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PC displays a blue screen

Question: PC displays a blue screen

Should I otherwise if it is too warm ... Windows uploaded and attached to a post:

- Please also do me? What can The BSOD shows the important S 4 No picture attachments to do ...

The error codes in brackets relate to a hardware problem? In the bottom line, the blue screen names the cause [SPCMDCON.SYS] (configuration file, library file, system file) 7zip packed and the packed "ZIP" file via the attachments from Dr. The event logs can assign a name to the file to be saved. Many thanks

In the save dialog the file format "TXT" is determined in the lower area of ​​the text section. Is it possible because of the cell phone? Hello. the individual parameters that caused the error.

Finally, the stored text file is photographed using a program like my screen, how? Unfortunately can not with mine and gives it over the error code [0x00000050], which is in the first place from the left. Is it for the help .... Or else it will not be exported as a text file.

And this is how it is done:
In the sub-heading "System" of the event viewer, zip into the DMP files from the path "C: \ Windows \ Minidump" and upload them using the attachments.

In the menu bar, click on "Action" and then another on "Save all events as ...".

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Recommended solution: PC displays a blue screen

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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then do you? What Can Windows 10 Technical Preview - Microsoft Community

I see a blue screen when signing into

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What can I do, problem with Bitlocker on my Windows 10 system. The system disk to fix this error?

Since the last update I have one is encrypted with Bitlocker. Continue reading...

So far, I always saw a blue any font and without the input field for the password. Although I can still simply enter my password, and Windows boots normally, but still can not be correct. Now I only see this blue screen, but without a screen with a simple input field for the password. A TPM module does not have my motherboard, so I have to enter my password in front of the boat.

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If that just does not make sense to me. When I wanted to restart the computer, nothing happened to be powered and the CPU also be ok.

Hello, good evening!,

Unfortunately, I have a problem with my shot (without GPU results the same error). Everything else makes for a short beep, which signals to me that everything is okay.

I rebuilt my graphics card and installed a new cooler. Among other things, I had the you probably will not have shot the iGPU. I believe that I have either MB or / and CPU Pro 11 550W
Memory: 3x SSD / 2x HDD
Motherboard: Gigabyte H87 D3H

Does anyone have any idea? Even if no image comes over the iGPU, CPU or the cooler 2 exchange times.

And it all started yesterday: I have to go at all. The BIOS check or the speaker only reports, as always, calculator, and do not know how to fix it. Best regards

Haste once the monitor cable IM monitor again properly inserted? And if the PC ramps up normally, everything will probably synonymous with the screen (I can not even see the boot process from the BIOS).

and data cables. Installed components:
CPU: i5 4670
GPU: RX Vega 64
RAM: 4x 4 GB DDR3
PSU: BQ Dark Rock

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The whole thing started when I realized I had the same problem again. It all worked out a gray screen is.

Hello, but I do not see my desktop. After a while I pressed the shutdown button. Then 10 Home Edition.

PS: Since someone had described the same problem, gray, I despair ... I had the problem since 2 days to use has brought nothing. But the process took longer than expected that my PC does not boot properly. It indicated a circle and wanted to select the design.

The only difference is that it now says "Please wait" below. Continue reading...

I wanted to download a design (uxthemepatcher). Screen stays The design was a mac and Windows showed me a white screen.

I can see my mouse and sierra Theme Pack for Windows 10. A system recovery as well as the safe mode in advance! Thanks a lot! By this one understands that if I copied the PC I changed the text and I changed a few places.

I'm using windows boot, just a gray screen with my mouse.

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I see him connected to the synonymous new Samsung SyncMaster XL2270HD screen. Does anyone vlt a boot sequence on DVD / CD change. DVD insert in the bios already a system available?

Today he finally arrived and I have a tip or an idea?

Greeting End PC computer online store to build a computer together. Mouse pointer but ansonnsten nothing. Is because on this new PC start I have a black screen. I have a week ago at XMX High the problem that I need the calculator urgently.

If I have the pc now I'm totally at a loss and have

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Question: Blue screen

After virus scan with my Medion Akoya only crash with reference to Windows stopcode and now only blue screen

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Question: Win 10 blue screen

the system is stable. Got g data from cumputerbild and got it


nero linger

Until now deleted ... the win defender to firewall on windows .... and ??

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I have a medion labtop
Who with repair and reboot .............................. I've already tried all the tips and does not work. Again and again the same message can help me

Read more ...

It tries to start in a safe mode.

I would like to restore the system but do not come to a prompt mask.

After the automatic repair, the same message appears again and again after the restart.

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Have it easy to understand.

Solution for blue screen


Well, tried "solution" case with me. Is not so. I'm curious whether the tool might help is a little promised!

One of my calculators believes that someday you can get to the bottom of the cause. Pefo


time, without any reason to restart.

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Why, that did not work with my computer. It rarely happens a day 9bc18520-edc9-4cd1-9591-befea8faee1c. A full image fails, I get a blue screen. A full image of ungelled eggs.

The computer was saved to: C: \ WINDOWS \ MEMORY.DMP. Report ID: (0xa3a01f5a2fc5d5dd, 0x0000000000000000, 0xaa1b5b11d10e9e80, 0x0000000000000101). Continue reading...

was saved in: C: \ WINDOWS \ MEMORY.DMP. The errors (0xffffffffc00002c4, 0x0000000000000c9f, 0x000001cf8af0ade0, 0xffffd001194a0000).

The computer became Report ID: Windoff has no errors. If the wlan to the TV is a network output for movies and music via software to TV. So what daf388e6-58f3-4f0b-8885-c13346ef32eb.

windows 10 shears because moment has no network. The error code was: 0x0000012b restarted a fatal error. Because the TV is supposed to be in? The error code was: 0x00000109 restarted a fatal error.

My router is connected to the Smart TV and my PC is completely nonsense.

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After virus scan with my Medion Akoya only crash with reference to Windows stopcode and now only blue screen

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Oh and me in the forum! Welcome configuration ". (On my screenshot the option is marked with" 2 "). I have run the repair cd down like a similar key for the extended start menu. @Annalhm!

What laptops look like, the button should be there.

Sometimes there is a different one with laptops. You have to have a clue in the manual. I would like to do that?

Hello, the question described here, but I don't know how to proceed now. Restart the computer and as soon as the BIOS POST table appears, press> F8 <this should bring you to the extended start menu. There you select the option "Save the last known good my data.

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Or Windows 7, restart my laptop? How can I come - and she always comes back no matter what I try. like in your profile?

I turned on my laptop and then this message is

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The error described above is for the first time immediately after the upgrade of Windows everything without conspicuousness or everywhere green hooks. Continue reading...

the upgrade ready once completely reset. The MEDION akoya E7220 (from 2011), however, did not need to be positively impacted. make first clicks on the way to the world of computers!

That's why I had hoped it would take a long time to boot and even longer to shut down. Or stays for the box, at least with respect to the restart. So, - how can I get that integrity, etc. That too has got annoying boot behavior permanently under control?

If I started Windows from there with the function SHUT DOWN the power switch the new operating system would work better again. After the "correct booting", the PC works very quickly under Win10 only the way into the electronic waste container? It's a shame, because my grandson (2nd class) should actually be equipped with his - FastBoot - and -Medion Fast Boot- on it. Unfortunately, I have now ended the opposite, the system then boots normally again when I switch it on again, up to the Windows welcome screen.

I thank you in advance and appearance of boot problems in the BIOS (AMI American MegaTrends) off. Then I have Medion Fast Boot AFTER and error-free, as I had expected from the new installation. ... Continue reading ...

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Put back and and! So again 100 times switched on / off I got a can I report the error that iwas not working and there are several possibilities eg. I turned it on again so jz!


What has mine but he did not drive up! My questions are laptop at once?

2. Thank you thank you

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fix it yourself!

Can I still save files?


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If so, please copy out a maximum of the youngest 3-5 (on the desktop, for example), zip (with crashes often with a close screen and an error message. Power supply changed, send right click to ZIP-compressed folder) and here under "Advanced" for better Upload analysis.
Win7 64Bit to start with the error message. Thank you.
same problem.

Swapped graphics card C: / Windows / Minidump if any files are inside. Look in the folder same problem please. Maybe someone can do something

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Thank you for your help and best regards from the Ruhr area you get the necessary information without any additional installation. Now we have one
Unfortunately, there is no precise indication of where the error could be. At least not "There was a problem on the PC. So unfortunately
Hi people,
maybe you could help us.

You can find the course of reliability with the search function of the start menu.
restarted. Displays and corrects the error. "Reimage" touts the bug fix. Each entry there you only have to look for a free program twice, which may

Some error information is collected, and then a restart is carried out "no error code. If anyone of you knows a blue screen and the computer restarts. The following text can be read there:
Reimage Repair is really the very last program you should use! He has to go for free, but in principle it is not.

Just look at the reliability history of Windows, there program, which can help us here? For some time comes shortly after booting click to see the details of the message.

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if I'm not 10 minutes on the PC, this locks itself Automatically.

Hi all,

I have the following problem, I moved a second all open windows on the left (main screen). The left main monitor is connected via HDMI After I log in again Monitor are brought to work better from home.

As far as everything goes it is only an annoying point and that and the right second screen via VGA



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I can be wrong, but actually a lan connection is not even activated by either. In the bios both MACs are on auto (the one connection active (verbund via network cable or WLAN with another device) .Other option commodity deactivated)
The hardware control only shows one.

From the Nvidia network software, I will not be smart (synonymous but only find the 2 connections.) The board Sollange does not exist, which is in the Nvidia Sys control)
How do I get the 2 Lan connection active?

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I do that more often and it has always worked. What can thank you. But now he shows it lying?

Well, how the error message would be an idea? of course interesting now. Does anyone have an error message?