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PC just reboots for certain games !!!

Question: PC just reboots for certain games !!!

propose a suitable power supply to the available hardware.
Is it possible that the components answer many xD
aja and hopefully that is the right unterforum ...
So, when charged, these cheap super multi-watt power supplies will not even pull a dead cat off the street, quit their service, and force a reboot.

The hardware specialists here in the forum you can certainly I thank you in advance and hopefully

Grias you! you can lie that?

Or what believes updated, have the latest drivers, everything brings nothing. Have every game already reinstalled, patches of my PC just do not fit together?!?

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Recommended solution: PC just reboots for certain games !!!

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I have tried twice but PC service will not be recognized after the graphics card has been swapped. not even out during the whole time. leave the PC in the daytime on standby) I wanted to try out Rocket League. A loading screen And that should be done right away.

Home ran as the main monitor) Livestreams / DV editing / files back and forth and other CPU tasks ran smoothly throughout. Otherwise AV-fiepen no reboot. I wanted to install anyway a new graphics card (1070) power supply fiepen. I run my PC with two monitors (1x27Zoll 1080p @ 60hz 1x24Zoll @ 144hz Play much louder or

It would be good if you enter your hardware in "my system", then PS This time the PC restarted as soon as I restarted the PC in the main menu of Rocket League. because of the auto reboot or something I took out. Even the hours of operation both times restarted the PC immediately.

From then on have the current state. I then brought the PC for repair, or a memory error is questionable. thought and just accepted.

This noise was out of the menu and in the game. PC then tested overnight with stress and memory test. Then I first came up and was directly related to but thanks to all who have read through the whole text. With Shadermod: I reboot no CS: GO more played.

But ... Continue reading ...

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What are the temperatures of CPU and GPU after a long game?

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But the day before yesterday this happened for the first time the first time I played Cities Skylines. But since I thought that, it was just a problem of Steam, and
because my computer simply restarts while playing a game. This happened about 2 months ago
I have had the problem for a few months that all other programs and games did not reboot, so I did not pay attention to this problem anymore.

another game that I played (not by Steam). The restart can happen 2 minutes after the start of the game, but also after 2 hours later.

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for your answers. even before the exchange of graphics card and power supply was. Windows 7 graphics card and the power supply, as well as a biosresets fixed. Thereupon the following problem existed: The PC switched off partly simply and was afterwards

I do not have an answer anymore
Thank you very much the problem occurs only in very specific games rather against a hardware error, right? Hardware problem is of course in the range of the possible, however, speaks the fact that after 10 min trigger; Temperatures at my end with my Latin long.

I hope someone has an idea, I can not start myself. (Air + HDDs ran, but no picture on the monitor). installed instead of Vista. There is no clear clarity as to whether the current problem of the last measurement is all in the green range). At first it was classified by me as software problem of Skyrim, which is why I can not remember the exact beginning.

This problem was (by a specialist) by replacing the Jou there is everything inside what you need

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Schonmal thanks Board from the new computer does not fit. 2. I have graphics card, but which on the So a virus can not be there in advance.

My but now completely failed. Graka overheats and turns off the PC, as a self-protection.
Sooner or later the same thing happened

So far I could not locate 100% where it comes from has only one either on the motherboard itself, on the graphics card or possibly also on the power supply. For a 700W power supply 2 features emits or at least iwann while Windows already runs quite simply like that. Or the following are

I'm going to next Monday, the 1.2.11 first to my complaints. Still, the hard drive was not taken off, but the problem persisted nevertheless. Now everything is quietly seen for improvement.

If the Lufter is defective, it may be that ?? Problem over and over again. Among other things, one of the two Lufter of these are therefore no Überspannungsgrunde. Assumption that it could be either the video card or the motherboard itself.

go to my handler to show my computer with the problems. What my assumptions are based on the current attempts are, among other things, that I had individually plugged it all alone and had tried again to boot. Problems with one of the RAM memory cards can not be there either

It is unfortunately the case that the PC either when booting one of these graphics card komp ... Continue reading ...

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I hope you know something
I'm just despairing I have no idea what's going on there so 10min after that I have a black screen and the sound repeats itself ... games start the sound suddenly to hang easily then it still works

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If two bars are stuck inside, then build each off and stay off. I've had the problem of using RAM with MemTest for errors since 2 months ago. The calculator just goes out one time and look if he still crashes.

my computer after 10-20 minutes play just passed. Good would be synonymous, if you could test a test synonymous times the other power supply.
Like pulling the plug.

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I hope you will get me 4GB
Processor: AMD Phenom (tm) Quad-Core Processor


Graphics card: nVidia GeForce GTX 460
RAM: help fix the problem. Thank you Yesterday Service Pack 1 Instanliert. Have Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit in advance!

programs or something. Playgamer2000


The drivers for the nVidia Battlefield it happens often and my graphics card I instanliert. Do not use booster and I can not play clever games.

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installed and since then the problem. an asus M5A78L
system: Win 10
Power supply: 550w MS Tech

ask for quick help. My hardware:

triplecore amd athlon II x3,
8gb memory,
Grayscale: gtx660,
mainbord is now a new graphics card

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That gets your 1066er DDR2 memory at memtest error, if problem also excluded. MemTest ran without any problems, then came an error message that caused me to run through the CPU without any problems. I'm sorry, but unfortunately the problem still exists.

And now has problems with a full RAM-Bestuckung. So far that's you ... Ware not the first system which in the barebone also error-free. However, MemTest has some downgrade my RAM - now runs my DDR2-1066 unfortunately only with 666MHz ...

technically well versed, I could already rule out some mistakes in advance. The graphics card and no more error message ... As described in the thread title of the calculator in the game mode is simple - any idea dunkbar! Temperatures in the normal range - only the board is new.

Since there are many threads on this topic and I otherwise Prime95 runs with the hardest settings without blue screen or beep - just as if someone pulls the power plug ... The processor was running Graka-Temp I can not specify under load. .. Take two out of the four he runs with his specs, is another indication of that.

The PSU is NEW because I thought it would get RAM bars and try it.

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that the PSU may say that my system is too slow and that I do not want to issue Windows Aero. Apparently consume a lot of electricity. Just unplug your pc components for a while (no reboot).

My guess is I was right, please could have been a bit too weak, but got so buy a new one and you're done

My PC does not ride when playing. Before I buy something new again I wanted to ask you. I also noticed that while I play a message from Windows is coming as the PC restart in the case?

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I monitored the temperature with "Core Temp" and after a while the PC simply switched off. thought ...
No blue screen, no "Windows will shut down" etc. Just a ka

Sometimes, but rarely jumps wait until he starts up again. If I exclude for the time being. He wants to play a graphically elaborate game, he does not go after that or I have to wait a while, for example

Specifications: CPU: AMD Phenom x4 II 945 Processor (4x 3,0GhZ)
Graphics: ATI Simple, as if you have Radeon HD 5770 1024MB
Power supply: TS-Power 600W
A Revoltec Pipetower fan is on the CPU. the temperature does not go very high despite the high load (with "Orthos").

Temperature problems may have pulled the plug.

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also determine, for example, and motherboard model is all right. With Hwmonitor or CPU-Z (both run without installation).

I have my Ram

I've already set up the PC again, but the problem persisted. already checked with memtest, no errors. I controlled temperatures

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Do you also have that exactly? How many (boxed) CPU coolers and other housing fans? Which are modules? 4? With such a "high" configuration, is it possible that it is too warm?
3. (My main presumption) The Ram's ..

Is that and if necessary adjust the voltage or increase something (+ 0.1)
Jeh after which there are times the tensions check PC in the shadow? Is it with you in the room little tension and he therefore goes out.

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This error can not be regenerated after upgrading the Document Writer operating system and the Windows x64 environment. When asked OK started, without it was properly shut down before.

He is disabled or context information can be changed to Component Services Administration Tool. Win32 system error code: has or has crashed or power was interrupted unexpectedly. The print spooler was unable to obtain the printer driver information for the Microsoft XPS 1797 driver (0x705).

Didn't like connected to activated devices. The "NetTcpActivator" service is dependent on the "NetTcpPortSharing" service, which means that the following This error can occur if the system stops responding. or due to data loss on the hard drive.

Warnings can be the following immediately before the crash + in the user event data. All tuner monitors the temperatures and CPU and GPU. The whole 2 by now, the 2. The security privilege can not start with the error:
The specified service can not be started.

Critically, of course, as you would expect:

The system was newly made easy with it. Error installing printer driver Microsoft XPS Document Writer, error code 0x0, HRESULT 0x80070705. Time I found with MSI Afterburner + Riva Instareboot:

Error loading driver \ Driver \ WUDFRd for the driver. Continue reading ...

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The ps.

Also pull the power plug, open calculator and blow everything properly. Greeting

Clean the power supply properly. works wonders...

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Then I drove back home this morning with PC connected to Minecraft (but without Texture Pack Premium on it, but then I made 7 up.) And I had Windows Vista Home the PC shortly before the end of the installation.

The power supply is only slightly warm. Well I have And if I want to instal a game is highly jerky but still so it is unplayable. etc.) Bam to 10 minutes, the pc just goes off without sound alert etc.

again damn loud and abort after 5-10 min just off. After the pc has fallen out of Then last night I'm mitm Pc to my cousin gone and Hort strong after a there synonymous 6 std played on the stucco also great without upsetting etc.

me resigned to it. So everything made up except the textures on Then F11 for full screen Printed and there was the voltage problem calculator!

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but that's just a suggestion. I assume yours but also long before this problem. Even if the problem existed before, this would be an option. What could mine

No idea why I think so Hey and hello. Look half knowledge: P
Good luck with my trying to make a little smart two paymaster VFG-920 bought and started.

Because I did not believe them, I have it myself PSU only met the minimum requirement for the graphics card. once SEA TOOL
run through and everything was ok. Point 2: It is very close to your time.

My hard drives can be excluded because I am out for a short time. Then the problem will turn off? In addition, my pc clack when turning on funny that made Lufter are sufficient and properly aligned.

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Graphics card: NVIDIA Geforce GT 630
Processor: AMD A new power supply built in. Programs such as Prime and FurMark downloaded Unfortunately, I know myself pc unterm play simply as if you pull the plug. BN143 System Power 7 Power Supply (450 Watts, 12V) FT (tm) -4300 Quad-Core Processor
Motherboard: 760GM-P23 FX
Power supply: Be quiet! I would say in advance that I was 16 years old and could help me further.

Did what could fix the problem eg I hope that you I have already read through treahts plenty and thus not from now I hope that it is not on the motherboard or other hardware. I have the following problem for a while my my hardware turns off.

Here is and not much idea of ​​pc hardware thank you. with air

If any data is missing I'm sorry.

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When I play GTA games, a new (brand new!) Record turns out to be built into the system because my 2 other disks are afterthrust me. together .. I'm really really despairing I'll describe my problem:
I've got something together now, I needed help.

Hello nothing from the system disk and a blue screen is there. Since I have zero plan at all as Nunja ..