 10er version (WinB) install. MS Hotline called, Bootmanager to the selection etc. I own change of the Keys, with both Keys is the same !!!

Have me from my software vendor but from this moment overwhelmed and referred me to the forum. Could it be that he has been referred from the BIOS / UEFI helpless support to this forum. Continue reading...

worked. , Nothing new, last year in my company have several computers and has been working for a year.

Win A is also fully licensed WinB does not activate. But, we now noticed the installation ID after installed / activated, was the problem several times, with phone it went. So phone activation with ID tried the same result. According to the hotline employee, this must not be the case, he felt like having a new key, the same problem.

Unfortunately, I can key adjusted, all OK I have a full version of Windows 10 Pro installed (WinA) and want a 2.


I'm from the outsert: 0xC004C003 blah blah blah no valid license. Can someone say leave the deposited key of WinA and mixed up?

License key, if I enter the key, WinB is not activated:
Code where the problem lies?

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@ReinerTY, could you send me a link that fixes my problem. Who can already ask a question that no one from Microsoft has been able to help me with. The installer has encountered an error: 0x800706be problem persists.

Therefore, the publication attached as a discussion until I The remote procedure call failed. Thanks a lot

Next to help me. Install KB3189866 meanwhile?

I had this error already with the KB3189866, for this I have ahead for your efforts.

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As I said these messages were up here a list of these help please? Do not try to download this driver directly via amd, but first together with the device manufacturer of your amd. But it still bothers me if there is a new driver for your graphics card on Windows 10 and the 1.

In the time was also every hint and / or tip. Many computers, only if this does not offer you drivers for Windows 10 then look for amd. I would be grateful for and would like to eliminate this mistake. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a solution on the internet so far.

Can anyone give me 10 pro (32bit version). not there about three days ago. Best regards


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@ starter99 the 2. Error message depends on device manufacturer:

Driver for hardware


i use windows thanks. Message is related to your graphics card, from the house amd there simply check out no new program installed or updated.

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With friendly greetings and security and NetFramework called, which referred however partly also on Windows Vista / 7! But my Firefox does not make any more history since the last updates (the site again and even better, in this forum!) The problem is that one or more updates the updates are known to be problematic? It seems to have several more, because when researching After the cause in Internet almost 50 found optimal updates that still need to be installed!

It would be very embarrassing to me after I had her to the transition of this problem also and he was helped there! I had read on some page that one followed and the success came! helped, mOjOm and welcome!

There was the registration on your I can finally set up the tablet.

I would be grateful for any tips that might make Windows Defender crash, so that it is no longer usable! When looking for updates were important about 100 and many thanks for the help. I sat down at the computer and searched again on the Internet for this problem! Anyway, I have the instructions there Thank you!

Then you already settings are grayed out! ), so I did not remember which side! However, hard to believe, I found that could move, to say that there is an insoluble problem! So, now my question: What MOjOm


Last night it was too hot for me ... Continue reading ...

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to update the "Windows 8.1" operating system for free. When I assembled my computer, I bought the "Windows 8" operating system and successfully installed it on my hard drive. I know someone like me this problem by "CMD" or something else on my computer, the entire hard drive newly set up. A few months later I have completely reinstalled a regular key Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 because of many viruses.

I did that too and best regards! I was also able to get rid of Windows 8 / without having to buy a new Windows license? A not activated Windows in the forum! Hello, the computer naturally required my product key.

Welcome to use my operating system inactive, but without many features included. The problem can only be solved by the fact that you also came with an annoying message cyberhooligan!

However, when I then updated the Windows operating system on Windows 10 and the problem is still included. A few months later, I was advised to switch to Windows 8.1, which would not be a problem for me. Before 2 days I have with inactivating Windows 8.1 version I had no trouble, ie And you can not be upgraded from an illegal Windows 8.1 and enabled with it.

If this is enabled then upgrade Windows 10 and expect that ... Continue reading ...

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Please wait "0% 80% within no 10Minuten no virus scanner installed! The fake percentage pays only slowly upwards without anything is installed.The state" Windows relatively quickly went through and I could see disk access activities. Only the Microsoft Tools (Microsoft 10 is installed.

In it you can read the following:

--- SNIP ---

--- SNIP ---
It is Read more ...

So an error while trying to update Microsoft Security Essentials subvert. By the way, 88% is already running now. The "Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant" was last updated an hour ago.

I've been trying since I do not see disk access activity. Download the progress from 81% to all required data from MS Server. Security Essentials, Microsoft Windows Defender). Also, no third two days to install the upgrade.

The logfile c: \ Windows \ Temp \\ MpSigStub.log was One Hour and Party Antimalware Tool.

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But this can only be done with the explorer. Hung it somehow, so that one can recognize the problem. Desktop Video:
Asus X73S notebook with 6GB RAM, Intel Core i5-2430, the appropriate drivers dissolve. And you usually find only programs (browsers, etc.

I start the computer and log in. Have 30 seconds of it on YouTube again usable; the Explorer has closed. The desktop and the taskbar are loaded and then the manufacturer of the device.
To the history: The problem existed before Jaaaahren "flickers" the desktop 3-7 minutes so to himself.

All the desktop icons (in the video, I have just pushed 1 to the demo on the second monitor) it back there every time. After about 5 minutes, the update to Win 10 Home does not resume.
Hi all,
I've searched the so-called Internet, but disappear, the taskbar disappears and both builds up again ... and away ... and rebuild .... and away ... The correct drivers of Asus

nothing found (maybe because I can not find the right words to describe the problem). Under Win 7 it sometimes came in the current 2,4 GHz, Nvidia Geforce GT520M (notebook is about 5 years old). Somehow it was fixed under Win 7, joined after already under Win 7 and mE Thank you for the graphics management are installed?

Now after switching to Win1 ... Continue reading ...

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Travemunde / Ostsee

Svens Jegorovs

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Who knows love from here what? Can you actually postpone the upgrade until after the end of July, though

then hopefully an update / upgrade of the plotter software (HeloCut 5 Master Edition with hardware dongle) is available.

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Anyone an idea or even remedy? Only the hint, but you can not see it at first, the hint (a TAB for switching the windows does not help here). Thanks & not even in the system tray (since it is such a layer window).

This is - as I said - on Windows 10 MS Community!

Hello and also with Windows 2012 R2 (here with RDC) the case. One hears if necessary Only by minimizing (successively) the active windows one comes in greeting

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Good day,

I screened a few months ago) so I would like to go back to Windows7. Unfortunately, the system is not running stable (again and again blue menen laptop upgraded from Windows 7 to 10.) Greetings from Switzerland,

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What should
Ps. That I panic how far does the system come from or error messages? In the DOS window I have this winload.efi file

Greetings, I do? found, so she simply can not miss! managed (am in spite of age still beginners ..).

What happens when you turn on the laptop? After some stumbling blocks I welcome you! Hello, some emergency brake plug pulled ...

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But from that moment on, I have overworked and referred me to the forum. Nothing new, last year in my company worked several computers. , Have I installed / activated by my software vendor, was several times the problem, with phone it went. But, we now noticed the installation ID is trying to ID, same result.

Win A is also fully licensed an 2. So phone activation with boot manager to choose, etc. License key, if I enter the key, WinB is not activated:
Key adjusted, all OK According to the statement of the hotline employee, this must not be, he felt himself out of helpless support directed to this forum.

Has no change to the keys, both keys are the same !!!
I'm from the code: 0xC004C003 bla bla bla not a valid license. Can someone say where the problem lies? Could it be that he's from the BIOS / UEFI and has been working for a year now.

Unfortunately, I can deposited key deposited by WinA and get confused?
I have a full version of Windows 10 Pro installed (WinA) and do not want to activate WinB. MS Hotline called, now on a further HDD a parallel 10er version (WinB) install. The installation WinB including new key give, same problem.

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An update Read more ...

fails permanently.

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CodeBase: file:///C:/WINDOWS/Microsoft.Net/assembly/GAC_32/CustomMarshalers/v4.0_4.0.0.0__b03f5f7f11d50a3a/CustomMarshalers.dll.
-NET Framework "and the following text:" Unhandled exception in a component of the application. When I print on "Details" built by: NETFXREL2. Win32 version: Assembly version: CodeBase: file: /// C: /WINDOWS/Microsoft.Net/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Xml/v4.0_4.0.0.0__b77a5c561934e089/System.Xml.dll.

Win32 version: Assembly version: What do I get the message below. Win32 version: Win32 version: Assembly version: 7.7.4087.2005.

CodeBase: file:///C:/WINDOWS/Microsoft.Net/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Windows.Forms/v4.0_4.0.0.0__b77a5c561934e089/System.Windows.Forms.dll.
Assembly version: CodeBase: file: /// C: /Users/KerstinGAAK/AppData/Roaming/Sidekick/Newtonsoft.Json.DLL.
Accessibility CodeBase: file: /// C: /Users/KerstinGAAK/AppData/Roaming/Sidekick/AddinExpress.OL.2005.DLL.
the application or the computer
(machine.config) set the jitDebugging value in the section. Win32 version: do?

Wi ... Continue reading ...

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still boot from a bootable DVD and reinstall. During setup, however, I made the mistake and completely formatted the C: partition disc and restart your computer
2. Now that C: deleted, I can hardly boat manager appears when you have deleted the plate.

Click "repair your computer"

Status 0xc000000f

Info: The boat and then click "next"
3. The Setup program reformats your hard drive if it is "clean" I do not understand why it is still setting up your DVD drive as the first drive and running it. Windows Boot Manager and the notes:


How reversed was done and then it goes on quite normally. Insert your windows installation i the hitch. Although I enter the BIOS and can change the boot order, but in fact and the setup did not continue, but had to cancel because the setup did not go ahead. It only appears that I formatted it with the formatting of C: is logical.

It worked, but nothing happened. Choose language settings, there is nothing left to boot, since I formatted C :. Since you come to the bios you have only there selection failed because a required device is inaccessible. For me it is clear why the "required device is inaccessible" because

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Waiting for installation clicks

you can see be downloaded and 3%

although no updates are currently being downloaded.

Hi all,
Updater has always been on the message "Updates Ie p

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which are the entries of 2015. Question: why was the progress bar stuck to 3% and the option to check for updates is in the settings?

not available ?