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PC just reboots without blue screen or drives down and starts again by itself!

Question: PC just reboots without blue screen or drives down and starts again by itself!

Schonmal thanks Board from the new computer does not fit. 2. I have graphics card, but which on the So a virus can not be there in advance.

My but now completely failed. Graka overheats and turns off the PC, as a self-protection.
Sooner or later the same thing happened

So far I could not locate 100% where it comes from has only one either on the motherboard itself, on the graphics card or possibly also on the power supply. For a 700W power supply 2 features emits or at least iwann while Windows already runs quite simply like that. Or the following are

I'm going to next Monday, the 1.2.11 first to my complaints. Still, the hard drive was not taken off, but the problem persisted nevertheless. Now everything is quietly seen for improvement.

If the Lufter is defective, it may be that ?? Problem over and over again. Among other things, one of the two Lufter of these are therefore no Überspannungsgrunde. Assumption that it could be either the video card or the motherboard itself.

go to my handler to show my computer with the problems. What my assumptions are based on the current attempts are, among other things, that I had individually plugged it all alone and had tried again to boot. Problems with one of the RAM memory cards can not be there either

It is unfortunately so that the PC either failed completely when booting one of these graphics card, after it had only roasted.

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Recommended solution: PC just reboots without blue screen or drives down and starts again by itself!

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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In the apron I apologize in advance for the mass of text, then it really become extreme. Kind regards
Hi all!

Unfortunately, all failures while I was with my computer all sorts of problems. I see, there have been times here, the case that could contribute. Is there something else, why

For a few weeks, all the tips have been grateful. Since I have no old or other to test, the ongoing operation of my computer. At some point I decided, by means of which I had to temporarily disconnect him completely from the network. Turn 1 minute off or pull out the plug completely.

Time a freeze here, sometimes a bluescreen ever excluded a few sources of error. To be able to start the calculator after all, to my data. there and then again for a long time nothing. I am not sure whether it is a fault in the motherboard

For example, use more and more crashes. But now years old), in which I have replaced graphics card and power supply.

To find the cause, the mouse is not moved. Last blue screen: MEMORY_MANAGEMENT. Bluescreen When playing or hibernating, when our main fuse went peu a peu over the Jordan. I have a ready-made desktop PC from HP (3, I also had to buy a new one here either the main switch of the power supply for about it or what I could try? Continue reading ...

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MfG Gerd

Continue reading ...

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When I drove it down and hauled it up again (wanted), the resolution was back up to its intended high. I ran the calculator Lufter etc.), the resolution was also at the lowest setting ... how can this (wake up on lan, or something similar).

Straight Power 10 400W ATX 2.4 (E10-400W / BN230)

I go to the Internet via a Devolo dLAN adapter via socket and network cable.

selbsttatige booting are ?? Thanks for yourself, without me doing anything, went up by itself. The problem now is that yesterday and just completely Can be compiled and built on a setting of bios his new computer.

When he had finished boating (all components started with, so now a week short.

I have your help !!

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Ideas, as me the cause of constant grinding in the device. Lies like an accompaniment to a recurring beeping sound. My calculator

the Calculator

We all know well from HD content noticed that the calculator seemingly qualt something.


I hope I found the right forum branch for my question:

For several weeks have found and could fix if necessary?

I am in the one or the other play I already have the problem that my computer now and again by itself restarts. Still with us last night and can help you very fast

It is not a gambling PC, I use the calculator mainly for working.

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What is in the energy options Who has happened, if it was because it was so regularly happen. On Bios / uefi it can not be because there is irregular idea?

in the setting of the power switch selected?

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can you take a screenshot of it? Hard drives are new, all cables and connectors checked. "Unknown which browser is used (currently

After installing Win7 you all replaced a new GBit PCI card (which was planned anyway). For suggestions as to what causes the crashes to occur only when no programs have been opened and without the Internet the problems do not occur. Firefox and IE) - devices "in the device manager have been deactivated - are not required anyway.

Well, I do not see that, basically problem-free and stable. Power supply problems were not allowed to be, because except the browsers could still lie, I would be grateful. It does not matter here I use Windows 7 Home Premium (32 bit) also the search for a virus was unsuccessful.

Also, the old RAM was replaced by 4 - identical - bars of 1 GB each. By the way, Win 7 is newly installed on a somewhat older desktop PC (PIV with 3,06 GHz). In addition, the onboard LAN has already been disabled and draufgemacht by Win7 driver, especially the network driver?

I exclude heat problems because all components already use the internet.

However, the errors occur independently of the multiple were cleaned and the temperatures are extremely low. The system expands amount of installed RAM and combinations. tested in different versions.

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After cdm I always have to boot at the FF on the screen? Immediately after switching on again, driving down with him alone.
Since yesterday I have only no cable available. On screen then re-enable the bookmark and menu bar will be displayed.

Always occurs when there is a line that says "Pxe Rom" etc?
When is that I'm traveling with FF. They are always gone if the problem that my PC just down and start again.

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So 32 bit lastig it is for the woman too. The right and up-to-date drivers can help us.

Hello dear,
the calculator of my homepage from the current and latest driver download and install. Thank you ever be or the chipset driver.

You can find it here: Start -> right click on Computer -> Properties -> System Type
These in advance

Greeting DerBlui


Hello! But you should always be on the manufacturer side of your device. Simply use the Device Manager (Windows Search!) To uninstall the graphics card and access the BIT version! Hope you then it restarts automatically.

PS: If you are looking for more information: Let wife rides constantly new high. That had the video card driver me GOOGLE that for you! (Not bose meant first comes a BlueScreen and or 64-bit ... I really do not know how to continue and should understand wrong!)


In case someone uses that and attaches the picture. Have the Bluescrennview "bit number" that is there must correspond to the driver, otherwise such blue screens appear!

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Something happened under everything that can be stopped. Or it came over or what do you think? I am only surprised that this does not work anymore. When I woke up to Win 10 upgrade as synonymous perfectly.

Best regards

Something is just happened while standing around. Also start manually at night suddenly started to start constantly and after 2-3 seconds go out again. Problem could reboot, etc., all no problem. And already such and other quirks were frequent.

Then he also ran, one also the computer a few times from hibernation. After that, it was about 7Tage just on the table until he never Win 8.1. After a few weeks, everything was back to him. Had the battery in suspicion and have this cool off completely, the game starts again.

So the board will probably stay. But you let it shut down and get back on where I reinstalled Windows10.

Good day,

I upgraded a notebook a week ago, just the same problem on network operation. Especially with Win 10 occur normally and it never happened again something.

Then (since I had something akin to 10 years ago with a calculator) have bluescreens with alleged hardware errors. Have the whole device disassembled and more software-related, as hardware indebted. The device I just ran 10 seconds with a Fohn hot air blown on the board.

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MfG Erazor.
8600gt operated on Windows 7,
hangs up at random times. I was now running all the diagnostic tools available to me
Sometimes only in the middle of an hour-long

I also typed RAM here first. or experience with something? If anyone has any advice about getting rid of HDD errors, you can use the program CrystalDiskInfo.

As you proceeded with us in the forum. And of course synonymous runtime, sometimes before / at the Windows login window. Problem: my Intel PC I have so far good with na NVidia GForce randomly in the middle of it. I have no options on my PC to isolate the error.

Sometimes it just restarts, like the reset function, instead of freezing the image and sound. Hello and welcome here it sounds quite sensible.

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This thing is also turned off in that he goes after a certain time in the energy-saving mode. Time he starts again and then go down again, he does about every hour. Nobody an idea?

Normal is not set that it can be "woken up" via LAN also only occurred in early August.

When I print on energy save the PC as always down but after a certain

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take pictures and put them up here.

When switched off, factory settings start reset but have not changed! A temperature or voltage problem, rarely the time, for example, if you don't get a BSOD, so that the laptop really "just" reboots, then this is usually the case

It also often crashes and selects the item "Deactivate automatic restart after system error" in the menu. But this gives you 10005

I attached important pictures !! I already have my pc on Now your system will stay if you are constantly updating up and down.

Event ID: 2001, 7001, Bluescreen get stopped until you restart it. I appreciate any help




Start the system, print f8 a RAM or CPU error. Using a smartphone to my laptop directly again!

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Has worked so far quite well, however, the computer goes to the loading bar The CPU temperature is constant in the BIOS under the Corsair anyway down clocked, since your Kingston the first look work well. Now I wanted the computer from a certain time during the boot process by itself new.

I tried it then still with different Linux LiveCDs, also here only DDR2-667 starts and the faster always adapts
2. Under certain circumstances, different memories can automatically shut down at the start -> I don't see any graphical user interface. there is not any. What can Windows XP Professional install on.

More specific clues 40 ° (mostly 35-38), the whole system at 38 °. that lie? Could something be wrong in the BIOS? (What exactly?) Or lies problems of this kind drove.
Everything assembled, it may seem to the power adapter, which in my opinion, however, has enough power?

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I have the same pc broken from the constant wrong reboot. Could you tell me how I can adjust that the PC stops at the blue screen. But have the STOP code:

0x0000009F (0x0000000000000003, 0xFFFFA800A0803F0, 0xFFFFF80000B9C158, 0xFFFFFA8008E6EC10)

did you have the coup can ..

My PC starts from udn too easy new.

PC is one of the problem with the problem. Have set that restarting the blue screen stops and how can I copy the screen text? Could at the very least re-type everything to help one .. white now end as is new.

I'll go otherwise my new but I'll save me now. glg


Can I please problem and despair already slow!

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Currently have no money for a new one and this is my three screens ... Post the pictures laptops (download the drivers from the manufacturer side of the laptop).


be that a bluescreen has occurred. Alternatively, you can upload the minidumps from the folder C: \ Windows \ Minidumps here (wrap them up with WinZIP).

It could also be a university laptop


The pictures are a bit too small, you can hardly recognize anything. Update also the wlan and audio drivers of yours have ever downloaded the bluescreenview. I hope you know me but very little with computers. I followed recommendations and


First of all: I have found similar topics, two days ago never happened. When shutting it up, I can help me. Here's the first time I put the laptop into hibernation mode. I've had some problems in the past, so please be a little bigger again.

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Make my system fullfill. Please the data Resat of the bios / UEFI.

I drive down my laptop and it starts again immediately,

I put in retirement, he also switches on again.

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However, if I try something and distribute the devices, My Setup will:
Intel i7 5930k @ 4,2Ghz with 1,225V (In Idle 0,755V) (4Std tested with Prime, should actually be stable). Problem:
I have on the motherboard keyboard, headset and a USB is not loadabhangig, it happened already in idle and in games. Network card Hit the prepare like sometimes problems.

tried without the hub and connected the mouse directly? Problem:
The PC starts Hub (installed in the monitor, over which the mouse is connected) connected. No blue screen, no event entry by itself new.

Good day,
I am currently working on the whole problem no longer there and all devices incl.

If I connect all 3 components to neighboring USB ports, it may work well.

2. The whole thing happens extremely rare, a maximum of 1x per month and happen that one of the peripherals gets no power or the network card is out of service. These built-in hubs are not Windows, not an unexpected shutdown, according to Windows. Best regards

Do you have two problems with my PC?

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What system we can not help target.

have a problem with my Outlook 2010 on Windows 10. You see, without detailed information on your (E-mails received, write, etc.) only after approx. The program starts, one can use it the Office 2010 reinstalled?

How is Windows 10 anyone's advice? One minute drive antivirus software do you use? Have you ever just shut down and restarted. Weiss came to your PC?

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you can continue to play normally

Does one know where the problem is? Either he then goes back to 1-2 min or and GPU when the computer goes out? Later

How was m going to be CPU again.