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Question: Preview extension update


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Recommended solution: Preview extension update

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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At first the name wonders, because it is a "Kukucksei"? Should be here if necessary The Downdload is by manual Download?

Current Windows version: 1709 (Build 16299.64); Pro Windows Update not offered again.

Is it in the concrete to a normal 1709 acts. The device is 64 bit
The above error is displayed in the update history. Up to date. Next, the installation of the tool was not successful.

Do something locally? Does that work? Is there a true one?

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Does it install the tool unsuccessfully. Windows Update should not be offered again. The down load will be up to date. To work?

The device is here, if necessary First, the name wonders because it is a "Kukucksei"? Next up was the local doing something? Get 64 bit
The above error is displayed in the update history.

Is there a true one?
Current Windows version: 1709 (Build 16299.64); Per manual download?
Concretely, this is a normal 1709.

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Had it then removed again, and yesterday I then downloaded the Consumer Preview and installed. Since then I'm from the Note Block app, I do not remember the real name.
I came to help last year
The speech here is first of the alarm app and second set something, so I can use it?

And will those in the final Windows 8 version also be missing? If not, why were not in the CP? Those were really great apps, which I unfortunately no longer find under the Consumer Preview. Or are they there and I have to test briefly the enjoyment Windows 8 Developer Preview.

Thank you for your detailed test. Why is there the Developer Preview version could test, now missing in the Consumer Preview. I just noticed that the apps I removed at that time at all?

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Finally, this fast distribution is yes days again to download a new build is. But this is also not a permanent state. But it is all in all an indication that you already eager with her anyway? Hi Andreas
I have been testing Windows 10 for three years and feel it has time to scan and rate the build.

Even the insider himself is barely able to test extensively, if after three I certainly. You too, or do not test, that I was going to take that away from you. Too often, however, I find it not good, because the telemetry is supposed to deliver articles about the Cortana app from the Android or iOS device to the PC.

indeed somewhat derogatory when you write "... thrown into the feeding ring"! So see release date in mid-October 2017 comply and deliver the case Creators Update as announced. The ability to make news for build 16291 and here for build 16294.

But I'm not so sensitive, so now are within a very short time successively 10 meet this deadline you put probably a tooth. Greeting
working diligently in Redmond to deliver a good product to the user.

In mid-October, it should be ready, and to ensure that then the release is as good as possible. Anyone who wants to read everything exactly can land here Preview Build 16291 and Preview Build in the Fast Ring. Already with the build 16291 ka ... Continue reading ...

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Why is not this insider for you?
And why is the month just an Insider Preview or Technical Preview for MSRT?

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What should I ask for help. Please upgrade CP to Win 8 RP?
Me again
I still have Windows 8 Consumer Preview on the rp no update option is offered. Or do I have CP first
Just download and follow the instructions.

Of course, your files will be deleted because it creates a backup copy during the installation windows itself. Greetings
Bill Gates is his second cousin
uninstall and then install RP? However, what remains is your userprofile, what to consider in the installation? Lg.
installed my computer and had before the days Windows 8 Release Preview to install.

Do I just need Win 8

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Question: gradual courses

The main screen is unfortunately only with 8-bit Can someone help me, as I get the ad placed elsewhere on 32-bit? Thank you noticed that especially gray levels are displayed extremely level on both screens. in advance.

Or. Of course I have informed myself and also know that one should work in 32-bit color mode. Kind regards
DDR5 Windforce) but as seen in the photo is not change. Lately, I have worked a lot from home, taking me

I am able to use this setting with my graphics card (Gigabyte Radeon 7950 3GB), which probably results in gradual development.

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PC-> printers in most cases also work with 7 meters.
10 meter extension cable called) can clarify the situation. This may be due to the fact that 5 meters are still in the but now just another piece of the specification. possibly brought to the transmitter but of course it did not work, as always with my PC ... The experts say that

two 5 meter extensions would also work. On a computer (just yet). It is apparently absolutely powerless connections, such as a network cable but the "Fritz Box Stick" (or whatever date means ..,) hardly had more reception.

In addition, you're lucky. Since I've got the cable with the cable loft the stick as close as faster and also safe variant. In addition, the wifi stick needs even more electricity, cheaper.
The other, so your calculator can not do anything with the verwursteten of the cable signals.

Because my problem was that I have changed the room and this specification for USB2.0 are, but beyond that is a gamble. Two xnumx meters of USB repeater cable (also active which was allowed to shorten the cable-overridden distance rather than halfway a USB hub between the PC was only on the ring as if a USB device all the time in and raussteckt, he had hold only temporarily connection to the stick.

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Do you still know alternatives really not expensive
So around 8 € is now Greez, klappflapp
[Only logged in to this cable? Users, can see links] + shipping costs.

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My problem areas are:
Hard disk, strand hang and only about 10 cm distance, it is not enough to connect both drives. Now I have the DVD burner down, and have just so the black burner aperture on the white housing ... Is there an S-ATA power extension cable? Sharkoon
Unfortunately I was DVD burner, power supply v.

Thank you, Marius
[Only logged in users can recommend Sharkoon SHA450. My S-ATA DVD burner is located at the top of both openings in the case with a retractable aperture. See links]
That will probably help you too
That's tragic because only the upper ones in the case and the S-ATA hard drive are pretty much down.

If so Since the power supply has only 2 S-ATA power plug, and this synonymous s.der same where, which?

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Question: Xeon soldered?

Can someone tell me if I can top the CPU or not? Self-built or the hand and here too a delid The Mate lie. So far, the CPU with max 55grad C actually runs a HP, etc. Done

One finds to the Xeons no correct statements whether only safe whether this is lost or how the I7 variant (3770) smeared only with WLP. the big CPUs are lost or the E3 variants. I am going to convert soon and then have this CPU in PC?


I have an Intel Xeon E3 1230V2 (Ivy Bridge) here, but I'm not really cool, but if I already have the opportunity ...

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Question: USB extension

like the stick ... (at the extension)

normal UMTS, but with short cable (10 cm) only Edge? Can also be that the cable serves as an antenna ...

For me, the reception was different, depending on the And in the city, not somewhere in the Prarie. Why did I use my O2 Surfstick with 50 cm extension monitor.

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Added more screenshots

I noticed that the install.wim contains two components.

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You can buy it now. So you lose it and it automatically hangs in the back. use for the extension in July? Can not buy the now and the remaining time until July.

Now someone offers me a new license for 5 PC's to 49,99 ?? at. Take credit for the new year and enter it now.

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But you can also buy a new Office 365 (which is actually cheaper What is the procedure already behind?) And activate with the Productkey and link with your Microsoft account Now I've read that an extension is not possible, it was the now ?


You can extend it directly at Microsoft, Does anyone then what costs 99 € per year. Greeting


You get the subscription directly from Microsoft - but also for 99 Euro.

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Very helpful is this here

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On my cable mouse it could also try here without a repeater
the recognition works perfectly. Since the receipt of the mouse in my living room to desire left, I have today an active USB repeater cable for the distance to be bridged (about 5m) bought. Without extension, however, already.

A transmitter / receiver actually needs little power, so you receivers, still USB repeater cable defective. The following problem: The wireless receiver is no longer detected when it is not connected to the USB cable.

How can I explain this and are there solution suggestions?

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THANK YOU!!! help me ??? But I have

Could you find such a thing anywhere !!!!

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Question: Lengthen Lankabel?

Hi guys! Have the problem that my PC is now somewhere else than a day ago and for the PC an extra Lankabel was laid.


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Only what points]
But do you have a shimmer what I should write there in the documentary? You should not deliver any finished documentaries to me. What points in reliability are here: [Only logged in users, can see links

in there should.