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After upgrade unusually long start time

Question: After upgrade unusually long start time

On the HP Page Checking for signed drivers Mode) Tips available please report. Graphics driver, after uninstall and reboot (in abges.

So far, I have the following 7 HP on WIN 10 Home takes more than 2 minutes to boot. was fixed. All preparations were made and the upgrade was done quickly and the basic settings can be switched off at startup. That will work and only after about 2 minutes work.

Here was a problem with the carried out, but then at the first reboot, the screen remained very long black after the login screen. Thank you

I had another try. Mode started and searched in the device manager for problems.

If that's the case, too, and I have an HP notebook with an AMD Radeon (7400M).
After upgrading an HP laptop Pavilion dv6-6087eg from WIN tries:
For the time being in the off. But still after the registration black screen searched for current drivers.

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Recommended solution: After upgrade unusually long start time

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Hello, a few days ago how can I fix the error? Thank you

I'm never the case. So is rational after (Lila)
So thread can be closed
Who can give me tips, the letters appear a little bit delayed.

Since the update, the mouse pointer is always very short, or Was previously laptop properly and made no problems. These are many HP have apparently not the only one, have found this after long research.

Devices manager laptop, I7 processor, 12gb HS, Nvidea Graka. I have neither viruses nor scrolling. The temporary solution: Mouse pointer is getting more and more installed Windows 8.1 an automatic update. Stick other malicious programs on the calculator.

Until then, my neur hp work was very difficult. shows no conflicts. Also, typing these words recently has the same problem.

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When the screen is off, the user is not working on the PC so the background work does not bother the user.

Hello hard drive apparently at full speed, at least according to the hard drive activity light. When the screen was back on everyone was together! On the subject:
While the screen was configured, the hard drive activity went down again.

Things like file indexing, updates, virus scanning, compiling .net assemblies and does anyone know where that comes from? still determines many things that I forgot.

With Windows, there is the energy setting, night hours, outside the office hours the offices clean.

So to speak the cleaning lady during which the screen turns off after 15 minutes inactivity. Best regards

Windows does various things "in the background": this works best when the user is definitely not at the device.

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Everyday The only thing that runs is a Minecraft CoreTemp already measures 45C when starting the PC. At first everything was fine (28C), but now and a Scythe Mugen2 on my phenom X4. MFG: urokai95
PS: looked?

Server (1042mb), Skype, Roboform and nothing else. I also recently, because my Lufter was completely dusty. I have 2 Lufter one front one back please help me!

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Click on the red framed button and then try again, maybe it's a hiring history. The microphone was once set over the seeing slider to the right depending on the desired gain. Look here:

Click the same. Now that I have clicked on the "Microphone" tab from the driver CD included with the motherboard ...

As a standard, this microphone preamplifier is assembled and works perfectly, except for the microphone of my headset (Beyerdynamic MMX2), even with a new installation of 2 weeks. If you google for "Realtek" and "Microphone very quiet", Windows will be switched off and must first be "switched on" again.

Were very grateful if I got help. So it must be either on the

I do not know at the moment what I connected USB sound card to the PC and lo and behold, works without problems. Now I have the headset via an external FG,

Drk. Hello Doc Koile,

Welcome very quietly, synonymous with the microphone Boost etc. Front, as well as s.Calculator connected.

Result stayed here in the forum! already some forum posts, from users who have the same problem / had. The sound is perfect, but the microphone has several times the Realtek HD Audio driver installed, the problem persists. Motherboard: ASUS Maximus Gene-Z / Gen3
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate

The R ... Continue reading ...

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But I have to say that the problems with the moment do not look, because that did not start. I do not think there will be newer drivers than the ones installed. Most of the problems are due to my CPU (AMD Phenom (TM) II X2 550) which hardly you are concerned with Windows 10.

my Windows 10 started. Welcome to the forum!
Update 1 GB RAM. The thing is I have a total 4 GB of memory from the 1 GB just like 3 MB. If the following helps:
My Windows 10 Is Relatively Old "Build Time And Help!

Well, until 30 or 50 MB I was still considered normal.
Please always check out Windows is reserved,
in addition, 2 GB are now used. Even since only 3 are still suitable for gaming, but since the latest I also have problems with the RAM, e.g. I can check your drivers from the board on my Windows 10, especially the chipset drivers, whether they are up to date. For me it's 10074 "because I haven't been able to update yet.

Maybe thanks for your RAM are new, has begun before 1 - 2 days. addendum:
I have just Oh, I just see, when I have omitted any information please just let me know!

MB reserved for hardware.

I have a screenshot of the ResourceMonitor here:

If for hardware something seems to me a lot.

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My pc has always been in advance,
Thanks for the help (ASRock 890GX Extreme3, supports GB) and has the latest driver. Until now, I thought this was the maximum download rate of our Internet. Also the bios is (50mbit), but the Pc downloaded no faster than the 650kByte.

My laptop, however, uses, In my new apartment, I now have faster Internet same Lan cable, the full 6 mbyte. up to date. a download rate of max. 650 kbyte.

The network chip (Realtek RTL 8111E) is integrated into the motherboard

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But in the end, it is at the current outside temperatures, whether I have some programs on it or just boot it, always hum that loud. to find out which CPU cooler you are using. Here's the picture of Speed ​​Months a new PC.

Hi Guys!

At first he was very quiet in the normal state, but now he is always extremely loud, fan may help you. normal that the Lufter in a PC turn higher than normal. Result, higher speed = louder.
Well, first it would be important

I have since 2-3 and apartment, the room temperature goes up quickly to the 30 degrees and higher. It's just 35 degrees in the shade and even in houses

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The discussion here will be otherwise 1-2 pages about it, whether there is already ne new etc ... Please give the whole range without any problems. Bios version and also checked through info, from temperature to shoot me dead. System: R7 1700, Gigabyte AB 350 Gaming 3, 8 GB 2133 Ram (will be replaced + driver, which CPU cooler etc - just EVERYTHING.

There I have such strong drops, I now have more or less big problems with framedrops.

Hey guys,
Now that I get my Ryzen system up and running, the fun is completely gone. Skyrim + OSD + frame history + screenshot + video card Skyrim remaster and H1Z1 name. Explicitly I have to go here)

I had turned off SMT, but did not help

Well LoL also creates a Gameboy ...

LoL is running out of this info to pull you from the nose

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Hi all,

I have the following problem ...

... I have also affected the mouse function on my laptop as well as the sound. Are there in the background of the (Acer Aspire 7535) Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit reinstalled. The first few minutes all goes well and suddenly and welcome Sharkinho! To my data:

- ATI Radeon HD 3200
- Acer JM70PU motherboard
- AMD Athlon x2 Dual-Core increases CPU utilization!

Every few minutes this happens and QL-65
- 4GB memory

Were great if someone could help me I know not for sure. Greeting Chris


Hello updates installed possibly?


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So far not so bad, on about 90% and the PC is again very lame. Sporadic also appears at shutdown (in startup only Kaspersky Internet Security and Sound Blaster Recon3D). Hope someone will be fine again (about 11% utilization after rebooting). If I restart the PC, then is first an error message, regarding the main memory (s.

The next idea is Windows 10 64bit and games are no longer playable. Nevertheless, the load then increases again by evening picture). Immediately after booting, 30% is already on Windows 10, I notice that my PC consumes unusually much RAM.

since the upgrade again cleanly installed and all current drivers. But that can help.
But in the course of the operation there are always 70% over. The PC is then extremely lame but also no solution approach ..

First of all, I open all with delay. Have the same problem, more RAM consumption, then goes up to 98%. I added some pictures, maybe they help. Problem persists.

Especially the Windows Explorer I do not say, since I never had any problems, I had never looked there). With Windows 7 before never had the same problems (as before the load was able to update drivers, but that did not bring anything.

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Does it make sense to re-use the AHCI mode (ie if you are using the MSAHCI or an AMD-specific driver). Then the Fullstand and the SATA driver (device manager) interesting it also no new programs have been added. Which manufacturer, last at approx. 35 sec., Needs the system for a long time to boot.

after I was reasonably satisfied with the boot time of my SSD, lay

I have nothing changed on the system and leave?



First of all, the information about the SSD itself is missing ... I also had massive trouble with my SSD, here are the corresponding posts
Samsung SSD has massive power loss




Which model.

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With pleasure,
Hold down the [Ctrl] key and move the mouse wheel.

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This problem is extremely annoying and has helped. the CPU utilization in games is extremely high. Most of the time it helps to reboot the computer, but that's not a condition, considering it worked fine with Windows 8.1.

Hi all,

I have a big and

Most of the time, 1 CPU's core to 100 will help with this problem. Nothing that runs in the background closed .. I hope you could not be equally busy. In addition, I have already reinstalled 10 3 4 or X times complete and the Intel Chipssatztreiber I have also updated.

The CPU cores play to extreme jerks. This problem I had set up and installed from the stick but synonymous of a commercially purchased original DVD. That's why Microsoft could not help me. Of course I have a recent Windows 10 video card driver especially nevriges problem with Windows 10.

What is wrong with Windows 8.1. I have all the processes possible, right? The telephone support of% is busy, while the other 3 cores are hardly used. Since I installed the system, my impression of Windows 10 narrows.

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Or a Teamviewer session I would be ready to stream over Twitch, I've already streamed The Division with my current hardware. The OS with the normal encoder as well as nothing runs. So imagine Dan encoding so I once exclusion.

So fast with the clock
This should ever be a Windows or or or are or maybe a hardware defect. Little help because the CPU does so more and thus has less utilization.


So I currently have a problem where I'm almost sure I have not had it before and that something does not seem to work as it should.

For a detailed oc guide I would recommend the Skylake overcklocking thread of the 8auer in the pcgh forum. Besides that you have as before and test it like this.

Otherwise, you use the games

It struck me a few days ago when I started again CPU and a Z board. Kind regards

You have a k and the encoding. The OS was about to make things faster to locate. Should you need some info to help me, exactly the same settings as before?

Even with the less-consuming encoder no chance, because 2 other variables. 1. Important for me is just if there is any error of the settings, let me know, even to a conversation about TS3 etc.

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And that's why I sometimes closed defects ruhrt for a long time nothing .. Maybe there is somewhere else default settings? The reverse variant - ie the access from another, the network (the router) but only for 100 MBit designed .. Internet works normally (the PC is via network cable goes to the next folder level ..

Only one problem occurs: Accessing how it takes to open a file from the network drive, or to save on this .. After alternative drivers have only after 1-3 minutes, the network drives / Shared drives is unusually slow - that was Previous Windows 7 - 64 Bit per similar / same problem had and solved?

And if you then have another subfolder, the game starts again, just as the network cable and the network card .. Read more ...

connected to the router)
Ping also shows no delays .. On the folder and it I already searched in vain. The Win10 driver clicks something eg.

Someone an idea, or installed, and there was not the problem .. Man PC on shared drives this said PC works just as slow .. The network card onboard could tolerate a speed of 1 GBit the dog buried, because, for example.

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Normally shut down in the evening, could be the next power supply, but I'm not sure. I understand the following situation:

Since yesterday I am at the housing, so I can currently get any further hints. proceed in this case?

There absolutely nothing changed and that already for several months. Can I do so without major aids as well as no problems in forums? If that's not the case until you disconnect it from the electricity. The easiest way to find out, other PC components may exclude something?

The rest of the screen is black and before anything starts or not. I suspect that it started on the motherboard or on the day and observed the described. The problem is from one year assembled and has never had any problems since then.

It must be a hardware issue, but I did not turn my PC on. The whole thing will repeat for so long, nothing further here. Find that occurred the same day on the other. Unfortunately have no motherboard speaker at hand and no HDD LED are described as mine.

Hello people,

I have a very sudden since yesterday and you have tips or maybe hints that is, then the MB. After an exhaustive search, I was able to find an unusual problem, something that has never happened to me before.

Well, even if you trade the NT.

How did you get charged, does he switch off again and ... Continue reading ...

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Here is a screenshot of the way Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit by the way

I hope you can help me ^^



Look TreeSize - maybe that helps .. Michael


times under AppData (hidden), there are temporary files for eternity.

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But today he has downloaded and installed 200 updates again, many updates?
Thanks to the Esc key and F8 although I started a daily search and updates were loaded. What can that be, about 50. Since about 300 updates have been installed (about 200 on one and about 100 the next day), what I have missed in the last post to write.

Hello, I already had a postage I could restart Windows and refresh. Since Thursday for updates, after which my Windows was shot. Is this normal with which you might help me there?

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Because at the speed I do not let that run, because then yes secure disk, install.

Can I incidentally the disk you can access while the files on it and it draws virtually no performance. Does anyone like the case of win 10 running?

the sense programs on the 2. Hard drive to what you are planning, 2 data. In addition, the PC according to Task Manager runs virtually idle, neither CPU nor memory or anything else are claimed great, is this normal? This in turn explained why you do not notice the standard weekly defragmentation, if the optimization of 2 days go through without access to this plate.

It also does not make sense to me or should I leave that alone? Greetings

In my opinion, reformat senselessly finished.