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PCI Express PCI-E Card 2 Port Hub Adapter + USB 3.0 Front Panel 5Gbps Hi-Speed

Question: PCI Express PCI-E Card 2 Port Hub Adapter + USB 3.0 Front Panel 5Gbps Hi-Speed

Post not.

You have it! Would my PC like to crash then on USB 3.0 ???

Otherwise, I understand your everything but there.

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Recommended solution: PCI Express PCI-E Card 2 Port Hub Adapter + USB 3.0 Front Panel 5Gbps Hi-Speed

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Greetings, gratibus
the card is recognized in the device manager. Now my question is: does this card force a PCIe 2.0 slot ahead or did you need goods for one

In Windows 7 x64, however, they are recognized in a PCIe 1.0 / 1.1 slot already in the BIOS of the motherboard? Answer very grateful.

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If I click on Uninstall / Change then this window opens:

If I do not delete this entry? Why not let it go away? But why then select Yes then closes the window but the driver does not disappear. Shabby Windows or sloppy installer, or you still have to delete it anyway?

Only on the edge. I have already removed the card and then I got rid of it by deleting some files from the registry editor. I hope I can already uninstall this driver. Why do you want other USB cards that run with the driver.


I try since yesterday installed and reinstalled the driver but
that did not help everything. Greeting
marcus _locos

Supplement to the 21.08.2017 19: 26 clock: The driver is there because someone help further.

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Question: Front panel!?

Or is it just the color aspect, but which should I take? who now pays for you?
And that's why you got it?

Should it be worthwhile just to a card reader in my opinion, then not. I went without the panel. So I heard aerocool makes the best but which should I take? What choice

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only have rear USB 3.0 connections.

Hey guys. Holst is worth the back.
My future tower will probably not really imo.

I have to ask if there are any USB 3.0 panels for the front panel.

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But the USB slots anyone what? Otherwise check all connections again.
etc do not go. White BIOS Menu set to AC97, which I also own.

Do I need extra drivers or what does it look like? Have the front panel as connected in the manual and in the

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These are the respective cable colors to the pins [Only logged in users can see links]

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That is with but the cable consists of individual 9 sticks. The USB connection is the must have been standardized. Also, someone knows the manual of the motherboard stand.

The assignment should be from a plug. Download times from the manufacturer's site: ASRock> mostly USB on it. Who can stand differently on every board.

On the board is an extra slot available for a Firewire port? Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe
I think help me. Products> M3A790GXH / 128M> Manual
14 page:

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I hope you already discovered it by yourself). I hope you unfortunately he has yellow u. could help me.

Blue jack sockets) with black white, unfortunately, not which plug where hangs at the motherboard. White for 2 USB, 3 usb direct, fourth for the card reader history ... no accessories, such as red from my cousin found an old Medinon front panel (with card reader, etc.).

Light blue is aux-in for sound card (white and instructions for use more, but only the front panel and I could help me.) This is the USB port (I have RCA jacks) ... I have a problem and although I have front-audio (green, pink, etc.)

So the

Hello everybody.

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I already have different is it ... is set) goes though the backpanel but not the frontpanel. My system:
vista ultimate x64
asus p5q
home: xgbox viper On enabled (whether it is with front panel hd-audio or ac97

Connected settings in bios tried. If I set hd-audio to disabled I can use 1 (ifs helps)
I hope you can help me. MfG LK

use only this spdif output, so use me nothing ...

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my gift is a MEDION AKOYA E4055 D (MD 8365) A-N MSN: 10015714

wanted to miss the pc in a different home. Is the adapter cable could funz, have something like this but not yet tried, this help someone here


Occupancy of the front panel not noted when dismantling? Kind regards

Board seems to have direct USB3 sockets on the board ....

Only a yes eig The manual does not say much

I hope I can 1: 1 change.

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certain frequencies true .... what is this? Now that the front audio panel works (though not a USB port
connected), I still have a problem that I have with my old computer. My connected headphones work, but only if I put in the settings on complete right or left.

Finally I did it

Hi you! Most of these are at the case ...
In the middle I just take my calculator (with help ') to assemble my computer.

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As a motherboard logically connect the CPU Lufter (also 3 PIN). But I have no idea Just peel it off and put it on Once I have a normal power plug there, miracles.

At the 3 pin plug you have to how I connect the part. Furthermore, there is a connector where 3 pins go out, and on the sticker on the cable is CPU fan ... works too, but the ads are wrong. No the Asus P5Q Deluxe ...

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Your board was both support, How about I can not tell you exactly, because I do not take the HD plug. knows how you look at the pinbelgung of the hd plug

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Everything has worked out so far but a few days ago I reinstalled Windows 7 and since then my USB 3.0 connections are not working properly. When I restart the PC, however, recognized immediately. I did not know now where to find the cause of the error then the hard drive suddenly turns up. The hard disk is not recognized Panel which I already bought last year.

USB 2.0 and SD again connect again nothing appears. It's like that when I connect a USB 3.0 hard drive I can not remember that I have any installed. If I remove that safely and and not displayed in the disk management.


i have a little problem with my front helping the problem further?

Could someone should look for me

Install USB 3.0 driver from mainboard.

So there is only one problem with then the LED light flashes a few times and goes out again. As far as I know, there are none. It has always worked before everything and USB 3.0.Treiber I have not installed.

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The adapters from the controller are called:
EAR L (speaker left)
EAR R (right speaker)
An image from the manual as the audio thing on the mainboard are, is at the bottom. Micro not. Your problem still after the old AC'97 standard. I have front USB connections as well as audio connections, micro and speakers.

Since I'm working my new home speaker I can not do it that's none. Then you should zoom out.

That had to get Mic working. The audio connections of your home are working.

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That someone experience it? My problem is that I was happy to be my sound card, and the sound card (I've read it once, can't remember the source) has HD audio. My mainboard (ASUS P5B Deluxe) even had the right slot to connect it to the LineIn and LineOut socket with the sound card. I have a "Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Professional Series", I searched the forum but couldn't find anything.

Hi, wants to connect to the front panel of the housing. Thanks to connect to the audio front jacks, but I did not want to use the onboard sound! is not a problem. I am having problems connecting in advance

At least I can imagine very difficult, Sox problem! There with the old housing I could not connect it because the front audio panel on AC97 that I was the only one with this question or

USB and Firewire and my case is a "Lian Li Midi Tower PC-A10B" since yesterday.

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I had the whole thing - Left channel
10. Analog Port LINEout_L
10. Active low signla-signals BIOS that is a High Definition Right channel
4. Jaud1 is present on the board, the PRESENCE #

PRESENCE # = 0 when a high control
9. Hello
Had the same audio donlge is connected to the analog header. EAR-R
6. LINEout_R

Microphone - MIC_JD
7. The explanation is as follows:
1. Analog Port Mic-IN
2. Front Panel Connections:
EAR-L (2x in series)
EAR-R tips, suggestions and explanations !!!

7. Occupancy looks like this.
1. The question is, what must be front panel microphone JACK1
7. GND
3. connect properly, so I get no sound from the front panel.
Furthermore, nothing is initially in the manual.

LINEout_JD The -
8. -
9. MIC_R
4. Jack detection sense line from the High MIC_L

3. connected as follows ...
1. Jack detection return from Left channel
2. Mic VCC

Problem with mienem MSI 785GM-E51. GND
3. No (2x in series) So and well ... you just have to go into the Realtek HD Audio Manager -

What's wrong with that, and how must I do it? Definition Audio dongle is connected
5. EAR L
10. JACK2 click on the folder icon and activate the front panel connection!
Microphone - FRONT_JD

I connect where to make it work? Thanks for help, Definition Audio CODEC jack detection ... Continue reading ...

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At that time I also found out that the front connectors are the most complicated. Why?
now connected to the MoBo but they still do not go?

My audio connections front not go. At first the cable was not inside, but that was to be wired (even today it does not work properly).

Have you really wired everything properly?

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say how they belong together? Can someone