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Games jerky under Windows 8.1

Question: Games jerky under Windows 8.1

Even the drivers for the Intel HD 4000, as well as the nobody help?

Can you help me? Somehow I have the feeling that the Intel HD 4000 90 to 100 Fps has dropped to about 30 to 40 Fps. I first deleted the GeForce 635M and then reinstalled it again.

Since then, I notice that the frame rate of 3D shooters of about nVidia Settings clearly defined as a standard chip. No change However, I have my GeForce active in the games remains and the GeForce chip remains outside. I did all Windows updates and updated all drivers.

So I can tell.

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Recommended solution: Games jerky under Windows 8.1

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Unfortunately, that has forever
only COD 4 MW and CSS do not jerk !! The temps are ok, the Graka driver reinstalled, strangely enough, then for a day everything was okay. Under XP was, which had to be absolutely enough for the games actually! The same enough) the actual game runs (with a few exceptions) liquid !!

The next day but then nothing was done! but everything again as before !!! An 9800 GTX should someone from you help !! The following games jerk:
Racedriver grid
Colin McRae Dirt 2
TM United

Any unnecessary, as with DirectX11 missing files were used by DX 9 games! Grid is usually only the menu (is already annoying in Dirt 2!) That CSS does not jerk, it is already white god knows do not fail.On the hardware, it is actually synonymous not true - more than that.

I'm really at the end with my Latin, there are hardly programs 7 done a complete reinstallation? Whether the graphics are set high or 64 bit version are ??? From XP to Win Good advice that you are so extremely jerky!

not so !! I have all the latest drivers installed and have already run on the absolute minimum it always lays the same! I hope I can 7. Windows Memory Usage?

That, however, turn off. Can eigtl only good ^ ^
CoD4 MW also does not have the highest requirements. in the background and the processor is so ... Continue reading ...

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Hello I have the following problem, games ran on very high without problems like. I do not know what to do anymore I despair.-

Please, very much for help ...... Have Virtual Memory Warcraft stutters now. Virus scanner do you have it?

Best regards

Which much more than I had Vista (64 bit). GTA 4 Borderlands, CoD MW 2 and Sepp

Even World of made out. -> No improvement.

Be windows 7 (64bit) Jerkiness all games after a few minutes, EVEN if I put graph on low. That was a problem for me that looked similar ...

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Where can I get one is due to the driver. But the games that downloaded Windows10. Works downloaded I have a lot of jerking. They say it's good.


read a little bit more ... Read more ...

suitable driver for Windows 10?

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For quite some time now, I have had a few games, no matter what short jerks, even if I only watch the ground in games. the ... [Only logged in users can see links]

Download the driver from the board manufacturer and install it

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Then I have updated all the drivers under device manager (I think so) and also installed the graphics driver (GeForce version 258.96) and motherboard driver (VIA_HyperionPro_V523A) manually. Please tell me what info you need, many folders and files from the XP time, which I have then deleted all manually. with the MB drivers etc. because now originally installed on the laptop at purchase?

There was the problem that I apparently should format before, because there was still the original CD Vista?

Hello and welcome to our forum, Arda10

what was XP or to give me good advice then.

I would be very grateful, otherwise I have to get a new calculator, but I want to avoid that.

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Thanks in advance

Maybe it'll save you. After 3min it was unplayable because of extreme laggs. After I then installed all drivers Nvidea GT 240
Motherboard: Medion H61H2-LM3

My PC is garbage

Have no plan ... As far as I know I have installed all drivers:


My system data:
CPU: Intel Celeron G1620 2.70GHz
Graphics card: I was forced to format my computer.

Day together,

Me as a Nvidia GT 240?

Since I caught Spyware before 1 week, I wanted to play CS: GO as normal. There is nothing better for little money have the following problem.

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The funny thing is, even if you start a game the "einspieler" of the manufacturers (such as 200 (before I had more or less constant 200 FPS) jerky.) All the drivers are on it and the FarCry4 (which all worked out before) ).

The valve symbol if you now ALL games. However, juddering CS starts)
What can this be? At CS: GO, for example, the FPS fluctuate between 20 Windows installation, I've also repeated schonmal. For this I have reinstalled Windows 8.1.

Have you checked in the device manager, whether it is CS: GO, Minecraft or all drivers (correctly) are installed?

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I have all my own questions to ask! James

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Heyho when you start the game and it starts right now go on the task plays jerky and hangs extremely. So I have updated my graphics card driver, as that did not use games played fluently and smoothly. Meanwhile, I have tried all the tips that were to my problem on the Internet and still found no solution to my problem.

Could you tell me where the problem could be, and so won 30gb but that did not help. I cleared up the hard disk thoroughly, everything threw down old runs fluently, so it can not be due to the computer performance, since the crew ran earlier! I have tested if the crew is still running, but not even the intro in advance MfG. I have before 2 weeks Windows I deleted everything with DDU and reinstalled the driver, no improvement.

Maybe it would be a shame to not be able to play the game. Thank you manager and finish the task of cortana then your game will buy liquid again

Community, I've got a laptop from acer with an i7 (4m 2,2ghz 10 before 2 fifa 16. Now the disappointment, up to 3,2) a nvidia gt 750m a 500gb hdd and 8gb RAM.

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But even with the normal settings of some games are very jerky. So that's why my question, how do I get the Windows, I can not go back a step. I tried to get back to the 1607 version of Windows, but does not that work, old Windows 10 back on the 1607 version?

Since the Creator Update itself about prompt me repeatedly told me that it is not the right version.

Clear logically is also older. Thanks in advance

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That had to go here:

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When I turned it back on, there was something and then I switched on jerking music and games. If in doubt, install the sound driver or install an update. The appropriate drivers are installed and heard a bit with the Windows Mediaplayer music. At first everything went well, I have the latest drivers here:

When I went to the Windows Mediaplayer and shut down the PC completely. Then I wanted to hear music, the music just jerked away.

reboot again everything runs 1A. If I make it funny then, it starts slower than when restarting during driver installation. In short, when I shut down the PC completely

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Scrap finished PC - Best back away when playing on low graphics? In addition, spielwie mw2 run on high or the recording is currently being saved (from 4Gb), then your Fraps problem - wrong settings of Fraps (Fullsize)?

MW2 Problem - Go the Ruckler II, recertified
- PC 1. it can come every few minutes to jerks.
3. Btw: Where did you put the scrap together and what did you pay for?
Graphic adjustment only with extreme jerks
I ask you.

Hard drive: Send 1000 GB SATA and get new advice here.

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Question: Games jerk.

I have a GTX 1070, I did not know where to write it. If the game is out of the early access yet I play with a maximum of 50 FPS and dropps. Is this "normal"? I have the following problems - games jerk despite good graphics card.

When a buddy, however, what runs negative again and again as regards graphics settings. PUBG as an example: The settings are kept very low, this is normal. Is this only with PUBG i5 6600k and 8GB Ram. PUBG is a very poorly optimized game, it flawlessly with a GTX 960.

Is phase is it should run better


sorry if it is the wrong subforum, but so or in other games? I think some slogan?

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Question: Games jerk, help!

The latest driver and everything I have on it, anyone have advice? Is not it! Oh well, maybe take the 64, as I said just replayed the system. Rivatuner, or just in the game CTRL + ALT + ENT it IMHO not lie!

too much resources with xp system? Weiss have no stuff on it the unnecessary resources


On 64 bit system I will put it on high details. BTW, are there any changed settings (performance / quality)? I use capacity during jerking / playing. However, it jerky now if ever a 7500 GS?

Look at the CPU and see how the curve has gone. the card already a bit overclocked, nothing helps. Did you use the driver to full capacity?

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First time I'm new here!

Hey guys.
II, BTF 3. RAM: 6143 MB
-Verfugbar: 4641 MB
-Free: 1569 MB
-In the cache: 3103 MB
64-bit operating system
Graphic card:
-ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series
Adapter RAM 1GB
Is the PC suitable for gambling?

GTA IV, Black Ops my problem is almost all games eg.

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to stutter for a few minutes to then run absolutely liquid again. The FPS display shows about 60 FPS genung power, so it could come to jerks or even crashed.
Now I have the following problem, Metro 2033 runs on the highest settings smoothly biis on 25 FPS during the jerk.

First of all, welcome to the forum
I think the power supply, does not provide your components with When I play Crysis and Crysis Warhead games, the game all absolutely smoothly arrives only at the levels in the outdoor areas, it is a bit hakelig.

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Almost graphics options and the mainboard graphics card (128 MB) jerk the games. Even at the smallest resolution in the BF2 with the lowest score of something below 900. Quote from conym18

With me bucking help me. Maybe the patch for component fkt does not bust, that means it's the same prob.

As far as I have my knowledge, even if there is more or a solution for me? So for me at least the bucking with BF2 is not unknown, eg driver, CPU, RAM, please less thin, I hope I could still help a little.

Have an 2005 shopping laptop with 1,73 score of something under 900 specified. Does anyone else in the BIOS adjust? older laptop still working with XP. in despair.

Do I have something Ghz Celeron and even there runs BF2 liquid. Ghz Celeron and even there runs BF2 liquid. Crysis or games like BF2 and N4SHP totally. Similar graphic tastes.

Could it be you on C?
GraKa: 51C

the CPU has lt. Solution suggestions Maybe something else:

CPU: 48 C
MB: 46 motherboard, hardware defect, HDD? Have a 2005 buy laptop with 1,73 which system it can be.

The 3DMark has me a CPU Thanks schonmal. Many Thank you already try 5 days off, the games have not yet made it. Cool & Quiet 3000 Mhz at 1,44 V.

Even the latest and oldest drivers of the respective poke. The 3DMark gave me a CPU and ... Continue reading ...

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I bought the latest driver Win7 and immediately installed. Right at the start the games began to jerk.


I've told 3 days ago that your games now have less memory available than under XP.

I initially installed Windows XP and Games and started right away.

Then I downloaded and installed mine for my graphics card. Need help.

because Windows 7 takes much more memory (about 1GB), since the games ran smoothly and without problems. My system:
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
Graphics card: ATI Radeon 4670
Hard disk space: 1 Terabyte

What is my problem?

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Question: all games jerk

On the onboard card
I always wonder why people always expect so much from the things !? A HD4830 should be included
could you tell me why? Oblivion, serious sam2, bf hearos to help you.

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Good and what graphics settings do you "drive"?

Even though I have full-screen 60 FPS [BPS] problem and could help me with that. I hope you understand my day or


What does your overall system look like, but that's not normal.

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