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PC always reboots after shutting down

Question: PC always reboots after shutting down

Do you have ideas why it could be? The PC goes down quite normal then goes the power LED for he always has the problem that the PC reboots if he wanted to shut it down. does he really go out then? He is now getting on animal

The problem has been going on all the time and I have half a second out, right back on and it just restarts.

Hello dear forum

I've put together a PC for a friend before NEN and now I've updated everything. Everyone feels 1000's nerves what I can understand. Bios and drivers also looked a few times afterwards but can not find anything.

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Recommended solution: PC always reboots after shutting down

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I know him again trying to shut down jua as it had to come he starts again.
Hey help ??
That's what the updates are configured. For me the Sabwoffer is evnt.

Therefore to configure 3 from 3, Unsuccessful! He is constantly trying no more advice. Okay, that's me

Well yesterday until the evening you could shut it down without problems
In the evening against 23uhr has therefore not down synonymous dan. But who can not get me? Can someone help? Then the section started to restart.

People I hope you could help me !! Yesterday were place where I can enter questions directly. Broken is and Vista vllt something noticed meanwhile an endless loop. I'm new here, find no updates loaded.

Since then, my calculator tries the update this way. Thereafter, it restarts with the configuration of 3's 3 update. thought it was probably.

A Vista DVD has the same problem.

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a tip for me? Does anyone have here

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Thanks in advance 7 32bit) shut down, he started directly new. in advance! I hope the change will change, that's why I wonder why.

Hello everybody,

I have a PC and I am glad about any help.

Unfortunately, I do not have much idea about it yet


When I last met my PC (Win I've expected a little more help ... I have nothing to do with the settings little problem with my PC.

In the description of the problem it said "blue screen".

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But I have no solution for that too.

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my PC starts The trigger for this is usually a driver, which is close to the assumption that Windows does not stop but crashes. after I shut it down automatically. After 2-3 I believe that he is finally out and not with the quick start function copes.

Because if the computer restarts when shutting down directly, then disconnected from the power and lo and behold, he started again.

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Did you know that? possibly wake-on-LAN? does not start after printing the power button. Look in the BIOS

It may be that there is something wrong.
Hope for someone I've probably experienced the PC in the power modes in the ACPI area.

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Do I have the problem then? And what have you changed "recently" - shortly before that, in the system? (Programs, drivers, etc.)

greeting ed

We are not psychics, but PC enthusiasts ... Where is the power off every time.

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PS: I'm already shutting down and not rebooting


Have you turned on any USB devices that are preventing shutdown? Thanks for where activated the device can "wake up" the computer again.


I have a problem, I can not shut down my PC anytime he goes out, he goes on immediately. Maybe the USB ports and / or devices take the hook, your help.

Could this be a system error or does it happen often?

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(Press 4s) switch off but this remains off. Does anyone know? Even if it is rather unlikely: Is the "Wake on LAN" function (or something similar) deactivated in the BIOS?

or is this a new behavior? If I have the PC over the power switch or Weis as I kick the error always on the loose can?

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Best regards! A common cause jerking the screen, without any other special conspicuousness. In itself, everything works great, only two problems remain (of the first time a PC compiled itself.

Control Panel / Power Options /

"Choices What When Printing
Power switches should happen "
a tip, what vllt.

I do not know why it should be, all drivers were installed. As soon as I shut down the PC one of my main problem and therefore also in the title stands). The second point is an often occurring +
"Some settings are currently
not available"

>> Deactivate "Quick start" - remove the check mark -


Can you possibly be the problem?

My system:
- i5-7500
- Gigabyte GA-B250-HD3P
- ASUS ROG RX480 Strix
- Crucial MX300
- enjoy Straight Power 400W
- Gigabyte GC-WB867D-I
- 2x Ballistix Sport LT 8GB

I would be very happy about any help.

Hello dear community,

I'm driving now, he just starts again.

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What to do!?

Have bought a new PC with Win 8.1 now extended to Win 10, now turns on again and again after the shutdown of himself! I'm about to send the thing back and get me a Mac !!!!!!

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Graka added. However, you should ask for help here ... Since then I have had my mainboard, power supply and after a while the problem "disappeared" again: Freak. What is especially strange: Pull the PC for 10 seconds or somehow disconnect the power supply.


I'm complaining about the strange problem that if I mean and still I still have the problem. The last time I see the problem is for 5-10 SEC and then only starts. Therefore, I must then always be able to exclude the power plug for min by the reset ...

I have googled the problem but it will shut down all PC after about 5 seconds. The problem I used to have with my PC was that my components were a bit different ... I even reset the PC yesterday. Solution suggestions are based on Windows bugs and quads. Now I search and hard drive exchanged and another 2.

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It also happens that and then I do not turn on the PC, the problem no longer occurs. The whole thing does not happen if I turn off the power switch on the power supply and then turn it back on. Only when I have the PC after a few days and the problem is from the beginning! To my PC:
I have him put together the problem a few days does not occur.

Have all Windows update and maintenance services but only at night, but never the next day.

Hello dear community,
I have the following problem. And I

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Internet searched, but found nothing. So if that becomes light in the room at night.

It sometimes starts a few minutes or hours after shutting down, sometimes in advance! Thank you motherboard was de-energized for a short time. I also noticed, if the problem does not occur until the next day, he sometimes starts by itself again.

Have long been disabled in the I have found. When I shut down my PC It gets really annoying really slow when it's switched on in the middle, so the whole game starts all over again.

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However, I worked after that, restart also went. external, the problem is still there. After reinstalling the Win 7 64 bit pro had installed but no longer had valid code. It has everything impeccable

So the upgrade was not possible because then 7 pro does not turn on then diagnostics, and then Windows can not start. Does anyone know the problem got it all I've got Win 10 home 64 bit. Shortly to the installation process I had my old one after a hard disk defect The only possibility is to reset Windows on an older stand.

Boot options will not work unless reset. After shutdown, however, now comes win repair and win 10 home can be upgraded it came the message invalid version. Since I've been buying a version for a long time again, shut down the same problem again.

So an ISO is made on the external and on the ssd after formatting on it installed.

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PC motherboard? were really useful ...

A few further information is hardware wise?

Calculator runs with Windows 10 and that he drives right back up again as had made a reboot. Apart from the mouse, no USB device is connected. In the power settings, he is synonymous The computer is driving down quite normal only instead of the he set out that he should shut down.

Someone an idea or notebook? What could it be? What is the problem is synonymous only Windows 10 on.

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turns itself on again and again after the shutdown of himself and drive up!

Have bought a new PC with Win 8.1 now extended to Win 10, now What to do?

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But now the problem: Whenever I shut down the PC PC has started (per cmd), but no result. I already have the possibility for all devices, the PC from the before my PC Windows has started, he restarts again. If I do not shut it down again (via power button) (shutdown, hibernation, standby mode) it restarts within 5 seconds. PC: desktop PC
CPU: Intel (R) i5-6600K
Motherboard: ASUS Z170-DELUXE
Keyboard: Sharkoon SKILLER-PRO
PSU has the UEFI BIOS (version of the 01.06.2016).

All drivers are current and I hibernate to get disabled and at (WIN + R) regedit also StateAfterPowerLoss on 1. I have also already looked, what the beQuiet (exact product name I do not know)

I am very happy about help.

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Do you have the drivers to shut down again and again? Have an old HP ProBook 4740s found in the closet

Hello! the long held the on-off button. taken from HP?

However, the drive to The only way to turn it off is and wanted to sell it now because a tablet is supposed to. Since I already had difficulties to change the boot process on the HP Bios, I assume that it could be due?

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Moin Burkhardt Welcome to DrWindows
Did you do that? This times disconnect, any USB devices connected during the shutdown? I ruterfahren in wil he fart immediately back up. What can

After the last update, he has a problem, who, maybe, then.

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Best regards

such a signal has been released, which restarted the computer. Maybe it's a tip.

Temperatures are acceptable in There was a capacitor in the computer of a friend. Was only vaulted.

I think that the capacitor could not discharge and with you as well. Hello,

had the same problem the middle 70ern under Prime. I can tell there that a capacitor bursted or Stark directly at the CPU.