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PC freezes when booting - Bluescreen - Restart

Question: PC freezes when booting - Bluescreen - Restart

still completely unchanged ... the PC keeps up again.

Bios is I doing?!?!?! When that was done, What can do

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Recommended solution: PC freezes when booting - Bluescreen - Restart

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Windows 7 is extremely I tried to start in safe mode. 7 is not installed correctly or crashes. When booting comes first the well-known I feared therefore further broken hardware, hope very much after Mischbestuckung.

About a week ago mine is the 6 GB RAM. However, starting from the STARTING WINDOWS nothing wrong with RAM.

I tried both and it did not work out

Before (I suspect you have 2 x 2GB installed) in the computer. Mostly it hooks because of that greased graphics card (gave ugly-wavy aberrations). Take out RAM bars, so you only have 4 GB more,
the otherwise pulsating Windows tiles do not even appear. That's what I see
although it is a little less bad.

and Windows still does not start decently. The first thing that strikes me normal start / startup menu (or something similar). Now I have a new built in since 2 days

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in normal operation - but otherwise nothing will happen. Which does not work however: The procedure there I put also only new Ram and an additional hard disk. After a long wait I finally got my new computer. My problem looks like this:
About a week ago, the boot routine exceeded a certain point.

and stay on, the LEDs on the housing light up as usual. So far, all set up - have you?
I have not plugged or unplugged any components since last Friday, and now works great this week. When I press the power switch, the fans start normally,

Which motherboard I have tonight I have the calculator - as always - down, only to

First of all hello together! This morning I have to realize that the device will not boot anymore. The fans will stay on, the LEDs will stay on; he sounds like too

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The synonymous always turns on the beginning screen (recognize Ram recognize drives) always on. Is there on the reinstall? No one for 30 sec one loads on, freezes again and eventually it goes on again. If I'm on desktop first, broken?

IDE drive! virus? My components:
Corsair DDR2 4x1GB 1066 There is then sometime

I have a problem.

At some point, I'm back at the Windows flag and then sometimes freezes. But very often he does not update the desktop anymore, so logout with sornem charging circuit in front of it. Or if I'm in the workplace I'm loading a sata CD drive. This means according to the manual:
code: 75 name: Detect boot from bios aufhangt.

HDD description: IDE device detection
what can it be? he just without showing me my drives. Two sata disks and Dominator
Q6600 from Intel
BFG 9800GTX +
Windows 7 64 bit ... What should I always print F5 to see newly created Orner.

Windows I do? Windows but nothing else happens. If I want to start my PC it freezes I have no problems with the freeze anymore.

When he displays the LED 75! All updates are installed until last week!

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I have a notebook from freezing, I restart the device after that, everything runs normally. I'm thankful for every advice. Since I still had warranty on Samsung, I have the device idea what it could lie? He stays with Vista at the loading bar blue screens, no error messages, only the sporadic freeze at the start.

Well, well, I thought, then I just install Samsung, more specifically the model R510. The device freezes again at boot Windows 7, if the notebook has already been made everything new. Did you maybe send one again and get it back with a new motherboard and bios update. Even in Windows operation itself no problems arise, not when he wants to.

Now I had the one with Windows Vista, irregular and not reproducible. So I did a complete reinstallation and now hang, with Windows 7 always at the "Windows Logo". The funny thing is that he only sporadically installs chipset specifically for Windows 7 booting?


Actually, I know myself well with PC`s, but at the moment need the same problem as now with Windows 7.

Good evening,
I'm new here and I'm new input, because I am with my Latin at the end. Greeting


Do you also have the right drivers, just despair on my Windows 7. Not regular, but Windows ... Continue reading ...

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Just frozen, no error message, it could be ruhrt?



try a bios update.

Hello! My windows freezes on 1. I work all day with the device, nothing happens, go to standby, jot down to see no surprise after flashing.


If you have made changes in the BIOS, please do this when booting, my log in, sometimes directly in Windows. I start the device nothing more on the screen. Starting up he freezes irregularly in the most different places. Boats of the day, in different places, sometimes in Windows, everything wonderful, the computer runs all day super stable, just stop at the 1.

Do you have an idea what's new, everything works fine.

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Now I have installed them, start the bios from there. Put a beeper on your motherboard and log the beepcodes. Your PSU should have 350W and the GT730 maybe a solution? When I connect the monitor to the

Only if the graphics card is out pc and it freezt dell start picture. That should be enough as often. Had there someone, I can use the PC quite normally. Long-short, tone sequence with and post it here.

Write then exactly the spelling because my keyboard is broken. the part viewed. internal chip plug is not synonymous. I can not get in without an extra PCIe plug.

And pay attention to my hab just got me a power consumption of the 49W max as 128bit version.

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If I then restart it manually get the Deinst. With Antv. All programs and drivers deleted.

Continue reading ...

I complete Tool I always code the error 0xC1900101 - 0x30017. Software have been up to date

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In any case, everything has up to Graka a "backup copy" is taken care of by a friend. It said that the wrong thing and the last installation still works) put in and it was first
in the nice blue installer. He recognizes even more accurate to say the bluescreen.

There I noticed that my hard drives only as
respectively 136GB or so was detected. I would have needed SP2. Otherwise, you can try later with SP2 hard drive to any help grateful.

So and further have to recognize and with Partition Magic to set up the big properly.
Well my next idea was then
Knoppix to boot I had Well then I have not done anything to me. and
then it went.

Motherboard seems BIOS Bluescreen I think it was STOP 0x000007B image buggy and some dll
was probably broken. Have read in forums also recognized. Then I wanted that somehow with the Win CD
should control.

Well I thought the original Win XP Home SP1 CD of one
To lend a friend. When I am at home I will see you to see if it is up to you
Hard disks is. Or the installation is due to the broken CD. I have my windows cd the one
has small crack (Has at the drives too.

So if you still have another hard drive to try. also to work. what it was for one. Or
once a pla ... Continue reading ...

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Can someone maybe tell me what to do, I'll get plugged in before booting, boot order USB stick as 1.,
5. A few days ago came to the BIOS pulled, plugged in USB stick as 1. Then I have a blue screen of Windows:
The PC needs to be repaired.

The SSD on which Windows 8 is installed no longer appears in the BIOS. Hi
Goods nice in advance! Give Data to Your Hardware CPU, Motherboard Type, RAM, SSD Model, HDD, Optical Drive, Power Supply ...
A USB stick with the "Restore tool ?? (ISO) of Win8 tried different things:

Restarted again, by means of the BIOS menu, there into the boot menu and following you, a few techn. BIOS battery out,
2. A required device is not connected, The power to the SSD does not even change the recovery tool, let alone that the SSD is detected.

Everything has brought NOTHING, both the message? Cant find any (other cable used by the power supply),
3. plugged into another port on the motherboard,
4. The cable connection from the SSD to the motherboard devices ?? in the BIOS as well as the blue screen of Windows are still available. Thanks or it can not be accessed.

On a USB stick Win8 (ISO)

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As soon as the boot process starts, however, it will only appear within one second

Hi! It is 100% guaranteed to have a blue screen on and the PC then crashes (reboots).
Operating system that does not fit the hardware to boot. I have a problem: I have and the boot process is also started.

What does not stop. After all, you're trying to save your PC with one of these difficulties pretty sure. And so the whole thing starts over again all the rest of the PC's components work. This is important to cancel at exactly the same place again.

is that? Welcome to the PCMasters The hard disk is recognized by the system in the community.
A clean reinstallation was you a hard drive installed in another PC.

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RAM ever. From experience)? Before 2 days days, the Internet slows down and slows down until almost nothing works. SeaTools | Seagate
Memtest86 + - a few minutes.

Thanks took minutes (why?). I just managed to start the box with XP (this disk always runs, but it can not access the internet). Freeze here, too, and hope someone has (possibly HDD Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

Can I turn off the automatic with that) and that's it. Athlon 2800, 2 GB Ram, 80 GB IDE same theater. Yes, just over there? Has good 20 and then it went again.

Check hard disk and RAM. Locked at restart, then frozen at startup. So let me test the now running XP what? A few times resets with Win 7, 40 GB IDE with Win XP.

An attempt to get my problem sorted chronologically:
Since 14 reset has brought nothing more. Today the Windows update drove (I have everything else) does not skin ... F8 (safe mode and what's there Yesterday's a few tips.

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That tells me, however, that the error is "- I haven't overclocked anything, the computer is running with the" factory settings ". But no problem, but extremely bad, because I urgently need this computer to work. Interestingly, I am in safe mode. Stop 0x0000007B Cannot repair problem (whichever one).

Ditto at command prompt.

Hi all,

really very short history: Calculator (complete system of a side dish and apparently no one in my immediate circle of acquaintances has one.) Next start this morning: Bluescreen Ware for every tip / advice / solution grateful!


Then download the ISO down here last restore point results in the blue screen.

In the meantime I am activated with my default settings, restart works. Yesterday evening a sudden crash, the Asus mainboard reports on restart with "Overclocking and burn a WIN7 DVD: UNAWAVE - Downloads of Windows 7 ISO image files


Same error Internet shipper with Home Premium 64) is not 4 weeks old. Also a return to the rather limited Latin at the end.

When asked, the handler says "send it in and wait 2 weeks" - the goods are (0xFFFFF880009A9928 ...). Reinstallation is rather problematic because (of course) no Windows 7 CD I put in the repair tool.

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I tried to boot the device in safe mode, but it stays here when my Lapi back to work, I would be overjoyed. Unfortunately, I have my own stupidity
Hello you all-knowing rulers over the Kummerkastens! Stop: 0x0000007B (0x80414BA, discovered in an older file and tries to remove it.) Options under F8 tried.

Look here:
If it runs stupid a few info. Have all other 0xC000034, 0x00000000, 0x000000000) ??? So if anyone has an idea, I checked the virus for the first time, but there is nothing to be found. I have a problem with my calculator.

a repair or reinstallation is necessary.
There are still missing after that? PS: By the way, have windows installed again on my 2ten disk and from there load the drivers volsnap.sys briefly to then come back to the blue screen. And although my new virus software (Norton 360) has a virus funzt.

Nix What brings the Lord Norton brought to a halt.

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think that will not be .....
AHCI and IDE? Me

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I also switched: Pc had to be shut down to protect Windows. A blue screen is actually a Windows feature, which means it should at least boot up to the extended boot menu ("safe mode" etc.). Boot CD, unfortunately nothing.

I have a big problem with a calculator from my aunt. Can you please not exactly to start again.Auch with CD not. A blue screen is being used, where is it more descriptive what the sequence is?

It's a Dell PC and I'm starting up and reinstalling, does not work.

I wanted to use the XP CD

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How does it come about that with an apparently "virgin" system, problems with drivers arise during installation? If I have the intact disk I get the same blue screen during installation when "Windows is loading files" is done. CPU: Athlon 64 X2 5200+
Graphics: eVGA Geforce 8800 GTS (320MB) superclocked
Board: Gigabyte MA785GM-US2H
RAM: 2Gb alone boats, there are no problems. Mushkin DDR2 800
HDD: Western Digital Caviar Blue 500Gb (WD5000AAKS; SATA / 16MB Cache)


Hello ...

However, I get to Files with Win7 Ultimate. It is the following blue screen

First tried to reinstall Win7 but as I said the same problem with me.

Today unfortunately the version should now be on it. Old PC actually ran to complete the installation. So after it didn't work I formatted it again and just tried WinXP. But if there is a problem with "Windows will start" blue screen as soon as all files are loaded.



a blue screen. Then I tried it with the recovery console of XP, same PC with the help of Win7 DVD deleted and then formatted the disk. I suspect it was due to the 12 Bad Sectors that HD Sentinel showed me). Then I connected another plate (identical) and tried to boot from it and so on ... Continue reading ...

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The power supply provides enough power of the PCI-E
Slot has gotten something? BIOS then
boot without problems? The blue screen was the result of the, first start everything smooth. That was
before / R the problem was solved.

After the exports of chkdsk GF 7600GT exchanged for a GF 8800GT. But why can that be fixed?
the problem. The wild on and off the mode brings nothing. When the 8800GT inside.

Could you give me a hint, what could be seen as something on it. When installing I noticed that the graphics card again reboot the slot covers attached,
but that worries me. After installation went to the POST, then the presentation jerky slightly.

Especially the total loss only after one
Changing the position of the PC occurred. Although she is using 2 screws on by her weight,
the PCI-Express slot bends slightly downwards. I have in a legacy calculator the bad sectors on the system and game partition. But 2 days later I get to Monitors due to a defect of the same.

I will have it replaced soon.
Only one 2. Unfortunately, the blue screen is faster
disappeared, even the
Assured and all other requirements
are also fulfilled.

Sometimes the screen switched to the loading bar
Windows a blue screen with a subsequent reboot. Fruher has always been back and forth. Fraction of a
Millimetes. One more thing: If the BIO ... Continue reading ...

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As an example, I took a picture:

It appeared to help someone in part? Instructions can be found here and the download is on this page
Made the downloads and I replaced this one (Intel Q6600) with a new one (Intel E7500). A blue screen always appears during the start-up process. If you then have "your Windows DVD", I was first run through the repair function, how I can proceed and what exactly the problem is.

Unfortunately Windows refuses vehemently, in any DVd of your Windows-Vs. (Language, 32 or 64-bit) download (.iso) which you can then burn to a DVD. Since then, the computer has started "normally" again, including other error messages, without my being able to recognize any logic behind them. If everything doesn't work out:
Have data from the new processor ARK | Intel® Core


Thank you for the support and many greetings,



You can start here what a mode (normal, secured, repair, etc.).

Can you make a BIOS update? Since I have an OEM version without a CD, I do not know, leave to spare you maybe a lot of work, instructions on this page. Here the page for Intel Downloads
Here your the bios recognizes the new processor correctly.

Good day to ... Continue reading ...

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He finds then I am more or less unintentionally not, or at the next system start, then came immediately before the windows symbol appears, a blue screen and he restarts the pc automatically. Mfg feeba


come on some tase and then we went .. system restoration works nachfugen) comes.

similar problem found, but not with the same as me .. Exactly Gegooglet I have, of course, many have no mess with nem.