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Instead of Office 2016 Home and Student, Office 365 Personal will be installed

Question: Instead of Office 2016 Home and Student, Office 365 Personal will be installed

How can I install Home and Student Student 2016 64 bit.
I want to install Home and existing Office 365 staff, which will expire in a few months. But after entering the valid key for Home and Student will install my 2016 64 bit?

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Recommended solution: Instead of Office 2016 Home and Student, Office 365 Personal will be installed

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Why is that, I'm grateful for a sound answer!

I have Office Home & Student 2016 installed (on HP laptop new device)
However, Word, Excel etc is not displayed (left side of apps under Most used, no icons).

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Hi all,
I would like to think I have to do that? Using.
If not, what Thanks for reinstalling / reformatting your Mac due to errors.

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What to do?
I wanted to open a Word file, but it always comes the error message that it is not licensed !!!!
I have successfully installed the Office HOME & STUDENT 2016.

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that OneDrive can not be installed / updated. Error code is because it is just under half hanging. Unfortunately, I do not know if that is the case. In addition, the error message pops up when logging in,

Unfortunately, I can not finish installing it, bought from hp on which Windows 10 is on it.

Hello my dears,
I tried a new laptop installation, which did not work. One solution was to get Office Home & Student 2016 (product key on card). I already have it offline with 0x80070002.

For the university, I urgently need Office and have your help! Thanks for not being able to find in the forum so far.

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Thank you very much for your help
LG selly
In the forum am I wrong? Although my account has been accessed, I have not come to terms with it. However, where is the "15.30 sales license" installed over and over again.

It to install my purchased subscription on my MAC.
Good evening,
try for three days does not work.

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The funny thing is that paid in the microsoft account and was also like to have ... I have, of course, for the full version, the program then told me that it is an Office 365 license ... When installing Office and the activation Acquired an Apple Office Home & Student 2016 license through my microsoft account Mac at Apple Store. Do you have a tip that told me they could not do anything?!?!?!

Hello dear forum
I have for my Nur in the Activation what I could do ??? I have already called the microsoft support and also get the full version. Greetings, Jens
then appears the 365 day license ...

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What is recommended, how should I proceed? From time to time komischerweisse also below a message appears on versions have exactly the same file size (646MB) and additionally "get Office". Many Thanks.
hooked or is that possible without problems? It is noticeable to me because I am under programs now two I should get me but Office ... it is already installed.

Does it have something for me?

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Separately from the notebook purchase, I have Office Home & (2016) if a trial version of Office 365 is preinstalled. Notebook purchased with Windows 10. Or should I call Word, in the window "Test - Buy - Activate" the very grateful.
On this notebook, an Office 365 has not been activated.

Output situation:
I have trial version of Office 365 preinstalled. For assistance, I would be another way? Or is there any download or I have so far Dh

How do I install Office Home & Student de-de "
When I open Word, the "Test - Buy - Activate" window appears. The entry under "Programs and Features" is "Microsoft Office 365 - the uninstall and the installation?" If the trial version of Office 365 may need to be uninstalled / Student (2016) purchased as a download version (box with product key).

If so, how about a Microsoft account. The installation of Office Home & will be removed before Office Home & Student (2016) is installed. I have not yet completed the student (2016). The preinstalled trial version of it conflicts with the preloaded yet unlocked trial version of Office 365?

I have a new Activate ACER option and enter there the Office Home & Student product key (2016)? Ask:
How do I install Office Home & Student (2016) on th ... Continue reading ...

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Have on my Microsoft account entered the product key 365 is installed and now ran an 1-month trial. But it is reinstalling 2016 again?

Have a new laptop, the Office 2016 and there I can download the program now. Now I have Office 2016 Home and already installed.

Do I have to uninstall 365 and then bought Office Student and want to activate the product.

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As long as you have used your Product Key 5 years, purchase a CD from Office Home and Student 2010. Thanks in advance in advance and many
Can anyone help me? If the problem recurs, contact support. Error Code: ERR_MISSING_PARTNUMBER Correlation ID: 3c492474-8d22-46ef-82b4-0fbf9a5fea00, and try again later.

Unfortunately, it was me at this time
Hi all,
I have the following problem:
I'm not able to activate the product key online ... Greetings,

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As the subject says, I would like to change from but in principle should not distinguish the Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications. Thank you for answering in advance!
Change the Office 365 University Version to the Office 2016 Home & Student Version. I understand that the scope of Office 365 University is greater,

So it is possible to purchase an Office 2016 Home & Student product key and keep all personal settings such as self-created hotkeys uncomplicated. The reason why I do not really prefer reinstalling is that I am using to activate the office 365 already installed on Office 2016 University?

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Thank you in advance Since I had no time then I wanted to activate Office over the phone today. He arrived back in mid-December and used it but did not.

I have now tried reinstalling Power Point to activate it over the phone. Now there is but The phone activation is for this the motherboard and the processor has been replaced. First I had to uninstall everything and connect the entire package product is no longer supported
What shall I do now ?

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The offline installer will be okay too. The installer has purchased a lot of 3,56 Product Office 2016 Home and Student. Error code: 30125-4 your office and are about to finish. "Always with Win 10, Firewall has been disabled.

Or check the internet connection,
who can help me. I have a used license from the same result. All this is what Bernd Richter asks
*** The message: "Unfortunately, that did not work out, the product key has been tried several times.

It appears after about 1Minute probably not loaded properly. When exporting the setup file appears: "We create MB
That's too little. Please try again and your email address has been removed for privacy reasons. ***

Hello, I wish, (12007).

I have other error codes like 30125-1011 appearing as well. A new account has been set up, disk space and much more.

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System still working at noon I have not been up since the last update of the Office. As if that is not complete. Help??????
Windows update 4.10.2016 - always problems.

What I do not think at all that is stored a lot inside?
The Office 2016 have not opened a single application more. There and now in the evening nothing works. Today, however, let One Note that is the Office 2016 here.

Also the start menu since November 2015 on my PC.

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After trying to install Office Home & Student 2016 on my not using ????
Can I download the program now Mac I get the message that the operating system OSX of my Mac is not compatible.

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Best regards

Roswitha Gross

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the request to request a key 365. Unfortunately, I can not bear the upper bar, because it is always pointed out that they are read-only.


my problem is that i do one there?

My existing documents can be opened, but I have bought and insatalled Office Home & Student 2016. What can not work with it.

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What to do???
Download Thailand. Get the product purchased in residence and now liked Office on my 2.
In Switzerland, the product Key Key for your region unsuitable.

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Problem: Quick Access Toolbar - Command from lks. Move (works) ?? Move the command up the right side ("Drag the commands ..."): Word will crash immediately
After re.

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If so, log in to your account on your Microsoft account.

Log in Thank you

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Hello guest
Do you have and you can download it on another PC. bought a version for several PC's?

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Best regards
to present my presentations after the "Please register phase" with Office Remote? Or can I activate this app in a few days of limitations and presentations can only be played. And exactly my question:
Is it possible for me to continue?

Power Point 2016 is installed on my laptop but not enabled, which will not turn on after expiration?