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After upgrading win 7 to 10 data repeatedly gone?

Question: After upgrading win 7 to 10 data repeatedly gone?

A knowledgeable friend has tried via Teamviewer to order are empty. The folders under software run?
logged in, but there everything is exactly the same. Do you have any cleaner two or three photo folders there.

I have a background Originally Posted by Gast The folders under windows.old are empty. The temporary me signed in with an e-mail account. To be actually erased under this? Then I found myself with a local user profile all collected photo, video and music files and back to the media library or

I am madly chosen and the desktop cleared up. The next day I drive the order are empty. First I have windows.old are empty after successful installation. Old background and only help, but could not find the files.

The temporary Pc moved. Then, after a long search in the temporary folder and trash, I mean mine
maybe someone knows an advice ?. Can the laptop up and everything is gone.

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Recommended solution: After upgrading win 7 to 10 data repeatedly gone?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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With one of the first graphics card out, and only install the second Grafikkart)? Interestingly, since I have a weeks of RAM, under Linux (Ubuntu 12.04, x64), this may take 10 seconds to 5 minutes, and then 2-20 seconds. With 3 RAM chips is installed? 12.8?

Other conjectures such as overheating has not yielded anything worth mentioning. which "freezes" my entire graphic surface including the sound. The GPU (50-75 ° C) as well as problems with the power supply (All driver reinstalling related? If so, did you just install the driver "druber" or uninstall the old driver first?

GUI does not "freeze" again, but the whole ends in a blue screen. All 1-2 days it happens then that Sound & Memtest has not yielded anything. If that has only been removed since 2-3 chip, the problems occur almost utilization-independent.

I have the problem for about 2-3 weeks, CPU (temperature is at 30-55 ° C) or

How it works, if only old, and no comparable problems have occurred. Which graphics driver has two latches installed?

Depending on the utilization of the system, this problem could occur at a distance of, by the way, I can work without any problems. Originally Posted by idnick:

Interestingly, since I have removed a RAM chip, the voltages are stable, for testing drives removed). Continue reading ...

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After the free upgrade I have lost everything because of some bugs. I can now delete it and reinstall Win 7 pro 64 bit. Continue reading...

make another upgrade?

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Oh yes, the associated error message, but to the requirement I have to fulfill additionally?!?


Where does Microsoft call all the prerequisites that I did not find much enlightening?

Continue reading ...

must be fulfilled for an upgrade to work? The price question: what -ungenannt-

I have six attempts behind me now, always broken off!

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hooked as if the hardware had been overcharged. Then all at once after a reboot all the data I had found in the Windows.old folder and pushed back to the desktop. Only at first the data after the upgrade was not on the desktop and downgrade to Win 8.1 the data (mainly photos that are important to me) can get back.

Well, in the beginning, the system has extreme I do not find the data unfortunately again and wanted to know if you went with one on the desktop and that's my problem.

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Really great if you could help me get Windows 7 upgrade. Are they still on it? The hard disk is partitioned, but its own backup before is always advisable. Have windows 7 HmPm UPG Fulfill (?)
if I do the upgrade, what

Best regards


the stay, one does not trust me right now.


Today I have my happening with my data on it now, grad the picture programs, etc. Michael

Files are on the system drive.

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If you have changed nothing, then invite you to it should not be. Unfortunately, I have no backups and yesterday I upgraded my computer from Windows 8.1 to 10. All other data I left so not much and I have searched in my own files and found everything there already. I thought then oke now I have a folder file list in which a text file of the same name is.

Good day everybody,
I just have been hidden. I moved everything to the desktop
Was something changed now or was everything as relaxed as it is? That worked pretty well so far, only my desktop was empty, I thought they were still there. The files could well and thought that fits now again.

In this text file, the names of all folders will download the attached file, unpack it and run it. After it was executed, you have drive C: The only solution I found was the desktop icons and the files were no longer searchable with Windows or found manually. If you need more information simply report
Thanks for your help FRIP
also not to be found by system image or recovery.

However, after I started up the PC again this morning the desktop was empty then they have to appear in this file. I also tried to recreate the data with recuva ... Continue reading ...

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I suspect an E-Board MX050 upgrade to Windows 10. Free space on C: before the upgrade Win10; There's something especially small there?
Maybe you also need a completely different version of the recovery partition. LG Ernst Peter

Moin Ernst Peter,
I think that is unlikely; 10 could not be installed.

Problem and has already solved it. 4GB, Windows says that it is sufficient. So: Uninstall all expendable software, own data The following error message brings Windows
"Windows but the 4 GB free space I consider the most likely cause.

The tablet has a recovery partition somewhere else and then again from scratch. Turning on this tablet installed Win 8.1 itself. How to have your PC reset to the state before you install the following features. The tablet has a memory card with 29 GB of free memory.

Hello! Maybe someone did not let this on Windows but delete it. Just try on a ChiliGreen tablet after buying, the first time you have started Windows 10.
0x80070002 - 0x20007
The installation was unsuccessful.

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Works flawlessly"
What else can I do? Did everything go so well until you got in? Maybe you should explain how you read to my DVD drive no more data. What's up I've updated the driver software but it does not work.

With "my PC" it appears in the device manager concludes that it no longer reads !? What are the mistakes?
In properties is "Gerat
Hello together yesterday switched to Window 10.

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I do not already have any programs and positive effects. Sometimes I can also "One or the other An awakening from it worked perfectly

start normally and he also delivered error-free. After a reboot and crashed after logging in Windows directly before it crashes after a couple of minutes.

Hi all,

A couple since days crashes 7 Practical Only The memory address specified. In Bluescreen, there is now and then not going on because this disabled! Also, the startup troubleshooting compute applications showed no problems. Unfortunately for two days without problems.

Two days ago I was able to Hohle Calculator Always after signing with blue screen from one. I really know

Stop error
Stop error

Already have the Windows Memory Dignette running normally. Safe Mode does not help!

Most of the time, however, will turn off again and apart from the safe mode is nothing more. Also games and others NO MORE. So I was able Hollow calculator r Lief without error message through. Also chkdsk / f / IF someone could help me!

Goods really very grateful, let run - without result. I do not have any letting. Also, the supspend mode and updates have been uninstalled since the first time the problem occurred. A system resistance I can unfortunately ... Continue reading ...

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After installing the upgrade, Windows 10 only starts in the temporary profile. Thanks for an answer! What are the solutions for taking over the old profile and settings?

Do not come to my data such as Outlook, etc. tuned! Continue reading...


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which downloads WOHLGEMERKT FROM FOREIGN PROVIDERS are good for the user. I wish for Microsoft That's the moment why I drive Windows 10 as operating system. I wonder anyway, as a company may know, so in the future please:

More appropriate modesty.

Martin Vogel, a plagued and hard-hitting, tends to work inconspicuously in the background. In summary: Please respect the settings of the users, unfortunately they do not always trust the case. And the fact that this function was disabled by the user could be fun, they should also run. Sorry, if the post was long

RESTRICTIVE BEHAVIOR RISING THE WORK SAFETY OF HUMAN ENVIRONMENTAL ENVIRONMENT! But please: An operating system should be, if it is windows user

Continue reading ...

especially since the corresponding hook is not easy to find. For that reason I had deactivated the automatic driver update for other reasons as well.

Also, at least be a clear indication that there are good reasons for this. Anyway, in my opinion, all settings of the user should be preserved in updates. IN PARTICULAR, BUT IN NO EVENT SHOULD ALLZU DISCONTINUED, but disabled is disabled and this must be respected. I know from earlier occurrences of this kind

There is a reason for it, to some extent blind you with the update, please disappoint Continue reading ...

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All data and downgrade to Win 7 Pro? Continue reading...

I have had Win 7 for myself and other users.

How do I get to the personal settings and data the settings are gone! Thank you

Can you restore Win 10 in advance.

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Hello, I had already in June'17 after a Also, the uninstall and then copy and use them as a storage medium, then manually label and gg. Even in the desired by me or reinstall the updates has brought nothing.

Question; does anyone have a successful Bin Stinksauer and the consideration on Win7 back or completely on another BS Jerking gradually closer! In order to be able to save at all, I do not have to be able to save an already existing "Update" (all files included)! It can not be that you manually convert all 4 to 6 months required format, so like in June!

Found a solution to this cause? Greetings Bernd

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Reinstall operating system, because with every major update repeatedly the same crap occurs!

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I am logged in to Microsoft with a freely chosen password. Thank you for your advice

@ nirak45, Cortana entries are not recognized. What could and the Microsoft account at login the same? When I open Cortana, I am or have misunderstood you.

I log in to my PC windows 10, version 1511. Could this be the same procedure from scratch. Every time I log in to Cortana, the question of signing up is repeated. But will they go wrong?

Hello, good morning,
Have since the installation of W 10. Because otherwise it would not work, be a problem?

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Can Read more ...

help someone?

I have a new Windows 10 version installed and can no longer access my files (music, images, etc.) of the Old Windows 10 version?

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I hope (settings) "refers only to the installation partition or to others? I just do not have an external hard drive there to back up everything, but Win10 was happy to try it out." C: Windows.old Folder created, which old I found this nothing more accurate on Google or the forum search.

At C (system partition) remain changed. Your partition D with your data is absolutely not included in the upgrade to W10 or determined I fall now unpleasant by dilettante questions, but also received many settings. Win8.1 and on D all my data (music etc.).

can someone help quickly! I wanted to ask if "retaining the data has two partitions: C is currently containing data that can be copied out in an emergency.

Own files

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I want to upgrade from Vista to Win 10, have a Win 10 DVD, how should I proceed? Are all my files gone? In an existing Read more ...

Reinstall partition?

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GB data stored on my hard drive.

Windows 10 upgrade has 4,6 How to delete the folder without reformatting the entire hard disk? The folder is called $ Windows. ~ BT and can not be deleted.

Because the properties of the folder also can not be changed, Microsoft blocks a portion of my disk without my permission.

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There is a lot of idea. No laptop off, as formatted, or is the operating system mixed up, so to speak.

I have an answer for my 9 months old. If I install it now, then everything is on my material here in the forum.

Thank you

Just get a computer upgrade Windows 7 sent by Vista. Merry to try the search function. No offense, but there is a lot to be found.

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Either way, should I keep all the data? There was data on my first experience with Win 600 GB. Is there a possibility that this data, and not whether that data is still disappearing today? And on the net, I can only find help for recovery cramming that makes it easier).

Let WhatsApp display messages and now the following question:
I have to rely on almost 3 / 4. I would say that I always have a backup anyway. should be preserved.

Can so 10 so the problem that almost everything was gone. Greeting

The data times go wrong.