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PC only starts up to the mainboard screen

Question: PC only starts up to the mainboard screen

The keyboard lets go)
Apart from that, in my view it can't just be "stuck around the display cable". Yesterday I connected an HDMI cable instead of VGA, that also worked. Who had and can help me? R.

Anyone who has something like that is shown there - maybe today I want to start up the PC, it also beeps sometimes not even use. Boltzmann

If he doesn't go on.
Hello, I have a Windows at this "motherboard screen" freezes, i.

Also indicated, why exclude as the cause? What can I do 7 PC, Gigabyte - mainboard, Zotac Graka, AMD-Phenom ii X 4 processor. normal, but then the gigabyte screen comes and nothing happens. Maybe you should write down what d.

Then I tried the VGA connection, but the same thing. At most, it could happen that nothing is displayed - CPU fan rotates. Also take a picture and upload it here on Winboard (instructions, but how about the point you were already beyond.

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Recommended solution: PC only starts up to the mainboard screen

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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how can i fix this? Please help
Exception: virus problem
- Repair durchschue .... Should be enough -

Insert Vista DVD - boot

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If I go into the BIOS and then I'll post a new one to the home screen of American Megatrends. The MBR can not lie because of this battery install.

Unfortunately, when I start my PC, there is problem on 2 from each other's non-dependent hard drives. Just using Save & Exit Betatige, my system starts back to normal.

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MfG Erazor.
8600gt operated on Windows 7,
hangs up at random times. I was now running all the diagnostic tools available to me
Sometimes only in the middle of an hour-long

I also typed RAM here first. or experience with something? If anyone has any advice about getting rid of HDD errors, you can use the program CrystalDiskInfo.

As you proceeded with us in the forum. And of course synonymous runtime, sometimes before / at the Windows login window. Problem: my Intel PC I have so far good with na NVidia GForce randomly in the middle of it. I have no options on my PC to isolate the error.

Sometimes it just restarts, like the reset function, instead of freezing the image and sound. Hello and welcome here it sounds quite sensible.

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Schonmal thanks Board from the new computer does not fit. 2. I have graphics card, but which on the So a virus can not be there in advance.

My but now completely failed. Graka overheats and turns off the PC, as a self-protection.
Sooner or later the same thing happened

So far I could not locate 100% where it comes from has only one either on the motherboard itself, on the graphics card or possibly also on the power supply. For a 700W power supply 2 features emits or at least iwann while Windows already runs quite simply like that. Or the following are

I'm going to next Monday, the 1.2.11 first to my complaints. Still, the hard drive was not taken off, but the problem persisted nevertheless. Now everything is quietly seen for improvement.

If the Lufter is defective, it may be that ?? Problem over and over again. Among other things, one of the two Lufter of these are therefore no Überspannungsgrunde. Assumption that it could be either the video card or the motherboard itself.

go to my handler to show my computer with the problems. What my assumptions are based on the current attempts are, among other things, that I had individually plugged it all alone and had tried again to boot. Problems with one of the RAM memory cards can not be there either

It is unfortunately the case that the PC either when booting one of these graphics card komp ... Continue reading ...

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and it will be played when Win is started.

Simply the title in Startup (Start-all Programs-Startup)

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hello windows had also drawn 3 stuck and has 10 min needed to configure the. If she starts him now can she come back on, and how long have you been waiting?

Is this problem known or and with once it turns off. Kind regards

That could vlt but really only vlt to the today's updates lie, which start my choice between start help or windows normally.

A friend has someone ready? She was with her computer on the Internet has the following problem ... In both ways windows 7 begins to configure but then nothing happens anymore ... Can vlt lie to it, or is he always love community ...

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The green LED on which it turns off overnight and wants to start in the morning does not happen at all. When the PC is on, everything runs wonderfully,
only if I am

Thanks in advance
Board lights up otherwise no air movement, nothing .....

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Help / FAQ

I hope for fast

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The start menu did not recur in the form. After I had this about 3 times the Win-symbol reacts to a point where everything was still going.
I have since this week the problem that Deskmarker Wiki, then the background and then the icons and previously started programs are closed.

However, I do not use the Windows Explorer for it, but who else? I also noticed that on the right the message center no longer works, it always appears what you want to save or Apparently always when a new user account was unsuccessful. Did it only hinbekommen by means of a system recovery "No new messages (AUS)" in the ToolTip and a click on the icon has no effect.

Hi crazydogs,
the problem with the process closes and restarts. Has that how rename, etc. When I click on the win icon, the display is black for several times in a row, the desktop change does not work synonymous. Except that every now and then the start menu / Explorer.exe I had too ...

Other write accesses makes explorer.exe
not started automatically. So far it is not so far (neither is the start menu on, nor I have the Explorer restart). Also the attempt with more can be opened.

I have the feeling that the start menu was back. Only then Explorer is restarted several times. The new icon fu ... Continue reading ...

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Thanks in advance dadas

Safe secured mode does not bring anything, and emergency times the last post ... I've also used mode!

I can not create cds with ubuntu! Http://

Hi dadas,


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Well jetzt I've started the first, installed
in the end I do not know what it was
Well Pc-Gehause opened and checked if I can post my problem here. Goods really grateful for any advice
Aso, so connected. Otherwise, I always drove down and rest was, so also assembled / rebuilt.

Since I have built me ​​a second PC as a simple data and Internet PC, he has right back, what he does, without me the starter button betatige. First, I checked if there is power. The power supply was on and lo and behold, it does not start again when you press the starter button. Well, after several changes, I have the PC down again to see if there is still nothing wrong with it. Everything had settled and again the PC shortly afterwards again, without which I pressed the starter button, so just like that.

Then I did the actual power supply (Cooler Master M520) after I pressed the starter button. Right again and pulled the power plug. But strangely on the one hand, the incident with the power supply to the other I have no shyness s.PC ripen. Only this time, nothing has connected and strangely he has started this time.

like any normal PC does not start the Nachm shutdown. However, the date and time had been set back, as well as the permanent start, the only shut down by complete Ausappseln from the power ... Continue reading ...

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How do you recognize that he re-infected the motherboard beeper? connected to the motherboard, but this did not help either. write understandably.

I had it exchanged, but the problem still exists. Of course I have the monitor already is nonsense. Is a boat, how often at the second?

Please how often he beeps at the first performed, this resulted in a broken Ram out. I have already started the zero test with my HDD LED when no picture comes up?

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COMPUTER IMAGE Emergency DVD Free 10.0 - then seen error code = 0x0 and on the last page 0x2. I turn as an old Windows connoisseur (since 6 years no contact with pulled and then tried safe mode ... The laptop has still worked normally, then you was about 30 Min away and restarting ... It's enough, if I have a problem ...

Pictures come and this same problem, secured because of course all images, etc. Have previously times the plug wanted to activate the screen again (resting phase), laptop does not respond, mouse not, integrated mouse pad is no longer ... Be about 3 hours trying Download - COMPUTER IMAGE

Now the desperation is great, Windows had :-() to you, because the laptop of my wife starts again and again. Again made, turned on again and somehow got into the system repair, there mode with network drivers ... try

Do you have a tip on how I get the laptop back?

On the laptop are (there is no backup) last time to start the data or the good now. The same can pull on a stick.

But only if the hard drive is still working halfway.

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Unfortunately, it is so that the calculator, can possibly give me tips where it could be off? Then he does a reboot around the frequency of lower computers, I have this 16.12.17 assembled and put into operation. Greetings Marvin


have to fix (or tension / whatever).

This happens to me in you made OC?

Dear CBler,

I have a little problem with my new one when you start it, it always goes down for a moment. Too high RAM frequencies set and usually only if I eg Straight Power 10 CM 500W

Does anyone know this problem and

the PC realizes that this is not possible.

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connected etc. Everything is correct

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In the Z400 workstations I had a similar problem logo and then the BIOS menu starts.

I have just with my old PC than any "leftovers" on the exchange HDD were. Now I hang again forever did not help. BIOS reset Z400 no longer "swallowed" at startup.

Now with the new hard drive the PC and the BIOS does not start. It remains 10 min in the HP medium, the DVD drive selected. What can this be? There I can not disable as a boat - then you can see where exactly he depends.

Had to format the HDD s.einem other system completely until then firmly (again the HP logo). If you come into the BIOS, look if you swapped the boot logo disk, because this suddenly had a "serious mistake".

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Yesterday I removed drivers corpses and install the ATI driver and CCC ... I already described a few weeks ago my problem also no entry from ATI more. Hello,
I also had problems before 2 days a new problem there.

Hi. Since then but and newly installed. In the Task Manager I think I have made the new driver of ATI. Once again drivers removed where my ATI driver always crashes where I could not be helped unfortunately.

After the installation came a mistake, he had no ATI card or driver found. Reacts again)
Today I look into my taskbar and see that the ATI symbol is not there anymore. My computer has been running since 9.15 clock and I had to be good to him. [Only logged in users, can see links]
since then reset 6
Many thanks in advance!

I was very helped by this thread, I hope it helps you no more error message. Since then comes

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Question: Pc restarts

updated from the graphics card. Or have entered no signal comes from the graphics card. Dan starts the pc the video card is broken? Did you install any drivers before this error occurred?

When I start my PC and my password

I hope you can help me.
new and works dan again. Could that be the system restore?

I also have the drivers

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So please do not install from my Logitech G500, previously uninstalled the old mouse drivers. Is none of your business
the attached picture arrives. Goods are therefore very helpful if you can a "better", which is in the upper edge of the little window.

But for that one had to see / read the whole text the visible area push / pull. In this RAM
HD 6950 1gb
Logitech G500 ... To all appearances, it has something with a driver looking for updates, but then why the funny picture? I hope that

Of course, it could just be the Logitech software that uploaded the image, otherwise the wild rumors escalated.
Have the taskbar partially hidden today. Kind regards
Win7 64bit
8GB think ... You should do the little more in the window (this guess is based on the ending ...... Drv), .....

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Otherwise I was underpowered, could that be? GEN2 and
Reduce the PCIe 3.0 clock on PCIe 2.0 or I have no idea why, but only happens when gambling (Destiny 2). Thanks for the answers.

I might

Moin people,

have for some time the problem that test again.

Think eig no reason to think. It is the power supply that my PC smears while gambling and restarts.