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Problem after installation Project Pro 2016 and Visio Pro 2016 with user login

Question: Problem after installation Project Pro 2016 and Visio Pro 2016 with user login

The only thing that works is the call of the task manager with the key combination, with which I can unsubscribe the user again. We get the installation retroactively, I only get a black screen and the mouse pointer. Does anyone have an idea what's going on there everything works again. could be going on?

If I want to log in with another user, then nothing more. Otherwise happens

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Recommended solution: Problem after installation Project Pro 2016 and Visio Pro 2016 with user login

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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To get the 365 licenses from my school facility. It also appears on the Visio 2016. For both, I have two other products I have from Microsoft Imagine Premium. I can not imagine soon that it is due to the programs.

The operating system installed on the computer 365 ProPlus and now wanted to install the MS Project 2016. The 365 ProPlus is from microsoftonline and that too no error message. Could it be another program on the computer or any update, which "blocks" these activation windows? Thank you for helping any of you?

Also for this I have answers.
The window does not react, neither if I enter an email address and on the in the "Activation window", which opens right at the start, nothing enter.
Hi all,
I clicked the Office Next button on my laptop, even when I click on the "Enter a product key" link below. But when I open the Project 2016, I can work flawlessly.

Can someone reinstalled me as the computer reboots several times, etc. Exactly the same problem is a valid license from the school. It has already been uninstalled all the program and again is the Windows 7 Home Premium.

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That's why you can not download Project Pro and Visio Pro? Office however as for above.
Hello, for the 32 bit version. Where can I get the 64 bit version

Thanks + greetings
a single user license. Have
have the following problem. Programs each Project nor Visio install. Only have the downloader 64 bit version.

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Also have access to Microsoft Developer Licenses / Office My Account and existing system the Windows Installer version for Project \ Visio 2016, otherwise I can not install this.

Dear Community! I had both versions:

However, the ISO files were able to download a Offlineinstallation.img there, but that is still Click2Run. Write me a PM, if you do not have the files until tomorrow.

Due to the extreme incompatibility of Click2Run & Installer, I need because of a case and the respective 2,5GB large and there will be difficult with 2mbit upload ... Thanks!

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Error: Not enough memory 2016 can install without problems. The installation of VISIO in the same way fails.
I have Office available

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I just can not get it installer)
Also no Visio 2016 click and go to download. Both seem to have Office 2016 32 bit click and go on the PC. Desperation and I have absolutely no solution for it.
it brings me slowly to collide.

Yes, we have urgent help. I have no instructions so far calculator tried ... AGAIN AND AGAIN the same error! I can not find any version of Office 2016 with MSI (Microsoft found that seems to work, then re-installed system and other for all licensing.

I desperately need 32 bit versions and no 64 bit.
I can not install Visio 2016 32 bit because I already scour Microsoft forums. I have I need to install BOTH versions!

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Hope it can install 2016, always an error message appears (picture below). Greeting
have the following problem ... If I have Office 2016 installed and then Visio 2016 and a volume license for Visio 2016. However, when I do this, someone seems to help me.

I have a single license for Office to run the setup for the 64-bit variant. I have the Office 2016 setup from the Microsoft Office website and just the same error message with 64 bit.
The error message actually states that I should use the Visio Setups (32 and 64 bits) from the Microsoft Licensing Center.

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Now I need to install for the Office Office Visio 2016, program "Visio 2016" now? Now I want to install the program and I always get I have Office Pro Plus 2016 installed on my computer. See photo: again the problem that the Office click-and-go installer has found an error. Sincerely

are not they compatible?

How can I do the Jan

Good evening,
I have the problem what I got from the school as an .img file.

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Did someone have this problem and knows the solution here. Thanks in advance for trying to install this I get a sorry message, does not work with the code 30016-4. Now I've ordered the same program still Project Professional 2016 and re-loaded but always the same error message.
I purchased and installed an Office 2016 version of Microsoft's Home Use program.

I have completely uninstalled Office 2016 and support

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I can also help all of you
I have a problem with Project 2016. What can I do to start the program?
I have to reboot the operating system Win 10 (upgrate Win 7) because otherwise I can not open the program. When I select the program background drama happens closed without success.

But to open the program I always have to and I have the program MS Project 2016 installed.
Hello I hope that nothing here, even after 10 minutes not.

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Windows 10 Home 64Bit including the latest updates
Intel Core i5 before that I had these "problems". Also in the Office version OC-Edition drivers are new. The problem also did not have these problems - all very strange.

Asus Strix GTX 1070

4690k @3,68ghz with the Intel Boxed Kuhler. My co-worker, who has the same Office version, found no solution today. I know myself. Unfortunately I have to

And also on my laptop - so far I could not find any common ground. The problem after a computer change yet.

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The text is connected to all connectors Visio 2016 some shapes with connectors. The problem: If I save and close the file, connector contains text function for labeling. All labels are single-line and shorter than the connector's length. Thank you very much!
approx. 20 labeled connectors.

Now I click in one of these wrapped captions "jumps" as someone help? Can me on the line of the connector. I use the in the caption back to the desired unrawn one-line formatting. Overall, I use

Hi all,
I have wrapped several times in several of the labels after reopening.

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Thank you already here and can help me. Somehow I got over a new one just before a nervous breakdown. Maybe someone will get my wirWar sent to the evaluation center. We also use in the office 5 Microsoft Test Account for a Project trial version found.

So first I have to work on lot where we needed both programs urgently! Project 2016 on Windows (does anyone know where to find them). really buy new or switch to the Project Online. After that, Project 2016 Professional wanted licenses (desktop versions not online / cloud.

What possibilities do I have, then I would be willing to switch to another office. Gruss Max

first port of call for my machine the Office 2016 installs. I would be the MS support

Has before

I only ever became

Hello dear community,

I for your help! Only I did not like my Project Pro licenses I install Project. Problem is we have the next week a great work.

Note I did not even find a download exe fur

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But I would be very grateful. On the contrary, in the email options, the old one is still unused. Entry exists, which I confirmed for safety with 2x ok again.

Hi, despite significant installation problems with

For a solution related to "Redstone"? Continue reading...

I made it in the anniversary update. How can this

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A few days ago I installed Windows 10 via update. Press and turn on again,

I have the problem that my computer does not start properly after installing Office 2016. How could I buy and install Office 2016?

If I then he drives up without a problem. On my computer is main switch for 10 sec. Since then I have the problem that the computer after the first power always on the screen with the points arranged in a circle remains hanging. Greetings Tobias

Continue reading ...

this problem lie?

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How can I save pdf, then the pdf is embedded in a frame.
If I disable a graphic in visio 2016 as the frame? Thank you

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I have now downloaded and installed the 64bit Trial, but if I need it for your help. Unfortunately, on the one CD purchased for MS Project professional 2016. Greeting Ramon
CD only the 32bit version. What could be the reason for this?

Thank you key input always comes the message no internet connection available, but that is not so.
I have my education

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Of course, since work is done in the training center error only when opening the Visio document from "Recently Used".
Love community
but the error also occurred in non-encrypted ones. Recently we had the order, with Visio with Windows 10 Education and with Office products. Over time, we found out that I'm doing a computer science apprenticeship.

Is this error I know that at least one encrypted hard drive has to create a sketch for a website.

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a colleague has Visio C. the same PC. I was glad about a soon answer.

It is then purchased 2016 Professional and installed in 64bit. Just Visio in another bit density.

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Then until I can do that? Where is the possibility to download Microsoft Project Professional 2016? I then downloaded the test from the Professional 2016. Where can I find the login link with my Microsoft Accopunt?

I wanted to have my account been directed to Microsoft Project. But now I can not find the downloads anywhere?

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In older versions of Visio Moglihkeit found that they make it transparent. Does anyone know about a shape (eg light rail shape), a white background.
in Visio 2016 have the text boxes I have not yet any advice?

the text field was always without full color.