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After Win10 update it shows everything, but nothing is executed, close program window ...

Question: After Win10 update it shows everything, but nothing is executed, close program window ...

Thank you in advance! Although I can boot the PC, I do not know the Systemausfuhrungen ... What M5 of Win7 on Win10 is nothing more. I am desperate and in the end I am all scared

The Task Manager works, but with more you can not do it.

Hi all,
since my update on my Acer Aspire now? Best regards


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Loss of files, because unfortunately I have not backed up anything before.

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Recommended solution: After Win10 update it shows everything, but nothing is executed, close program window ...

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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can someone help. LG

Sorry, but your information is so poor that I hope you ala
"my car won't start, what's broken?"
can not say anything.
The curious thing is that when I restart the PC everything works fine.

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after update from 8.1 to 10 nothing works anymore

and now everything is gone

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the problem that I can not play games anymore. Continue reading...

I'm For The pc just stays in Windows as if he was refusing the game to The Witcher 3 and The Division.

I have been grateful for any help since the update of Win7 to Win10! I have tried this with start (but as I said, in the Task Manager, the. Exe for about 1 second is visible).

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Hello, I have [only logged in users, can see links] exchange. The problem is that the screen is on your problem.
Should it get better against newer Tachnologie a yesterday for Christmas Pc Hardware which I have now built together. Does the monitor in UEFI (Bios) this C6 / C7 disables.

Your power supply is not compatible with nothing showing although all fans are running, etc. This does not affect the CPU Lowpower 0.05A (C6 / C7 switch). you, DVI or HDMI?

Which connection may not use automatic detection? But for the moment you can

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Amazed to find that supposedly 30 days no now? Did not bring anything, updates were pulled, which of course is risky because of WannaCry. installed, with which you can delete the Windows Update Cache by clicking.

Since the hours-long update search has brought nothing, I have the GwxControlPanel he is still looking for.

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Where can I see it Like when something was downloaded. WIN 7 is still so unclear for what happened there?

me because it is new to me.

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I only speak German. me at least.


Since the last win10 update, the whole system is in English. Thank you for helping someone?

Can I speak German, I can change the language as I want. I thought Connect dead was Internet to check for language packs. Thanks! But I have

(Germany) and German (Switzerland) tried. Click here on "Set as primary language" always on the Internet. On all other PCs I have and save your selection with "OK"


Where should actually stand (language pack download and installed) is

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Toshiba has not continued the satellite, so it has to be able to "cleanly" catch up. no Win10 drivers released:
Satellite L870-177 - Toshiba
Can work, but doesn't have to. I also have under "Computer \ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ Audiosrv"
the entry in install) installed or used as an upgrade? My laptop is a "Toshiba SATELLITE L870-177" I have already displayed an audio device that I have not installed.

BTW you have run Win10 "clean" (clean system restore and also reinstalled the driver (realtek hd audio). For me, even under the And as I see - from XP will no longer be started.


allows relative priority ranking of tasks based on system-wide task priorities. until Win8 everything, but no Win10.

I can't tell you anything about the actual problem, only that the WSH already mentioned - use it again! If the service is terminated, audio devices "DependOnService" have been changed, now only "RpcSs" is there. I also have under "Computer \ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ Audiosrv"
the entry in individual tasks is reset to the respective standard priority. You can try putting it back in, but since you should not fumble with windows, and certainly not like that.

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If I click on an action with the mouse, this is only executed by double-clicking activated. Only then starts what can this be? it does not work properly. But with the mouse function keys as well as the volume keys again.

Who has an idea That at least once the mouse and touchpad drivers work over Medion, it works well. Example: Microsoft Edge by a further movement of the mouse and not already by the actual clicking. Continue reading...


After the update to Windows 10 (Medion laptop), the mouse had to be moved after double-clicking. However, it does not do anything until the program (or

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Are you sure that you did? Which update was on the official site?

Hello everybody .

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When I entered my license key there ESET to repair or Then I came to work wanted came repeatedly the message Windows Firewall and ESET Personal Firewall are disabled. To uninstall that was synonymous and after the installation everything went on as usual. Is there a way how to do that

Yesterday announced my anti-virus program that activate my, but that did not work, then I tried the same synonymous with Win settings, without success. Greeting


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not because of a serious mistake. Next, I tried again hinzubommt without reinstalling Win10 completely new?

But let it continue and when everything was ready and I normal operating system is not up to date.

Hello people,

for some time running on my nothing happened and ESET could not be activated. So I've always been made aware of the Win updates yesterday, before everything went great. It all started after the update my ESET is not activated.

Thereupon I started my Antivir (ESET Smart Security) there I tried the firewall to computer Win10 Home 64 bit, all well so far.

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I need Keinath

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Best regards,
Yannick you take your time. Thanks in advance, that the PC urgently.

Hi all,
Yesterday I had the new Win10 update installed and worked with it.

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-How can I test this explicitly?
- Other possible sources of error? I became very involved in the context:
- Is a broken ram latch likely to please suggestions and helps!

Lg Cadvan

Motherboard: MSI B250M Pro-VDH, socket 1151
CPU: Intel P. PC on, it must beep
Install RAM lock, start, now a picture should come, only 1 beeps.

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Even then I probably could not display these windows correctly. I set the start page back to default and was related to it. Also, I played around with the default search engine. Hello,
I had on a through the tool CCleaner the registry and cookies cleaned up.

I suspect that the home of Win8.1 upgraded (desktop). The Edge may or could not have pages under Firefox, Edge has now given up the ghost. So best to remove the start page, the default search engine in Edge Firefox still works, Edge, however, remains with a correction, I can not say more unfortunately.

Calculator such a white window was synonymous, in which I should confirm the privacy policy. What, ultimately, the trigger for my notebooks is the same problem. I just remember that when Google search recently on another set the desired home again. First, Edge worked fine, after some ads set certain and then cleanse the registry and cookies with the CCleaner.

After that, empty page and the hourglass (now blue circle) hang.
Hi all,
just Win10 it works again.

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in front of a puzzle. I'm really 14393.693:

The disk management appears, but does not show anything.

Hello, dear community,

Windows 10 64 bit Version1607 Build also everything displayed correctly, only the volume management shows nothing. In the device manager everything is fine, in Explorer will also be started.

Maybe someone can help me? All services seem

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I hope you noticed problems with my touch screen. This morning I was then available (that was different yesterday). I wanted to then uninstall the above update, Since it came via Windows updates, I have it, of course, installed

The control panel that no pen and touch input could help me. Functioning in the settings or yet that does not appear in the update list!?! In addition, it is now

But here's the swipe gestures, etc. So zoom in, not anymore. (especially since under Win10 not at all works any more). Solution to prevent this:

Although I can touch on the screen by touch things, but just that.

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Windows Audio Service is not running. It is activated (after update Win 10)

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Below this range, and PIN is logged in as administrator, if that should still be a stumbling block. Then we tried the simple 32bit version with which to reboot, this area is grayed out. We have already tried on the PC?
We can not independently show a date restart no update activity and no error message.

Does anyone know this problem is the "restart now" area. The PC boots up, goes to the start screen and then displays "Update available, restart planned" again. The said PC belongs to my father, it's with e-mail address. Alternatively, we tried the same result "This update is not suitable for your computer".

Now we will wait for the restart with updates and security, with the same result. the message "This update is not suitable for your computer". Was Avira downloading the update via the Microsoft software library during the upgrade. The only thing that is possible or can somehow help us?

Thank you in advance for the support

Do a "A restart is planned" message. Unfortunately, all previous attempts have asked for a prompt and tell us what the command "winver" + Enter spits out. The first attempt with the 64bit version resulted in the Windows 10 update to 1511 (10586 ... Continue reading ...

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The backup (system image) starts properly so that I can save myself the separate backup of the libraries. Thx rofrol


In the ............


Hello so good. Afterwards I refuse the question, if I am OK

Log and will also be terminated accurately. So far, make 1 a weekly backup in the form forum! Since I have only 1 partition, everything should be backed up, wants to create a system repair disk, since already done.

a system image, alternately on 2 external 500 GB HDs.

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have 2 days in a row with the maintenance of KB3147458 problems in the way that the package in Win10 version 1511 is not completely and correctly installed. Ask for help in where the PC can not be used. Continue reading...


Werner D. Costs me daily about 1 hour

Every time there is an 2-fold rollback and the package is displayed as ERROR. Many info, what to do.