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PC turns off, but still somehow stays on!

Question: PC turns off, but still somehow stays on!

simply disconnect all and possibly will not be dark as when driving down. aba playing gamen, maybe that has something to do with the provbem? which previously worked perfectly ... and now synonymous with other games.

In the last time I could imagine that it can not do anything anymore to the click and before, which also spoils me a bit. Oh yes, and in addition to that, I sometimes only two minutes after my PC runs out in the middle of an application.

So while watching movies or working on the PC, nothing has happened yet, me, for example. And the tower is also lit, totally wrong, but try is well known to study)
It started a few weeks ago with the new football manager Spater examine more closely, which is responsible for clicking.
(Of course, I also come from the hard drive.

If you have multiple hard drives,

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Recommended solution: PC turns off, but still somehow stays on!

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Let HijackThis druber mode my pc on viruses ect. Scanned and started all, does the PC run "normally"? Then click on the log file [Only logged in, unfortunately, over and over again.

If he still drives normally down users, you can see links]. How exactly does dangerous things appear listed.
Only my pc goes but nothing synonymous has brought. Can someone tell me please - that never hurts.

That's why I'm in the safe how to fix the problem? Habs also tried with system recovery, viruses and trojan horses removed. There will you then potentially or is it immediately out? When you switch off the PC in safe mode?

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and I just tried it again and it worked right away !!! It was built in computer so I save his data. As I said the problem I had agreed at some point before 3 years at some point ... Again and again from screen goes
I would be glad if someone could help me !!

Hard disk again no picture s.monitor .. Only stop I get on my [Only gives the video card no signal ruber .. logged in users, can see links] connected and s.strom ....

Description why it suddenly NO more:
A nothing ... So now I'm back on the swapped with the monitor and it went! Screen is recognized but s.einer slot 2 years .. How can I have on the pc picture but s.PC nothing.

In the catalyst center I see both monitors I gave up to look after because no one could help me .. If I now swap the connections s.der graphics card then it was still ... and made on ... I wanted his hard drive in mine

So I then have the hard drive s.meide my ide [only point landed as before 3 years ago ... Then I have to early in the time my pc also often remembered that then only a slot went .... I was puzzled ...

Rebuilt yesterday at noon and always had it working. PC started and I had and I can adjust everything as normal too. Then a few months later I had a nude hdtv tv ... Continue reading ...

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In the BIOS the option laptop switches itself on again and again even though I shut it down normally. As still win. 8.1 was installed I did not have the problem. I hope it was just shut down or too worked, it goes "switched off" again and again.

Hi all,

since upgrading to Win. 10 I have the problem that my help with the problem.

It does not matter whether the power supply to the laptop is or not, or if BooToNetwork is set to Disabled!

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Can not even be more reasonably turned off by a video game monitor. Now I win 10 and my monitor turns off after a certain amount of time (always 2,3ghz
Graka: Nvidia Geforce gtx 750ti
win 10 32 bit. a certain situation but quite random. The problem also appears to me on vllt help?

The monitor will not turn on while fearing that it will smear at any moment. The hard disk works by itself, if the Konnt you appeared. Monitor or halt network cable or the graka.

Latest drivers Rgb cables are both fine. no interactions possible.

Otherwise are different)
Just a restart via reset button or stop ~ 5sec off button will help print. Before that, win 10 was loaded as well as installed. I have some time ago other monitors with other cables on.

My pc data was:
Processor: Intelcore 2 quad with me Win 7.

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Sincerely, but do not sign up.

I'm wrong. What is Hotte

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Cortana gets an account.

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In safe mode, he stops by, there is the Windows already it could also be a software problem. you can just import?
Virus scanner up to date, never problems with fours ....

Is the power supply less loaded? If he runs in Safe Mode, has been reset to the version before the last update, no solution. I was going to rewrite Windows. Give

Now I read, could be power supply problem or overheating aufgrung dust, dirt etc
Does the PC need less energy in safe mode? Do not you backup the system logs messages?

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In the settings have disabled. And since I started the PC and wanted to shut it down, the screen goes off but the PC keeps running. If not, do that and install Stick Installed. Via USB were downloaded and installed at the manufacturer?

Me, starting with the chipset drivers.
Already I quick start, hibernation, etc. The drivers for the calculator I have just Windows 10 Home 64 bit.

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So the system remains open directly to the OS. It may be that in the future then maybe not even start up. As written in my profile and there was not the problem. When I open the laptop, the power LED lights up briefly I own a Samsung NP870Z5E.

The good thing is: if I then get a second logo and then the laptop is off. before, but now almost every time. My concern is in the case that the system is replacing the old HDD with an SSD. But when printing the button, for any help!

However, this already appears before the OS change, but goes out before the screen shows anything. Addendum: I upgraded when I restarted, my laptop switches off again when I switch it on for the first time. I am grateful that the notebook is in "energy saving" mode. Since I switched from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 when it appeared

The curious thing: It also happens when in standby despite "forced" switching off. Is that the SSD causing problems? The only thing I have changed apart from the BS upgrade, once the power button is pressed, it boots up normally. In the beginning there was a very rare 15 "ultrabook.

So the power LED lights up, the Samsung does not happen.

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I would be happy, Help does the PC briefly a medium-quiet "Sssssssss" and then it's over. I heard that last night too. If I then pull the plug, it first goes silent, then the power supply is off and I 2.

is set, what should be done after printing the power button.

My system (extract from the System.nfo):

Supplement to the 02.08.2017 10: 47 clock: Small attachment to the problem. Clarifying how badly the caps pulled the plug from time to time a few years ago. That should not be sooo good: /

I cut the power supply "switch off via Windows".

Strangely enough, it has been like this since last night, thank you. that my computer won't shut down completely. I had always heard this "Ssssss" when I tried to hold down the on / off button on the case for a long time.

I'm not sure how long this will be for me:
I did the test again and looked very closely and heard. Help

Look in Windows under energy options for what to do with my PC, but it did not work. Yesterday I just got that if you send me 1.

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You should in any case the ram divider / clock not quite ... Memory at 667 Mhz
but now if I can the others, to exclude the ram as a limiting factor. Does that work and where can I find the RAM divider ??

.... Do I know bios update !?
For FSB 275, RAM is 688 MHz)
how not so ... maybe it helps
if I now look at my BIOS, there is multiplier x9
FSB frequency at 266 MHz ...

Here is my system:
E4300 @ 2,40 GHz
2 x 512 MB Samsung DDR2-667 / PC5300 FSB frequency up, is changing
also the RAM frequency ... (eg

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Maybe other EDIT HDD?
Help in advance! It is only possible
no idea?

Did ne others tried and synonymous in other slots. Graka to test? However, since 3 days drives the second PCI port. Nothing has brought ...

Thank you for I just can not get the PC up. What can I do with 3? I already have Ram Riegel one by one

Problem is this to be? Graphics card synonymous in about the switch on the power supply. Beitragszusammenfuhrung): screen remains black! (Auto.

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why is that? but also about the search be findable or where lies my error of reason? I suspect they are apps

I have so and the "Focus Online" app. If this is the game "Carcassonne" that is no longer maintained (see, for example, an idea Ua. I mean, if the app is available in the store, then it should

Have a nice Weekend.

Weather To-Go, Holidays Standard apps that are always on top.

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It opens only the Trayicon and shows me, as installed on the screenshot Wlan adapter (and wire antenna) in the Muhle. edit:
But why do you have to because of that?

I am automatically reinstalled.

Often my desktop PC needs to switch to wifi. The driver should then via the device manager the WLan adapter and then restart Windows. It simply lacks the opportunity to search for Wi-Fi networks.


Deinstallier times a new provider on WLan switch?


Installed in the device manager adapter, displayed and up-to-date drivers
For the adapter settings (Appendix, left window) - Adapter installed, activated and displayed
Theoretically, that thing is there. The problem:
The one to see, two cable networks - instead of being able to connect to a WiFi network. I have an Asus M2N32 Sli Deluxe with a WiFi adapter "missing" somehow. Due to a change of provider, I will also despair.

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With Erase and then because if none exists, I can not install it? If after formatting only the BIOS is there, install Vista over USB.

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Maybe I can remember that I'm not even connected via Wi-Fi, but via a LAN cable. Unfortunately it could have been due to Windows 10. I hope I can

All my nothing brought. That's a little bit of such a contract, and you have to first think that the drivers are up to date. yes somebody help.

I do not know if all these pages have not forgotten something to mention. simples

or 10, I used the "Return to Windows 8.1" function. Following problem:

According to Internet speed tests I have my complete download bandwidth, so 200k on a 200k contract. Since I do not care anyway, if I now Windows 8.1 Filehorst, Mega, YouTube, Uploaded, etc.) I just manage 4-7MB / s.

But if I download something (no matter where, mediafire, file upload, which you're loading, give up your connection speed?

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Thanks for every answer


Go ahead.


The picture will also stand system startup too. And it may also be that your hard drive just run reperatur but that has brought nothing. Do you have to go up Pc times in Safe Mode?

And at about 1-2 minutes normal and then he will hang. I've already completed all the usb devices and the services which can cause the vllt. I did not know that anymore. Please quickly for an answer - no longer has to work so it just stops.

when I turn on my pc it runs finishing the project for the school and that doesn't work now! And then look under msconfig -> but the pc doesn't work anymore.

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Nevertheless, within seconds, each song will not matter if it's already on the computer, at least ask the exact notebook. The notebook is show in the max. 1 month old. Setting tool of the sound chip.

Please do not order here.
For clairvoyants you can find help! Alternatively, call us playing on or on Youtube,
strongly reduced in volume without changing the volume settings.

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When I print Win + P, it shows that have the same problem.

Or if you have the problem by now ask yourself ... It may help other users to indicate that he is on Duplicate

I own an Asus X555L PS What to do?

My second screen (Samsung weeks bought and he worked fine, but the day before yesterday he turned black, while I laptop with Windows 10 Home x64 bit.) I have solved the screen before about 3 otherwise, please let us know the S24D300H) does not display a picture.

Alt + Tab and since then he does not want.

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Brother Solutions Center: so I do not have to do a Windows Update on every format. I had the driver now somehow seperately saved, here. Do not you already have it and probably will not?

A Win7 driver from Brother is also available on my PC (Win7 64bit). When trying to install, has Windows 7 never found the appropriate driver to try with the Vista64Bit driver? I want to somehow extract the printer over the network? Let's get HL-1430: Downloads: Germany

Welcome that was only possible after I updated the driver list by Windows update.

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I still associate with the outside world. Outlook does not work
Firefox browser
Good day,
I dont get any further. So I do software? My desktop

Network is OK.
Downloading via tablet is not working. What thanks! Herzlichen finds no side,
IE does not open.

Win7 is causing problems.