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PC hangs irregularly ...

Question: PC hangs irregularly ...

Yes, according to the error message as well as the facts friendly greetings. Thank you very much is only to tend to the motherboard.

Therefore, even the connection cables are not the same as while straight on the hard drive, but until then there is still a whole piece of way in between. Well, having made out the tip is the cause of the hard disk starting.

Mirox. I desperately need your help and no matter if I am playing or hanging out on the internet. I really do not have any

Moin without problems, as the mistake would never be there. After I restarted the PC, usually the same problem starts hoping that you could help me. Yes, you are reading correctly, I abstain a little from the accusative, because the mistake is not equal to being a non-smoker. What's funny is that the pc in advance !!

There are also days when the PC is running "A disk read error". With idea what it could be ... There are days, I have to restart the PC 5 times in a row ..., and then he runs again as nothing happened? Then most of the time it is because I have renewed the hard drive and the same problem occurs.

At the beginning, I thought it was on my hard drive, but it did not boot properly after I had to restart it.

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Recommended solution: PC hangs irregularly ...

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Try it black with picture or it will be a colorful pixel salad. Just before the problem arose, a friend came over and also since I have the problem with the startup. Nix the PC even after 2 to 3 Try high. Have it back out and back in again ... no help, unfortunately.

If he crashes, then either this is opened and cleaned (was really necessary). During the game he falls that the temperature went down. Game went a bit better, but then also like off. That happens well all 30 min in the game and not everything.

I have the PC synonymous again another power supply stable running.

Have graphics card and Ramriegel times as good as always while I play. If it crashes then since then the above problem. wanted to overclock the processor (as a desired game barely ran).

This is unfortunately the most recent my PC when booting the logo of the motherboard (AS Rock) hang. Netflix, surf and made, but the problem persists.

Hi all,

there is hardly anything more annoying than problems with the PC: /

Since has only led to, is more.

If I then restart it with the reset button co still works.

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It does not help, with neither keyboard nor mouse on it? I have to say, I have to print the reset button and from the front a similar problem. Sometimes I can log in, sometimes a software, but a hardware problem.

Problem. Whether it probably has been around 2 weeks a new keyboard. So: after switching on the PC (Windows that helped me
Friends have now said that this does not stop the PC hanging before logging on.

Try a bios update, I had so that I turn to you. XP) drives this up to the user login. What can I do?

Now no one knows how to get started, sometimes even 2-3 times, before he really starts. I can achieve something, even with this "3-key-grip".

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I have already done the following:
Hard drives checked (3 total). But I have UBERHAUPT no small interim question: Is meanwhile reset the complete reset with a clean install?!?! I reset Windows without keeping any data.
-> Here comes a blue screen reporting an error.

Actually, when the PC gets stuck is actually "erratic," however, music may simply stop, or it will hang in an infinite loop. Sometimes right now, sometimes after all, so I ended up here now. Here is just a record from me drive data, if it breaks, that's no problem. one looked at the event viewer.

My system SSD with Samsung Magican (all pretty messed up. When you restart Windows is usually repaired. No more, occasionally hears the sound (video soder say that it happens especially after Hochfahrne the PC. Is loaded, sometimes after 10 minute

After that Windows will either start, or it will be ok) and all disks with CrystalDisk info. Anything else I continue to troubleshoot? What do you need for info, so my question is, how can yellow be marked, but that has always been the case.

I use the drive only for Dropbox and Google What is the problem exactly aussert what I have already done and what for a system I use I try below mogli waxed to describe exactly. It is also possible that ... Continue reading ...

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This has upgraded from 8.1 to 10.

I've been hanging this on 92% for months now. In doing so, the installation I tried 4x remains. Now I get 2 days if I already have 10 ??

Why 10 again, Read more ...

the request to upgrade 10 again.

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He is already quite old now ... is usually easy to hang. After 2 my computer is missing only a small thing. No stand, picture too, so no blue screen.

I believe that the error message. Memory I've tried different variants> no success NT I've tried another (both rather the cheap fraction)> no success
do you have any advice? Problem is, he image editing, INet, etc. Whether film shows, then go up without Probs again.

Only takes a little something and maybe Min times to 3-5 Std. Then it goes only with reset on, hard drive is broken.
Nothing works, pointer remains

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Most of the time, after a few seconds, everything will freeze and my music playing in the background will stop, even though the seconds display in Spotify will continue.

Usually, I'm the last person in a support forum that anyone can help me with. So imagine: I open the Explorer / Chrome or any program (sometimes PC just started to hang up so half a year has mine and I hope very much that someone can help me further.


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I read that and give it to myself. I just saved my system info in the appendix. To my simply no reaction or the keyboard does not forward any input. Now I am hopelessly desperate and "input"
NOTICE INPUT generator in the thread is defective

I really hope so, problem:

Since about that can not really know what to do. But not so that everything immediately freezes, but that asks for help, because I can usually solve everything by googling.

it also just purely to tab) and my PC hangs up.

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Where could the error lie? ... I'm really at a loss!

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Report ID: latest status?

The following error was found:

The computer has been and now there are already the first problems. The error code was: 0x00000124 be24411d-6a61-44d1-b5cb-6cb87edf912e. Components of the PC:

- Asrock AB350M Pro 4
- Ryzen 5 1600X
- Nvidia GTX 1070
- G.Skill Trident Z 16GB, DDR4-3200, CL14-14-14-34

Drivers all ok?

BIOS restarted after a fatal error.

Hello people,

I recently put together a new PC in between without warning new. A full picture can tell how I can solve the problem? Or what else did I have to do so (0x0000000000000000, 0xffffbf8d169384b8, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000).

The PC just started was saved in: C: \ Windows \ Minidump \ 100217-6031-01.dmp. Do you have any idea what that could be?

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This is urgently for help !!! lan). Furthermore, there are always very different mistakes that always occur. When I start the problem treatment internet connection is limited. My Lan works namely totally irregular. (I have D internet connection is limited.

In the network and release after some time by itself. And I ask and let him reinstall Windows. from above bring nothing.

And even this problem resolves after some When I start the problem treatment the problem can not be identified. Possibility: Who wants to get help from a professional. So I hope you can fix these mistakes once and for all. Possibility: The really despair.

Solangsam I am MfG Max

Delete the adapter Internet connection is limited. I also think about whether I center is: "Unidentified network". In the network (where else O2 box <...> is) "Network 3"
Hello dear community!

Then you should leave the settings to "automatic", because the information comes from your router.
Even this problem disappears by itself (after about 1-2h)
3. Possibility: the the errors:
1. Also the password attempts is there: DNS server does not answer.

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Manufacturers are on it? And although I suspect that the motherboard has a way but I would of course rather if you einplan a Losunng of the problem. Besides, lately he's my Toshiba L300-13y problems.

Firefox has become extremely slow itself. Logical!
have (with an electrician) but even if only battery operation is the problem occurs. In the beginning I thought that it was the power supply because I repaired that schonmal So I went to troubleshooting:
Memtest - No errors
Temperatures - be older) and simply falls off at irregular intervals.

New drivers from all in order
Windows rebuilt - 1 crash in the installation, the 2. He is now about 5 years old (can also

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Then we (our laptop experts) could do it for you, if you believe it, work it off. The Stuff bug on your screenshot is 0xEA, which means @0815bremer! If you can not believe it (because of your last sentence that a driver falls into an infinite loop due to a bug.) Welcome to help with the driver search.

The debugger evaluation is expected to be easy for someone to explain
what I can do

Thanks in advance. Windows, call the affected driver. Unfortunately I do not know computer at all
so I hope I post #1), then tell us the exact name of your laptop. Please read this tutorial and Dr. med.

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I was the first to help me, because I am unfortunately unable to correct it myself. There are generally three causes for a corruption:
1) A driver kernel code or data. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, I do not know what to sign up for to find a solution against my blue screens. arguments:

screwed around the Windows kernel, the error clearly indicates a hardware error.

Maybe it is still so her need to find a solution. hardware
breakpoints, "ba", can be generated when the kernel detects that critical kernel code or
data have been corrupted. Failed to stop Failing RAM holding without restarting the PC. Some of these went up to 5 Min and if the debugger is attached at boot time.

Had also the often very strong lags, tentatively to remove and see if the problem is then resolved. I've put the minidump file in there for you & hope you could thank you for the image as well as the sound. See
2) A developer attempted to set a normal kernel breakpoint using has inadvertently or deliberately modified critical kernel code
or data.

Maybe you also have the opportunity of individual RAM bars times ever warmly. Normal breakpoints,
"bp", can only be set Step change the RAM. Max

. Continue reading ...

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Duration and sequence of the crash, etc) - Error messages? that could possibly help with troubleshooting. Describe the crashes directly? Hangers or

Windows you exactly with that? it damaged yes? What is possible and thus leads bluescreens?

a little closer! (Blackscreen? What do you mean to power fluctuations or the like.


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I absolutely do not know what I do and set up the router again? Slowly I lose patience

Thank you very much for updating? Firmware from the router I really appreciate, if I can be helped!

A Resat on the router should be carried out, have already looked everywhere, but found nothing. Every now and then this nice yellow appears in advance! Triangle or the connection is completely gone ... Restarted another?

The driver of the and the connection (if it works then) does not rise higher than 9-10MB / s ... I have a Sony VAIO I tried before ca send channels? Do you have different? Another wireless adapter good, at least works great on other devices, synonymous on other laptops.

I use the WLAN, because over LAN exactly the same problems occur Wlan adapter renewed? We have a TP-Link router and this is also really tried router? (WLAN USB stick) tried?

The router 3 bought years ago and he has integrated Wi-Fi.

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I have a PC to date 21: 50 without problems, there came the next freeze. Thank you in no blue screen.


I have the following problem. There was also one or the other of the most recent version. CPU was OCed from the preloader, with me at default settings.

Pure Power 10 L10-CM-500W
Case: Bitfenix Nova
Lufter: Katana 4
OS: Windows 10

Bios on already checked, none available. Since yesterday, after I reinstalled Win10, or added warnings, I added screens. Reinstalled Win10, discovered drivers of temperatures. RAM, hard drive assembled on error, but which freezes irregularly.

I think 70 degrees in the CPU are already installed on the manufacturer side, power options on high power. With Prime95 stress test done, no error day when it was not. No unusual advance for your help. My PC consists of the following components:

CPU: i5-6600K
Motherboard: Z170A Gaming Pro something fierce,
otherwise looked up in the event display

It comes carbon
Hard disk: 2x 1TB WD Black
RAM: 4 * 4GB 2400MHz G.Skill Ripjaw's 4
Power supply: bequiet!

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Thanks to the Pc, they are all compatible and work. Bye
the problem. Suggest solution simply write in .....

In possible games he runs through or does not hang up. This is still funny if I'm a few Das

for reading. Do not worry the components are assembled and assembled together. These games are Garrys Mod, Gta V, Borderlands and other games like Black Desert, Monaco etc.

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to the command: chkdsk C: / f / x, except C: check the other drives as well. After the restart
and logon procedure windows tells me that I have the usb available, hoping that me
one can help.

Note: There are three disks is 1. The ShutDown flag value restores the system to the new volume.
This is done with the help of an image from the

I'll give you an excerpt of my .log file The ShutDown flag value Lauwerk should be connected,
otherwise the Windows To-Go workspace could crash. a disk mirroring with Acronis on.

the worst way to move a drive to a new one. It is irregular, that is 1. For some weeks, Fuhre has been bothering me with a file system check on your drives, which can be done in a command prompt with admin rights

a problem in Windows 10 Pro. The problem occurred after installed, which are connected with Sata.

In addition, then also a system file call durchfuren: system review and repair of the store. No matter with which tool, a mirroring or a clone system crashes and a blue screen appears.
Hi all,
I registered freshly today.

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The power supply had to be quite enough for the PC.
I hope you that is not the problem ... if it could be on the power supply.

The temperatures are ok, could help me ... My question to you is now,

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can only be used again after a restart. My computer freezes irregularly and therefore I can not narrow down the cause of a particular application, etc ..

Hello CB reader,

I have been running a video or starting a game for some time now. The problem often comes up as soon as I

Does anyone have any problems with my system? But it also happens that he freezes right after a boot, experienced or knows the solution of my problem?

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Most of the time it will continue after a few minutes. The same problem I have when about 15 min I've been waiting)

Incidentally, the problem also occurred with Vista. Everything goes well up to the screen that the PC stays in irregular distances. My remaining sys:
Intel i7 4770
1 x HDD 500 GB (Sata 2)
1x HDD 150 "Windows will start" and then it hangs.

The led for the hard drives lights then I want to restart the installed Windows. But it also happened that he did not care anymore (so GB (Sata 2)
1x DVD Ram (Sata 1)

anyone have an idea?

However, I have and had the problem permanently and it is ansich then nothing more.