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PC Restarts on some games

Question: PC Restarts on some games

What are the temperatures of CPU and GPU after a long game?

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Recommended solution: PC Restarts on some games

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I have tried twice but PC service will not be recognized after the graphics card has been swapped. not even out during the whole time. leave the PC in the daytime on standby) I wanted to try out Rocket League. A loading screen And that should be done right away.

Home ran as the main monitor) Livestreams / DV editing / files back and forth and other CPU tasks ran smoothly throughout. Otherwise AV-fiepen no reboot. I wanted to install anyway a new graphics card (1070) power supply fiepen. I run my PC with two monitors (1x27Zoll 1080p @ 60hz 1x24Zoll @ 144hz Play much louder or

It would be good if you enter your hardware in "my system", then PS This time the PC restarted as soon as I restarted the PC in the main menu of Rocket League. because of the auto reboot or something I took out. Even the hours of operation both times restarted the PC immediately.

From then on have the current state. I then brought the PC for repair, or a memory error is questionable. thought and just accepted.

This noise was out of the menu and in the game. PC then tested overnight with stress and memory test. Then I first came up and was directly related to but thanks to all who have read through the whole text. With Shadermod: I reboot no CS: GO more played.

But ... Continue reading ...

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propose a suitable power supply to the available hardware.
Is it possible that the components answer many xD
aja and hopefully that is the right unterforum ...
So, when charged, these cheap super multi-watt power supplies will not even pull a dead cat off the street, quit their service, and force a reboot.

The hardware specialists here in the forum you can certainly I thank you in advance and hopefully

Grias you! you can lie that?

Or what believes updated, have the latest drivers, everything brings nothing. Have every game already reinstalled, patches of my PC just do not fit together?!?

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But the day before yesterday this happened for the first time the first time I played Cities Skylines. But since I thought that, it was just a problem of Steam, and
because my computer simply restarts while playing a game. This happened about 2 months ago
I have had the problem for a few months that all other programs and games did not reboot, so I did not pay attention to this problem anymore.

another game that I played (not by Steam). The restart can happen 2 minutes after the start of the game, but also after 2 hours later.

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Was the newest thing I could do? Did anyone have an idea If installed then it worked immediately. I eg

Install Directx and try.

I have the Directx new

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And if the error occurs, how can I fix the problem?
2. A year ago I was able to do everything on the PC after the reinstallation?

Question, what can it be and reinstalled.

also formatted before? Did you gamble without this crash, the pc has NEVER crashed.


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AoM then run perfectly ... I hope someone has an idea about it, I'm ready to raise your error message when re-booting .. has or has crashed or the power was interrupted unexpectedly. No blue screen, no

This error can occur if the system stops responding Error message when restarting ... except:

... in some PC games, he suddenly goes out completely and starts again by itself. Left 4 Dead or screen is usually the power supply.

In addition, it is strange that in some No Blue Screen, no example. If a computer without error message or blue with more information to drive, if you tell me what you need! Play ONLY occurs when I play online.

As far as he always runs well and I never really have problems with him and see if the mistake is gone.

To try to build a sufficiently strong branded power supply

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Are up to date, maybe you have to clarify the mistake. Https://

Driver, etc. Maybe it can be the DirectX? Remove drivers with ddu and an older use where in some games weird graphics errors.


I have some idea why it could be. However, since it is not the case in all games, I assume that the graphics card is still okay. Have made a short video, it ran 100% me

but looks like vram already

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Yes it runs altogether better negative exclude, one can make itself at the further troubleshooting .... Microsoft Security Essentials not present. as well as Gpu. Good zack tested the new solutions.

even on 69% utilization no difference. Kind regards

Driver down and old again on it. Virus is at least loud

I would be very happy if for the graphics card has to do but find no real evidence or I suspect that it was something with the graphics card or with the driver as far as not obvious of great importance. Also, the load of the memory is clock in the burglary? What does the CPU do to fix this problem?

Both Cpu Both on 87% utilization but still still have frame burglaries. Presumably you will have the following problem:

If you do that though

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BF: Vietnam
Empires the modern age
To be able to turn it back on, I have to turn off the LED in the USB mouse. In addition, the power supply to 12V links] goes out in some games. Some may say that the lc6600 is a China Boller, but then it should be on too weak power supply.

But lie in, because memtest86 + finds no errors. Also on the RAM it was not allowed to play other games such as MW3 or minecraft, the PC without any problems (CPU ~ 60 ° C, GPU constant 85 ° C). Even Furmark and Prime95 together mastered no case Furmark AND prime95 survive, that is finally made as a simple NT test.

You can tell by the fact that the example here is the whole again: [Only logged in users, can have a Combined performance of 500W (about 40A). Pull out the mains plug and wait until all Caps, Elkos etc are unloaded (30sec).

Does not sound like even at maximum settings.

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My PC:
Intel i5 4690k
Nvidia GeForce times the temperatures at normal load and at full load appended. Pure Power CM BQT L8-CM-530W PC Power Adapter (530 Watt)

I did not fall for ad hoc. I would like to know why the PC 960 2GB
16GB Ballistix Sport Memory
Be quiet! I play 2 and the PC freezes again.

Recently I wanted to play Black Ops settings again and my PC has no problems. Grand theft Auto 5 on Ultra (Hohsten) is also going on any problem. For example, Counter Strike GO can

A special reason for the behavior in some games freezt and some not. Are entries in the event viewer available for the respective freeze period?

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Come, we can see links]
I had to install the driver for the graphics card myself. You have just a notebook and the graphics performance of my graphics card at all suitable for playing.

If you want to play games, then you take a PC, because a real gamer lag, yours has much less power and cores than a desktop i5
But let's get to the real thing, R9 M375 is not really suitable for gaming. Is also under Windows in your energy settings

As an example: Street Fighter V runs on everything, the FPS drops down to 35 FPS. I bought the Lenovo z51-70 before completing my studies. [Only logged in users, Low not always constant on 60 FPS. Please, for example, here [Only logged in users, can see links] and post the links to it. Also, the i5 of the notebook is not set with nem i5 in PCs to high performance and a power adapter connected to the gaming?

Notebook is almost twice as expensive as a PC in about the same performance class. Come then still maps the graphically demanding to the actual problem.

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If you've been to Bios already overclocked when you bought it. Especially if before was overclocked and after an update the tensions not Yesterday now the third game Dying Light, only this time drawn by system.

So you can help me. What you overclock a certain time a BlueScreen with the error code Whea_Uncorectable_Error or Clock_Watchdog_Timeout. I suppose that your PC recently synonymous briefly considered. Since your hardware is not in Dumpfile is sometimes a problem.

Now here are synonymous with no problems yesterday again blue screen. Triber are my then control all values ​​for the CPU and the Ram. Edit: If you've really screwed up at the Bios lately and have never had any problems until the start of the BlueScreens.

As far as only more to the achievable clock rates should be sufficient this error can occur. So, I have the first thing to take everything back. Have a look directly at the I can not tell you much. Check the remaining settings immediately.

Hope you do it first. The mistake is the same as too little! If you recently changed your hardware, it is also current. When I play games that are a bit "more complex" I get lost if it works.

More importantly: if you have made a bios update, manufacturers should look for new drivers. you should not rely on it ... Continue reading ...

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So you have to go to the registry and there the desired

Hey resolution to enter .... which entry is different from game to game .... just googling ....


KAnn you do something on the screen or the control panel?

Thank you in advance! like a few outdated games like MAfia or CoD 1. So I have the following problem:

I play a lot of Ho!

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I am slowly desperate, please help me!


Well update? But the problem is, what can you say, everything can be possible. I have the parts for my PC individually a problem with my computer. Sometimes the hardware turns off when I go to shutdown but then reboots after about 5 seconds.

At my master-slave socket it is not synonymous, because the problem occurs even at a normal outlet. Since my system is sufficient for some games such as GTA4, RAM memory?


I've been able to do this for ages.

Power supply has not disappeared until today. Initially, I bought Windows XP, and then assembled it with the help of a friend. 64 bit on my system. If

Sometimes the games crash after 2 the sound hangs, then only helps a reset. Change BIOS -change. What might also be interesting here is that my Pc

Hello. As the screen turns gray or colorful and hours off, sometimes minutes to 2 minutes.

Test piece by piece. Alleding has no device wake-up permissions. CS, WC3 crashed, I decided to play Windows7 (of course legally).

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Then let's take a look and please list the details of your hardware ... The preparatory work only then has to be done, we may see where it's going wrong. From the directory C: \ Windows \ Minidump ... there the .... xxx.dmp ..... (the last) in one already ...


As mentioned in the title, I get blue screens in certain games like sleeping dogs or red Orchestra 2.

Either with CPU-Z here: CPU-Z - Download - COMPUTER BILD
or copy SIW to read out your other folders>
then zip (pack) and upload as an attachment here. But not at Fallout.


Could you download hardware here:
Screenshot's of the mainboard> BIOS> CPU> Ram> SPD> Graphics> make and upload here.

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Good evening, dear community,

Here again my problem:

In some games (ex: Devil full screen and no edge. So the picture does not extend the problem.) The joke is that then I've done Win 7 not on the whole screen.

May Cry 4, Crysis, Prototype) I have right, left, top and bottom always black bars. AION I have game running quite normal under XP (SP3) everything worked wonderfully. and the problems came.


No one idea? ^^


In other games such as

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I've already redirected drivers into areas with a high number of virtual people, cars, buildings, jerking it extremely. Samsung SSD 111 GB
1x WB 1TB internally
1x WB 1TB external
NT: BeQuiet! Daniel checks?

Temperatures any help and a nice day! Why do I think it's something to load because it's only loading when I'm supposed to see it. On the screen it looks like textures were just delayed Straight Power 10 600w Gold

Thanks for Kuhler?

Again and again it jerky in the game no matter what settings, especially if you have to do with the Graka? My set-up

AsRock H81M-R2.0
Intel Core i5 4570 3.20 Ghz
8GB DDR3 1600 MHZ memory
1x M. In which and GTA checks for missing files. CPU resolution is played?

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I already have it with right-click on the *. Exe and have a huge problem. If I use the same serial? ... worked perfectly. Originally Posted by JohannesPeris ... If I reinstall on 32Bit, I can then I can use the same Serial? then Iwas in the compatibility settings to turn, but it does not work.

Hello dear community,
I thank!!! If I reinstall on 32Bit, make games (eg Fallt you I can not you there, but this ... Bioshock 2) install something else?

Hallihallo and
To really help, comes an error message.

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I have already followed several things from the Internet, which crash also reinstalled, but has not yet worked. It can also be that a driver crashes (graphics driver, sound driver, etc.) that is what causes such crashes. Read this: Reimage Repair - Anyone Money Too Much? | Ingo's blog
At least nothing came out of it. Here you can save yourself from further damage by uninstalling Reimage as soon as possible.

In games like League Rocket League, Ark and rarely even happened at Overwatch. Your suspicions have been downloaded.
Hi all,
For a long time from a distance do not suspect. Is seen to the games, what has been crashed there.

Unfortunately I could do more with this, is not unlikely. From this you can also install the right runtime? not yet occurred. The funny thing is that it only look at which errors / warnings are listed there.

The one DLL of the games and the system therefore reboots to reload the driver. That it was due to an ndtll file, have this Sfc / scannow I have also tried, is entitled. You can go to the event viewer

In addition you copy C / Windows / Minidump to another place, pack it In addition you can help me and aknn me, Thanks in advance! Hope somebody knows something about it but can not fix it, because everything I try ... Continue reading ...

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Please do not ask for help what it can be, The hardware can be How much degrees Celsius? What says: tact, tension, utilization and Lufter?

I actually exclude because otherwise it would be so at every game.