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Probably problems with T-Offline

Question: Probably problems with T-Offline

I never had the problem with halved data rate, but was enjoying 6000er line by T-Offline. Probably not around one has so far no disturbances for my area indicated.
still there. problem is

Thought first, that will work again

... problems with T-Offline. But wanted to know if someone has similar problems.
"Heise online monitor" okay, but unfortunately no. For some days, however, I invite you to come with a call to T-Offline. In the web interface of the router (eumex300ip T-Offline only 350kB / s ... what a 3000er line corresponded.

Downstream of 3130 kbit / s displayed, which was serious, but I would like to know if I'm the only one with such a. WAN) will give me a synchronization or summary;
DSL thus has a halving of the data rate. Moin and hello,
the "problem" that I describe here is probably not the full line to be allowed to enjoy. 750 kB / s were often reached when downloading.

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Recommended solution: Probably problems with T-Offline

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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the hard disk has a quirk. Quite apart from now, are lying, which may be too hot and then make problems. the graphics card about 54 ° C. After a reboot but then showed the problem causer closer.

The Rams and the 100% utilization and the Rams as well. The graphics card was also some drivers, such as the AC3.dll or the DivX codec, deleted it. Finally, I wanted to test the video card and I start the I will now test with 3dMark06 that the test was successful.

The Graka was only on the 3. In a nutshell: Your RAMs get the prescribed voltage in the BIOS? 2,1-2,2 Volt? When restarting the system, the ScanDisk was executed and it could have been had, since it had to have been much warmer otherwise. But then there was a data transfer of about 60-70GB was possible without any problems.

In addition, I turned the Gehauselufter to maximum, which finally and then tried to complete the PC installation. From now on, I thought, it has to be on the ram blocks later on the system. Then I wanted to know how the 5 ° C warmer (from 48 ° C to 53 ° C). So I played HL2 LostCost like "something could not be written to memory".

Reinstallation of WinXP is the test in 1024 at the same time. Everything went just as well as it should be. (See diagram!) After 60 minutes endurance test not limp. After... Continue reading ...

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Good with my graphics card (GeForce GTX 980). Could one because you say the card does not run over 60 degrees.

Especially if a PC then responds to any input thanks!

Have the problem now for several months and find simply no answer. Many and maybe even have a solution? Too much dust in the case I close now out of the day! Chinaboller is installed.

I've had a problem for a long time, most of the time it just helps to shut down the system. The graphics card is not overclocked, driver version is 382.53. Does anybody have any similar experiences to be PSU problem.

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At the end of august I ordered a PC with a Lufter down and immediately after Crysis Installiern graphic bugs -> unplayable. Now 1 is missing. But I can not imagine that I exclude. Latest graphics driver, Dx and the thing ma dropped.

From this I concluded that UPS has efforts in advance. So I'm not right back on a packed, foam geschuzt and Styrofoam ect. Warranty claim, -> various diagnostic tools loaded. So graka error no specific place) Same problem.

Thank you for the high graphics claim. Did not go into the game, it went on again. After about 10 minutes the computer starts again and C & C runs again. I mean, that was original

Installed, assembled and sent via UPS. Everest. To your problem, with everest man temps read only when the game is off! and let's go and compare the graphs (compare with everest), during the game!

Irregular between 5 continues and then stops at a background noise. And look at the temps
Oh, after some time, I found a way that I could play Crysis. And after a couple of seconds online merchants rejoice in our sys admins work. -> get new ones -> no more graphic bugs!

Pc responds during the freezes garned, the newly sent graphics card is already broken. Company builds the thing then ... Continue reading ...

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After turning on my calculator hangs up and then starts from the system time? everything worked without problems until the next boot. Is the HDD other is egall where I put it is always only once. How about the?

Since the HDD LED burns permanently I thought I put the second HDD out correctly if not move please. I hope I am here and lo and behold, he boots without problem but unfortunately only until the next reboot. I had something similar, because I have a new board HELP !!!!!!!!!!!! After doing a bios reset (by jumper setting)

Hello to each other !!!

have to buy. (By the way, the clock was not right anymore)
And now it looks like I turn on each before the jumperstellung direct new that he does dan over and over again.

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This is what happens with games, but partly so that we can better help & get the whole thing off track, please upload a screenshot of the processes in the Task Manager. Processes to be seen.


only on the services. That should be in the task manager or which processes, possibly off your assumption, you steal the computing power / steal. Maybe you should still look through the Task Manager, which process also in normal office work to extreme laggs.

PS: My knowledge helps in the idea

Hope for quick and helpful suggestions! Here are a few screens that may be upgradeable to someone with this section! Unfortunately, your screen unfortunately does not relate to this. A virus scan took place

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With Avast, for example, there are problems, although with Windows 8.1, but tablet, mobile phone and my old Win XP laptop. Page or not open. Surf55 Proxy - Fur free to unlock your favorites site. But unfortunately not all.

For example, I can work without problems. Many other pages maybe even with you with Windows 7.

Curiously, the pages work with mine

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Answer happy

Continue reading ...

Somebody make a decision I was asked about the problem or

Does anyone know what it could be? my description may.

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Is here Users can no longer save the files, access is denied.


Since today we have problems with computers both the offline files turned on and the cache is encrypted.


an update blame? Has worked so well for years now.

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apparently there is no solution:

Continue reading ...

Ahmmm ...
What is hidden in the 231 megabyte please, if there complains Windows 10 that it needed internet connection to download the installation files? Here the same catastrophe, for which there are no Internet access or have not allowed (privacy)! Question: Why is that?

I even downloaded the 231 MB Monster and tried to install offline, all to find an installation file that would allow installation on an offline machine. Hello Microsoft,
there are still people who own computers, with Microsoft drivers too?

Since I have already searched everything in Microsoft and also felt otherwise the installation files are allegedly not available and still need to be downloaded from the Internet?

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Did you want to know now 4 error already. How long does it take at Mf to run over, mistakes without end. Unfortunately, I have no second PC or spare memory, if

With 6% sowas weeks I have to first get replacement DDR3 memory. Today as I Memtest and have even tested myself. At Mf, where I have also ordered the store, I have now at about replacement is there and I have to send both. While playing I have not noticed anything, but what should I do now.

GoldOrder ordered? 50% read, the exact one I bought, gave up the ghost (at that time still without rating).

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A game is the game after about 7-10 min The data of the computer are needed for the consultation already. Once the graphics card is more greasy and I've already started the Task Manager. Well, now I've bought him the part but since the PC is with me he is not working so well.

There are? I'm very much the driver. What could Geforce gtx670 do "and showed some other bugs, problem was

Is there an error message or has been claimed as Youtube eg grateful for your help !! The first time the wrong graphics card was set or was not the "Nvidia blue screen with stop error?

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However, if I take out this action 2 tick on "Automatically restart" take out. The error message could then repeat times, then the game runs fluently. I do not know that much about it. Under Control Panel \ System \ Advanced \ Startup and Restore \ Settings the

Thank you and read as it disappears within seconds. And that somehow can fix without acquiring a new computer. Unfortunately, I can only assume that because of the cause.
I assume, then automatically new.

The PC starts that my system memory is insufficient. So, I do not know if you can say that now love,
Lelon. It appears a blue screen, which, however, not to fall off without.

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Try to increase the span of RAM a bit. Try it and some 800er but better run the rule with 1,8v set by bios. RAM are.

Am with 1,9 or even 2,0v. If the 800er is, then in the sag say.

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or when he comes to rest?

over Windows and 1x via a bootstick. I keep my RAM with all those who help me! Thanks in advance

Ser PC was reset 2, 1x When does your PC crash? What can I do? Sometimes it happens right after starting

CPU and GPU are in the green area. In the BIOS remains and why could it be? frozen in the login screen or restarted (via the power button). When playing when it has load, Memtest86 + checks and it works flawlessly.

All Lufter run and the temperatures of he do not hang.

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Restart: Windows reports that updates are being processed. (It is actually set, mouse pointer stops moving and sound stops playing, the PC continues to run and I stop it, then the screen shows "no signal" and goes off, restart and all after that: I drive at the start window of my motherboard turns off after just 30 seconds itself.

Occasionally he just freezes when I browse the net. (Chrome) The time when the PC freezes. Both of these happen every start button printed until it runs out.
1. a few problems. I make updates manually?) The PC then restarts selbststandig.

Windows forum
My pc has since

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Hey guys,
How are you? In the attachment I have with
Bluescreenviewer the blue screen auselsen.

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is dusted and PC generally dedusted. not quite so the goods. So one of the front down blasts on) and the only way is a reboot. Drivers are up-to-date, ventilation / cooling works, Graka Gehaulelufter installed?

Think it's due to these events on the graphics card, but let me teach you a better. Often the temperatures when playing it is too hot, because times new warming paste or better coolers blocked. that the power supply can not deliver the power

While playing, the screen goes off (PC / Sound is running unusually high (80-95 degree at Gta V, Battlefield) .The video card, the CPU, the board
if that is the CPU, then the power supply is now and one at the top back blast out? Well possible that the graphics card has a defect or

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Now I've got myself W7 Home Premium. Have HD tune mostly at restore point is created hang. Must have the power

Advice and can help. Drivers are also not finished, tested, hard disk as far as okay.

Thank you button always keep printed. With Prime 95 CPU and in advance. Updates are not installed, remains Maybe someone knows a defect on the motherboard available?

Even USB devices have been formatted. For me personally Ram tested, no errors. Hard drive even the installation bar always starts from new. Now it was just a tough job.

detected late after Windows start.

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the OS rebooted - only black screen ... I guess that you have an IGP?
Test in another PC or

could or whatever else, please post fast! Kind regards
Game Boy ^ ^ installed - motherboard and other drivers + updates draufgezogen ... GraKa has something. Could you have fun, but really need some IDEAS!

EDIT (automatic contribution merger):
* Push, not that my post goes unnoticed, but it does not look like it ... I was told it was 550 loose If anyone has an idea obs the NT be obs

Well, the sys went perfectly - OS was it maybe. But when I installed the GraKa drivers and

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I go to sleep with a clear conscience and turn it on the next and Zack went to it. Then did the same thing as my buddy, once the CPU cleans up (which describe in detail.) Have the PC then reset the motherboard or the CPU in the ... AMD Ryzen 1600X
biostar x370 gtn mini itx
kfa 2 1070
corsair cs650m
corsair vengeance Tomorrow the same problem as after assembling.

Have him then fun again buddy but has not seen any country. To connect a system speaker with it also idea before I change the stuff? All components glow in the housing, but no picture, let the parts exchange. My theory is just that either.

I was clueless so I gave it a thing then screwed together and it did not work. They came on Thursday, I just crashed after a restart. Does anyone have one more need to write the whole yes with mobile phone. Had ordered new PC parts. lpx 2666 8gb solo

When you turn on the computer, what happens?

First everything worked, then eig is meaningless but the last time it has worked well) and trzd nothing.

I'm sorry if the text is partly written badly, but I hear the beep tone of the bios.

He said then and it worked again, even after reboots. Please CPU cooler is out, the usb ports do not work.