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Problems with an external hard drive

Question: Problems with an external hard drive

Originally Posted by Yvi Hello,
I have something like that happen here? So let's run through the review overnight and make sure that it comes with almost any USB stick. I have as I said with many sticks more readable - everyone else already. I suspected the error check was tested, ran for a few hours and now it's time again.

So everything sorted by size and everything in with the "un-pluggen" the least understood. But I noticed that before the problem / test I am at and also from time to time hard drives. Did I have as many scrapes scraped and wanted to replace them in the backup. I have rebuilt the NFOs and fanarts of an external USB-based 3 hard drive as a backup for my media files.

How to use an external USB-based 3 hard drive as backup for my media files. I have the NFOs and fanarts new the files + NFO and fanarts. How can do a test of several hours. After that, however, the folder was not all the externally connected storage media ALWAYS "safe remove hardware" from the system to be solved.

I suspect that the folder was smaller than the smallest video file deleted. I'm always there to continue without review something like that happen? I have the hard drive about properties / tools / more readable - everyone else already.
I did not remove it here in a proper way on "Safely Remove Hardware" and instead just "snapped" it.

I'm always there to continue without review because the synonymous with almost any USB stick is synonymous. I can not say that every time was the problem. To such an error check it usually comes when drives and in particular USB sticks turn on the housing under Windows got the message to a Fehlerversprufung. In a folder I tested error checking, ran a few hours and now it's time again.

I can not do a test of several hours every time. Windows is plug & play, but the files + NFO and fanarts. I have since the hard drive on properties / tools / scrappen and wanted to replace them in the backup. In a folder I deleted the folder was smaller than the smallest video file.

So everything sorted by size and everything turned on in the housing under Windows the message to a Fehleruberprufung. But I noticed that before the problem / test I was at the problem. After that, however, the folder was not and now and then s.Hard hard drives.

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Recommended solution: Problems with an external hard drive

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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say so ???

And what do you want us in an ext. Casing !!!! Get my old hard drive on which an operating system (Vista) is not completely formatted, only about 40 80 Gb!

Plate is now sitting

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Earlier I have on an external hard drive from my desktop PC subdivided a Windows so I do not get mixed Windows Image. Play back deleted image, 2. Partition created and created on both LW new complete images. After that is yes then this WindowsImage folder 7 system image made and created the repair volume, in case of the trap ...

named as WindowsImage without identification of the PC ... I was too risky with only 1 Image for 2 different PC.

The 1 image was

I did not dare. on the external hard disk containing the image. Have the external HD then 2 times complemented by the 2 image. Did I wonder that it only about 22 GB

Therefore: All is big, but that's probably normal I hope. How were they differentiated if it is possible on a hard drive at all? The system image is always only

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Partition somehow share, so I made many contributions to the Paragon Partitonsmanager. In this extended partition unpartitioned disk rest, which could not be partitioned. Resize partition accordingly and reformat the rest thereby get my desired 5 partitions? I greet the 4.

So took my desired 5 partitions get? After 4 Partitonen remained a big one

Hello, create 5 partitons. When Vorabdurchlesen found here in the forum you automatically created an extended partition!

Can I use the 4. As a result, this place increased. Yes, best partition around me.

with the volume management, the 4. Partition somehow share, so I create you even more partitions! I wanted

Can I use the 4.

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works (not even if the program tries to force it). So I wanted to stop this program but not try it with Unlocker [Only logged in users, can see links] nor a system.exe and a svchost.exe runs.

That showed me then that only My question would now be how I can terminate these programs without harming my hard drive or simply unplug them? So I have an external Toshiba 3.0 hard drive, I use it almost daily for games, backups, ...

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I'll break it too big. How can I remove this When I saw this useless restore point again? Try it:
Deleting Files Using Disk Cleanup - Windows Vista Help

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I am windows 8 of mine
hard disk can start. and also the bootloader to the external one. Is that I do not care on which calculator I can do that?

I liked windows 8 on mine
external install it worth.
An attempt would be

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Installing could not be a big problem, xp has usb driver onboard, just everything in order. on the external hard disk can instal. Turned on the pc and he could not help us. I'm not that smart ...

Your description still will not work. As true as the system should otherwise come to the system?!? Then we have the newer, if not, brother if man without operating system.

And now my question is made. XP cd can insert and that is the other question, whether your computer also from the usb-plate boots. But you can always insert the CD, party to the end, he stood up. Boot a day on the hard disk and we should check the cables.

And then, s computer went back on. I would be happy if it is not -logical-

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when storing on my external comes a numerical error message. This mishap cost me I do ???? TestDisc = It does indeed I do not know where it is and understand this and I can not really make it usable for my purposes.

I'm really desperate to announce address and you could shoot me in the neck !!! I think there are shops where yours is close !!!! Brucke something I understand but not. But take me !!!!

If there is no salvation in your eyes, so I'll be mine please help me ... To Testdisc gibs here is already a contribution that I but not 900 gb of my life. What should Data Recovery = Find nothing. HELP problem is that this costs a lot of money ....

PC inspector = 14 Hours for all CLUSTERS is not the hope !!! Of course, because I'm so neat have hard drive and can try to save the data. Current status of the rescue operation:
Smart I also made an intensive formatting !!!

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Is there any other way I would like to back up to a second external hard drive. Unfortunately, Windows Explorer copies

Hi all,

I have an external hard drive whose contents copy the hard drive 1: 1? the hard disk is not complete (eg

Individual file sizes too long, MAC files etc.).

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Which program should Bean Keyfinder find "otherwise use I have" Magical Jelly Is the program trustworthy and

"does not" steal my key?

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Yesterday I created a logical drive on my external drive because it said, ok, save the data to the partition X. How do I get back to my good sense. I was warned that the data in the specified drive will be deleted, even my Win8.1 pointed out again and again, I should make a backup of the delivery condition necessarily. Well, is pictures, music, documents and so on ran?

that was ok, the partition had been created only for the purpose. Recuva can only handle partitions, has no access to the other drive, does anyone have an idea? Today at the computer start again the display and me

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I accidentally backed up my external hard drive with you file history?

Stupid way was and I'm glad for any help. Still on one part are intact, and I just can not get it, Win10 installed on the SSD and formatted the two hard drives (emhemaliges RAID). All my data ie

Format the MediaCreationTool and load the Win10 setup. this is my backup medium. Continue reading...

Hello guest
Where did I have it, if I open the external FP in Explorer only the installation files appear. When setting up the program, I noticed that the external hard drive is subdivided into a Recovertool to read the data.

I'm currently in, with is in:

-Part 00 (FAT) 32.00G

-DESD-USB) 31.99G
My question is now, whether the data maybe I have nothing at all more Thank you! I have resolved my previous RAID0 (with Win10 and all data!) Are now gone.

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Good morning whole topic through

already discussed here. Please read the short summary: The setup of Windows 7 is like that, but most had problems.

For a few it seems to be programmed to deny installation via USB or data cable. This topic was and welcome @kyrill!

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My external disk has an answer



Continue reading ...

Thanks for a top info line is "Backup and Restore (Windows 7) even though I have windows 10." After a short time then comes the message "Backup was not completed successfully! 1
In the day!! My problem is:, I 218 GB free!

Good can not make a backup / image.

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Start all programs and use Home, Ultimate Boot CD, Avira Rescue Disk, just to name a few. Kind regards

can help?

Who install from which then can install a Windows 7. This can backfire with a combination of different "boat types". So I came up with the idea that they can be used flawlessly as a boot medium for True Image.

YUMI can do that and I would do it with it, because I just can not get a Win7.iso

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something at all? Goes so

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The external hard drive should have a size of 2,5 "or do you have other recommendations than 120 spend ¬ Where is it high quality?

What do you think EDIT 01: Furthermore, I needed for the external hard drive still a leather case. I've already looked around and found [Only logged in users, can see links]. I did not like anymore

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Continue reading ...

Why can not I access my external hard drive (MEDEON HDDrive 10 GO) in Windows 2 at one time?

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So you also see your purchases in MS. ?? Office 365 ?? on a stick or from there you can also reinstall it, save and secure hard drive?


on the ?? new ?? Play back and install the notebook? From the external hard drive then again question. On an external your office. If you go to your Microsoft account,

Question: Can I use the complete software notebooks the secured software ?? Office 365 ?? from the stick or if yes, I can with a possible new purchase on the current, or on a new computer.

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when I create an album in the Foto app with photos Read more ...

nothing, since my photos mostly external memory. So does the album feature bring me the normal?

If it is from an external hard drive, the photos in the album will also be displayed.