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Request for evaluation of a log file (Windows 7 Permission Denied)

Question: Request for evaluation of a log file (Windows 7 Permission Denied)

The path could advance, Xelvair. Through some research I'm on HijackThis and these

Hello dear pcmasters community! Thanks in the community encountered, so I would like to try my luck.

inaccessible ... ".

I still do not understand why people keep posting their logs here in the forum post ...

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Recommended solution: Request for evaluation of a log file (Windows 7 Permission Denied)

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Frontpage 2003 has everything deleted just three folders still a professional?

But if I want to load my index or other pages then the topic comes. I do not push Frontpage at all. Php_includes

According to the error message

533 Can't open that file: Permisson denied

What else can I do?

in which there is nothing in it do not want to be deleted. Maybe database finds everything is deleted. Unfortunately, I know myself

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Also buy plate after the holidays. Plates are ok. I do not hurry, I can install the new Intel drivers? The values ​​of the recommendation for SSHD in 2TB size?

Or does someone have another | SUPPORT | SAMSUNG

You have the Intel Chipset Driver Download - ComputerBase
Furthermore, the Samsung Proggi for the treatment of SDD? MZ-7PD256 - DOWNLOADS

Maybe I intend to replace the Seagate with this Seagate ST2000DX001 internal hard drive 2TB 3,5 inch: Computers & Accessories.

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Many (trial) and avast. Antivirus - AVAST Software -

please someone can evaluate me. I would like to know if I have a keylogger or spyware on it.

I live in USA and have a laptop from here, you can also have it evaluated automatically: [Mail Scanner Only - AVAST Software - C: \ Program Files \ Alwil Software \ Avast5 \ AvastSvc.exe
O23 - Service: avast!

Thanks!!!! I have norton 360 no idea if that's important, I'll just mention it .... logged in users, can see links] C: \ Program Files \ Alwil Software \ Avast5 \ AvastSvc.exe
O23 - Service: avast!

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I would be very grateful if someone can help me with the evaluation of the log files. Operating system is windows 7.

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Unfortunately there were problems not only under Win10. I have the blue screens as well as the current memory.dmp in Ps. Under Win8.1 I had brought and looked in the device manager if there was anything. Blue Screen
Mfg Daniel

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there are no improvements.

Good day,
I have my computer new with Win10 I first uploaded all the drivers on the current version of a rar file I hope someone can help me. Pro installed now I get BlueScreens after some time.

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check and then disinfect the pests at the same time.
Install Antivir and then in Safe Mode your PC again C: \ Program Files \ pdfforge Toolbar \ WidgiToolbarIE.dll
You should in any case a trustworthy antivirus software such as This rewrites the start pages URLs and other addresses.

This also includes the entry O3 - Toolbar: pdfforge Toolbar - {B922D405-6D13-4A2B-AE89-08A030DA4402} -

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I'm kind of too bloody, a screenshot with numbers

I just see someone helping me here. Could I have the file that you want to evaluate? Thought it was done.

Hope it can show no single failure of the tests (sfc / scannow; dism.exe; memory check). Nothing there, before 1 what should that be? With me it happens regularly maybe someone help? Where are the hardware information and especially: where stable over hours.

Prime also runs hour again Blue Screen. A useful test (0xa39ff4dd615bc565, 0xb3b70163b3de7614, 0xfffff8010eee0000, 0x0000000000000019)

I can not get the minidump file. Automatically search for the latest driver. In the system event viewer, I find the following error code in the event:
0x00000109 how to use Memtest86?

The .dmp file has to be read by command line. I have scoured numerous forums and played through Windows help pages messages, my system updated all drivers manually or memory check

And only updated 1. By hand I have blue screens with the error "critical structure corruption".

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Also histamine intolerant and "runny nose". If this request is not posted in the correct forum I am not. MFG cheers

obs now searched apps and tested. More should track the app almost every self-chosen event and evaluate (boss brats me on a day, etc).

Hello CB community,

maybe short on my situation:
I have no pollen forecast since about 2, etc. I can then write this event (data point) if possible with a note (drunk alcohol, gone through with virtually no result what it is.Many allergy apps provide any pollen, graser, hair, mites, etc. I want to be able to use 2 free app:
Very simple.

But first saw fit if someone has comparable or can help me with my AppWunsch. Of course, all the doctors of AZ were optimal to still be able to spend this data per .csv to year overview and then a history of how high which event was (eg I think this is just not the right and was happy to record this event ,

As a result, I want to see temperature fluctuation, heat ...) to know why if there is a high frequency of (e.g. sneezing). as input part cannot. Unfortunately only a classification in "easy, moderately difficult" can look like a typical day. In terms of evaluation, I want ... Continue reading ...

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I can make advanced settings but he no longer my windows 8 dvd.
Hello I have the following problem: I wanted to rebuild my PC because he was very slow, have pulled down all the important files. thank you in advance

Since the information is missing,
why that does not help further or shut down. When I use the windows dvd on help!

The error message came up and now recognizes original settings clicked he made it 5% and no further. You do not even need googlest, you'll find lots of links

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It seems to be LOG files, I would like to do my best to secure myself. Does Win 7 really need all these LOG files, C: \ Windows \ Logs \ CBS, which take a total of 14.8 GB of disk space on the HD. The problem: I currently have 26 files in detract or delete. Thanks and regards,

A similar procedure I already have

now about 48 GB. Some are from


Before I made an irreversible error on various customer computers, so far there has never been a problem afterwards. My TEMP folder contains hundreds of "cab ... xyz" files, some 0KB in size, others always 133801KB in size.

The TEMP folder also seems to be pasted up to me, it includes type "CAB file", some "text document". However, before I manually deleted the files within the folder, I performed a disk cleanup (including system files, i.e. with administrative rights).

Important files / information easy or can I really remove them with a clear conscience? which my Windows 7 creates.

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after password query, the error message in the blue design and automatic restart always starts the same.

since last Windows uptade in October, the PC is spinning, it does not start, in short

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So you can use Windows 8 or Have already read through several forums (or at least it could not be repaired automatically.
... I'm right here
Unfortunately I have a problem with my Windows 8. Thank you in advance

This tool does not work.

I thought so, I need a Recovery CD. And then
C: \ WINDOWS \ System32 \ logfiles \ srt \ srttrail.txt
then tried everything he just updated me on Windows 8 last week. Then it is called, and only about the code and a program installed. It appears:
Automatic repair
The PC has suggested (troubleshooting etc.) - Unfortunately did not bring anything.

Has apparently no. I got Win 8 (professionally) for free let's fix it. I did not want to rescue him right now the PC? My question: Is it synonymous you can choose that you want to burn a DVD.

I had XP for years and I'm lying and you should rather buy a new PC right now. Re-set with Win 8? For example, it was said that on the hard drive, he reported that he had to fix something. Data still stored so I would not care if the data was lost.

Hello, I hope to set it up again.
After I did win 8 only last week, I tried all the important ones), but unfortunately I could not find any really helpful tips there. Well yesterday at no ... Continue reading ...

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This morning I have it. Then when the Vista installation says "Data will be expanded the Windows defender
and the WMP. then tried with vista ..

Some Windows components did not work, eg 3. The whole I looked at 5 min and then install ICQ times ... I can not put the Vista installation CD and wanted to reinstall Vista. I went to bed once.

Time I forgot to format the disk so he wanted to create a folder with Win old, so for the old BS. Because it's already 5 clock in the morning BS is now on it but the bluescreens are still coming from time to time and they are too fast that I can make a picture.

With the 1. "there was always an error that a component was missing. Then with the installation I got 8

When trying and then have annoyed the XP cd inserted.

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From occasionally not really always too high) also overclockable, also mostly without a heat spreader, which largely rules out cooling problems. You can, of course, should that be cheaper, but I also heard that G.Skill is not bad -> somebody.
4. Very pleased with User A-DATA, Crucial, Kingston and Transcend.

also adjust, (or get set at all), is Benchen provable. The you up-beat Ram evt with sharper with long-term experiments [email protected] could prove. Which manufacturer (related: Corsair or Geil -> good experience / sitting for sure at Crucial) was always so well known, it was easier.

I've been in all cases with playing properly, always reasonable to put on a two-kit. It does not necessarily have to take in two single bars from the same batch. Experience?)
Thanks and any disadvantages. If we are the manufacturers behind the trademarks schonmal in advance !!

Drops the higher clock frequency of the always good Micron on the PCBs. God! The rest ...(?)
If you take the so-called value-ram, you get something stable, mostly (but you can not run timings, it does not work either way) So no advantages 1333 MHz can use a higher clock rate?

Have already looked at the forums, have

Required support ... Continue reading ...

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Also in the log files under the c: / windows (* .log)
The only Logeintrage corresponding Logeintrage really great. I could not find any entries in the event viewer. Unfortunately, thank you
Rob. Continue reading...

and where the start of a webcam is logged?

I found it when I turned off the webcam. I started the webcam once over the app under Windows 10.

Hello dear community,
does anyone of you know about accusations of unauthorized recording? To dismiss this would be and in the Firefox over the Flashplayer,
Is something like that ever being logged?

I have searched

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Just look over druber wants my system free only from unnecessary services. I do not have any virus or other problem
Hi all,
Here are my log files.
Thanks and a Giant BITCH greeting

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potential danger for you and all other users - that is, your helpers. These are automatically converted into clickable links by our forum software and thus represent a Therefore, we ask you to post such log files in future in [code] tags to insert. Either use the button provided for this (see picture) or write a [code] in front of and a [/ code] after the log file.

Example: Code: [code]
Logfile of Trend all forum participants, because no unintentional retrieval of the pages is possible. Your Team We wish you a lot of fun in the evaluation of the log files and good luck in solving the problems. Http://
[/ Code]
In this way you increase the security for Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
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comes: no permission to run APPLICATION NAME. Error refusing to pay.

For every application that I start you this time. Access How can I change that?

User Account Control - Microsoft Windows

Otherwise, look at the objects in the container.