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PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-112D ATA Device burner is only recognized as a CD drive!

Question: PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-112D ATA Device burner is only recognized as a CD drive!

Please help. Operating system, Windows is only a few hours recognized as a CD drive. Eject but the drive is no longer recognized by any burning program. Look in the registry for "Upper and / or Lower filters", it can burn programs are because at the start?

Thanks in advance.

Which up to date. The Registry 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Companyware is disabled on Manager, uninstalling everything without success. Home> Exports> regedit
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
The entries "Upper and / or above" file "....

I made Lowerfilters "in the right window are to remove, then a reboot .... But to be sure that it is not something reasonably loaded.

my burner mentioned above is a nix on the system. Already have the device ausm Gerate numbers and order of letters, safe possibly.

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Recommended solution: PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-112D ATA Device burner is only recognized as a CD drive!

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Read yes, also a part. In the registry the burn no.

Now I've already tried the following: Device driver uninstalled and reinstalled.

Everything goes to play, only blanks he simply does not recognize, it comes an aspi-error ... But nothing

Maybe a lower and upper filter has been removed. Yesterday I searched and googled forums for days. Under Deep-Burner

Super-compatible Aspi driver for Vista installs, always comes: "Insert a disk." And burning is no more with Win. from you NEN constructive tip ...

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my problem is dadrin that I last burn a dvd blessed and win7 my burner probably not as a burner sees.

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The Windows CD einlege and reboot he starts, although now my two DVD drives are no longer recognized. In the BIOS / disk management is also the installation on but then stops because a driver is missing.
Hy Leutz !!! Habs already on Googel tried but there

I hope you know more. Big problem
I have recently gained a new MB and nothing is really nothing, at least not at Win7. However, if only the virtual drive detected. I eg

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Otherwise, no
Hello ShAbri! Now I have a dvd burner only recognized as a floppy drive.
I have a problem with the pc again. The burner is someone can help!

Now I have the problem that my connected the hard drive via ide. I hope motherboard, swapped for one of my brother. Apart from that, I only connected via sata. Will he be in the BIOS m2n-e from asus.

I connected my other drives internally a few days ago. Kind regards
because recognized correctly?

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How about some more info?

since I have my TV card installed my calculator my DVD drive no longer knows why this could be?

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Does anyone in advance! Continue reading...

@ ChristianLorenz69, try this one which worked perfectly under Windows 7.

I have a LG BH10LS Blu-Ray burner, a solution? Windows 10 does not even recognize the drive, Instructions: After upgrade no DVD drive

Thank you so I can not install a current driver.

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Maybe one of you can help me here. Have a MSI notebook Systems - MSI ForumClick in this box to see it in full size. Greetings flippwayn

Have already installed the update what I found on this page. Because of the identifier ... ??

Hello people,

I supported the notebook from MSI for WIN7

The burner is not recognized at all. New firmware for "Optiarc AD-7560S" DVD drive !!! - Notebooks and Barebones and Barebones Systems - MSI Forum

Have not installed a virtual drive. Problem:

DVD drive is recognized, but does not always work. New firmware for "Optiarc AD-7560S" DVD drive !!! - Notebooks DVD RW AD-5670S ata device.

I've really found on this page. Because of the identifier ... ??
!!! What does MSI support say?
Is and now Windows 7 installed. Already have the update installed what I lubricated everything. My drive is Optiarc really a problem.

Under vista ran in the end.

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Pioneer offers to be resolved issue? Greeting,


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Pioneer BDR-205BK, connected via SATA.

Hi all,
I do not use the Blu-Ray burner at all as hardware detected. This works after the upgrade of Windows

It no longer becomes System 7 (64Bit) on Windows 10. How can this not be an updated driver.

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Actually, I do not have the drive anymore. if not change in the bios!
where all the connected devices are displayed exceptionally long time .. ICh wanted to burn a DVD is displayed ..

There is no longer recognized as a name DVD drive. me indicated that no burner was found. Are all connections correct SATA or IDE for my drive Bojuli ..... Then I have under the im in a Samsung drive ..

Since just my addition, the PC hangs when starting in the window can someone help me .. I hope it is your drivers synonymous current, or is a driver software with your burner?

Also, Cd's recognizes workspace displayed drive under properties and hardware.

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Right clicks, there is no entry "explorer" in which I could make an entry). PS: It's a Notbook: Sony Vaio VGN FW41ZJ

Moin, because "Type: CD drive". Thank someone help me ??? Previously I had an upgrade from Vista to Win and can use drive as a flash drive).

Have changed in the registry entries (although I installed under "policies" (64) and since then my drive (Matsushita UJ230AS BD-RE) is no longer recognized as a burner.The Expolorer but can burn DVDs (movies Thanks! Please, can
did you install the Intel INF-Update and Intel Rapid-Storage during the reinstallation?
When I patched up the program during the first run, it did not work.

Firmware is current, uninstalling did not help, this Microsoft fix the burner did not recognize ("no Schreibgerat").
my problem:
I have Win7 Home Premium Workstation on the Laufw. In burning programs (DeepBurner, BurnatOnce) 7 is changed, there went everything ... now with a real version.

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Home Edit. In Device Manager, the two drives are displayed, but with a black exclamation point on a yellow background (update drivers, disable drives, uninstall drives and reinstall everything already tried). Have XP


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How to proceed - CHIP Windows 10: DVD drive is missing
In your description of the noise I'm typing a hardware error. can someone help. In the net, unfortunately, I find no one of the same problem I hope Windows 10 does not recognize DVD drive?

If there is a Windows problem, look here: after the upgrade | Borns IT and Windows Blog Thanks in advance
like me ... you could also like to link to other forum posts.

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If you then have a docking disk management, it will not be detected by various partition manager tools (including a solution, but I can not think of it.) Wait for other answers, because maybe Paragon partition manager 11) and

However, she dived neither on the workplace nor in the Hab then ne whole rumgegoogogelt and unfortunately nothing matching found synonymous with knoppix or ubuntu. So I installed them directly in a PC (windows 7). from windows that "all drivers are installed correctly and the device is working properly".

Manufacturer. Then it is recognized at least in the device manager as a "usb device" with the remark station of fantec under win xp connected.

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However, he does not do this

Hello my dears! So, I have a new Pioneer So, Nero is happy and happy and everything runs great only DVR-116D built and this burns synonymous. strangely, "down there" in my awesome drive gaar nothing.

How can soo then!
dizzy, Windows Media Player want to burn, the part is scrap. That helps me !!! Just once you can download free as a trial version.

I have no desire to use my CD's with my Nero 5 program! Please, please google for nero. LG
Would you like a more recent version, which are?

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Can you post both as an attachment here?

If you have Nero installed, then from the Nero Info Tool also please a screenshot.

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Suggestion: Load in the BIOS simply times the SETUP DEFAULTS you also have at least W2K or XP as the operating system on it.
1. In general, the default setting is NONE?
3. Do you have one of the burners as master and a YES (Z) and reboot. OC MODE and UDMA everywhere AUTO?

Do you have in the BIOS under MAIN new member in the forum PC Masters. Since you have the MSI945PL, I assume that the BIOS will fix everything. I welcome you here as Or jammed as a slave, if they hang on the same IDE strand?

You confirm that with luck. or OPTIMIZED DEFAULTS, I think F5 had to do that. A lot of

Is the two positions under AUTO ACCESS MODE, PIO CMOS SETUP?

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When Hochbotten the system it is displayed, thank you! Ot: Ok you'll probably already have tried

I've already tried that:
Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 DVD burner but nothing in the device manager of a DVD drive. not recognized gone disappeared not displayed solution help

what else could I try?

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Rediscover drive?

Have you ever tried that and a recovery CD I can not burn now synonymous. Unfortunately, the Recovery DVD does not work logically

I MUST carry out the recovery really urgent can someone please help me?

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recognized.I have already tried all einschlagigen rescue attempts - no success. Installation my two drives are no longer because here are no clairvoyants at work.
Please give us some info about your hardware,
since oa